Granta Medical Practices Update August 2021

Here at Granta, we are always looking at new ways to connect with our patients and help assist them with their health care journey.

One of the options we are currently considering is a mobile telephone app called Airmid; a patient-facing app designed for patients and GP surgeries alike. From viewing upcoming appointments to video consultations, viewing your medical records and ordering your medication, you can manage all your health care needs in one place. There is also the option of incorporating and tracking your own personal health goals with Apple Health and Google Fit.

Airmid is a simple, secure app which you can log into using your NHS app login or your SystmOnline account. An NHS app login can also be created directly via Airmid.

Over the next few weeks we are planning to trial this mobile app with a number of pre-selected patients to test its suitability. If you have the NHS app, why not download Airmid and take a look? We would welcome any feedback you may have.

Sandra East, Head of Patient Services, email:

Hearing help in Great Shelford

An NHS Hearing Aid Maintenance Centre run by Cambridgeshire Hearing Help is now open at Great Shelford Free Church on the first Thursday of every month from 10.30am – 1pm

You can go to get your hearing aids cleaned and re-tubed. This is a drop-off and wait service, by appointment only.

To book an appointment please use our online booking service at: or

Phone the office on 01223 416141

Posted Aug 3 2021

2021 Flu Clinics

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, having your flu vaccination is more important than ever. It is important because if you are at risk from coronavirus, you are also more at risk of problems from flu. Additionally, if you get flu and coronavirus at the same time, research shows you are more likely to be seriously ill.

This year the flu vaccine will be given to people who:

· Are 50 and over

· Have certain health conditions

· Are pregnant

· Are in long-stay residential care

· Receive a carer’s allowance, or are the main carer for an older or disabled person who may be at risk if you get sick

· Live with someone who’s at high risk from coronavirus

· Frontline health or social care workers

From 1st July 2021 you will be able to book your flu jab and, as a Granta patient, you have the flexibility of choosing when and where you would like to go for your vaccination. Clinic dates are as follows:-

Saturday 11th September Sawston Medical Centre

Shelford Health Centre

Linton Health Centre

Sunday 12th September Market Hill Surgery, Royston

Saturday 9th October Sawston Medical Centre

Linton Health Centre

Sunday 10th October Market Hill Surgery, Royston

Saturday 23rd October Shelford Health Centre

When you ring to book your appointment, please state your preferred date, preferred venue and give your age so that you can be booked in for the most appropriate vaccine.

Please note, we do not currently have dates for the child flu clinics as we are waiting on delivery information.

Did you know … having your flu jab at your doctors’ surgery is the quickest and most convenient way as there are no forms to fill out – the doctors and nurses have your medical history at their finger-tips.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sandra East, Head of Patient Services

Granta Medical Practices

Tel: 0300 234 5555,

Granta Medical Practices, June 2021

COVID-19 Vaccinations Update

Have you had your first Covid vaccination yet? If not, and you are in a cohort between 1 and 6, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange an appointment.

If you fall into one of the cohorts 7 to 12, please ring 119 or go to where you can directly book your first dose appointment at a central vaccination centre.

If you need to book your second dose, NHS England guidelines state that patients should return to the venue where they had their first vaccination, as the second dose will be allocated and sent to that original venue.

As always, if any of the Covid vaccination guidelines change we will let you know via our website and our social media platforms. However, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct if you do not have access to the internet.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and kind words, as well as all the biscuits, chocolates and other lovely treats. The goodwill shown to us whilst we deliver the vaccines means so much to all of us.

Sandra East, Head of Patient Services

Email: Direct dial: 01223 627743

COVID-19 VACCINATIONS FOR COHORT 10 (40 to 49 year olds)

We are receiving an increased number of telephone calls about vaccinations for patients that fall into cohort 10 (40 to 49 year olds).

NHS England guidelines state that this cohort should have their vaccinations at central vaccination centres, whilst we concentrate on giving second doses to our patients who have had their first doses with us.

We respectfully ask that if you are in cohort 10 you do not contact us to book your vaccination, but instead book your vaccination via

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Posted May 3 2021

Granta Medical Practices Update, May 2021

COVID-19 Vaccinations

We continue to deliver second vaccinations, working in date order, vaccinating patients 11-12 weeks following their first dose.

Current guidelines state that patients have to return to the venue where they had their first vaccination, as the second dose will be allocated and sent to that venue. Should these guidelines change we will, of course, let everyone know.

We appreciate that everyone wants to know when their appointment will be, and we are working as fast as possible to get through our patient lists. Please bear with us as our team continue to work incredibly hard to deliver the vaccine into our community.

COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

The UK vaccination programme has been very successful. At the time of writing, more than 30 million people have been vaccinated and it is estimated that 6,000 lives have already been saved.

There have been reports of a very rare condition involving blood clots and unusual bleeding after vaccination. This is being carefully monitored and reviewed.

Information is changing rapidly and we will keep our website as up to date as possible. If you do not have internet access, please feel free to ring us with any questions you may have.

Sandra East, Head of Patient Services

Email: Direct number: 01223 627743.

Granta Medical Practices Update, April 2021

Granta has now (on March 8) vaccinated 17,805 patients. All patients in cohorts 1 to 4 should have been contacted and vaccinated by us. If you haven’t, or if you have previously declined the vaccine but have now changed your mind, please call us on 0300 234 5555 (option 2) and you will be prioritised for our next clinic. If you know of anyone that falls into one of these cohorts but have not yet been vaccinated please let us know as soon as possible.

We are currently vaccinating patients in cohorts 5 and 6. Some of you may receive a letter inviting you to a vaccination centre, and others may receive a text or telephone call inviting you to an appointment at Granta Sawston.

NHS England are starting to contact patients that fall into cohort 7 (over 60 years old) and cohort 8 (over 55 years old). You will receive a letter direct from NHS England giving you further instructions about how to book your vaccination.

May we take this opportunity to remind everyone that, if you have booked a vaccine appointment but are not going to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer your vaccine to someone else.

We appreciate that everyone wants to know when their appointment will be, and we are working as fast as possible to get through our patient lists. Contacting us before being invited however, will not make this process move any faster. Please bear us as our team continue to work incredibly hard to deliver the vaccine into our community.

Please remember – you will NEVER be asked for payment for the COVID-19 vaccination. Any text message, letter or telephone call requesting your bank details and/or payment should be ignored. Please pass this message on to anyone who may be more susceptible to this type of scam.

Information about the virus and the vaccine changes rapidly. To keep completely up to date with the latest guidance please go to the Government website and the NHS UK website If you know of someone who does not have access to a computer and you do, please help them access the latest information.

