Great Shelford / Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan

These are notes from the Neighbourhood Plan meeting in January 2016.


• Need to maintain green belt between Cambridge Southern Fringe and the villages

• Need for housing mix to meet needs of residents (last housing needs survey was carried out in 2004 we need more up to date info – another survey?).

• Need for affordable housing

• Need for one level housing for older people – bungalows being replaced by large houses.

• Need for smaller units for down sizers and first time buyers

• Restriction on large houses (too elitist e.g. Mingle Lane).

• Need for attention to be paid to design of housing (update VDS and Village Plan as part N.P.)

Green belt/Access

• Protect green belt to preserve the setting of the village

• Identify and preserve green spaces

• Talk to Jesus College about ‘Shelford meadows’ – fields from Rectory Farm to Hauxton by river

Footpaths/Cycle paths

• Need more and to be linked to provide circular routes

• Rights of way (ROW) should be considered in every new development

• ROW should be multi use

• Sustrans Route 11 from the station should be built

• Connect Gt and Little Shelford recs with a bridge over the river

• Footpath across Hobson’s Brook from the Hectare

• Non-vehicle access to Wandlebury Country Park and Magog Down


• Need audit of community facilities to identify gaps


• Need to extend into the Grange Field with different facilities for different groups


• Are the present sites adequate to meet the needs of the growing population?

Health Centre

• Need for additional parking

• Is above capacity – needs to grow – small sections of 106 money are inadequate to meet expansion

• Could it expand onto the adjoining site?

• If not suggest Health Centre could be part of a redeveloped village hall – (enough parking?)

• Can it take pressure off Addenbrookes by providing additional care?



• Will the station be unmanned?

• Will the crossing be shut?

• Need for station parking

• Need for footbridge

• Re-open line to Haverhill


• Integration of work buses with public buses

• Need for express version of Citi 7 which links employment centres

• Need for real time bus info

• If buses were more reliable and faster could reduce the traffic going through the villages

• Buses could link into Addenbrookes hub and then onto busway for faster journey

• More effective community transport – 7A has no-one on it


• Complete Sustrans route 11

• More village cycle parks

• Rented cycle park


• Need to put down marker to disadvantage those who use the villages as a ratrun

• 20mph speed limit?


• Integration of fares


• Local businesses need support with infrastucture