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Wellbeing advice and offer

Breathing is the most important thing we do everyday. Studies show how we breathe is key:

Effective at managing and regulating our emotions. Strengthening our immune system, how awake we feel and physical performance.

Often we don't feel we can 'talk' or 'think' our way through a situation. But we can always breathe our way through a situation. It puts us in control of being able improve things at least a little (often a lot).

Step 1: Stand up, pour a glass of water, stand so both feet are apart
Step 2: Take 2 deep, slow conscious breaths
Step 3: Take 1 sip of water and hold the water in your mouth (holding your breath) for the count of 4 - roughly 4 seconds, then swallow the water.
Step 4: Take another 2 deep, slow, conscious breaths

All Done

The above seems like a tiny combined action (because it is - taking less than 2 mins). But increased hydration and levels of oxygen are proven by over 1000 studies to help enhance focus, improve mood and find a little perspective. Tiny, but highly effective.

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