Shelford School traffic survey Q8 What improvements / suggestions do you have that would improve the road outside of the village school?

I think Woolards Lane could be one way, maybe Road outside school could be one way too between 8-9am and 2.30-3.30pm

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In order to regulate the traffic especially around school times, to introduce traffic lights so that the traffic is one way at a time, in effect. This will ease congestion while also making it safer for pedestrians/ cyclists. In the longer term, widening the road or introducing a flyover or a parallel road connecting Little and Great Shelford.

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Traffic lights at peak times

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No parking and a barrier to protect the school children from passing traffic

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Traffic lights, designated parking for school parents during certain hours, speed bumps

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Space passing points so that drivers can see to the next one rather than trying their luck and hope not to meet someone coming the other way.

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Perhaps an agreement to allow parents to drop off inn adjacent filed (the new houses being built will add to congestion)

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I am one of 5 residents who HAVE to park on the road as we have nowhere else. I have noticed that when traffic lights are in use (due to road works) that the flow of traffic is more controlled

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I think the traffic situation is better when there are roadworks and temporary lights are installed, it solves the problems where cars meet and have to reverse and log jams. There is a ridculously placed lampost also. And whilst there is safe crossing from up Cambridge road, from Ashen Green there is no safe place to get accross the road with children. The slant on the pavements is also a problem for push chairs

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controlled traffic lights at peak times.

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it is the 'road rage' that concerns me most at school drop off and pick up times. I frequently witness dangerous driving (including bikes I should say). My suggestion is traffic lights to essentially make the road one-way during the busy periods.

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Traffic light system

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Changes/improvement to parking areas outside the school to prevent congestion in the first place.

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I would prefer to have posts on the pavement around the blind wall leading to Little Shelford. This is the most dangerous part of our walk/cycle in my oppinion. The traffic is at an acceptable level and cars cannot travel too fast.

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Restrictions on parking and introduction of one-way priority sections to better control the flow of traffic. Traffic lights would be overkill.

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As I said previously. There should also be only a blue badge area outside the school, no other parking except for residents perhaps??The Church should also have an allocated parking area for people to park in.

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Traffic lights from little shelford direction. Speed limit 20mph.

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wider pavement space, more parking

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Short term parking only 8 am to 5 pm

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Traffic police to provide temporary 'traffic lights' at peak times? increase areas of yellow lines so that there are spaces for cars to stop and allow traffic to flow. Ban parking along the road so that parents have to park in the village and walk 300 metres.

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traffic calming measures. bigger school signs drivers need to be aware of poor visibility on this stretch of the road, special mirrors so drivers can see what is coming as they become so angry but it happens every day.

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Prohibit parking at peak times- if funding allows, set up a drop off/pick up car park further down the road. Ideally Install traffic lights for a one way system outside the school.

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Better cycle path to encourage more people to cycle

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If there is to be no parking then there needs to be traffic calming of some kind so people don't drive even faster

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The road has always run best when there have been traffic lights. I think this would be the best solution. The suggestions to stop all parking would not work cars race along this road the only part I feel really safe walking with my children is where there are parked cars, so we are all protected from the traffic flow! We also desperately need an improved crossing, cars and bikes often just don't see pedestrians I have nearly been hit many times!!! Perhaps a lollipop lady. We do really need those few parking spaces outside for parents that really don't have time to walk.

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Signs that cars are approaching school, signs that children are crossing road. Double yellow line in the blind spots driving areas (bends). Traffic wardens. Restrict parking In the village to parents only during drop offs (and no more than 10 min walk). School to allow kids dropped off from 8.30 instead of 8.45 would also help so working parents don't feel pressure to park next to school so that they are not for work by walking 10mins back to car.

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reduce speed. Redivert other traffic, especially heavy vehicles to other roads.

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Eliminate street parking

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you have now lost the opportunity - in the past I suggested to Great Shelford Parish Council Chairman that the field at from or farm opposite Kings Mill Lane should be compulsorily purchased for parking so that cars are not allowed to park on the road - the response was that the council liked them their to slow the traffic down!! The farm is now being developed for dwellings which will only exacerbate the situation with more vehicles and a difficult site access!!

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To reduce the traffic it could be a one way road between 7.30 and 9.30 and in the opposite direction 3 -5 pm. Ban heavy goods vehicles - allow them for access only. They block the road and produce unhealthy particulate matter

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traffic lights

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Double yellow lines on road, residents parking ONLY. Have been tempted to do this myself for a while! How much cycle parking is there at the school?

