Colin Astin letter

Dear sir,

It seems that the East – West rail link is destined to come to fruition and I cannot say that as a long term resident of Shelford that I see the logic of sweeping a major line so close to the expending area around the South of Cambridge, I was also horrified to learn that the preferred option takes the new rail link – the benefits of which seem questionable- straight through the heart of the community – Shelford Rugby Club . The vast majority if the site was donated by the Davey family in honour of the son who died in the 2nd world war and has been developed ever since so that now it is one of the largest rugby clubs promoting youth and mini rugby in the east of England. In short, Cambridge & Oxford have developed significantly without a rail line that was scrapped by Beeching's rail closure – so why waste money on a scheme that is not needed. But if the powers that be still conclude that its necessary, at least pick a route that makes sense and does not devastate the unique & beautiful features of the Cambridge identity and landscape.

Colin Astin