As always, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me direct on 01223 627743 or

Sandra East

Granta Patient Liaison

Granta Medical Practices Update March 2021

It’s amazing to think that the UK has been in an emergency state for a year. We are now in our third national lockdown, and everyday life has changed beyond all recognition.

There is, however, a tiny light at the end of this long, dark tunnel and it is shining just a little brighter day by day with the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

As I write this (08/02/2021), we have vaccinated around 7,000 of our patients in cohorts 1 to 4. We continue to work our way through the priority groups, as instructed by NHS England.

You may be invited by us, or you may receive an NHS England letter inviting you to attend a mass vaccination centre. It is entirely your choice where you would like to go. All vaccinations are all recorded on a national database so please be assured that you will not be missed.

Information about the virus and the vaccine changes daily, sometimes even hourly. To keep completely up to date with the latest guidance it is advisable to look at the Government website and the NHS UK website If you know of someone who does not have access to a computer and you do, please help them access the latest information.

As always, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me direct on 01223 627743 or

Posted Feb 10 2021

Granta Medical Practices Covid update

We continue to vaccinate according to the Public Health England priority list and are working through groups 1 to 4. To date we have vaccinated 6,000 of our patients. Please may we ask that you do not contact us about when your vaccine may be – we will contact you when it is your turn.

Due to the continued extreme demand for the vaccines nationwide we may get deliveries at short notice, which means we may have to contact you at short notice.

When attending for your vaccination, you must wear a face mask at all times and follow the instructions given by our staff. If you have any symptoms of coronavirus please do not attend your appointment. Instead, please stay at home and organise a COVID-19 test to be done. We can rebook your appointment for another time.

Please remember that you will NEVER be asked for payment for the COVID-19 vaccination. Any text message, letter or telephone call requesting your bank details and / or payment should be ignored. Please pass this message on to anyone who may be susceptible to such scams.

Rest assured that everyone will be vaccinated. In the meantime, please continue to adhere to social distancing, the wearing of face masks and follow hand hygiene guidance, to stop the spread of coronavirus in our community and beyond.

If you have any questions please contact Sandra East, Communications & Patient Liaison Manager, on 01223 627743 or

Granta Medical Practices Update February 2021

COVID-19 Vaccinations

At the time of writing, we are about to embark on the mammoth task of vaccinating our 44,000 patients with the COVID-19 vaccinations. Please be assured that everyone will be vaccinated. However, please remember that we have to vaccinate in accordance with Public Health England’s priority list. Details of the priority list can be found on our website or at

Due to the extreme demand for the vaccine around the country we may get deliveries at short notice, which means we may have to contact you at short notice.

Please note that you will NEVER be asked for payment for a COVID-19 vaccination and any texts, phone calls, or letters requesting payment or bank details should be ignored.

Please continue to keep yourself and our community safe by adhering to national restrictions, social distancing, wearing of face masks and hand hygiene.

We would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding whilst you wait for your vaccine during this unprecedented time.

Sandra East

Granta Communications & Patient Liaison

T. 01223 627743



Granta Medical Practices update January 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine delivery has just begun, with the first vaccines being given on December 8. It suddenly feels like there is hope and a light for us all at the end of this very long, dark tunnel.

The vaccine is currently being offered to patients in priority groups first, namely:

  • People aged 80 and over who already have a hospital appointment in the next few weeks

  • People who work in care homes

  • Health care workers at high risk.

It will be offered more widely as soon as possible. For further information on priorities and delivery schedules please go to

The general public are asked not to contact their GP surgeries regarding the vaccination programme. The NHS will contact everyone direct when it is their turn to have the vaccine.

In the meantime, thank you all for continuing to abide by all the social distancing, wearing of face masks and hand hygiene guidance.

We will keep our website and social media channels updated with any developments.

Happy New Year!

Sandra East

Granta Communications & Patient Liaison

T. 01223 627743


W. Posted Dec 14 2020

Granta Medical Practices Update December 2020


We continue to work hard to keep our patients as safe as possible, along with our staff and our community.

Patient access continues to be by invitation only, following a prior telephone assessment. If the assessing clinician feels it is clinically necessary to see you, they will arrange for you to come in and see them.

Essential care, such as NHS immunisations, blood tests, smear tests, and mother and baby checks, continues to go ahead at selected sites. We carry out temperature checks on both staff and patients to minimise risk. Patients must wear a mask if entering any of our buildings.

Coronavirus information changes rapidly. For the very latest news and guidance, please go to and

Holiday Season Opening Times & Repeat Prescription Schedule

You can treat many minor illnesses such as colds and coughs, sore throats, and upset stomachs easily at home. Make sure you keep stocked up with health care essentials such as pain relief (paracetamol), cough and sore throat remedies, a first aid kit, upset stomach treatment, rehydration treatment and heartburn / indigestion treatment. Having these essentials at home will not only save you time, and help you feel better quicker, but will also help save the NHS much needed resources.

Your local pharmacist can also offer you advice and guidance on the best treatment for you. Pharmacists are available on every high street and in supermarkets with many open evenings and weekends.

If you need urgent medical assistance when we are closed please use the NHS 111 service.

If you have an emergency that poses an immediate threat to life, please ring 999.

For further information on alternative services, please go to our website

Repeat Prescriptions

Please make sure that you order your repeat prescriptions in a timely manner to ensure you are not without medication over the Christmas and New Year break.

We wish you all a healthy and peaceful holiday season.

Sandra East

Granta Communications


Cambridge Cancer Help Centre update

Did you know, if you're affected by #Cancer as a patient, family member or carer you can access support locally at the Cambridge Cancer Help Centre in Great Shelford.

The Centre, based at the David Rayner Building (at Scotsdales Garden Centre), provides a welcoming drop-in space with a range of activities to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. During this winter, we will be offering support virtually for those shielding and during the COVID lockdown restrictions (when the Centre will be physically closed). Support available includes 1:1 emotional support, the Macmillan Hope Course, and courses on Fatigue Management, Guided Imagery, Relaxation and Mindfulness.

Want to find out more?

Telephone the Centre team on 01223 840105

Email: or



Join our Facebook group for regular updates:

Great Shelford health news

Pillsorted under the leadership of Great Shelford-based CEO Zeinab Ardeshir is one of the big local successes of the Covid pandemic.

PillSorted Personal Pharmacy has made a flying start in their first year;

  • They are working with 50 surgeries across England

  • They are serving more than 500 patients every month

  • They have delivered more than 12,000 NHS medicine to peoples’ homes.

