Mingle Lane development

Development proposal headlines

12 hectares

Providing a varied mix of well designed, high quality dwellings including starter and family sized homes to meet a range of local needs. Affordable homes and a number of bungalows are also proposed.

There may also be opportunity for provision of retirement housing.

The Site is served by a single vehicular access and a separate pedestrian access from Mingle Lane. Two further pedestrian access points are proposed from Hinton Way,

Beyond this to the east, adjacent to the existing cemetery, a large area of habitat planting to function as a Wildlife Reservoir or recreation area.

Broad Green corridors running through the interior of the site

A more formal public open space functioning as a green heart

Some 50% of the 12 hectare site is given over to open space and landscape, leaving

approximately 6 hectares to form residential development parcels.

Density for general needs housing would be unlikely to exceed 30 dwellings per hectare, which could deliver approximately 180 homes across the site. The site may lend itself to other forms such as key-worker housing that would potentially relate to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, or affordable housing tied into a Trust related to the Parish. The provision of housing to suit older or retired people will also

be investigated, along with the provision of bungalows

Incorporate an area of open space (with the potential to include playing fields) in the north-eastern part of the Site, north of the cemetery.