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one way at a time traffic light system Find parking elsewhere for residents and school drop off Encourage parking at Village Hall then walk

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Either no parking on all of Church Street or a traffic light to alternate traffic flow

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The yellow lines should be continuous, at present parking is allowed for a small part of road. This caused more congestion as cars (teachers?) park all day

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Ensure potholes filled in promptly - dangerous for bikes! Keep lines painted Ensure good street lighting

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traffic lights at both ends of the congestion; as the road is effectively single track due to all the parked cars

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The road should be a through road with no parking allowed except on Sundays for access to church. Speed limit down to 20mph in front of the school. (speed bumps might help)

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yellow lines car park re-site school

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DROP OFF only and the children to go straight into school grounds. Cars all currently parked for sometime? Cars from Little Shelford to park on Little Shelford side and then walk to school

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Traffic lights from Trinity form through to Peacocks

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Traffic lights 8-9.30 and 3-4pm? somehow discourage the 'rat run' from A10

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Traffic lights suitably placed either side of the school. When there were traffic lights due to construction traffic flowed more freely. It may be necessary to have a 20 mph limit as well.

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The corner from the White Bridges to the entrance to the school should be NO PARKING at any time: it is a blind corner and impossible to see oncoming traffic from Great Shelford

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More double yellow lines or a traffic light system end to end which worked well during the road works

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Ban parking outside and beyond school Install traffic lights each side of school to operate only at school opening and closing times

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The time that worked best was when temporary traffic lights were positioned along Church Street due to roadworks . The system worked brilliantly and traffic lights, should be considered as a permanent solution

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as above or part time traffic lights

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Make more no parking slots so that traffic can pull in to let others pass in opposite direction. Absolutely NO parking on the bend opposite Peacocks. If travelling towards Great Shelford it is impossible to see cars coming from the opposite direction often resulting in a jam where no one can move or cars having to back up - highly dangerous when small children are about.

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Find funding for new school and move to new location with better roads Allow 8-9 am + 2.30-3.30 park and 'drop off' or 'pick up' at the farm land next door

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Parking only for disabled/funeral and wedding cars

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1) Reduce the speed limit to 20mph or even 10mph 2) Install dead policemen humps or similar to those outside Little Shelford Church 3) install the warning lights to "Reduce Speed" ie 'Slow Down'

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Traffic lights Residential/church parking only

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Ban all parking around the bend and school

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one way with traffic lights or no parking at all.

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As above. Restrict parking - but calm traffic

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Traffic lights

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Traffic lights and more parking spaces in the village

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Traffic lights, police the double yellow parking, slow traffic down, use barriers to prevent children from getting into the road. Discourage commuters from tearing through!!!

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Double yellow lines and traffic lights

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1. See answer to question 6. 2. Wider path on the corner of Bridge street to make people feel safer using them. 3. Traffic calming, i.e proper speed bumps that slow cars down, not like the two bumps by the church in little Shelford, which are not effective and were a complete waste of money (a poor decision). 4. Traffic light system to control flow and stop those people speeding when they thinking they may have an opportunity to overtake the parked cars and sneak through. 5. Whatever you do, do not remove the parked cars by the school without first installing proper, effective speed bumps (the parked car act as a good traffic slowing mechanism).

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Traffic light system Improve parking - but not remove it

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Slower speed limit, better signage (flashing school sign and more signs that indicate there is a school), traffic calming (/speed bumps).

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Prevent parking on a blind corner. Install mirrors to help both motorists and pedestrians.

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Traffic lights at each end of problem area. Possibly restrict Church Street parking to residents' permit holder and Church (but difficult to police)

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Parking keeps traffic speed down Need spaces as difficult to see oncoming traffic

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Double yellow lines on full length of road from pedestrian crossing to Little Shelford side of water bridges OR make total parking restrictions along road during school opening and closing hours

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Parking in Church Street causes many gridlocks during dropping off and collecting times plus Saturday shopping when adjacent villages use the road for EASY parking

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Move the school gates down to the end of the road end of the driveway and provide a roadside 'drop and go' zone (so that parents don't have to unload the entire family and leave the car for 5-10 minutes while they walk up the the school)

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Improve parking for school staff Improve parking for Church St residents

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Double yellow lines that are policed Resident's parking only that is policed Traffic lights allowing one way traffic operating at school starting and finishing times

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No parked cars except after 6pm

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See above

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How about traffic lights at each end of problem area - think sensibly!

