Memorial Hall underground car park survey 2018

The majority of people in Great Shelford, Little Shelford and Stapleford are in favour of a new Memorial Hall with an underground car park.

54% of people who took part in the survey were in favour of a new Memorial Hall and car park. More than 200 people participated in the Great Shelford Online survey in September 2018.

The poll results have been published as Great Shelford Parish Council has decided to go ahead with a Feasibility Study for a new car park and replacement of the Memorial Hall. This is a statement from the Parish Council:

"At the September Parish Council meeting GSPC agreed to commission a Feasibility Study into building a new car park and replacing the existing Memorial Hall. This follows on from initial ideas generated over the last nine months or so. The aim is to present the Feasibility Study to the village in April 2019, with enough detail to allow the Parish Council and village to proceed to a detailed design.

"Completion of the detailed design would then be the final checkpoint before deciding whether to go ahead with construction. The Terms of Reference for the Feasibility Study are here. The project will potentially be of huge benefit to the village, but GSPC recognises it is also potentially high risk in terms of costs and disruption. By taking a phased approach we believe we can mitigate these risks and give everyone an opportunity to contribute to the project and review its viability before we commit to major expenditure."

More than 200 people who took part in the Great Shelford Online poll gave their views and opinions about how parking and traffic could be improved in Great Shelford. These are some of the comments from people who took part in the survey.

My frequent shopping experiences in Great Shelford, by car from Trumpington, suggest that far too many cars are parked for long periods in the car park and on-road outside defined parking periods. The butcher and the Co-op suffer from this overlong parking. There should be one hour slots spaces marked out along here. I note that few cars are parked later on in the day showing that few residents use that stretch for overnight parking. I have not seen any Council survey figures on the use of parking spaces by various users, and I think that an underground FREE and with UNLIMITED timed car park will become clogged with more commuters using the train anywhere, or the bus into Cambridge. It will be largely a waste of money. The suggestion that an enlarged hall could include the medical centre must be a huge joke made by someone and latched onto by developers who want to build on the existing site.

More signage to advertise the car park behind the shops is needed as a lot of people park in the street - especially at weekends when the car park is empty (but it is full on weekdays)

Make Rayment rent or sell the land to the village for parking. It’s doing nothing while the village struggles!

Free car parks could only be free for a couple of hours to deter people who park to go to the station for the day. Maybe there could be a different parking area for workers who drive into the village to work and they could obtain a permit. Maybe at a nominal charge.

More car parks

Only allow half an hour free parking

Making the High street one way would help.

Create additional parking but unsure where

Make short term parking free, longer than 2 hrs chargeable to stop people using village car parks for station

Get rid of Tesco. Take out the parking restrictions around the Co-Op.

Make it one way along main shopping street to allow for safer traffic and more parking

Passes for local residents to park for free, according to postcode. And non residents, like me, could pay for parking passes

Make woollards lane/high Street a one way system, thus enabling more parking spaces. Prevent all day commuter parking to free up spaces for actual users of the village.

Perhaps you could use some of that green space between the health centre and garage as formal parking as well?

Demolish the memorial Hall. Charge for parking.

You can’t , society today all drives cars . Yellow lines reduce congestion and force folks to walk

Any way of extending existing car park at memorial hall? Could the surgery car park be used at weekends?

More public bike parking is needed, covered ideally.

Making the road that runs between the hall and the library one direction with parking on only one side would be an improvement and make the area safer for pedestrians.

Ticket cars parked where they shouldn't be. Yellow lines are useless if people can ignore them with no consequences.

The recently applied double yellow lines are a big help - keep enforcing these by giving out parking tickets.

Some other areas for consideration could be the land that currently backs on to the village car park (adjacent to the Medical Centre) - currently un-used land? Or extending the current Mem Hall car parking into the Rec? or the fields behind Peacocks?

Make Woollards Lane one way

Long time restrictions in the car parks to encourage commuters to park elsewhere (less centrally in the village) leaving spaces available for shoppers and people involved in community activities during the day

Get a tram

On street parking isn't as bad as some people think, and tends to slow down through traffic and discourage the ratrunners through our villages. Less on street parking means more ratrunners and speeders, therefore more dangers.

Ideally reduce car usage in Shelford - however realistically change the existing parking from long stay to enforced short stay which will allow people to use the shops.

I think the idea of an underground car park, will work well,

Charging companies to park - allowing a set amount of staff places. Permits to be displayed?Stopping commuters using the train from parking in the village. The high street can be empty and the car parks are full. Too many estate agents in one street. Move the tennis courts, or use more of the green for marked spaces. Maybe one car park for the staff in the high street. Pay and display meters, or max 20 minutes free. With the traffic down there it may help if it is a one-way street too

More cycle lanes, cycling proficiency for adults

Let it manage itself. We should be discouraging use of vehicles. Introduce charging.

