2019 Shelford Feast

Great Shelford Online had a stall at the 2019 Shelford Feast where we raised money for the Feast with a Great Shelford quiz.

Polly Stanton won the quiz with 19 correct answers. Here is the quiz and the correct answers.

The Shelford radio was won by Guolan.

1. What is Great Shelford’s twin town?

a) Verneiul-en Halatte? b) Paris? C) Chamonix?

Answer: Verneiul-en Halatte

2. What was the population of Great Shelford in the 2011 census?

a) 3960? b) 3961? c) 3962?

Answer: This was a trick question. 4,233 people live in Great Shelford according to the 2011 Census.

3. When did the Tour de France travel through Great Shelford?

a) 1974? b) 2015? c) 2014?

Answer: 2014

4. When did the rail line opened from Great Shelford to London?

a) 1904? b) 1845? c) 1905?

Answer: 1845

5. In 1963 and 1965, which early version of a supergroup played concerts at Great Shelford?

a) Pink Floyd? b) Led Zeppelin? c) The Beatles?

Answer: Pink Floyd

6. When was St Mary’s Church built?

a) 1745? b) 1746? c) 1387?

Answer: 1387

7. What building opened in 1958?

a) Memorial Hall? b) Great Shelford School? c) The village surgery?

Answer: The Memorial Hall

8. What did St Mary’s Church lose in a storm in 1798?

a) Its’ door? b) Its’ bell? c) Half the tower?

Answer: Half of its tower

9. When did the Great Shelford post office on High Green close?

a) 2016? b) 2017? c) 2018?

Answer: 2017

10. Which famous novelist gave her name to Macaulay Crescent in Great Shelford?

a) John Macaulay? b) Adam Macaulay? c) Rose Macaulay?

Answer: Rose Macaulay

11. Who is the head teacher of Great Shelford School?

a) Christopher Grey? b) Christopher Green? C) Christopher Brown?

Answer: Christopher Grey

12. Which village sports team was founded in 1933

Shelford Football Club? 2) Shelford Rugby Club? c) Shelford Cricket Club?

Answer: The Rugby Club

13. How much has the Shelford Feast given away to good causes since it restarted in 1994?

a) £310k? b) £309k? c) £308k?


In 2018 the Feast gave away £11,800 to 39 local good causes, making their Grand Total since 1994 : £308,000

14. What was built near the junction of High and Church Streets and Woollards Lane in 1845

a) A school? b) A phonebox? c) A dairy?

Answer: School

15. Which Great Shelford author wrote Tom’s Midnight Garden which won the Carnegie Medal in 1958?

a) Allison Pearson? b) Sarah Vaughan? c) Philippa Pearce OBE?

Answer: Philippa Pearce OBE

16. What did suffragettes try to do in Great Shelford in May 1913?

a) Close the village shop? b) Shut the school? c) Blow up the railway crossing?

Answer: Blow up the railway crossing

17. Villager Steve Morrow scored the winning goal in the cup final for which football team in 1993?

a) Arsenal b) Tottenham Hotspur? c) Chelsea?

Answer: Arsenal

18. Which actor grew up in King’s Mill Lane?

a) Benedict Cumberbatch? b) Hugh Laurie? c) Nigel Davenport?

Answer: Nigel Davenport

19. Which children’s cartoon character started life in Great Shelford?

a) Angelina Ballerina b) Harry Potter c) Wallace and Grommet?

Answer: Angelina Ballerina

20. Which village street used to be known as Station Road?

a) Hinton Way? b) London Road? c) Woollards Lane?

Answer: Woollards Lane.