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Parking moved to opposite side of road so drivers can see oncoming traffic from the opposite direction. Traffic lights for beginning and end of day

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No parking 20 mph speed limit strong metal posts/fence at side of road to protect children

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Double yellow lines from phone box (GS end) too small round about at Little Shelfrod

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Either ban parking or have a minimum of say 15 minute parking time

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Improved sight lines around parked cars to avoid blind overtaking. More gaps between areas of parking with more double yellows for cars to pull in. Consider temporary lights at peak times?

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Reduce parking-permit holder parking for residence, 20 minute parking restrictions, railings along pavement next to road, speed bumps, 20 mph speed limit. Maybe one way with traffic lights?

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I dont really know. But the school is only a part of the general problem of traffic flow in the village

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Increase visibility for cars and bicycles coming in both directions to avoid blockages (which leads to impatient and dangerous driving). Move the parking spaces by the church to the outside of the curve, the side where the cottages are. This would allow cars to see each other more clearly and avoid meeting unexpectedly in the single-lane area. Reduce the number of these spaces and reserve them for residents so that parents aren't tempted to try to cross the road with their children.

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residents only parking at school run times, say 810 am/ 3-5pm

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extend the no parking zone

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Same as question 7.

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Make alternative parking arrangements for the residents and discourage parking? I know that this was proposed when Peacocks was built.

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More No Parking areas. 20 mph speed limit.

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Staggered double yellow lines to allow passing places but keeping traffic slow (not blocked) outside the school

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Residents parking only during working hours would decrease the amount of stationary vehicles and improve the traffic flow. Parking is very difficult, and as residents with a small baby it is important to be able to park along Church Street close to the house. I'm not convinced residents' needs are being prioritised in this consultation. A weight limit should be imposed on the bridge between Little and Great Shelfords - which must be clearly signed from quite a distance away to discourage all through traffic. Other difficulties for through traffic should be introduced, such as speed bumps along this route and 'priority flow' bollards as in Stow Cum Quy. An additional possibility is a one-way system along High Street and Wollards Lane (probably in that direction), combined with a traffic light system along Church Street.

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It;s an awful situation most days in term time. Part time alternating traffic lights as they have on several traffic islands in CB. This would allow clear alternating flows of traffic each way through the short church street bottleneck and still allow parent parking near the school - i am not one of them but I recognise their interests as well as my own. Possible restrictions on larger vehicle like trucks? While you are at it make the blind corner junction of bridge whittlesford and church a mini- roundabout . There is plenty of road space there to allow it and it would cause cars coming from whittleford to pause before continuing on the blind bend.

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It would be helpful if cars could pull in on the field next to the school to drop off children - children could be met there enabling a much faster turn around and less congestion.

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No parking near the church except for residents.

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remove all parking along the length of Church Street except for residents parking where properties lack driveways

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As Q6. Put double yellow lines from the old phone box to Rectory Farm with just a 10m exception outside the church for residents living opposite only to park there.

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Less parking , when you drive from Little Shelford , there is a point in the road coming up the slight incline and with the bend that with the parked cars you can not see if it is clear and have to take a chance and go ! .

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Double yellow lines would prevent the present (near) gridlock

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Limiting the size of vehicles using the road. Often the congestion occurs because impatient drivers don't wait to allow others to pass, so some organised traffic passing eg traffic lights might help. I think if the parked cars (causing the congestion) are removed then the speed of the cars using the road would increase.

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The road can't be widened so as I see it the options can only be: 1. Build a new road to connect the A1301 to the other side of the Cam, probably Whittlesford Road. The traffic is a result of more houses being built in the area as well as new houses in other areas making the Addenbrooke's crossroad terrible in the mornings. The council(s) have decided to build these houses so they are responsible for providing the required infrastructure such as an additional road. 2. Remove parking to the point that enough passing spaces and visibility are provided. This option doesn't make things much better for cyclists unfortunately which should be important. A large part of the problem is that cars travelling east can't see if there are cars coming the other way so have to go anyway. The highway code (243) prohibits parking near school entrances and on bends so that really should be enforced. Whoever is responsible for enforcement is probably making themselves liable by not doing so. 3. Traffic lights. Need to solve the problem of people leaving spaces knowing when they can and cannot go. Additional light to indicate direction of traffic?