“It’s been an incredible journey both for me personally and for PillSorted as a start-up,” said Zeinab, pictured left, with a cake to celebrate Pillsorted's first birthday on November 30 2020.

“My transition from clinical background to entrepreneurship and management has been truly transformational. I can’t believe just how successful has been in less than a year. But our track record shows just how much of a need there is for a business like Pillsorted.”

PillSorted’s journey has been incredible in a very short space of time. “From the idea that free delivery of medicine just makes sense, to “A Personal pharmacy that delivers your monthly repeat medication, AND your acute medication, same day/ next day”, we have experimented a lot,” said Zeinab.

“Some ideas have worked extremely better than I thought (e.g. our monthly pack) and a few things didn’t work as well as I thought (complete switch to Royal Mail). But I have heard time and again, people love the personal delivery and PillSorted car.

“One of our ideas that has worked really well is the delivery of patient’s regular medications in an often-monthly pack. Our technology enables us to set up cycles for patient. We know exactly when each patient will need to receive all their repeat medications. They receive a handy chart with all their medicine with the shape of the tablet and what time of day to take it.

“A week before their medication is due, we contact them to make sure they are well and to ask them permission to re-order their repeat medication, or to remind them to order themselves. At the same time, they will have a seven-day window to order from our webshop and receive their items free of delivery charge, included in their medication pack.”

One big issue during the pandemic has been the doctor’s virtual consultations. “Patients are not leaving their houses for a doctor’s appointment, but they still must leave their houses to pick up their acute medications such as antibiotics or pain killers,” said Zeinab.

“To address this issue we have set-up a same day or maximum 24 hours delivery of acute medication, so no one has to go out when they are feeling unwell.”

The other Pandemic issue has been people staying at temporary addresses, with families moving in together for shielding purposes.

“I have really heart-warming examples that we’ve been able to help,” said the Pillsorted CEO.

“A mother who lives in Lincoln and is shielding at her daughter’s house in Cambridge, can still stay with their surgery and be assured we deliver to her home at Lincoln or here at Cambridge at the right time. Another example we have a lady with eight different address for her on our records! She’s been moving house and things have got cancelled or postponed and we’ve made sure she doesn’t run out of her medication wherever she is.”

They are gearing up for more growth in 2021 based on some simple targets - they aim to answer phone calls within two rings and emails within twenty minutes.

But it’s not all work for Zeinab. When she is not running Pillsorted, she is looking after her three children.

“Of course, I enjoy being with my family. The other week I was setting up Unicorn-themed birthday for my 4 year old, pumpkin carving with my 7 year old and answering my 16 year old's A level chemistry questions as well as walking with the whole family. My little girl calls me ‘mummy pharmacy of the world.”

Enjoy the PillSorted personal experience. Email: Call us: 01223643550 or visit their website at

Copy provided by Pillsorted. Posted Nov 2 2020.

Angli-Ear to move into new offices at the heart of the village

The new Angli-Ear hearing solutions office opened in the former Barclays Bank building on Woollards Lane on November 2.

The audiology specialists were based in Mill Court, Great Shelford.

The larger premises gives Angli-Ear Hearing an increased presence at the heart of the Shelford community with more clinic space and a wider range of audiology and ear wax removal services for clients.

“Its good news for Woollards Lane, repurposing the old Barclays Bank building which has lain close and boarded up,” said Sarah Chapman from Angli-Ear.

“The clinic’s adjacent private car park will also bring an increase in footfall to the local shops from visiting clients.”

Until they move on November 2, Angli-Ear’s clinic at Mill Court will remain open.

Visit or call 01223 661399 for more information or to book an appointment. Posted September 30 2020

Great Shelford Medical Centre November update

Coronavirus Update

We continue to work hard to keep our patients as safe as possible, along with our staff and our community.

Patient access is by invitation only, following a prior telephone assessment. If the assessing clinician feels it is clinically necessary to see you, they will arrange for you to come in and see them.

Essential care, such as NHS immunisations, blood tests, smear tests, and mother and baby checks, continues to go ahead at selected sites. We carry out temperature checks on both staff and patients to minimise risk. Patients are asked to wear, and are provided with, masks when entering any of our buildings.

As we all know, coronavirus information seems to change by the day. For the very latest news go to and

Flu Clinics

Thanks to a fantastic community collaboration with Duxford Imperial War Museum, we held the county’s first ever drive-thru flu clinic on Saturday 3rd October, vaccinating 1,500 patients without the need for anyone to get out their cars. The weather was atrocious but it did not dampen our spirits, nor our patients, who were cheerful and supportive throughout the day.

We are holding our next drive-thru clinic on 17th October, and we are holding smaller flu clinics at each surgery site throughout October and November. To book an appointment please ring 0300 234 5555.

New Granta Website

Our new Granta Medical Practices website goes live in late October. It has been designed for easy navigation, has an accessibility widget, and incorporates a new, direct contact form. If you have a moment we would love you to give us some feedback. Whilst I cannot guarantee to accommodate every comment, all suggestions will be taken into consideration. The website address is

Sandra East

Granta Communications

Shelford Dental update

Throughout the pandemic, we have been clear that our first priority is the wellbeing of our patients and staff and this continues to be the case.

There is currently no universally accepted method of working for dental practices. Various opinion pieces, grey literature and scientific reports have been published. Our team have researched most of the published guidance from various dental governing bodies and have developed our own standard operating procedures to maintain patient safety and the safety of our workforce. We believe that these are currently more comprehensive than any published document we have currently seen.

Many procedures performed in dentistry generate a fine mist of airborne particles which can be respired and may contain airborne pathogens. Whereas there is compelling empirical evidence to suggest that transmission of air-borne pathogens is extremely low, with no recorded community outbreaks as a direct result of dental procedures across the world, we wish to operate safely, and aerosol generating procedures (AGP) in dentistry will need to be carefully controlled and planned and this continues to be the case. After carrying out any AGP no matter how short the procedure we are unable to use the surgery for 60 minutes. This coupled with the increased administrative burden placed on dentists means that we are having to work at much reduced capacity and appointment availability is considerably reduced.

We are awaiting further guidance to be published imminently but based on the current guidance from NHS England and The Office of the Chief Dental Officer England we are restricted with the amount of NHS treatments we can provided along with the fact there has been an exceptional demand for NHS dental services.

Over the past few months we are working hard going through our list of patients who require appointments for treatment and continue to do so. We have already recommenced the hygienist services.

