Shelford School traffic survey Q9 Are there any other suggestions or comments?

Up to the point at which the end of Buristead Road was developed it might have been possible to create a one-way route past the school, including a drop-off point conveniently located at the entrance to Flintstone's farm. To carry out such a scheme now would, of course, require the purchase and demolition of one of the houses on the western side of Buristead road with a road extension fro there to the access road for the new development on the farm. I doubt there will be the money or the will for such a scheme in the foreseeable future. Therefore we are left with the options of doing nothing; parking restrictions as described above; or traffic flow controlled by lights, the possible location of which would very likely worsen the existing traffic flow in the rest of Great Shelford. I hope you find these remarks of some use.

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The current situation is completely untenable - traffic is mad as a given, as soon as 2 buses etc are introduced the entire thing jams

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I really think with a bit of patience its not a big deal. But only people that live here seem to remain calm as they are used to it!

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The school community would benefit from a lollipop lady at the crossing where cars never stop and frequently families are nearly run down as the commuters race through the village

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Children given permission to ride on footpaths (from a saftey (POV) Ultimately, Church Street will require traffic lights during school drop off and pick up times.

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it is dangerous at the moment...and frustrating for car users...often cars get 'stuck' causing a back up of traffic

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It is a worsening situation and needs tackling now before there is a serious accident

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could be improved by traffic lights When we have road works it improves immeasurably

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This situation of congestion is not only inconvenient and delaying. It is dangerous for pupiils, pedestrians and drivers

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Something needs to be done about it immediately, as it poses a safety risk to all school goers. It is also leading to major delays, both for school parents as well as other users. I see an incident of road rage almost daily.

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It is currently at best unpleasant (in relation to driver behaviour) and at worst dangerous.

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the safety of the school children is my main concern. Cars driving past too fast, on numerous occasions have seen aggressive drivers shouting abuse, hand on horn etc which frightens them. There are valid reasons why parents need to park but it is not always parents. Cars mount pavements on occasions so some sort of railings, bollards on the paths could help near school

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Possibly better to leave as present chaos than make it organised chaos, new rules could simply make it worse

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There are 2 problems - 1) the road becomes congested at 09.30 am and 3.30 pm when children are being dropped off or collected. 2) the fact that traffic along the curve from Great Shelford centre cannot see any problem until too late also many drivers are inconsiderate and race in rather than holding back. Traffic lights hung across the road and used at the most busy times might be the answer PROVIDING that Kings Mill Lane was also provided for as it is in constant use. NOTE: I have heard it said that the police quite like the parked cars in Church Street as it stops traffic racing through. We have had accidents here late at night due to speeding.

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There's a very big difference between "improving the road" and "improving the safety of the road". I fear that efforts to "improve the road" are aimed at dealing with the traffic problem and will simply increase the flow of traffic. This will encourage more people to use the road, thereby putting the safety of our kids at risk. The school/council need to put the safety and needs of locals first rather than trying to please commuters on the rat run through the villages.

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As mentioned previously, I frequently see dangerous driving and with the volume of school children, siblings and parent/carers walking that route at key times in the day - I think something urgently needs to be done

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The only thing i as a driver would like to see is a maximum of 2 more spaces given over to yellow lines, just above the church to allow cars to weave in and out on that blind bend, thus preventing gridlock when too many cars come up from Little Shelford end.

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The road markings for the pedestrian crossing are worn out, and it is should have better advance warning for drivers coming from the Little Shelford side.

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I do think it is not the fault of parents driving in as some children do come in much further than others, however there needs to be an alternative to parking outside the school. Perhaps a number of car parking spots at the Recreation car park area can be allocated to the school parking between 8 - 9.30am only. A School badge system allocated to parents who live further out can be placed in their cars during this time.

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A 4 lane motorway is needed

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It has been the same for the last 35 years at least!

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Its dangerous and people are not sympathetic. All the building works and road repairs around Kings Mill lane and church st has not helped.

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It can be very congested and dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians

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The whole of church street from little Shelford should be 20 mile an hour so people don't wiz through as the pavement is to narrow and feels unsafe

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It is becoming more dangerous ! There are not enough signs to make people aware there are school children about.

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walking is not feasible as we live too far. I would love to be able to cycle to school in the mornings but this is absolutely not safe down high street & church street. Restricting parking next to school will just shift the parking problem elsewhere in the village. Cars will drive too fast down the church street without parked cars, extremely unsafe for children. Can traffic in church street be restricted to school parents only (introduce traffic bollards like in cambridge City) from 8am to 9.30am that would resolve all the problems and encourage increased number of drivers, buses, lorries, trucks, large vans to seek alternative routes to work in the mornings!

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Problem is wider than School area and just this area cannot solve the situation alone

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20 mph speed limit, speed bumps. resident only parking in front of the church improve the drainage so that there is no surface water on the road as this is dangerous for cyclists

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Investigate footpath from Buristead Road

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It is becoming increasingly impossible - as patient and nice as drivers are it is dangerous and frustrating to take 10 minutes to pass through such a small distance. Thank you for being PROACTIVE now!