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yellow lines. much less available parking by it. larger spaces between parked cars with yellow lines for cars to be able to pull in on - especially on the bends.

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Reduce the number of parking spaces. Definitely do not allow parking on the corner.

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Double yellow lines to make parking illegal, if speed is an issue put in traffic calming, but I think the road is so bendy that isn't necessary. There is a dangerous amount of frustration at present, amongst drivers

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Stop all parking

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Mentioned already, enforced speed restriction to 20 mph from bridge before school to crossing point after church (or indeed past shops in village too). Barrier/fence along pavement between the two points referred to herein also to improve safety for children walking

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Provide park and walk scheme so cars don't need to park on bends

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Traffic lights in the rush hours. Extend double yellow lines and enforce them (diito outside Tesco!).

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See previous point

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Forbid parking during school hours. Traffic lights.

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parking for residents only, more double yellow lines

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No parking outside school and possibly lights operating at beginning/end of school day

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Put double yellow lines outside and stop parking there. This should extend beyond the school though as otherwise people will park on the bends just after the shelford bridges and close to woodlands lane and this will just make the traffic more dangerous.

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Have 2 separate lengths of say 10m each with double yellow lines so that there are 2 passing bays for cars. This would help reduce the blockages that can occur.

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I think to prevent traffic parking, perhaps double yellow lines and a safety fence so the children cannot run out onto the road.

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leave some parking opp the houses, but put up double yellow lines either side

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Alter, preferably extend, position of yellow lines - parked cars currently restrict visibilityof cars travelling in opposite direction. Make parking residents only for houses on Church Street.

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I fully approve of plans to remove the parking spaces. There is NO visibility around the bend, there is road rage and aggression and the area is an accident waiting to happen. There is limited opportunity to get through, you can't see and you have to just 'go for it'. It also encourages short bursts of speeding as you need to get through quickly in case a car is coming the other way. If the traffic calls move better the road would be safer for cyclists and pedestrians too.

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Residents parking only, others will have to park in Great Shelford car parks...Walk or cycle!

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Remove parking spaces

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stop parking on Lhs school side by Peacocks on the bend so that traffic coming this way can at least pull in if there is traffic from the other way

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Single yellow lines. Drop off at GS car park with walking bus. Same in LS. 'Wardens' along the way every 200 yards?

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Things felt much safer when there were traffic lights up during road repairs - maybe there could be lights which only operated at school start and finish times. Removing all parking makes delivering children by car impossible, and we all need to do this sometimes!! Removing parking would also speed traffic up and increase the chances of fatal accidents. Better signage is essential, the existing signs are effectively camouflaged. Heavy lorries and trucks need to be dissuaded from using this route - the road is wholly unsuitable for them.

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Fewer car spaces to allow a better flow of traffic waiting to pass

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Put up "School Zone" signs.

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Double yellow lines to prevent parking outside the school.

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Traffic lights to control the flow of traffic & only allow alternate single file flow in each direction. Disabled parking bays close to church to allow those (like me) with mobility problems to actually park close to their children's school.

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Traffic lights

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As for question 7

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Yellow lines, keep clear signs near school, an area for residents parking. We used to walk to school everyday, if I had to use the car I would park in the car park and walk the rest.

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One way system or restricted residents only parking outside the school.

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First, this survey is biased towards the issue of the school - what about the long suffering residents of Church Street? Second, the issue isn't just outside the school but along the length of Church Street from Rectory Farm to Peacocks when approaching from the west. There are two primary issues - maintaining a low speed rate along Church Street - which should be 20 mph during the school week - and the present parking allocation. The two arguments are regularly intermingled and therefore never resolved. The parking pattern along Church Street needs to be changed because it is simply dangerous for Residents, children and commuters. This needs proper consultation with all those affected by the present zoning. The speed issue needs professional input - surely Cambridgeshire Highways have encountered situations like this and can offer alternatives that DO NOT require parked vehicles to act as barriers to speeding?

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Traffic calming, currently this is achieved by the parking which restricts the speed of cars during peak flow.This is not calming for the car users though. If parking spaces are removed then traffic lights or give way sections need to be established, Duxford school has some measures near it. Also a bigger school car park could have been incorporated in the new housing development on the farm next door

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Double yellow lines put all around the road outside the school. There is ample parking at the memorial hall and behind the shops down woodlands lane as well as plenty of parking down the high street past the co-op.

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Priority bollards as in Papworth village/ or traffic lights on a timer, to use only during busy times.

