Hinton Way/Mingle Lane proposed development

Site off Mingle Lane/Hinton Way

Scott Properties has approached the Parish Councils of Great Shelford and Stapleford to discuss the potential of development on a site off Mingle Lane and Hinton Way. The site extends to 25 acres and is sustainably located within walking distance of rail and bus links, the school and the village’s other facilities; its main constraint however is it is currently located within the green belt.

Representations are being made to South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) regarding our proposals. We believe this site warrants serious consideration as a suitable location for additional homes in a sustainable location to contribute towards the shortfall in housing supply and falls in line with comments recently made by the Inspector regarding the SCDC Local Plan submission.

There would be a mix of housing and tenures to suit as wide a range of the community as possible, and suggestions have been made that any proposals should include bungalows and starter units as these are felt to be in short supply. Whilst we realise that all proposals are controversial and certainly won’t please everyone, there is a clear need for housing and this issue will have to be dealt with to allow for sensible levels of growth. We will run a comprehensive public consultation prior to any planning application and would welcome feedback on any factors that the community feels we should take account of, either through the Parish Councils or direct to ourselves at mail@mscott.co.uk

Rob Scott

Scott Properties