John Wakefield letter

I have recently received a leaflet from the Great Shelford & Stapleford Parish Councils requesting a donation to a fighting fund to stop the proposed Cambridge to Abington busway being built through the green belt mid way along Hinton Way, and altered to an alternative route nearer the village alongside the main Liverpool Street to Cambridge railway line.

What they don't state, is that in a report they have commissioned by transport consultants I Transport, the alternative route would entail demolishing properties including the railway station and Zara restaurant as well as taking a large part of Mill Court to enable the busway to go through this densely populated part of the village.

Further more no considerations has been taken of the traffic congestion, it will entail by having the bus crossing adjacent to the rail crossing. Total madness. Needless to say I will not be making a donation.

John Wakefield

Leeway Ave