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Residential or disabled parking only. A traffic light system allowing flow in one direction at a time may reduce road rage incidents but possibly not the build up of traffic to Little Shelford in the mornings.

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Make the whole section of Church Street outside the school/church, zig zag & double yellow no parking and explore alternatives for peak drop off and collection school times such as: a possible new rear entrance to the site from Buristead Road or negotiate with the neighbouring farm about the possible use of their grounds at peak times or negotiating the possibility of parking in the unused horse fields off Peacocks at peak times.

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Give preferential school/nursery placements to local residents/pupils.

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Make this a no parking or stopping area. It has become extremely dangerous for all

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More parking restrictions

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The major need is for increased safety of the children at the school. My suggested solutions are: 1. Introduce traffic light control of the traffic and make the road single lane so that traffic is only going in one direction at any given time. This would ease congestion and would enable parking to be maintained outside the church. Also by only having a single land road this would enable wider pavements. 2. Ban all HGV lorries from the road so they go round the M11 rather than cut through past the school.

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Traffic lights at peak times to enable traffic flow and to minimise the stop/start which causes additional pollution right outside the school. Traffic lights should be set back away from the school.

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The road traffic always flows better when there are temporary traffic lights for road works

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Limit parking at school drop-off with community volunteers recording offenders; introduce traffic light system at busy times?

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Remove some parking on the Shelford end BEND (ie outside the Old Vicarage) so that there is not a blind run.

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Stop all parking

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Some suggestions: No parking on that stretch. Traffic light controlled section to allow traffic to go one way at a time. One way system.

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Less parking spaces combined with 30 mile an hour flashing sign triggered by speeding

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Build a drop off and pick up point or set parking limit of 15-30 minutes.

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Parking on that section of road should be residents-only from 12:00 to 13:00 to prevent non-residents leaving cars there all day.

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See previous response. Improve road and pavement surfaces to make life easier for cyclists and pedestrians. Fix potholes and sweep away dirt and gravel. Ensure any holes/trenches dug in the road are repaired to a high standard!

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Bypass the school with a road through the farm, out to Gt Shelford.

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Make the road one way at certain times of day

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There is poor visibility for cyclists and drivers due to parked cars along Church Street. Traffic lights or no parking along Church St would improve this along with alternative traffic calming measures (I.e cannot rely on parked cars to slow traffic as you cannot see)

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Some thing to enable more courteous and respectful driving. I don't believe by taking parking spaces away from outside the school would ease any traffic type of congestion and personally believe it would be more awkward and possibly more dangerous in having multiple children, buggies, parents, scooters, etc on the path close to any moving traffic.

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Double yellow lines, no parking, traffic lights

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Stop parking and install speed bumps which slow the traffic to less than 5mph to traverse. We have these at Granta Park and are very effective. The ones in Little Shelford serve no purpose in slowing traffic. Get real and do it properly this time.

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Remove parking spaces on bend by Rectory Farm

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See comments re encouraging cycling and walking: ban parking outside the school at all times! Reduce speed limit to 20mph.

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More yellow lines

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Traffic lights at either end of the road may reduce the flow of traffic and may also improve the frustration of drivers when they get stuck in the road. Introducing more yellow lines is counterproductive as this will increase the speed of traffic in the road making it more dangerous for walking/cycling young children, and it would mean that when parents do need to collect children in a vehicle - that they cannot. Restriction of traffic on this stretch of road - to only school traffic - at peak times may be the way to go? Rising bollards and restricted access might be used? There are problems with all of these proposals - there is no other through route from Little Shelford, and the residents oppose many of the proposals as being 'out of keeping' with a Shelford asthetic.

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I would suggest that there are part time traffic lights at the peak periods rather than removing the parking which is necessary for residents and extremely helpful for church attendees.

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Temp trafic lights

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Just speak to the experts!

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Do NOT make it easier for traffic to flow because that would lead to higher speeds and more use as a "rat-run".

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I would definitely reduce the number of parking spaces.

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Removal of some parking places to create more passing zones. Switch the parking to the other side of the road to increase visibility. Add another pedestrian crossing near the school. Provide alternative off-road dropping off/picking up parking. Painting of yellow cross-hatch zones to prevent cars proceeding unless they can clear the zone.

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Bumps. Double yellow lines One way traffic

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Crazy - but issue is that cannot see past bank of parked cars. Suggest screen at each end fed by web-cam to show if cars are coming/ Not seen it before but must be possible. Must NOT stop parking or people will race through at 40+ mph.