Clamp down on all day parking e.g. people going to London on the train. For local business staff who need to park all day, give them a permit to stick in car window. Free parking for shop users up to say 2 hours.

Enforcement of no parking zones would help.

Reduce traffic going to hall. Change behaviours. Charge to park

Focus on ways to encourage distance parking/walking and cycling.

More cycle parking facilities, a one-way system along Church Street (with lights), creation of demarcated cycle lanes along the streets

Properly enforce the current restrictions.

More regular buses, more cycle paths and bike parks, traffic bollards preventing people driving into the village.

do a pay and display .50p for a hour then put it up .as a lot of people are parked there all day before 8 30 who are not working in the village

Dedicate an area of the recreation ground to extend the current car park.

Making sure new developments have adequate parking facilities, improving local public transport links and frequency, improving cycle ways and secure cycle parking.

Woollards Lane to be One-Way, with increased numbers of time-limited parking on the street. It would be safer, calmer and offer a better shopping experience. The underground car park is a great idea, IF the money for such an expensive project can be found.

Restricted parking linked to people using the shops and local businesses and library

Walking and cycling for locals should be encouraged. (See comment above about parking expanding to fill room available) Apart from a few business allocated parking lots, possibly chargeable to the businesses, (after all people working in town have to pay fares &/or parking charges) most other parking should be limited to short term, as little as 20mins for some, (otherwise it will be used for allday parking for the station as many local roads are already). All new builds should have adequate offroad parking and there should be residents parking bays for older properties with no such provision. As in Cambridge annual permits for the use of these bays should be purchased and residents badges displayed Any parking restrictions need a means of enforcement otherwise they will all be a waste of time. In fact, actual enforcement of the present yellow lines etc would probably go a long way to solving the problem anyway

Make parking time-limited Take action against those who park on yellow lines and on the pavement. Encourage more cycling and walking to and from the village centre. Any plans to increase the number of parking places (for example underground parking) will only increase the traffic chaos through the village). An underground car-park could potentially be filled with the cars of commuters who are using Shelford station, thus locking down even more parking spaces for the whole day.

cost and water problems

Put time restrictions on all parking areas to stop commuters using the car parks and streets with special passes to affix to their windscreens for Shelford shop workers.

time limit for all day time parking

Why not expand the existing car park into the park area?

Encourage walking, cycling and public transport use. We. can't accommodate an infinite rise in car usage.

build multi storey at Whittlesford Parkway ! if Shelford station is shut it removes one source of parking problems

find space off road on one of the "brown field" areas in the village; open up more space on the Rec; build underground Reduce on road parking in Woollards lane - it only gets worse

We don't need more cars clogging up the streets in Shelford, therefore more parking should be discouraged.

Reinforce no parking on the double yellows on Wollards Lane (especially outside Tesco’s)

Encourage people to cycle more - install more cycle parking

One-way system.

The under ground car park proposed or use of the land next to the medical centre

Introduce bicycle racking spaces!

Better traffic calming schemes .... would do well to research what happens on the continent as their schemes work exceedingly well as well as providing car parking spaces at the same time.

More ground level parking at the Memorial Hall

Enforce current double yellow lines. Stop giving panning permission to houses in shelford and stapleford with only one off-street parking space

There needs to be more parking near to the station, but can’t see where this could be. I’m aware that many people drive to Shelford, park in residential roads, or the village centre, and then bus or cycle into Cambridge, or get a train from the station, instead of using Park & Ride.

Make village a one way system maybe limited 30 minute parking with a creation of a job for a local retired person

Start charging for it, to avoid all-day parking by people working at local shops who could commute by train or bus. Start a hopper bus scheme in collaboration with the local council, so older people can go to the shops and back during the day without having to drive. Lease or CPO Mr Rayment's field. Tidy up the existing car parking areas and redraw lines to maximise spaces, sneak an extra row or so from the Recreation Ground by moving the barriers towards the play area a little, and moving the redundant skateboard installation.

Make Woolards Lane one way, and High Street one way.

Pay and display in car parks

the parking problems are exaggerated by people parking on double yellow lines when there are spaces in car parks. I have observed this regularly, particularly outside Tesco on Woollards Lane. Extend the memorial hall car park behind the hall up to the tennis courts and move the skate park

Pedestrianise Woolards between Teacos and Memorial Hall car park Entrance / Exit (the one opposite days bakers). Then make all village car parking short stay, one hour max, no return within four hours.

