Great Shelford highways update



 Main work programme:

o Targets (CCC are minimum six weeks behind schedule on deliverables which should

have taken six weeks. Issue escalated to CCC senior management):

 Detailed design and costings finalised 10 June.

 Costs ratified by GSPC Highways (14 June) and full council (16 June).

 TRO(s) published before end-June.

 Implementation over the October half term (currently plan weekend


o Costings:

 Detailed costings for widening pavement outside 41+ Woollards Lane

received. Cost is £13,500 compared to September figures of £5,000-£6000.

 Estimate for zebra is £12,000 (September: £15,000-£25000). No detailed

costing for zebra likely to be available for a further six weeks.

 Other costings are at a highly aggregated level. Total is £18,250, but there is

insufficient detail to allow GSPC to confirm that CCC has understood what

we have requested or for CCC to raise TROs. Costs do include a second buildout

opposite Sharman Quinney. Andy Parsons has confirmed that, as the

bulk of the costs are TRO related, the estimate is correct.

 Additionally, CCC wish to levy a 20% administration cost on the project (ex

LHI part – the zebra), which has never previously been mentioned.

 Total project costs therefore coming out at £40,093 (September £34,400-

£49,700). To reduce costs:

 The second build-out could be removed (saving £3,600).

 The pavement widening could be deferred to 2017 and a LHI grant

sought £16,200 of expenditure deferred, of which £10,000 might be

funded by LHI.

o Decisions required:

 Proceed with pavement widening or defer and seek partial LHI funding.

 Second build out.

 Acceptability of overall costs.

 Time-scales – CCC reckon October can still be achieved, but if there are

delays, we may have to defer to Easter 2017.

 Hinton Way:

o SID has been delivered, Parish Clerk obtaining quotes for poles to be installed at six


 Parking enforcement. Current contract expires 10 July. Issues:

o PCSOs have issued 26 tickets over 42 hours work; not working the requested hours.

o It looks likely that the Police will refuse to continue the contract.

o We should be looking to decriminalise.

 Open meeting on next year’s priorities 14 June attended by 14 people (see Barrie Ashurst’s


o Main concern was parking around station.

o Support for pavement widening in Woollards Lane and zebras at Scotsdales and

Davey Crescent


Minutes of Parish Council Highways Sub-Committee Meeting held in the Pavilion

Woollards Lane, Great Shelford at 1900 on 14 June 2016.

Present: Cllrs Nettleton MN (Chair), Ashurst BA.

Meeting also attended by 13 members of the public.

1. Apologies received from Cllr Milson.

2. No declarations of interest.

The Meeting was then suspended for a public discussion.

The Chair updated the public on progress over the last 12mths

Action had now been taken by SCDC and CCC on gutter and gully cleaning

By the end of May SCDC had cleaned all the gutters

CCC had the cleaning of gullies in hand (part complete)

CCC had committed to annual gully cleaning after the leaf fall, but had advised that once in a 5yr cycle it would not be done due to budget cuts.

A member of the public indicated that some gullies were still not clear, the chair advised that work was ongoing.

The chair indicated that the PC had paid £1500 for collection of clippings from first grass cut of the year

The Chair listed the proposed highways works in the village

20mph speed limit

Zebra crossing

HGV parking bay

Parking / yellow lines in the village

All the proposals had been submitted to CCC, but there was a backlog of work due to staff shortages

In March CCC had indicated that the work would be done in October

Deliveries to businesses in Woollards Lane had been retimed and although not 100% compliant there had been an improvement in traffic flow. Once the new crossing had been constructed it will force vehicles to use the HGV bay.

The PC was still awaiting final costings of the highways works but the initial indications were that they were in line with expectations except for the widening of the pavement outside properties 41-45 which was more than expected.

The Chair reported that the PC had paid £1000 for 42hrs of PCSO’s time for traffic patrols, this had resulted in 26 tickets being issued and numerous “warnings”. The scheme is under review by the Police and the PC casting doubts on it continuing. Only one other village had used the scheme. The Chair had been disappointed that the PCSO’s were not always available at our requested times. The Chair explained that we have the option to make approaches to SCDC to de-criminalise parking so that Wardens could be employed (as in Cambridge City), this would allow the “fines” to be used to help fund the

system, at present with the PCSO system “fine revenue” goes directly to Central Government.

A question was raised regarding parking near Barclays which had been raised at the APM, the Chair responded that no action had been taken.

A question was raised “why not a one-way system”, the Chair responded that the issue had been debated many times but the PC had decided that it would in fact increase traffic flows in the High Street and Woollards Lane.

A question was raised regarding “raised kerbs” as it could be a danger to pedestrians as they stepped down, the Chair explained that the raised kerbs (and bollards) were being put in to prevent vehicles using the pavements.

The Chair explained that “priority signs” would be placed in Woollards Lane to encourage car drivers to act responsibly.

The Chair indicated that some future priorities may be(all of which could be partially funded by a LHI grant from CCC of up to £10,000):

Scotsdales crossing .

Widening of pavements in Woollards Lane

Davey Crescent crossing.

The Chair confirmed that there would be a designated “disabled space” in the PO/High Green area, it would not be prudent to do this a “separate” piece of work as it would need an individual TRO to be raised at a cost of £1500 – it will be incorporated in a single TRO covering all the changes in the village.

The Chair indicated that the PC would probably review the impact of all the changes next summer.

Flashing Speed Signs / 30mph roundel – the sign had been purchased and delivered, we were awaiting CCC to mount the 6 poles requiredhis will be progressed shortly, the other work was only expected to be complete in October.

In response to a “speedwatch question” the Chair indicated that there was no other group in the Village apart from Hinton Way.

There was a long discussion regarding parking, key points were:

The PC was removing the parking restriction in Ashen Green on one side of the road which would provide an additional 6-8 spaces.

The Playscape scheme may provide an additional 7/8 spaces on the Rec.

Long term if the PC was able to purchase Grange Field additional parking could be provided there.

It was not thought “Rayments field” was an option to purchase.

The issue of commuter vehicles parking in Shelford Park Ave since the Railway Tavern had been fenced off was raised – apart from the inconvenience to residents there was an issue of “emergency vehicle access”. Residents parking / timed parking was discussed but both dismissed at this stage as they couldn’t be enforced. It was suggested the “white lines” could be painted in front of driveways, the PC will discuss this as it is a low cost effective option.

It was suggested that the “crossing lights” near the PO maybe faulty as there were long periods when vehicles stopped at the crossing when no-one was actually crossing – PC to investigate as it was noted a fault had occurred in the past.

At the Tunwell Lane lights it was suggested that there are many “jumping the lights” issues (especially in the mornings) which could lead to a dangerous occurrence. PC will bring to the attention of the Police.

It was noted that Church Street still caused problems in particular at “school times” as vehicles could not get to passing places.

At this point the Chair closed the public session.

As there were only two councillors present (not quorate) the Chair closed the meeting at 20.00hrs

Signed: ………………………………