We have had multiple request on when we will be able to restart NHS routine service (check-up) and have decided that from 1st October we will start to commence NHS routine (check-up) appointments for children under the age of 16. For adults it will only be possible to start the NHS routine service (check-up) sometime in 2021 however we will keep this under review.

With the number of NHS appointments/treatments being reduced we have had several requests for alternative suggestions. Patients can opt to join our in house private dental health plan which enables you to spread the cost of your dental care. The tailor-made scheme has been carefully designed to meet the particular needs of our patients and reflects our preventive philosophy (see link below). Alternatively patients can choose to attend on a private basis.

Posted 7/9/20

Flu clinics

2020 Flu Clinics

In the wake of coronavirus, it is more important than ever to have your flu vaccination.

However, with Covid-19 comes the challenge as to how we vaccinate 10,000 Granta patients in a socially-distanced manner, to ensure the safety of our patients, our staff and our local community.

Duxford Imperial War Museum has very kindly agreed to help us and we will be holding “drive-through” flu clinics on Saturday 3rd October and Saturday 17th October. If you cannot get to these clinics please don’t worry; we will make sure that the patients who can’t attend or who cannot drive will be seen in smaller clinics at our surgeries. If you are housebound separate arrangements will be made for you.

Patients eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination include those patients who will be 65 years old before 31st March 2021, and those patients 6 months of age and up to and including 64 years of age if they fall into one or more of the “at risk” groups. Details of the “at risk” groups can be found on our website. If you are unsure if you are eligible for a free vaccination please feel free to ring us and we can let you know.

As you will have heard on the news, the government has now extended the flu programme to include everyone 50 years old and over, plus household members of shielded patients. However, NHS England wants us to prioritise the “at risk” patients first, and the new second cohort of patients will be vaccinated towards the end of the year. We will send out further details as soon as we have them.

Children aged 2 years old and 3 years old are automatically eligible to be vaccinated by us. These will be done in our surgeries.

Children from 4 years old to 11 years old will be vaccinated at school, unless they fall into an “at risk” category.

Please note that you MUST pre-book your flu appointment. Please do not just turn up on the day - you will be sent away.

If you should decide to stay on and visit the museum after your vaccination please be aware that you will have to pre-book tickets in advance through the IWM website You will not be able to purchase tickets for the museum on the day.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Duxford Imperial War Museum for accommodating us in this fantastic community collaboration.

Sandra East

Granta Communications


… and you don’t have to be a Granta patient!

For further information and to sign up for this great new service from your local community pharmacy simply call us on 01223 727530 or email us on

(Please note that if you are ordering a repeat prescription please order 7 to 10 days before you are due to run out.)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted Sept 1 2020

Dr Katie Keller

It is with regret we announce that Dr Katie Keller, Shelford GP and GP Trainer will be leaving us at the end of September. Dr Keller arrived as a partner of Shelford Medical Practice in 2014, before coming across to Granta with the merger in 2018.

Dr Keller will now be focussing on her extensive work with the Training Hub and University of Cambridge, whilst keeping her hand in as a GP for one day a week at Bourn Surgery.

Dr Keller’s patients will be assigned new registered GPs, and we would like to take this opportunity to reassure patients that they can access care from any of our clinical team within Granta, irrespective of their registered GP.

We wish Dr Keller very best wishes for her future; she will be greatly missed by staff and patients alike.

Sandra East August 7 2020

Great Shelford medical practice update July 2020

Coronavirus Update

We continue to work hard to keep our patients as safe as possible, along with our staff and the community by managing the majority of medical care remotely. This way of working has proved very successful and is reflected in the very low number of Covid-related illnesses recorded in our area.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel unwell – we are here to help. You can contact us by telephone on 0300 234 5555, or via our non-urgent email address, .

These services are available 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. When emailing please remember to include your full name and date of birth.

Access to any Granta site continues to be by invitation only, following a prior telephone assessment and only when the clinician feels that it is essential to see you in person. You will be asked to wear, and will be provided with, a mask when entering any of our buildings.

‘Flu Vaccinations

We are currently planning our 2020 flu clinics. In the face of coronavirus it is more important than ever to have your flu vaccination if you are eligible.

Having your flu jab done at your GP surgery is quick and convenient - you will be given a time slot so you can arrange your day, and your medical records are available to the nurses / doctors which means no form filling for you. We will publicise the flu clinic dates as soon as they have been confirmed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Sandra East

Granta Communications

Great Shelford dental practice update

Great Shelford Dental Practice is pleased to announce that the hygienist services will be recommencing from Thursday 2nd July 2020.

As per current guidance hygienists need to try and avoid generating aerosols which are created by the ultrasonic (water) machine they use. This means that the hygienists will be hand scaling until the threat level goes down and the guidance changes.

For those who have already contacted us for an appointment we will try and contact you as soon as possible to book you an appointment.

If you would like to book an appointment please email us or call us on 01223 843 567.

Jaz Griffin

For and on behalf of Great Shelford Dental Surgery

Posted June 25 2020

New Cambridgeshire hard of hearing group on Facebook

Do you use a hearing aid or find yourself hard of hearing?

If so, please join the new ‘Cambridgeshire Hear for You community’ group. This is a new way of keeping in touch and to exchange views and ideas, whether it’s about hearing loss, or just your news, ideas and messages about literally anything!

The group has been set up by local charity, Cambridgeshire Hearing Help, which maintains hearing aids, runs workshops on hearing loss and teaches lip-reading. The charity also runs ‘Hear for You’ social groups, which are suspended because of current restrictions - so they’re going online for members old and new!

Many people have used social media to keep in touch with family and friends in recent times. This is a chance to make contact with more people locally, who share your interests.

It is being established on Facebook and is a ‘closed group’, giving members the extra safety and security, that only other members will be able to see your comments. It is also completely free.

You can join the Facebook group NOW by going to the ‘Cambridgeshire Hearing Help’ page on Facebook, click on ‘Groups’ then on ‘Join’. If you have any difficulty, simply enter the following link in your search engine:

If you are new to Facebook, the charity has produced a simple guide of how to join the group, which is on its website. Or contact them at

Posted June 25 2020

June 2020 update

We remain open and continue to work hard to keep our patients as safe as possible, along with our staff and our community by managing medical care remotely. This way of working has proved very successful and is reflected in the very low number of covid-related illnesses in our area.

Patient access to any Granta site continues to be by invitation only, following a prior telephone assessment and only when the clinician assesses that the balance of risk and need justifies a face-to-face interaction.

We are working hard behind the scenes to see how we can start to safely reintroduce various services and we will keep you updated via our website and social media.

