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Rev Robert Owen of St Mary's Church.

Wilhelm Ter Braak was a Dutch Nazi spy who was buried in what was an unmarked grave in the village cemetery in Great Shelford during the second world war.

Ter Braak was a Dutch espionage agent working for the Germans who operated for five months in England. He is believed to have been the German agent who was at large for the longest time in Britain during the Second World War.

When he ran out of money, Ter Braak committed suicide in a public air raid shelter in Cambridge. It is not known why he was buried in Great Shelford.

The gravestone was being organised by Ter Braak’s family in Holland.

They had proposed the following wording:

Engelbertus Fukken (Ter Braak’s real name)

28 VIII 1914 The Hague, 30/31 III 1941 Cambridge.

The Parish Council gave their go ahead for the gravestone. However the family in Holland has now decided in March 2019 that the costs of the gravestone is too high and they will not ahead with it after all.

Here is a background story about the original search for the grave

The story featured in the Mail Online, Cambridge News, the Mirror and the Sun. It also featured on Anglia TV.

  • A book about Ter Braak, called "Spy against Churchill" by Leven en dood van Jan Willem ter Braak is expected to be published in the UK later in 2019.

Theo Green of Great Shelford pictured in the1880s stating he served in the Royal Sussex Regt and died in India while still young. He might have been part of the 2nd Battalion that took part in the Black Mountain Expedition of 1888

Racing driver and Spitfire pilot Alfred Fane.