Great Shelford planning applications

Proposals to open a day nursery in a building that has been empty for almost three years have been rejected.

The day nursery would have been based in the former Lloyds Bank building on High Green, which shut in February 2018.

"This decision to refuse the nursery seems absurd to us," said a statement from the Parish Council. "In this current Covid climate, we fail to understand why this has been refused. The property has been empty for several years and we feel it is highly appropriate use on this site.

"We understand that the problem is parking. There is a great need for nursery facilities within the Parish and this property has a rear car park of its own plus a front parking bay owned by Cambridgeshire County Council.". Two doors away is a Mini sales business who, despite many requests from the enforcement team to remove cars from the parking bay and the pavement along this bit of road, are still selling and advertising on the public highway.

"We would ask for the (South Cambridgeshire Council) committee to rethink their decision."

Posted October 29 2020

Major housing developments for more than 1,000 new homes have been proposed for Great Shelford.

Sites include Shelford Rugby Club and the Camping and Caravan Site off Cambridge Road are included in the proposals..

Up to 40 homes are proposed for the Grange Field, which could lead to an extension of the Recreation Ground.

The proposals include:

Cambridge South on land south of Addenbrooke's Road and east of M11 - 1,250 homes

The Camping and Caravanning Club Limited east of Cabbage Moor, Great Shelford -

400 homes

Land south of Granhams Farm, Great Shelford - 250 dwellings

Land west of Hinton Way, Great Shelford - 200 homes

Land off Cambridge Road, Gt Shelford - up to 120 homes

The Davey Field, Cambridge Rd, Great Shelford - up to 87 homes

Land off Cabbage Moor, Great Shelford - up to 70 homes

Land east of Hinton Road, Great Shelford - up to 50 new homes

Grange Field, Church Street, Great Shelford adjoining the Rec - 40 homes and possible extension to the Rec

Land west of Granhams Farm, Great Shelford - 30 homes

Cambridge Road Great Shelford - 25 homes or retirement/care village

Scotsdales - New homes

Land at Whitefields, Hinton Way, Great Shelford - housing/ retirement village

Cabbage Moor - 5 homes

The suggested developments are a long way from reality. The proposals have been made as part of a ‘First Conversation’ consultation to create a new Local Plan for the area by 2023.

Developers and landowners have put forward their initial proposals for homes across sites in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire.

The first wave of the consultation took place in January and February. The next public consultation stage is planned for Autumn 2021.

These proposals are not planning applications. Councils stress that none of the suggested sites have any real planning status at this stage and far more land for development has been suggested than will be required to meet the area’s housing needs.

The Greater Cambridge Local Plan will set out where development in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire is allowed to happen, and what it should include – such as homes, business space, community facilities, shops, leisure facilities and green spaces. It will guide how development should help address current and future environmental, social and economic issues.

You can read the responses and a summary report on the Greater Cambridge Planning Service website: (The site can be challenging to navigate - you may find it easier to click on the links within the story to read about specific proposed schemes.)

A map of all the proposals can be seen here.

You can have your say about the proposals by contacting South Cambridgeshire District Councillors Peter Fane or Nick Semple or Great Shelford Parish Council.

Read the coverage in the Cambridge Independent.

Posted September 18 2020

District Councillors for South Cambridgeshire District Council

You can make representations to any parish councillor.

While the Parish Councill will take a view on most applications, the final decision will be made by South Cambridgeshire District Council. You can find details for your three district councillors below.

Peter Fane

Tel.01223 843861

Mob. 07802 256861

Nick Sample

044 7706 990833

There is more pressure for more new homes in Great Shelford and Stapleford.

Developers have highlighted a number of areas in the two villages that could take more houses in the future.

The document highlights the following areas for more potential development:

a. Land east of Hinton Way, north of Mingle Lane

b. Scotsdale Garden Centre

c. Land at Marfleet Close

d. Land at Grange Field, Church Street

e. Land at Hinton Way

f. Land at Granhams Farm

g. Land South of Shelford Caravan and Camping Club

h. Dernford Farm - leisure/tourism

i. Land off Cambridge Road

Developers have suggested that the plans for the area, known as the Local Plan, could be “unsound” unless they are changed to include at least some of this list.

The revised proposals will be considered by a Planning Inspector at the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan specific hearing sessions from June 6.

“Most, if not all, these sites are Green Belt land and Great Shelford Parish Council remains totally opposed to development on the Green Belt,” said a statement from the Parish Council.

“We have recently been informed that some of the sites which landowners had put forward for inclusion in the Local Plan but which were turned down by the District Council (omission sites) will be examined by the inspector at a hearing on June 6th. The inspector has to assess whether the plan would be unsound without the inclusion of these sites.

“The Science Park and housing proposed by Jesus College will be considered in July.

“So you would be correct in saying that there would be more housing if the developers convince the inspector contrary to the view held by the District Council that these sites should be included in the Local Plan.”

Read the document: Matters and Issues for South Cambridgeshire Local Plan specific hearing sessions

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