Charging. Enforcement of existing restrictions. Allow the Co-Op to relocate to where at least there is some parking.

Charges modest for 2-3 hours then very expensive after this. To deter rail travellers clogging up parking spaces. It’s not just rail travellers using village for long term free parking. Seen cyclists unload family of bikes from car and leave all day.

Traffic warden

Time limits

Parking fines tend to stop people parking on double yellows. Always seem to be enough parking to me if people weren’t so lazy

Actual enforcement of the double yellow lines in Wollards lane

Put a time limit as there are not many shops that require more than a few hours. This would stop the commuters from parking and then using the station and taking parking places from those who want to use the amenities.

Can't think of another way

Have short-term parking only, with charges applied. AND/OR pedestrianise Woollard's Lane to attract local residents rather than motorists. AND/OR reduce traffic congestion by having a one-way system runnihg through Woolards Lane and the High Street.

As well as the proposed underground car park enlarge the existing main car park and make Woolards way one way to allow entry and exit to new facilities.

never found a problem. Maybe people are too lazy to walk 100 yrds from car park to shop ?

restrict further the available spaces.

The village needs to be 1 way. And wear the deli is no one should be aloud to park there.

proper enforcement of existing road traffic rules, 2 hours max on car parks we have to stop all day station users filling spaces.

The Parish Council has been pretty tough on parents at the school and they have found other ways to get to school. Why does the same not apply to all the people coming to Shelford. One could provide permits for those coming from afar. They could be handed out by the shop visited.

Make Shelford more bicycle friendly, and encourage less use of cars, not more.

Has the area under the walnut tree opposite King's Mill Lane been considered?

Action to prevent people using trains clogging up the parking spaces

Establish who needs to park and for how long. Discourage train or bus commuters who should use P and R. Increase parking time to 2 hours. 1 hour is not enough to use dentist, library, shops, cafe ie support local trade and access facilities which attracted locals to settle here. Reconsider making Woollards Lane access only and limit parking to max 3 hours unless employed in village.

Multistory car park to be built on the Memorial ground

If the council purchased the land behind The Grange, then this would enable some of the existing recreation ground to be used as a car park

Make the parking bays especially the on road parking for resident permit holders only as now a lot are parked there catch the trains. Build a visitors parking paid bay like the one in Saffron Walden and the visitor can walk to the village.

Restricted parking in car parks,

Stop people parking all day. I know of Great Shelford residents who drive to work in the village and leave their cars in the village car park. What about the darm lans by the school? Any scope for parking there?

Build a car park away from the centre of the village to encourage visitors to walk for fitness. Turn the existing car park into a 'town square' to encourage resident interactions.

No on road parking (apart from disabled) along Woollards until after 5pm. More car parking (which underground may relieve)

Underground carpark

Encourage more walking and cycling, bus travel and train (we have a station and great cycle paths), but walking and cycling through the village isn't as pleasant as it could be. Payment for parking could be introduced to discourage people bringing cars into the centre? Could an out of centre parking area be identified with a nice walking route into the village? I guess a new building with a raised ground floor or partially raised ground floor could provide some parking underneath (like the new housing next to the station?) - if this was a solution it would have to be carefully considered with good urban design principles at the heart, so you don't end up with an unpleasant 'dead' facade to the street.

Use the green space near health centre which rayment's garage currently use. More Double yellow lines in woollards lane

More parking, better signage for existing car park.

Make the village one way! The Deli causes immense problems, as a cyclist the village is dangerous. My Mum now goes to shop in Sawston as there is never anywhere to park during the day. Police the yellow lines!!! and the speed restrictions, waste of money painting them quite frankly. Hinton Way in rush hour is like a race track particularly when the barriers go up after a train.

Build the underground car park

I haven't really noticed any parking problems. I rarely drive into the centre of the village at weekends, but if I do, I have always managed to find a space in one of the existing car parks.

Compulsory purchase of at least part of Raiment's land.

Make parking for people visiting the village ie 2 hours no return to stop people parking to use the station and blocking up all the spaces

Encourage walking & cycling. Control of contractor’s vehicles. Provide business parking areas. Chargeable parking bays.

Charge for existing parking. Enforce present parking restrictions.

Encourage people to not drive but walk, cycle, car share or use public transport. Providing more space will only result in more people trying to use the parking which will still be full, only with more traffic.

An underground car park is one, but something also needs to be done about the infamous Church Street problem! which is still gridlocked most days. The newly added double lines appear to have changed very little. The idea to buy the Peacocks field, or a likewise solution, to provide the local residents with parking, needs re-investigating

I think building an underground car park is a great idea.

