Great Shelford Mobile Warden Scheme

Mobile Warden Scheme

What we do

The mobile warden scheme is a charity in Great Shelford and is available to elderly people living in their own homes, in the village. We aim to provide reassurance,security and friendship to our members by ensuring regular contact with them, assistance in emergencies and in times of illness by calling a doctor and to help our members and their relatives access information and other local services. We are also able to carry out small jobs and tasks for people that make staying in their own home easier such as paying papers, going to post office, doing small items of shopping, making phone calls, helping with paperwork, collecting prescriptions etc. Each member can have a daily phone call between 9am and 10am if they wish to check on their welfare and have a chat. This can be very reassuring for many people who live alone. Each member will have at least one regular visit a week but usually two to help reduce loneliness and social isolation.

How the scheme is operated

The scheme is run by a committee of volunteers who employ the wardens. The members each pay a contribution of £25 a month and the rest of the funding comes from grants and donations. We are very generously supported by the Parish Council and South Cambs District Council as well as donations from local groups and businesses which include the Shelford Feast, the Village News, Shelford Support Group and in the past Waitrose and the Coop. We also receive donations from our members and others in the local community.

How to join the scheme

If you feel you would benefit from joining the scheme or know of someone who would, please give the warden, Jackie Noble, a ring on 01223 700920 or 07503 324890 (mobile) For more general enquiries about the scheme or how to become a volunteer, please contact David Nunn (Treasurer) on 01223 832913