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Can be very frustrating at times especially with large buses and vehicles straining to squeeze through. Perhaps small buses only and no HGVs?

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This situation should be resolved ASAP at school times cars mount the pavements and could be fatal to some children and adults alike

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possibly have lights in place between river bridges, and the vicarage to ensure single lane traffic

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There should have been double yellow lines along the whole length from the junction right up to the crossing years ago (with the exception of hearses)

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It is the responsibility of parents to take their children to school. If they live in Shelford, the children should walk to school at least part of the way

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one way system yellow lines

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I always know when there is a problem because the traffic backs up to beyond my cottage which is at the Woolards Lane junction and the High Street

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Speed of traffic too high and dangerous 20mph limit around school and Woolards Lane

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More signage re 'SCHOOL" 20 mph Sleeping policemen Give way/flow control

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Although I do not live in Little Shelford, the constriction at the school must be a major problem for the Cambridge commuters and business people living in Little Shelford

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It has become very dangerous both at school times and other times now. Outside school start and end times people leave cars which create an unnecessary hazard Ideally the school needs access to land off the road which could be a 'dropping off' point

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If nothing is done and soon there will be a fatality or very serious injury but then it will be too late

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Re 8 above: when road repairs require temporary traffic lights all worked well

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Regular incidents of road rage, impatience and reckless driving occur resulting in lengthy and needless traffic congestion. At times we seek to avoid this route adding considerable miles and time onto our route.

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as above

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This school has been a complete nightmare for 30 years Bit late to start doing surveys Nightingale and co you have had years to sort this and done nothing Paying into Parish Funds waste of money Have an AGM and elect new chairmen for Parish then you may get somewhere

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20mph Traffic lights would be great but would cause congestion in Great Shelford A car park for the 'school' in the farm next door or further land behind the school? Or an 'in' 'out' drop off, no waiting. see Sancton Wood method at Station Road. Each class waits with teacher at given time and pick up. Youngest child waits at older sibling's class to be let out. Works well.

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Yes, stop parking on the corner opposite "Peacocks" 2) no point in having double yellow lines in Church Street as this will only give an open road and extra speed 3) This road is a SHORT cut for CARS etc from Royston to get to the South Cambs ie Addenbrookes Hospital Main aim is to reduce the speedlimit through the Church Street etc and make sure it is enforced!

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It is becoming somewhat dangerous as more cars are using this route(especially with housing developments). Traffic lights were used with Gas Bd works and this has been the only time traffic flow was reasonable.

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This has been a major problem for years. The small double yellow lines put down a few years ago, have no impact whatsoever

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Yes, its terrible and dangerous!

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Parents should not turn around in the middle of the road or else stand and have long conversations with friends

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Really the field next door should have been made over to parking.

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People are being discouraged from walking or cycling as it is just too too dangerous and very very stressful to do from Little Shelford. Maybe open footpaths across fields, eg, manor road or kings mill lane? Behind peacocks? The route from Great Shelford along woolards lane is treacherous too!

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It is a nightmare!

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Worts causeway (the side road between lime kiln hill and the hospital) had a set of barriers installed to physically prevent cars from passing in rush hour times. This sounds a bits excessive, but wouldn't 'to something similar make church/bridge street a very safe environment for children to travel to school (and not in cars)!

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Both villages need traffic calming solutions, not only outside the school however, this is the top top priority.


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A detailed health and safety review. I have seen a few near misses and frequent poor parking leading to difficulties.

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Very difficult and dangerous at present and something radical is needed. Also very stressful. Please can it be addressed SERIOUSLY and not just tinkered with!

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If parents working they drop off on way. Many could walk - good for parent and child total

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Move the school to a safer more accessible location

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Yes! Children delivered/collected from the school by groups organised rather than individually. Crocodile system DID exist a while ago. Surely, now the matter of parking is urgent there could be a rota system by parents there and back on a daily basis. Lloyds Bank to school plus Little Shelford Church to school

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I'm afraid people are inherently selfish! Unless forced to do so they will take the easy option. My comment is negative - but there is no point in increasing the yellow lines, for example, unless enforcement is also introduced. (This applies to other village streets too!!) PLEASE don't do anything to more the problem further along Church Street or down Kings Mill Lane - I've had enough irresponsible parking from the school alaready!

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Ban on street parking on Church Street between 8.30 and 9.30

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This is an 'old chestnut'. There has always been a problem. My children attended in the 80s. More aggressive driving and more traffic and development up the A10 have exacerbated the problem. Better to be radical with parking restrictions or traffic control NOW rather than wait for an accident

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It's dreadful if you are unfortunate to get there at school start or end of day. I know, I've been abused verbally for being STUCK!