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A traffic light system and keep the road as it is because it slows the traffic down outside the school.

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Make the parking on church st residents only during the day time, say 8am to 5pm. It has been suggested that the presence of parked cars slows down traffic, but this would be more effectively done by proper speed-calming measures such as speed humps and chicanes. Improve traffic flow through gt shelford by making high st and woollards lane one way. Improve signposting to the existing car parks.

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Double yellow lines traffic lights

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No parking on Church Street between 8am and 5pm. Residents only after these times or disabled badge holders.

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Traffic lights/speed cameras and traffic slowing, particularly at school pick up and finish - the cars drive too fast and too aggressively around the whole of this area. Also increase the width of the pavement over the bridges and on the corners. It is an accident waiting to happen - the pavements are too narrow for scooters/walkers and young cyclists.

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Less parking on the vicarage corner but before removing parking spaces, change speed limit and add signs. Perhaps rumble strips , traffic lights

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The road is not suitable for buses and HGV's that regular use it. The road should be suitably signed to advise not suitable for HGV's/Buses/Coaches.

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Double yellow lines on bend of road leading up to school/traffic lights. What about new properties being built next to school? Traffic will be heavier coming and going from this development

5/20/2015 5:26 PMView respondent's answers

Drop off spaces where you can see your child run up the drive I would be there for 30 seconds instead of 5 mins improving turnover of spaces. Gate down nearer the road. Signs reminding road users that as visitors to our village they can avoid congestion by using other routes, by avoiding the hours of 8:40 - 8:50 and that we would like them to act courteously towards others.

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Double yellows opposite Kings Mill Lane & reduce the parking outside church by a couple of spaces, all to allow better visibility and more passing places

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Traffic lights operating at busy periods or taking back the wall on the church yard to create a layby.

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consider reduction in doule yellow lines, particularly on the bend on the Little Shelford side of the school.

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as before, traffic lights.

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I think parking should be stopped around the bend and either double yellow or reds if possible. Traffic outside the school not on the bend seems ok and possibly helps slow down traffic outside the school.

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double yellow lines

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No parking, school safe zone, speed bumps.

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More gaps for cars to pull into as there is a "blind spot" once you've pulled out. Traffic lights??

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Get parents who live in the village to walk or either bike with their children.

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traffic calming to make the road less of a rat run.

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Double yellow lines round school, church and corner/residents only parking

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less parking, traffic calming

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No parking. The parked cars make the road too narrow and you can't see what traffic is coming towards you.

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Try this: Drive from Lt Shelford and stop with the school on your left, at the the small brick wall between the school drive and church. At this point you can clearly see if any traffic is coming, but we all stop 3 yards on where the first car is parked, often to allow the cars following you space to tuck in behind otherwise they block it up. Your view is now completely blind and pulling out it's 50/50 as to whether the road is clear. If not, both cars facing each other now have everyone moving up behind them, and it then takes a long time to untangle, all the while cars sit there concentrating their pollutants at child height. Mark road with white line outside viewing spot outside the school, with words 'stop here, look'. This stops the cars going a few yards further and having no view. In order that the cars behind don't block the way 2 parking spots maybe removed outside the thatch property next to the school. Resolving this blind spot I believe would stop much of the problem for the cost of some paint

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Stop parent's parking outside the school. Extend the yellow lines on the road.

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Take away some parking spaces outside the school.

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Less parking on the main road

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Impediments on the road close to the bridges and in front of the vicarage which will force traffic to slow down (eg chicanes). The objectives should be to frustrate and deter through traffic.

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Part-time traffic lights, controlling the flow of traffic past the church and Kingsmill Lane. Possibly widen the "no parking" space in front of the church gates, to make a better "pull-in" slot for the cars coming from Little Shelford.

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parking restrictions on church side at peak times - start and end of school day

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Move the zebra crossing round the bend nearer the school and make it a Pelican crossing. Create a school access via a path from the end of Buristead Road. Cars could drop kids off safely there away from the main road

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Lollipop lady. Humps in road. 20 mile per hour zone in school hours as a minimum. Signs for alternate routes in school hours.