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Harrison as our new Chief Executive Officer.

Having previously worked in the John Lewis Partnership for over 23 years, Tim is committed to taking Granta forward, shaping the “new normal” of primary care, and embracing the concept of a Primary Care Network.

Tim’s vision is clear, “Granta Medical Practices are trail blazers in primary care services and I have been really impressed with their mix of professionalism and patient-centred care. Their response to the recent coronavirus pandemic has been exceptional and their commitment to the safety of their patients, their staff and their community is of paramount importance.

GP Managing Partner, Dr James Morrow, said “We are very pleased to welcome Tim to our team. More so than ever, primary care faces challenging times, and with Tim’s expertise I know we will continue to adapt and develop, whilst taking full responsibility for working with our patients to promote health when they are well and to deliver the care needed when they fall ill.”

Sandra East, Granta Communications

T. 0300 234 5555.

March 2020 Coronavirus update

Granta Medical Practice are cancelling all routine face-to-face appointments. This is for the safety of both their patents and our staff. Instead they are offering an enhanced telephone service from clinicians.

If you would like to receive a phone call please ring 0300 234 5555 (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday) or alternatively you can contact them with non-urgent queries via email on

Their advice is to wash your hands on a regular basis – warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. This alone will help slow down the spread of the virus. It will help protect you, your family and our community. Facemasks are of no proven benefit for community use and are currently not recommended.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Unfortunately the number of people affected by the coronavirus causing Covid-19 is increasingly rapidly and this new virus is taking a foothold within our community.

At Granta Medical Practices we have a dedicated Covid emergency team who are meeting daily to discuss how we can continue to provide the best possible care for our patients.

As a practice we are fortunate in having both multiple sites and a large team of people, including those with experience of managing this sort of situation. This gives us options for delivery of care that are not open to many practices during any epidemic.

Up to date information:

At a national level the Public Health England website and NHS UK website provide up to date information about the national situation and plans, and health advice.

At Granta we will be keeping our website updated regularly to reflect the local situation and our actions at Granta, along with our social media accounts. We may also use SMS messaging to mobile phones to communicate any urgent messages. Please let us know if you have changed your mobile number or have one that you haven’t yet told us about.


The current evidence is that for the vast majority of the population the Covid-19 virus is a mild illness which can be safely managed at home with rest, paracetamol and fluids just like a normal flu-like illness. However, for those with significant other medical problems and for the elderly it can be more serious.

With this in mind we have postponed all face to face GP appointments and some routine nurse appointments. This is for both our patient’s safety and the safety of our staff. Instead we are now offering an enhanced telephone service and also a non-urgent dedicated email address,, 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We are working hard to make sure that those who are housebound will continue to receive their medications.

As a community we can help each other – both by following the advice given and by helping look after those who may need help within our communities. If you are able to volunteer to help out in your immediate area, please email your details to

Practical advice:

First and foremost is the need to wash your hands on a regular basis – warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. This alone will help slow down the spread of the virus and help protect you, your family and our community. Facemasks are not advised – and of very limited or no practical benefit.

Dr James Morrow, Managing Partner

16th March 2020

February 2020 Great Shelford Health news

Staff News

It is with regret that we inform our patients that Dr Mig Arbide and Dr Chris Schramm will be leaving us in March. Both doctors have dedicated over 20 years to the Linton practice and Shelford practice respectively and will be greatly missed.

Dr Abide and Dr Schramm’s patients have been assigned new registered GPs, and we would like to take this opportunity to reassure our patients that they can access care from any of our clinical team within Granta, irrespective of their registered GP.

Dr Schramm and Dr Arbide have asked us to share these announcements with you:-

A message from Dr Chris Schramm (Shelford site) who is leaving on 2nd March 2020:-

“After 20 intense and often satisfying years I have decided to move on to a new challenge. During 2020 I will be working at the national winner of the “RCGP Research Practice of the Year 2019" award, which is out of Cambridge. I am also taking on a role with the regional NHS Research network. I am deeply indebted to my Shelford colleagues, staff and numerous patients, all of whom have taught me many things which generally are not in books and who have, thereby, enriched my life.”

A message from Dr Mig Arbide (Linton site) who is leaving on 23rd March 2020:-

“I am immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to serve my patients for the best part of twenty years. I have enjoyed the privilege of their trust, built through respect, dedication, and stability.

I am fortunate to continue offering my time, experience and knowledge to patients in the prison service. I will also continue to practice in my areas of clinical specialist skill and interest: enhanced minor surgery, vasectomy services, sports medicals and dermatology.”

Sandra East, Granta Communications

January 2020 Great Shelford health news

We are pleased to announce new extended access services for our patients, including:-

ü Pre-bookable and online appointments from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday at various Granta sites

ü Pre-bookable and online appointments on Saturdays at various Granta sites

ü Pre-bookable telephone consultations on Sundays and Bank holidays.

Please speak to a member of our Reception team if you would like further information.

Are you registered for online access?

Online services can help with the management of your health care requirements. You can book, amend and cancel appointments, request medication, and see your medical records, including test results.

To register, download a form from our website or call in to one of our branches to pick up a SystmOnline Access application form.

Once you have registered for online access you can then also register for the NHS App. With this app you can:-

· Check your symptoms

· Find out what to do if you need help urgently

· Register to be an organ donor

· Choose how the NHS uses your data

Further information about the NHS App can be found at

Sandra East, Granta Communications

This announcement received a surprised response from one villager

Granta Medical Practices Rated Outstanding by Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission inspected our GP practice in October and has rated it as outstanding, a mark of quality that is shared with only 5 of the 88 GP practices in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough health system.

This is first and foremost an opportunity to remind ourselves how tirelessly all 165 Granta staff work day-in-day-out. Many of them are our neighbours in our communities. They all deserve a big Thank You Team Granta! Their jobs have never been easy and have become much harder and more stressful over the past decade. Funding for healthcare is not keeping up with growing demand and finding people who are prepared to serve their communities as doctors and nurses is becoming ever more difficult. Fewer GPs and nurses care for more patients. This trend makes small general practices very vulnerable. A couple of retirements or long-term illnesses can lead to the collapse and closure of a practice, as we have witnessed recently in our own vicinity.

Granta has been created over the past four years through a merger of four well-run independent practices at Linton, Sawston, Barley/Market Hill and Shelford for one reason only - to create a sustainable GP practice that is fit to weather the funding and workforce crises, is able to attract and retain excellent staff, and will continue to offer reliable services to our communities. Granta is now of the right size for a modern GP practice and will not grow further. The practice is big enough to survive and thrive but remains small enough to care for our communities and retain the team spirit that is critical for general practice. The CQC rating is an external validation that Granta has chosen the right path.