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Need to do something as it will only get worse with all the new housing at Hauxton

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Some years ago I understand it was suggested that the school be moved to a more appropriate site. This may be worth consideration. The traffic outside the school has a knock on effect on the safety of secondary school children from Little Shelford cycling to shool

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Present situation very poor. My grandchildren have witnessed abuse, horns honking, angry exchanges between drivers. Damage done to cars and then motorist driving away.

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Permits for houses opposite church and for church use, wedding and funeral care only everybody else use FEET

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Create a 20mph zone at school times and all of the above

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The admissions policy needs to be changed to admit children on distance to the school as so many need to drive as they live so far away, having been admitted due to church attendance. The school serve the local community-religion should not be a factor in our diverse villages. I'm afraid every parent I know thinks this should be changed, even the religious ones! It's just nobody dares say it. The majority attend church to get their child into school and this makes it a very white, middle class intake. There are low income families in the Shelfords who have to walk to neighbouring villages (there is a single mum who walks right passed the school to take her children to Hauxton). I feel the school and church should be supporting these families.

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If the school had a second entrance then there could be a one-way system to avoid cars parking on the road at the start and end of the school day.

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I personally know parents who live in the village centre e.g. High Green and drive to the school, parking illegally to drop family off. No they're not rushing off to work...

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make woollards lane one way so it is safe to cycle along.

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Parents should definitely be encouraged not to deliver their children by car.

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Could the college allow parking on the farm land during the two peak periods of the day.

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Would not want to see changes that would speed up traffic here encouraging more traffic to use it as a cut through and making the road busier.

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Only that the concerns of residents do not appear to have been represented in any official documentation I've seen. There are a small number of houses that rely on street parking along that stretch, and they are fast becoming uninhabitable due to the parking and traffic problems on Church Street.

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see previous box. please do something it's really bad

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Double yellow lines are not an answer. The parked cars help to protect pedestrians.

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It is incredible that any consultations have already taken place without engaging one of the major interested parties - the residents of Church Street itself

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Get people to walk or bike their children to school as this will do the children and their parents good to get off their backsides in the 4 wheel bus.

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Maybe put a few parking spaces by the new barn development

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Ridiculous. How can such a situation be allowed?

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Reduce the speed limit on the road outside the school.

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this has been a problem for far too many years.

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About time the ridiculously selfish behaviour of perfectly fit and able parents parking right outside the school is stopped. blocking the road for emergency vehicles is one issue. parents are not always rushing to work. It would be quicker to walk or cycle than sit in a jam preventing the rest of the population getting to work........As noted many mums stand and gossip at the school or go off for a run, they are not all rushing to work...The fact schools no longer supervise pre school time in the playground. This at least used to spread the time of arrival of children

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It is terrible. Many accidents occur. Local Parents park there and take kids into school and then drive off and they are usually wearing running clothes !!

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What about a sign that flashes the speed people are travelling (but would need to get 20mph in place first)

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Move the school!

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It does need to be sorted.

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I have used the road for years and also the school when the family were younger and have seen some appalling driving and parking and believe it to be very dangerous

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See before

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Make an alternative small parking area perhaps near the Little Shelford church or on the Little Shelford side of the river so that people can walk from there.

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The traffic situation is very dangerous, and there are times when you have stopped in front of a parked car to allow oncoming traffic, and a car behind you will speed past you into the oncoming traffic. I am actually surprised there hasn't been an accident before now, because in all my twenty-odd years of using it I have seen some ridiculous driving behaviour.

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see earlier comments

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Create drop off points at both recs and walk children as a group from there. Campaign for a bridge from Little Shelford Rec to Kings Mill Lane to create a much safer route to school.

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There is no speeding and traffic flows calmly and nicely during school holidays.

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I have witnessed several near accidents, much road rage and it is getting worse. There will be a serious issue at some point if you ignore the situation.

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Teachers and visitors need on-site parking or dedicated off-site parking

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set of traffic lights covering the bridges to the pedestrian crossing !! (worked when the gas works were done

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It's becoming more dangerous and also obstructive to other road users

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I greatly appreciate the chance to put forward my views - we need action now.

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20 mph limits

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Situation is difficult to deal with in view of rapidly increasing local population.

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Many of the Parish Council proposals involve effectively banning parking along that stretch, which would make the situation for residents a complete nightmare in terms of daily life. Residents are already harassed and hectored by other motorists for having the temerity to want to leave their homes when it is inconvenient for those driving through the village, or for taking routine deliveries! Banning parking would also mean that the traffic speeds up and the road would become a lot more dangerous (traffic already speeds through outside school drop off/pickup times, and there have been a number of minor crashes at night). Traffic lights between 8-10am and 3-6pm would facilitate long and short-term parking a great deal and make the road safer. When temporary traffic lights were installed as the gas main was being replaced, the traffic problem got a lot better. If you do decide to ban parking on that stretch, there would need to be at least 10 residents' parking spaces however. This would also minimise the number of cars pulling in and out, and help with the sensible flow of traffic, and indeed we asked for a residents' parking scheme in 2003 on that basis, after being told traffic lights were not possible, but at the time, the Parish Council argued that the ad hoc needs of occasional visitors to the area, such as to the church, and the very occasional visits of the school library bus ought to take precedence. It would clearly be inappropriate to ignore the day to day needs of local residents in favour of occasional visitors and school users, and we were extremely disappointed it was overruled at the time on that basis. We now see that largely the same group of individuals on the Parish Council are seeking to ban residents' parking altogether. They really have no mandate for this and we have raised it with them directly and made formal complaints (they did not even have the courtesy to consult with residents before making these announcements).

