Great Shelford community groups and venues

Great Shelford Memorial Hall

Mrs Sheila Tilbury-Davis 844384

Great Shelford sports pavilion

Mike Winter. 504494 or 07870 807442.


Great Shelford library

10 Woollards Lane

Opening hours

Rainbow pre-school group/ Wacky Club

Wacky Holiday Club - Holiday club open to children age 4-12 from Shelford and the surrounding area.

Church Street

Great Shelford

0800-1800. Sibling discount.

Games, art, sports, cooking, day trips.

07885 035033

Shelford Medical Practice/ Shelford Health Centre

Phone 0300 234 5555

Great Shelford country market

9.30am to 11.30am every Wednesday at the Memorial Hall in Wollards Lane, Great Shelford


Phone: 01223 843946

Webpage: Great Shelford Country Market

Great Shelford Farmers' Market

Held in the Memorial Hall on the fourth Saturday morning of every month

Playscape playground campaign



Great Shelford Mobile Warden Scheme

The Great Shelford Mobile Warden Scheme employs two wardens and is a registered charity run by a group of volunteers and looks after the very elderly in their own homes. Most are between the ages of 80 to 100 years old. It is funded by a mixture of subscriptions grants from the Parish Council , the Shelford Feast, South Cambs, and local groups.

Call Claire Smith Tel 07811676991 and the person to contact for general info or volunteering is Jenny David Tel 07764615524, email

Shelfords WI

W.I news


Great Shelford Parochial Charities

Established in 1890 and registered with The Charities Commission, The Parochial Charities exist to provide accommodation for “persons resident in the area of the Parish of Great Shelford at low rents according to their means.”

They have 32 homes available for rent at More’s Meadow in the village.


Phone: 01223 842411


Shelford Rugby Club

The Davey Field

Cambridge Road

Great Shelford


CB22 5JJ

Tel: 01223 843357

St Mary's Parish Church, Great Shelford

Great Shelford Tennis Club

Great Shelford Free Church

Great Shelford Cricket Club

Shelford and Stapleford Strikers

Great and Little Shelford School

Great Shelford, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers

Lisa MacGregor 07523 668731

The Maple Dance Academy, Great Shelford

Great Shelford Bowls Club

01223 843416

Shelford and Stapleford Scouts

Cambridge Cancer Help, Great Shelford

Great Shelford Feast

Shelford Twinning Association

Tel: 842483/217554

Great Shelford Village News

General enquiries 842553

Subscriptions 842993

Editors -

Advertising -

Shelford Support Group


Carol 571380

Rosie 513572

John 842054

Shelford Spokes cycling club


Shelford and Whittlesford Rail User Group (SAWRUG)

Interest group for people using Shelford and Whittlesford stations

Member of Parliament for Great Shelford

Anthony Browne is the MP for South Cambridgeshire, which includes Little Shelford.

House of Commons

Westminster, London


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Stapleford Granary

Stapleford Parish Council

Gog Magog Hills farmshop

Gog Magog Golf Club

Magog Trust

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