Granta’s outstanding rating is not ‘mission accomplished’. There is lots of work still to do. While the on-the-day access at Granta for urgent needs is excellent, access to bookable appointments at all sites needs to be improved. The merger has led to changes in the provision of local services and challenges local identity, which is a concern to both patients and clinicians. These issues have been raised by the Patient Participation Group, who are helping the Granta team to understand how to best respond to workforce pressures, maintain the local identities of our practice sites and continue to offer patients access to their preferred doctor as much as possible.

Granta is grateful to all patients who provide feedback on its service and offer suggestions for improvements, and particularly to the members of the Patient Participation Group, who act as critical friends. For us, Granta is more than a business, it is a community asset. Both patients and staff can be proud of the outstanding rating. This gives us the reassurance and motivation to continue the journey to making Granta one of the best GP practices in the country.

Dave Arnold & Anne Thompson

Co-chairs of the Granta Medical Practices Patient Participation Group

Stefan Scholtes

Independent Patient-Chair of Granta Medical Practices Board

In response to the comments from the Granta Medical Practices group, the problems with local appointments apparently started almost overnight after the merger, so it seems highly unlikely that this is due to national problems, given how sudden the change was. A general view in the village seems to be that it should be attributed to some kind of planning failure.

The question we now have to ask is whether a full analysis of the equality and environmental impacts of the merger ever took place. If such an analysis didn’t happen, or wasn’t extensive enough, that would explain the current apparently chaotic arrangements. Currently we have random patients seeing random doctors in random surgeries in what seems to be the most inefficient way possible, with paperwork going astray and nobody knowing quite what they are meant to be doing, certainly from the patient point of view. I can’t help feeling that we all deserve rather better than this, and I am including the Shelford Surgery staff in that – locally the general mood seems to be that they have been doing their best in very difficult circumstances.

As part of thinking through what the recent changes for residents have meant in practical terms, I thought it might be helpful to analyse the simplest transport options to each surgery from Ashen Green, Great Shelford, for those local residents who are not drivers, including:

those without access to a car,

socially deprived residents,

those with medical conditions that prevent driving such as epilepsy, or recovering from operations such as a Caesarian Section,

elderly people, and

young people over the age of about 12 and able to consent to medical treatment in their own right, who may need to see a doctor while their parents are at work, or confidentially (this is what is known as ‘Gillick competent” and an important aspect of modern medical care).

During the process of analysing the transport impact of the merger, it has become clear to me that minimal thought has been given to such issues. Either Granta Medical Practices has not done any research into this, or it has decided to ignore what is an increasingly difficult situation for many of its patients as they try to make plans to travel across counties in order to see a GP face-to-face, something which is both right and desirable for many people. The assumption is that either everyone drives, someone in their household does, or they are elderly/retired and eligible to use Cambridge Dial-a-Ride (when this service is available).

It would therefore be helpful if Granta Medical Practices publishes its Equality Impact Assessment on its website, so we can see how they took transport impact into account when organising the merger.

In my calculations, I also considered the environmental impact by calculating the increased carbon footprint of the new transport routes. Again, such an analysis has been required for some years in public services when major changes take place, and again, it would be very helpful if Granta Medical Practices publishes its own Environmental Impact Assessment for the purposes of comparison. The carbon footprint is relatively small, but it is still present. I imagine there will be other environmental factors such as increased traffic down country lanes as well, for example, but I can’t include this as I have no means of calculating it. Nevertheless it is something to consider when people are forced into making unnecessary journeys as a result of the unintended consequences of service centralisation, as has happened here.


Bike: 46 minutes, 8.8 miles.

Bus: 58 minutes. Get Citi 7 from Tunwells Lane direction Addenbrookes (Bay A). Change at Addenbrookes (Bay C) for the 13A Gold service direction Haverhill. Get off at the Cemetery, from where it is a 2 minute walk. Stagecoach Cambridgeshire Dayrider Plus bus ticket, £7.

Taxi: 20 minutes, £65.32 return

Carbon 0.3 metric tons per 100 (bus) 0.42 metric tons per 100 (taxi)


Bike: 58 minutes, 11.2 miles

Train: 54 minutes. Walk to Shelford Station. Get the train to Cambridge (6 minutes) and change here for the train to Royston (18 minutes), from where it is an 18 minute walk. £8.30 return.

Taxi: 30 minutes, £71.74 return

Carbon 0.15 metric tons per 100 (train) 0.58 metric tons per 100 (taxi)


Bike: 54 minutes, 10.2 miles

Bus: 1 hour 45 minutes. Get 31 bus from Ashen Green direction Fowlmere. Change near Church Road, Hauxton for A The Busway (Stop 2) Barkway Street, Royston. Change for the 18 bus direction Buntingford to Picknage Road, Barley. From here it is a 5 minute walk. £5.40 (A2B Bus and Coach Ltd) + Stagecoach Dayrider Plus £7 + Centrebus Network Day £8 = £20.40.

Taxi: 20 minutes, £66.16 return

Carbon 0.34 metric tons per 100 (bus) 0.49 metric tons per 100 (taxi)


Bike: 16 minutes, 3 miles

Bus: 18 minutes. Get Citi 7 from Woollards Lane. Stagecoach Cambridgeshire Dayrider Plus bus ticket, £7.

Taxi: 10 minutes, £34 return

Carbon metric tons 0.1 per 100 (bus) 0.15 per 100 (taxi)

Routing information from

Taxi prices from and change daily.

Carbon footprints from and calculated per 100 return trips.

All fares are for single adult return, off-peak from Shelford Surgery, Ashen Green.

Of course, if local residents find the transport to the various Granta practices too onerous, three alternative GP surgeries are all available within a three-mile radius of Ashen Green, with simpler and often cheaper transport and taxi links. It begs the question as to why our surgery didn’t do more to form a group with these convenient local practices, rather than remote ones scattered across different counties. I can’t imagine there would have been many complaints about having to choose from five surgeries within a three-mile radius, all on handy bus and cycle routes and within the Panther Cabs metred zone.

Trumpington Medical Practice, The Clay Farm Centre, Hobson Square, Hobson Avenue, Trumpington , Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 9FN OPENING SOON Currently at: 17 Beverley Way, Trumpington, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 9JS Tel 01223 845185

Queen Edith Medical Practice, 59 Queen Ediths Way , Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 8PJ Tel 01223 247288

Cornford House Surgery 364 Cherry Hinton Road , Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 8BA Tel 01223 247505

Shelford Surgery used to be part of the same group as Trumpington Surgery prior to the retirement of Dr Tony Bateman? (If I recall correctly)? Recreating that relationship would have been a more logical merger by far.