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The solution won't be through 1 element. A large number of small changes would make a difference. 1) make it yellow lines along a greater part of the road outside the church as the parked cars make the ducking in and out by vehicles very dangerous and the road far too narrow for traffic going jn both directions. 2) this needs to be combined with traffic calling measures to stop speeding cars eg 20 zone signs that light up asking people to slow down if they go too fast and speed bumps. 3) maybe the yellow lines don't apply on Sundays so that church goers can get to church.

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I think that there should be traffic lights to help with the flow of the traffic and therefore prevent the regular road rage that occurs frequently outside the school which in turn creates a very dangerous situation for pedestrians with angry drivers often making dangerous manoeuvres such as mounting the pavement. These could be operational at peak traffic times of day rather than all the time if necessary. There needs to be improved signage to indicate the presence of the school and also speed restrictions of 20 miles per hour as there are at so many schools throughout the country.

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Speed bumps, reduce parking, cycle path off the road and light controlled pedestrian crossin

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Add traffic lights at peak times

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Traffic lights

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Limit heavy goods vehicles esp at peak hours, get rid of parking on bend opp Peacocks, signage prior to bends from Lt to Gt Shelford

5/19/2015 7:07 PMView respondent's answers

double yellow lines all the way along and/or traffic lights at peak times

5/19/2015 7:05 PMView respondent's answers

Restrict Parking but with parking allocated for residence Temporary traffic lights at school drop off and pick up times Speed restrictions/traffic calming which might make through traffic choose an alternative

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Limited parking, reduce speed limit, traffic lights, one way, access to school only i.e. Traffic calming to make it less of a rat run, particularly at school hours. With provision for parents to park elsewhere in the village

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As already mentioned, I think part-time traffic lights might help (see last answer).

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Can the buses not be scheduled to drive past the school at times when the school is not starting or finishing? Traffic lights at some point along the road so cars aren't judging for themselves when to pass the parked cars?

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Removing the traffic should be considered, but if implemented I know some are worried traffic will ust be faster. A reduced speed limit would help, or perhaps those flashing lights at school times?

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parking alongside the road should be completely prohibited it causes complete gridlock at peak times and indeed other times of heavy traffic and I have witnessed many cases of road rage, which is not great for the children to see

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No parking would clearly help, but there needs to be alternatives for busy parents!

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Major restriction or removal of parking spots. Resident only spaces for those cottages opposite the church. Disabled only bay.

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little or no parking allowed outside the school or church. Main problem for me is when I drive along there I or other drivers have to commit to progressing forward when we can't see if traffic is coming the other way because of too many parked cars - everyone gets stressed and some ignore the zebra crossing.

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Making traffic single lane and widening pavement from little Shelford at points where it is narrow and dangerous. Traffic lights to manage single lane traffic. 20 mph zone. More emphasis on cyclists and pedestrians and LESS PANDERING TO MOTORISTS.

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20 mile an hour speed limit, speed bumps/other traffic slowing measures. Only a small dropping area for those unable to walk for the church, otherwise strictly no parking in Church Street and others to park in the village centre.

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No parking at all.

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All of the traffic flow problems are caused by vehicles parking outside the church and school. If this is prohibited then traffic flow will be improved. Obviously alternative dropping off and parking locations would need to be provided. Enforcement of any new regime is key also. Suggest reviewing case studies / examples of other schemes which are similar to find a workable solution as this cannot be a unique problem in the country or even the county.

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Single lane alternate flow controlled by signals.

5/19/2015 2:20 PMView respondent's answers

No parking or stopping

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A traffic light system may allow traffic flow to be more regulated as most of the hold ups are caused by people being impatient. Also to stop large vehicles like delivery lorries etc.. from using the road as there are alternative routes they can take to bypass the village.

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Reduction in speed limit and introduction of traffic lights.

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less allowable parking

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Traffic calming measures to slow traffic coming round the corner, or traffic lights to allow flow in one direction only at a time.

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Traffic lights at school run times

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Single yellow lines with time restrictions although could pose a problem for church users? Double yellow lines full stop along the whole of the road. Making a church come school drop off car park - possible at old farm land although now prob not possible if new houses being built there?

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another area of double yellow lines in front of the church to allow cars more space to pass

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More double yellow lines especially on the bends

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remove parking spaces

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I think it needs a traffic light system to fee up the movement of cars past the school. It would have to be speed controlled and the lights positioned in a location that any resultant queue’s are not causing a downstream problem. Alternatively double yellow all along that section so people use the car parks in Shelford and the walk like we do

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No parking along longer length and/or traffic lights at either end.