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There should be flashing signs at the bridges from Little Shelford and at the junction with Woollards Lane to warn drivers that there will be school children, plus a 20 mph speed restriction. It would be useful to see PC's or PCSO's in the area at peak times as the behaviour of drivers, including bus drivers, is often unacceptable and frightening to the children.

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It's dreadful, it's dangerous and it's only a matter of time before someone is injured! At the very least there should be some sort of signage. Larger vehicles should be given an alternative route. Commuter vehicles should be discouraged from using church street as a through road to avoid congestion elsewhere. Traffic lights to ease traffic flow awl she's seems to work well eg during construction/roadworks traffic is usually more free flowing as the traffic and the speed of vehicles is restricted and regulated.

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The difficulty is in visibility - so traffic expects to be able to move along if they are not on the side of e parked cars and will sometimes aggressively defend that right to do so no matter how long people have been waiting to get around the parked cars (and visibility is very poor due to width of road and bends in road).

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No parking from the telephone box to Rectory farm apart from permit holders.

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See section 8 - it is not just about the school - its about the whole route along the narrow section of Church Street and the almost blind corner at Peacocks and its also about the residents of Church Street who appear absent from all discussion that I have seen over the last 3 years

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Something has to be done as the flow of traffic just keeps on increasing, new housing at the old Agrevo site is likely to exasperate the problem

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There are currently a number of adults (not parents of school children from our school) who use the path every day and fly past us pedestrians nearly knocking us down as they are unable to use the road because the road is at a standstill with horns being sounded if a lorry or bus is trying to also get past the parked cars. Also the parked cars are hazardous on the path as the parents then open their car doors onto the path which then slows down walkers whilst the parents unload prams, buggies and children from their cars whilst those on the path have to go down to single file to try to get past this obstacle. It really is a very hazardous walk to school, dodging cyclists on the path, and car doors being thrown open and cars almost mounting the pavement whilst weaving in and out of parked cars.

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Very difficult ... more incentives for NOT driving!

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Reducing the speed limit is not the answer as many drivers do not heed speed limits.

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Unfortunately the amount of traffic comes from the majority of parents driving to work and dropping their children off on the daily commute. Encouraging a car share scheme amongst parents/children may help alleviate some of the issue

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The village has seen significant changes in recent years. The parents using the school should not be allowed to park on the road Immediately outside

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Consult with the experts in traffic management, such as Amber-RTM

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I suggest that in any decision of the future, the safety of children should be given top priority - so that any options are weighed against the question: 'will this increase child safety?'

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The pollution around the school area is very worrying

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As it's such an issue, especially on a school morning, drivers get very irrate & it's not always safe crossing at the zebra crossing. School parents should be dissuaded from parking there - there are 2-3 carparks.

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The parked cars DO slow the traffic down. But when it goes wrong it goes horribly wrong. Please install safety barriers at the base of the school drive and the church path.

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It is very easy to get caught and blocked in - this has happened to me on a few occasions over the years - and seems to be occurring more frequently - even though I use that route less frequently than a few years ago. Visibility on that corner is exceptionally poor - meaning that you are often committed to driving on before you can see if there's an oncoming car - and sometimes oncoming cars won't give way (even if that is the most sensible course of action) meaning it is necessary to reverse (if there are no cars behind). I've also seen cars mount the pavement to allow them to pass each other. Changes are definitely needed to ensure a better flow of traffic but also for the safety of all road users and pedestrians.

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I'm surprised there haven't been more accidents. It's unbelievable.

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On-site parking & drop-off would be the best solution.

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I would guess there is room for more children to walk or cycle to school, if parents are only encouraged not to drive. One, two or even three mile journeys should be walking or cycling, unless there is some other restriction.

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With more development in the area it will only get worse.

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Move the school to a more accessible location! Don't build any more houses along Church St!

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on one of the previous questions it asks how would we encourage more people to walk or cycle to school. certainly one way would be to ensure the safety of all of the path users. the path leading from little Shelford to the school is very narrow and in some places only wide enough for one buggy. where there are parked cars at certain times of the day this does act as a barrier between the cars and lorries and the children congregating outside the school entrance.

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Dangerous as due to parked cars you cannot see if clear ahead without moving out into oncoming lane, parked cars obscure vision of pedestrians. accident waiting to happen.

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Parents if they need to drive their children to school must leave earlier and use the 3 car parks in Great Shelford.