Finally, residents may be interested to know that I have asked to be a member of the Patient Participation Group, so I can lobby for more appropriate arrangements for Shelford Surgery users in the future.

Best wishes,

Dr Sandra Leaton Gray

September 2019 update

Appointment Availability & Continuity of Care

We understand that continuity of care and appointment accessibility are of paramount importance to our patients and we are continuously looking at how we can improve our offering across all 5 sites, as demand increases.

Appointment and continuity problems are not unique to Granta, nor are they due to the mergers we have undertaken. These are National problems - many surgeries in our area have stopped offering routine appointments altogether, instead opting for doctors to triage every single patient before they are offered an appointment. This is not the route we wish to take.

Patients with urgent problems will always be seen on the day in our Rapid Access clinics. Barley and Market Hill sites can appear to offer more routine appointments as due to their limited capacity, appointments are released daily, rather than 6-weekly at Sawston, Linton and Shelford.

We are constantly reviewing our appointments system to get the best balance between urgent-on-the-day and routine appointments across all sites, and are about to start a project with our PPG around continuity of care and what this means to our patients. If you would like to join our PPG (Patient Participation Group) please email

Our 5 sites additionally offer telephone appointments and we also run early morning and late evening clinics at various sites (please check our website for details).

All of our patients are welcome to go to any of the five Granta sites.

Thank you to our patients who have taken the time to give us feedback. All comments are taken very seriously and contribute to how we shape and improve our services in the future.

Sandra East, Granta Communications

T. 0300 234 5555, @

August 2019 update

Flu vaccination clinics 2019

Granta Medical Practices have the pleasure in announcing their 2019 flu clinics, as follows:-

Saturday 5thOctober (morning)

Linton Health Centre (CB21 4JS)

Barley Surgery (SG8 8HY)

Saturday 12thOctober (morning)

Sawston Health Centre (CB22 3HU)

Shelford Medical Practice (CB22 5FY)

Saturday 19thOctober (morning)

Linton Health Centre (CB21 4JS)

Sawston Health Centre (CB22 3HU)

Saturday 26thOctober (morning)

Shelford Medical Practice (CB22 5FY)

Barley Surgery (SG8 8HY)

In addition, this year we will also be offering weekday clinics at all of our surgeries – please speak to our reception team for more details.

Granta patients can go to any of our surgeries to have their vaccination.

Private flu vaccinations

If you would like a flu vaccination but are not eligible for the free vaccination we also offer a private service via Granta Pharmacy for Granta patients. This is by far the easiest way of getting your private vaccination as we already have your medical records and there are no forms to fill in. Simply ring and book an appointment at any Granta surgery and pay on the day (£12.99).

If you have any queries, or if you are unsure if you are eligible for a free vaccination, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our reception team.

Sandra East

Granta Communications

0300 234 5555,

July 2019 update


Dr Colin Hitchcock has now retired. However, he has agreed to continue doing some ad hoc work for Granta so you may very well see him about at different Granta sites.

Granta Shelford is having a make-over

NHS Property Services have agreed to update some of the clinical rooms and communal areas. This work was supposed to start in June; it has been delayed but we are assured that it will start shortly. The plan is to carry out the majority of the work over weekends so that patient disruption is kept to a minimum. You will notice that work has started on the re-fencing.

Path lighting

We continue to have our path lights vandalised every single time they are replaced. These lights are to help patients and villagers navigate their way around the surgery when it is dark. If anyone does know who is carrying out this vandalism please ask them to stop.

Patient Participation Group (PPG)

The Shelford group has now joined the main Granta group. I am very pleased to report that there was a good representation of Shelford patients at the last PPG meeting. If you would like to join the Granta PPG please drop me a line –

June 2019 update

We are very excited to announce two dispensary developments coming soon which will hugely benefit our patients and offer improved patient service.

Medicines Pickup Point

We are installing an automated dispensary machine on our Sawston site. It will be easily accessible and available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, which means you can pick up your prescription whenever it suits you. This service is for anyone who uses the Granta Sawston dispensary.

Pharmacy Delivery Service

We are investing in an eco-friendly electric van to deliver medicines to nursing homes and residential homes in the area. This is in addition to the existing pharmacy delivery service.

Sandra East, Granta Communications,

May 2019 update

Have you booked a trip abroad or planning to do so?

If you are seeking travel health advice, Granta Medical Practices offer a Travel Clinic Service.

The first step is the complete a Travel Risk Assessment form so we can assess your risk. This risk assessment form can be downloaded from our website or collected from reception. Please fill it out fully and return it to us no later than 5 weeks before you travel.

Once you have completed and returned the form, we will contact you by phone within one week to let you know if you need to attend for an appointment which we would then advise you to book. At your appointment the recommended vaccines or medications will be given and follow up injections planned. Unfortunately we cannot see you if you have not completed a Travel Risk Assessment form.

Before your appointment you are advised to go to Look up the destination you are travelling to, print off the information, read it and bring it with you when you attend your appointment.

You can also download our General Travel Advice sheet from our website or collect a copy from reception. For additional information you can visit the following websites:,,

Please note that some vaccinations are covered by the NHS and some will require payment. The clinician will make this clear when you make the appointment and you will be required to pay before your appointment.

Sandra East

Granta Communications

April 2019 update

The benefits of online access

Would you like to manage your GP appointments and prescriptions from home, and have access to your test results?

You can do all of this and more by registering for SystmOnline, the patient online service available via our website. Once registered you can book, change and cancel your appointments, view your test results and have access to your coded medical records, as well as ordering your repeat medication and viewing your personal registered information.

Application forms are available on our website, in our new patient pack, or you can pick one up from any Granta reception. All you need to do is bring the completed form back, along with some photo ID. All applications will be processed within 48 working hours and confirmation of activation will be emailed / texted to you unless otherwise requested.

If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sandra East

Granta Communications

March 2019 update

In January Granta Medical Practice’s clinicians saw / spoke to 20,256 patients. This number includes urgent appointments, routine appointments and telephone appointments. Unfortunately, there were an extra 1,026 appointments that patients did not attend (DNA).

February’s appointments totalled 17,876, but again there were an additional DNA’s – 1,043!

Sometimes it can be difficult keeping to an appointment date and time. However, if you ring and cancel even half an hour beforehand we would be able to reuse your slot for another patient.