Controlled and managed parking

Make Woollards Lane one way.

Underground carpark sounds great, but only if free to use

One way system through village with parking along one side of main triangle of roads. More short term car park spaces ie time limited.

More parking is needed near to the school

What’s the point in restrictions if not enforced? Traffic officer once in a while?

Pay to park in the village.

Provision of a multi-storey car park close to the station

Change school drop off procedure

I'd suggest marked bays and double yellows in certain areas where there isn't room for cars to pass one another. i.e. outside the library and deli. But not to make people pay for parking. That seems excessive, when people are probably just 'popping in' on their way through.

Use parking restrictions to stop all day commuter parking, which discourages locals to use the village businesses and facilities.

not sure but can’t see justification of the cost of underground car park!

Allow parking on roads for limited times (say 2 hours) to get rid of commuter cloggers. Make village carparks foc to residents & a small charge for others.

Not to sure we have as much of a parking problem in the car parks. The problem is more with on street parking, with people parking on double yellow lines out side tescos so may be traffic warden would help this. More one hour parking bays down woolard lane. On the High Street put in one hour parking bays from outside the butchers up to outside the dry cleaners.

Improve the car parks by the rec and behind tesco by making clearer lines.

Make the triangle woolards lane, high street, tunnels lane one way allowing more space for side of the road parking.

Is there a problem? I live in the village and can walk to the shops but I also drive and never seem to have a problem parking.

Improve and encourage use of public transport and cycling as they do in cities. To reduce carbon emissions and air pollution people should be encouraged out of their cars. If a car park is necessary it should be further out rather in the centre so it doesn't cause congestion. The centre of the village should be made pedestrian friendly so it is safe, quieter and encourages people to be active in it

Discourage driving. Improve/encourage more public transport and cycling.

Permits for residents More police on the streets stopping illegal parking Use the patch of land by the health centre

Making the street one way will ease congestion of two way traffic. Parking permits for residents for on street parking and visitors to use the car park. If it's full, you have to go back round the one way system and park somewhere else.

Stop people parking on side of road and have a large underground car park

Keep out trades people from the Village. And ram raiders

Ticket machine in car parks during daytime with free parking for 2 hours (so people can shop) but charges for longer so commuters don’t take all the space and

I have no solution to offer

restrict parking to no more that 2 or 3 hours. permits can be purchased by those who can show that they work/live in the area

Better or efficient use of space next to / under hall... need to encourage local people to cycle or walk to shops (me included). Adding footpath railings outside of Tesco so cars cannot stop outside it to “pop” in the shop, therefore blocking traffic from passing easily.

it's not really that bad, I don't understand why it is made to be a bigger problem than it already is. The triangular road system could easily be made one way. Painting double yellow lines everywhere will create an even bigger problem. I think we need a new medical centre more than an underground car park.


Limit parking to shorter periods with reliable monitoring

One way system along woollards lane would help as more parking bays could be created. Enquire whether Rayments would give up more land to rent for parking?

One way

Encourage people to walk and use their bikes where possible. Underground parking will probably help in the long run

Enforcement of parking restrictions; some shorter stay parking spaces; directions to alternative parking; facilitate a car sharing scheme for short term visits to the village

People need to start using the parking spaces that are already available. I use the car park behind where the old newsagents used to be and 9 out of 10 times I can find a space there. If a new hall were to come Into action it should be moved further back to where the tennis courts start. This would leave extra space for people to park on the outside of the hall. The village is in enough chaos as it is at the moment with people being lazy and parking outside Tesco's and even on the double yellow lines as everyone already knows there is nobody around to regulate it. Shelford should've been made into a one way system as it would let people park on one side of the road and the other traffic could move freely. Also the introduction of 20mph zones in Shelford is a joke it isn't needed I have lived in Shelford my whole life and have never witnessed or heard of an accident happening due to people speeding. In my eyes enforcing these limits and getting the signs put up and painted for them was a complete waste of time and money when all that needed to happen was a one way system in the village. I cannot see an underground car park working or demolishing and getting it all built working well at all. It would just plunge the village into even more chaos than it is already in.

Limit parking on streets, would encourage people to cycle, walk, especially school parents.

Increase the capacity of the current parking at both the hall and near the Dr

Memorial Hall with an underground car park is a great idea

Making car Free

A one way system

More parking

Make Woollards Lane one way, ease of congestion. Charge for use of car park if over 40 mins.

Enlarge car park on rec & make it Pay & Display