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Make all of Woolards Lane 2 hours max parking, from 9 to 5, to deter stations users parking all day from Deli to Days.

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An open meeting would be very welcome. Serious consideration should be given by the Council as to whether there is space nearby for a school car park. Also consideration should be given to an alternative entrance for the school. Would it be possible to open a back gate through the playingfields that could be accessed via church street or Buristead Road for example?

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I believe all the house building close by will have had an impact and that nothing should be rushed until present situation can be assessed. If you make it faster/easier then it will only attract more people to use as a 'rat run' passing through and other negative affects for the village.

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Maybe a car park should have been part of the planing for the houses next door

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No parking at all in Church Street, would be ideal!

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I am also worried about increase in traffic through centre of the village, Woolards Lane.

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Ideally need double yellow lines all the way along to enable free traffic movement & encourage less driving to school, but parking provision is necessary for some people dropping off children on their way to work.

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Parents dropping off children are often unaware of the traffic chaos they are causing, e.g. parking for longer than necessary to chat to other parents, dangerous manouvers to turn round and park, Traffic is often very congested with dangerous overtaking taking place. I always feel at great risk on my bicycle. It is only a matter of time before there will be a serious injury or fatality.

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Make the village a permanent one way system down Woollards Lane from A1301 then right up the High Street back to join the A1301 again

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This is a serious concern. My son has completed his cycling proficiency - I want him to cycle - but drivers are still driving too fast, too carelessly, too selfishly - but even when they are being sensible - there is just not enough room for cyclists..... I have seen 2 adult cyclists being hit by cars .....

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Too many cars going past the school. Village is a rat run. Need to discourage cars and lorries. Parking still required for parents with babies.

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A regular traffic warden would be a good idea as there are parents who park on double yellow lines, reducing the number of spaces in which drivers can pull in to allow traffic to pass them.

5/20/2015 5:53 PMView respondent's answers

lots of road rage during school drop off/pick up. cars having wing mirrors damaged. Traffic needs to be controlled and parking along road outside school needs to be stopped.

5/20/2015 5:28 PMView respondent's answers

Anything done to speed up the flow of traffic past the school is not safeguarding our children and only represents the interests of people from outside the villages - who are you representing? We choose to live in a village and can handle the quaint idiosyncrasies that this brings.

5/20/2015 4:54 PMView respondent's answers


5/20/2015 4:18 PMView respondent's answers

It is quite terrifying at times. Yesterday I was involved in a road rage incident which left me trembling. People who do not use that stretch of road do not realise how slowly and carefully it has to be negotiated and the compromises necessary by drivers. A driver repeatedly beeped her horn at me on three occasions because I simply had to move into alcoves to allow the oncoming traffic forward. If you have children with you they are disturbed to see adults behaving so unreasonably.

5/20/2015 3:50 PMView respondent's answers

need to encourage parents not to drive their children to school and to address wider traffic issues to significantly reduce rat-running through Church Street.

5/20/2015 2:56 PMView respondent's answers

Fine parents who constantly abuse parking

5/20/2015 2:46 PMView respondent's answers

No parking during school hours

5/20/2015 1:38 PMView respondent's answers

If the council continue to do nothing then they will be neglecting the residents of the village.

5/20/2015 12:45 PMView respondent's answers

Something needs to be sorted for safety of pedestrians and road rage from Inconsiderate people

5/20/2015 12:34 PMView respondent's answers

stop traffic coming from the A10 through the villages and onto Granhams Road.

5/20/2015 10:35 AMView respondent's answers

As somebody who regularly cycles with children around this corner I find it incredibly dangerous. The limited visibility caused by parked cars forces drivers to take risks, nipping round or needing to reverse to let previously unseen traffic through. We have had several near misses when reversing cars haven't seen my child on his bike. When driving I find it very stressful as it's difficult to see who is coming round the corner and regularly get sandwiched in with cars zooming round the corner in front and a traffic jam behind. It's a nightmare and an accident will happen sooner or later.

5/20/2015 10:19 AMView respondent's answers

It is a narow road, less parking, then traffic calming devices.

5/20/2015 8:45 AMView respondent's answers

I've had a little accident with my car there because of the bad situation. Luckily no-one was hurt and it was just some paint damage on the cars. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had problems there.

5/20/2015 8:41 AMView respondent's answers

The use of a traffic light system might improve the glow of traffic. It has in the past when there has been roadworks.

5/20/2015 7:37 AMView respondent's answers

Locals should not be penalised. It is non- local, through traffic, that is the main problem and more often those causing and expressing the greatest road rage.

5/20/2015 7:06 AMView respondent's answers

Making parking available at farm next door

5/20/2015 7:06 AMView respondent's answers

It won't have been helped by closing the route through Grantchester. I trust their new completion date will be met & not extended into the next school year.