You can also cancel your appointments online. Using SystmOnline allows you to book, cancel and rearrange appointments as well as requesting repeat medication and viewing your summary care record. Call into your local surgery or see our website for further information.

Sandra East, Granta Communications. T. 0300 234 5555

February 2019 update

Granta “Group Consultations”

Granta Medical Practices have pleasure in announcing they will shortly be holding “Group Consultations”, also known as “Shared Medical Appointments”. These are organised meetings comprising of 10 to 15 patients with the same condition or set of clinical problems, coming together in a supportive group setting. This is a more personalised way of supporting patients with long term medical conditions, and allows patients to learn from each other as well as from clinicians. The sessions will last from 1 to 2 hours, including a one to one with a health care professional for each group member.

Group consultations can be used for a wide variety of long-term health conditions such as diabetes, respiratory conditions, skin conditions, weight issues and many more. The first long term medical condition to be focussed on is diabetes. If you would like to register your interest please contact Kelly Austin, Granta Social Navigator.

For more information about Group Consultations go to

Jennifer Aston

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

The Benefits of Merging GP practices

Following on from Dr Wright’s article last month about why GP practices are merging, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the benefits that are starting to come through for our practice members (patients).

You may not have seen any benefits yet, in fact you may have only seen difficulties – particularly in obtaining routine appointments, which is perceived as being secondary to the merges. In fact, appointment waiting times is a national problem. Indeed, two surgeries in Cambridgeshire have stopped offering routine appointments to their patients altogether as their waiting times are longer than 6 weeks. We know there is a problem, and we are continually looking for solutions.

In the meantime, some of the benefits we can already offer Granta practice members include:-

1. Unlimited on-the-day access for all members. It may not be at your preferred site but if you need to be seen we will see you. Granta currently deals with approximately 19,000 practice members per month, compared to Addenbrookes Accident & Emergency department, who deal with roughly 12,000 per month.

2. Improved opening hours and access to appointments. Various Granta sites offer appointments from 8am to 8pm Monday to Thursday, 6.30am to 7pm Fridays and every Saturday morning.

3. Access to your medical records at any one of 5 sites, by any clinician you are booked in to see.

4. Access to a physiotherapy service that is offered on the day and on site for new problems. We are one of only 40 surgeries in the country offering this service.

5. The use of Emergency Care Practitioners (very advanced paramedics) for visits. This allows practice members to be seen quickly and if required, admission arranged, increasing chances of discharge on the same day, rather than waiting for the historical GP visit at lunch time, which almost guaranteed admission. The ECP’s have unlimited access to the duty medical team if required for advice and due to availability actually can give increased continuity.

6. Diagnostic imaging - ulltrasound scans are done on site at Granta Sawston.

7. Ear microsuction clinics are run on site at Granta Sawston.

8. Increased internal specialist input. By increasing our size we have increased our internal expertise. It is now possible to internally refer patients to another clinical member of staff who specialises in that area. They in turn may be able to see you in a much more timely manner, with your complete medical notes, and may reduce the possibility of having to attend a hospital appointment.

9. Access to a Social Navigator. This is a member of the Granta team who specifically looks at support from the community and ways of managing isolation and engaging patients from a holistic point of view.

10. Involvement in group consultations - a national initiative, which looks at providing information in groups to increase access and exposure and help people take ownership of their illness.

11. Fewer recruitment problems. We are in a relatively unique position of not having a recruitment crisis. In fact we have a number of clinicians approaching us asking if they can work for us because of what we are doing and ideas for the future.

12. An active Patient Participation Group (PPG). We are starting to really develop this and work together for the best of the practice.

These are but a few. We of course acknowledge there is a long way to go but with the merges we have given ourselves every opportunity possible to succeed and be able to provide continuing outstanding care to our practice members long into the future.

Sandra East

Communications Manager, Granta Medical Practicess

Tel: 0300 234 5555, email:

Statement from the Shelford Health Practice December 2018

Why are GP Practices merging?

In April 2016 NHS England published the General Practice Forward View. In the introduction Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England states:

“There is arguably no more important job in modern Britain than that of the family doctor. GP’s are by far the largest branch of British medicine. A growing and ageing population, with complex multiple health conditions, means that personal and population-orientated primary care is central to any country’s health system. As a recent British Medical Journal headline put it – “if general practice fails, the whole NHS fails”.”

Unfortunately the NHS and in particular General Practice is under increasing pressure. There is currently a divergence in that there is an aging / elderly population with increasingly complex health needs requiring more time and continuity in a system with decreasing resources, social care and community support. General Practice is being asked to provide better access with improved opening times whilst having a recruitment and retention crisis.

Surgeries are collapsing and the unthinkable is happening, surgeries are closing as they are no longer sustainable.

There are therefore 2 options:

Continue the status quo. Comfort is taken from a system that is understood. However, in doing this we must acknowledge that there is a significant risk that Primary Care will not continue in its current guise.

2) Innovate and look at system wide change. This is difficult but provides a service that looks after the patient as a whole and is not fragmented and disjointed by the need to use different providers in the community.

With the mergers of Sawston, Linton, Barley and Shelford, Granta Medical Practices are addressing this struggle with a view to becoming a Primary Care Home. This provides stability as a practice, increased internal skills, and an increased ability to adapt to change. This then becomes more attractive to the multi-disciplinary teams as a place to work, removing the recruitment crisis. It will bring together a range of health and social care professionals to work together to provide enhanced personalised and preventative care for their local community. Focusing on local population needs, the aim is to provide care closer to patient’s homes, before hospital admission may become necessary.

With an increased size and thus sustainability come different working patterns. This provides increased access but then impacts on perceived continuity. You cannot have one with the other. However, behind the scenes increasing systems are put in place whereby GP’s are constantly communicating with each other about patient concerns, progress, improvement or deterioration and patient care plans and notes are routinely reviewed. There is still a single named GP for every patient who has overarching knowledge and understanding of their patients but they may lead a team that provides ongoing care, rather than run the team.

It is a fine line between offering unlimited on the day access and regular routine appointments and we must acknowledge that at times the balance can go either way, but it is with an understanding and open mind that we move things forward, learning from what we have achieved in the past to improve and redesign for the better in the future. We are in a time of significant change and all of the staff at Granta are looking to provide outstanding care for their patients. However, we can only do this with the support of our patients. We must adapt to patient’s needs, always be open to suggestions, but maintain our desire to move the practice forward to what we believe it can become.

On Behalf of Granta Medical Practices

Dr Tim Wright

Chief Operations Officer

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