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Books about Great Shelford

Great Shelford Oral History Society(GSOHG) publications:

In 2008, thanks to a very generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the GSOHG was able to publish a series of books about the village and its inhabitants.

Some Shelford Lives

In some Shelford Lives 60 villagers reminisce about their lives, and, about the village and how it has changed. This is a real feel-good book, full of interesting

stories and interesting details about Shelford. Plenty of laughs too!

Shelford’s Wars

The two world wars of the twentieth century impacted on the lives of everyone in the country. Shelford villagers talk about serving in the Forces, about doing

war work, of life on the Home Front, and growing up with the war. Read about Ivan Rutter’s encounter with a German tank gun, and find out about the spigot

mortar emplacements on High Green.

All is Safely Gathered In

Shelford is surrounded by farmland, and here you can read about the village’s

farms, smallholdings and nurseries, and the people who worked on them. Full of

interesting country lore. Do you know what a walnut basher is?

Heart of Shelford

A guide to the buildings and shops, past and present, of the central triangle – Woollards Lane, High Street, High Green and Tunwells Lane.

Other publications

Shelford and the Railways, by Helen Harwood

This is a history of how the railway came to Shelford and changed its whole way of life. It’s not just about trains, but tells the story of our changing village. Read

about the Shelford railwaymen, including traindriver Ron Gooch and signalman Jim Crawford, how the village children flattened pennies on the line, and how in

hot summers the villagers turned out to beat out fires on the line in the days of

Price £10.50.

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History book now available

A fascinating book about the history of Great and Little Shelford has been republished - and you have a chance to buy your own copy. It would make a great Christmas present for history lovers.