5/20/2015 6:22 AMView respondent's answers

It is a horrible bottleneck - there are frequent stand offs between drivers as to who is going to give way as once you have committed to proceeding it is impossible to see the way ahead or where you can pull in to allow cars to pass. Have witnessed clipped wing mirrors and numerous road rage incidents along this stretch for the past 20 years or more. Road widening impossible and houses opposite church require parking. Perhaps a set of traffic lights which could operate at peak times to regulate the flow in both directions. Could a temporary set be trialled?

5/20/2015 5:10 AMView respondent's answers

It would be helpful if large trucks & container lorries were not permitted on the road at all - the road is not wide enough for them to pass through, especially when a bus is coming the other way. It is also damaging to the two bridges further along

5/19/2015 10:47 PMView respondent's answers

It is now dangerous.

5/19/2015 10:33 PMView respondent's answers

Taking away parking spaces outside the school by increasing the double yellow lines will only make the situation more dangerous by increasing the speed of the passing traffic. The parked vehicles also provide a barrier between the pedestrians on the pavement and the passing vehicles which is crucial on a narrow pavement which has to carry two way pedestrian traffic.

5/19/2015 10:12 PMView respondent's answers

Vehicles that are often too large for the road come through, drivers fighting over right of way in single carriage way often become abusive. Children at at risk when walking unless closely supervised by an adult

5/19/2015 8:52 PMView respondent's answers


5/19/2015 8:19 PMView respondent's answers

I would be concerned if no parking was allowed as this might encourage cars to go faster. Cars need to go slow and speed signs will not be sufficient. Parked cars therefore assist. However there is too much road rage and blockages. Therefore there needs to be a traffic controlled system to help cars pass

5/19/2015 7:45 PMView respondent's answers

The school related parking is not necessarily the problem it is volume of traffic and attitude of drivers. I often go past the school at 8am when there is no school parking and still there are queues back to the Gt/lt Shelford bridges - and the same at 6pm. Drivers approach too quickly and aggressively which often results in a "stand off" situation. The school area is a bottle neck for cars coming A10, Whittlesford a505, etc

5/19/2015 7:07 PMView respondent's answers

have experienced dreadful road rage, vehicles driving on pavement, had a wing mirror knocked off

5/19/2015 7:07 PMView respondent's answers

As previous but with perhaps a weight/width restrictions which could be achieved with traffic calming

5/19/2015 6:47 PMView respondent's answers

A lollipop person on the current zebra crossing would also make the walk to school safer. Quite often cars do not stop at the crossing, particularly coming from the school towards great shelford, as drivers are paying so much attention to getting around the parked cars.

5/19/2015 6:37 PMView respondent's answers

I think I've said all I can. The road can't be made one-way as there are no alternatives for miles around. So traffic lights on the narrow section are the least worst change that could be made. They would not be without negative effects either - I'm sure queuing would increase, which might lead to pollution problems - but we would be spared the gridlock that results when drivers won't give way to one another on this section and become stuck at the head of huge tailbacks in either direction.

5/19/2015 6:34 PMView respondent's answers

To be honest my route would also include Woollards Lane and this could do with some work too!

5/19/2015 5:01 PMView respondent's answers

the situation needs addressing as soon as possible as I have said, there are many situations on daily basis, where there is complete gridlock, people getting angry, honking their horns and swearing at each other, not great situation for children to witness on their daily walk from and to school, there is enough space in the village for the cars to park and people can walk to school. I think that there should be a double yellow line on both sides and a parking should be completely prohibited alongside the school as otherwise the situation will not improve.

5/19/2015 4:46 PMView respondent's answers

It would be great for kids to be able to walk to and from school themselves. Perhaps a big push on community support for adults to be present along the pavements to support and observe the route, plus lessons on road safety etc in class could get us there.

5/19/2015 3:14 PMView respondent's answers

It is a tricky road to navigate at the best of times, due to the bend in the road. This is made even worse when there are lots of parked vehicles reducing vision. People cannot clearly see ahead of them, get fed up waiting and often just carry on regardless and then cause a major tailback as there is no space for cars to pass.

5/19/2015 3:11 PMView respondent's answers

Do not change anything until you are absolutely sure it will make the situation safer for pedestrians and cyclists. It is not worth potentially endangering children just because traffic does not flow smoothly. Be aware that traffic on the little Shelford side moves too fast already.

5/19/2015 2:59 PMView respondent's answers

parking allowed for half an hour only - some cars are parked there all the time - residents need to be given space to park elsewhere.

5/19/2015 2:59 PMView respondent's answers

Make the school more inclusive of local children, then not so many people would need to drive. Also make after school clubs/breakfast clubs larger to accommodate more children, particularly on an ad hoc basis, this would mean not so many children were arriving at the school and peak times.

5/19/2015 2:54 PMView respondent's answers

Single lane stretch of road with alternate flow controlled by signals would discourage use of the route as a rat-run from Whittlesford and Harston to and from Addenbrookes.

5/19/2015 2:24 PMView respondent's answers

There does need to be a better system for the traffic but adding additional yellow lines will not solve the issue for parents who have to drop their children off for school and then go to work OR have to pick them up from school from after school clubs/care. Due to continuing issues with the transport network in Cambridge getting busy as the infrastructure not being able cope with the growing number of users daily - drivers and public transport users are finding that journeys to and from work are getting longer and therefore they need to drop children off quickly and pick up quickly as they are working to tighter and tighter timescales. If the infrastructure was better people would have more time, be less impatient on the roads and would therefore be able to park further away from the school.

5/19/2015 1:48 PMView respondent's answers

The children arriving/departing school witness constant altercations outside the school drive. Harassed drivers hurling abuse at each other and constant grid lock. When a space becomes available drivers drive quickly to get to the next space often travelling above the speed limit and without due care for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Resembles a game of chicken!

5/19/2015 1:36 PMView respondent's answers


5/19/2015 1:16 PMView respondent's answers

Would be even better to have double yellow lines all along the church

5/19/2015 12:31 PMView respondent's answers

I guess the worst times are drop off and pick up although I am never passing at these times (my child is at another school) like I have said before I have never driven along Church Street and not had to stop - so probably the only solution would be yellow lines and car park somewhere - not a popular choice I am guessing

5/19/2015 12:21 PMView respondent's answers

it needs to be addressed asap as there are safety issues for pedestrians and road rage which is inappropriate outside of a school ( or anywhere!)

5/19/2015 11:09 AMView respondent's answers

I think its currently an accident waiting to happen in Shelford. The number of parents and children walking to school is great however the volume of traffic makes it unsafe. Do we need to wait till there is a terrible accident before something happens or are we going to act ahead of that.... it often seems road changes need the fatal metrics however can the metrics associated with walkers and car movements not tell the story - is there a need for some metrics on this?

5/19/2015 11:02 AMView respondent's answers


5/19/2015 9:48 AMView respondent's answers

Outside the school In my view, there are two separate issues which need to be resolved . 1. Traffic flow Traffic use is only going to increase. Something needs to be done quite urgently to prevent the blocking of traffic outside the school. 2. Safety Once car flow is addressed, all possible measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of the children on their way to and from school. Little to Great Shelford In terms of pedestrian/bike/scooter use of the route between Little and Great Shelford, there is currently a very high risk that someone (most likely a child) will be seriously injured. Action is required to make this route safe (or to create an alternative route) regardless of whether traffic flow improves or increases as a result of other measures near the school.

5/19/2015 9:43 AMView respondent's answers

Church Street is extremely dangerous, even for seasoned cyclists. The idea of a child cycling along this road at peak times is frankly terrifying.

5/19/2015 9:35 AMView respondent's answers

It's becoming increasingly dangerous with drivers getting annoyed at the situation, racing at gaps and becoming abusive.

5/19/2015 9:19 AMView respondent's answers

employ traffic wardens to issue fines

5/19/2015 9:16 AMView respondent's answers

The new development is going to make it worse!

5/19/2015 9:09 AMView respondent's answers

acquire the land that is being built on from the farm and make a drop off area

5/19/2015 9:08 AMView respondent's answers

I did a survey last week following the recent meeting. I had done one in 2004 and I gave both surveys to Bridget Hodge. In fact the situation was better than 2004. I was prompted because the situation is very much improved very recently. This is because all the building work in Kings Mill Lane is finished and the farm conversion is largely finished. Traffic was insufficiently controlled during this extensive work. New work is mooted for Kings Mill Lane Shrublands House. I urge you to place constraints on the builder and insist damage is made good to boundaries of other properties.

5/19/2015 8:59 AMView respondent's answers

Alternative drop off would be great however the traffic problem occurs at most times of day and the solution needs to include measures beyond redirecting school traffic. I actively avoid going into gt Shelford via this route- I have gone via Whittlesford to get to Stapleford at times (I live on church st lt Shelford so this incurs a huge diversion).

5/19/2015 8:42 AMView respondent's answers

This should be considered as part of the overall traffic management for great and Little Shelford, which may have to include mini roundabout at turn-off to Church St Little Shelford, possible one way (with traffic calming) in Woollards Lane and adjustments to white lines in High St where some motorists do not realise there is sufficient width for traffic in both directions past parked cars

5/19/2015 8:22 AMView respondent's answers

Traffic lights at school times

5/19/2015 8:06 AMView respondent's answers

Really difficult for everyone. Completely snarled up quite regularly

5/19/2015 8:03 AMView respondent's answers

Its awful driving through there I have been shouted at because a very rude mother thought she didn't have to give way as she was on "the school run" . The sooner people are stopped from parking there the better

5/19/2015 7:39 AMView respondent's answers

The parked cars protects the children, but I suggest railings are needed where the new yellow lines are to protect the children as pavement is so narrow

5/19/2015 6:55 AMView respondent's answers

Its very bad maybe some could try car sharing

5/19/2015 6:19 AMView respondent's answers

More houses means more cars. The new housing sites will effect both the smaller roads around the village and the larger routes into Sawston. I would like this to be a consideration in the proposed cancellation of the Sawston free bus. Thank you for your efforts in finding a solution to this problem. Good luck!

5/19/2015 1:04 AMView respondent's answers

If we can't discourage through traffic then we must live with the situation and be patient. Try to avoid driving there. It's not as if we have a dual carriageway outside the school. Removing parking outside the church would lead to faster driving and greater danger.

5/18/2015 11:43 PMView respondent's answers

Rationalise the parking; perhaps temporary traffic controls at peak times?

5/18/2015 11:14 PMView respondent's answers

Markings on the road Signs to be clearer

5/18/2015 10:51 PMView respondent's answers

If we could make it safer on the role more people would cycle/scoot to school but the road is very busy now and it is not currently safe to do so.

5/18/2015 10:36 PMView respondent's answers

Village should be made one way

5/18/2015 10:18 PMView respondent's answers

The problems only exist at 8.30 and 5 ish at to and from work time. Because of the parking people get irritated and then drive carelessly and aggressively. If these drivers were dissuaded by traffic calming measures not to use the village as a short cut to town or addenbrooks the problem may not exist. The zebra crossing is an accident waiting to happen too, I don't think drivers see it until they are on it. If the yellow lines go outside school efficient measures must be put in place to keep the children safe.

5/18/2015 10:02 PMView respondent's answers

Make it a 10mph zone with double yellow witg speed sensor or rumble strip. Red tarmac like in fen ditton also good

5/18/2015 10:01 PMView respondent's answers

I have sympathy for busy parents having to drop children. But it is a chaotic situation, it is the only route to work/ GP etc for many in little shelford, i regularly have my journey time increased by at least 20 minutes sitting stationary near the school. The walking bus model has worked well and could be rolled out everyday, and the road outside school could be a lot less stressful for children, parents and drivers. My only concern would be an increase in speed past the school which must be addressed with speed bumps or the likes, particularly in view of the sloping nature of the driveway down from the school, and the risk of children running down it,.

5/18/2015 9:58 PMView respondent's answers

Plenty of car parking in village for parents

5/18/2015 9:53 PMView respondent's answers

Traffic light system would be another idea.

5/18/2015 9:38 PMView respondent's answers

Parking bays are used not only by the school but for residents living opposite, disabled villagers and church / church hall users. Removal would impact the actual village residents rather than the traffic moving through the village, it would seem to not support the villagers needs.

5/18/2015 9:18 PMView respondent's answers

It is an incredibly difficult and frustrating drive past the school, whichever direction you are travelling. But more importantly, it is incredibly dangerous. When all parking spaces are occupied along that stretch ( not to mention the cars parked across driveways and on double yellow lines!) there are so many blind spots that you can't tell if a car-or a double decker bus!-is coming along and there are far too few places to pull in and give way. It is a very busy route and something needs to be done to make it a safer and easier drive for all. I am more than used to the daily trials of that wretched stretch-so I take care and drive slowly and courteously. However, sadly, this isn't the case for all drivers-some clearly so frustrated they just hit the gas and hope for the best! I know there have been several accidents involving vehicles- I only hope something is done to help the situation before someone is seriously hurt along there.

5/18/2015 9:11 PMView respondent's answers

Something needs to be done to make the road safer, especially with young children moving round the area on a regular basis- please change something before someone gets hurt!

5/18/2015 8:59 PMView respondent's answers

Make a one way system around the village - Wollards Lane is another disaster waiting to happen. Please act now before someone gets horribly hurt.

5/18/2015 8:55 PMView respondent's answers

It is unfortunate that the route is used as rat run. I think measures to reduce speed and remind road users it is near the school, church and also 2 residential areas for the elderly.

5/18/2015 8:41 PMView respondent's answers

On multiple occasions I have witnessed extremely aggressive behaviour from frustrated drivers it's dangerous and concerning to the children walking past

5/18/2015 8:39 PMView respondent's answers

Stop the bus route 31 coming through at3.30 pm

5/18/2015 8:35 PMView respondent's answers

Maybe a sign at either end advising that access could be restricted, and people should be nicer and say thank you when you let them through !

5/18/2015 8:34 PMView respondent's answers

The key question is why so many people not living in Shelford are crossing through the village!? The problem of traffic in this town (Cambridge) is well known and need to be addressed at an higher level. I am totally happy with cars being parked where they are since I think it is the best way or should I say the cheapest way to protect the kids from dangerous drivers. If people are bothered by traffic they should leave their home earlier or commute with friends! It is going to get more dense when the Cambridge Campus (AstraZeneca) will be completed...we need to find a global solution!

5/18/2015 8:27 PMView respondent's answers

Only that road rage is also another concern

5/18/2015 8:11 PMView respondent's answers

It is dangerous parking causing poor visibility

5/18/2015 8:03 PMView respondent's answers