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alternative routes for gid vans and lorries-understanding this is a school area for over 100 years-some how it needs ot be repsected from those not really needed to be there at a certain time of the day

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Severely restrict access to goods vehicles and buses unless for access to Church Street itself. Could consider traffic lights at peak times to restrict amounts of traffic trying to squeeze through

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Most of the parking spaces need to be removed (or put out of use during peak times) to improve flow (reserving some spaces for disabled users or those with babies). Then significant measures need to be taken to keep car speed along the route to an absolute minimum. A pedestrian crossing should also be considered, along with measures to make pavement walking safer ( ie- wider pavements and railings). However, from Little Shelford end, if flow of cars along the route improves, I feel an alternative route is needed for all other road users. The road is simply too narrow for all users to be safe.

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Traffic lights

5/19/2015 9:18 AMView respondent's answers

double yellow lines all along that side

5/19/2015 9:16 AMView respondent's answers

Restrict lorries during busy periods

5/19/2015 9:09 AMView respondent's answers

traffic lights -- when we have road works and traffic lights we have virtually no problems

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Monitor for a week without warning where the parking is coming from. Limit parking on the bend to half an hour at all times.

5/19/2015 8:54 AMView respondent's answers

One way section with lights outside the school/church. This would at least be predictable and not encourage pushy selfish drivers to take risks and create aggravation Worked well when it was instated for works last year If parking is reduced to increase visability then traffic calming needs to be introduced Bike lane would be good but I'm not sure how it would fit

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As above, traffic calming with street table, safe crossing point and traffic lights at peak hours

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More double lines and speed humps

5/19/2015 8:06 AMView respondent's answers

Traffic lights and/or no parking

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doulbe yellow lines and make people park in the village car park and provide adequate bike spaces

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More single yellow lines to help the traffic flow, the children are then vulnerable to traffic going quickly past the pavement. Speed bumps or a 20 limit necessary I suggest some railings to protect the children where new yellow lines are

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They need an on site car park so the parents don't park on the road

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more frequent larger passing places without a clear run through, would both ease the difficulties for drivers who cannot see far enough to avoid head to head impasses, without increasing the speed of the cars driving through. I would appreciate a 20 mph zone around the school at drop off/collection times.

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Double yellows all the way along would reduce restricted one way flow traffic. This snarls up the driving route. Allocated parking in a location at school drop off times (land by the surgery) would resolve the parking.

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Discourage longer distance drivers.

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I have almost been gridlocked on several occasions and only ever drive from great shelford to Newton, I always come home via addenbrookes rd, cambridge road because the parked cars make it so difficult to drive through the village

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Traffic lights during drop off and pick up times

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A reduction in the number of parking spaces long Church Street (outside the school/church) during peak times, flashing school signs and/or clearer road markings to indicate there is a school, possibly combined with traffic calming measures (e.g priority to be given to traffic coming from one direction).

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Traffic lights and removal of parking except for disabled drivers

5/18/2015 10:35 PMView respondent's answers

Make the speed limit lower and install traffic lights, also move the zebra crossing

5/18/2015 10:29 PMView respondent's answers

Stop congestion it is dangerous for road users and sometimes causes a complete block

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Traffic lights for section on church Street with parking only for residents/ outside if school hours. Double yellow lines would make road too fast unless combined with traffic lights

5/18/2015 9:59 PMView respondent's answers

More visibility that a school is there, speed awareness signs, enforcement of speed limit, reduction of speed limit. Pedestrian crossings with traffic lights.

5/18/2015 9:58 PMView respondent's answers

Reduce the amount of parking outside the school, install speed inhibitors and the same sort of safety measures as seen outside the vast majority of primary schools.

5/18/2015 9:58 PMView respondent's answers

Make it all yellow lines and no parking

5/18/2015 9:57 PMView respondent's answers

Yellow lines or residence only

5/18/2015 9:53 PMView respondent's answers

Traffic lights

5/18/2015 9:52 PMView respondent's answers

No parking along road except for Church use - funeral and/or wedding car.

5/18/2015 9:38 PMView respondent's answers

The road should be restricted so that lorries cannot use it. Also, people do park on the double yellow lines (legitimately as they have blue badges) but this exacerbates the issue.

5/18/2015 9:24 PMView respondent's answers

Traffic light, traffic Patrol, encouraging group drop off and pick up where applicable and safe

5/18/2015 9:20 PMView respondent's answers

Having thought thru lots of options the only real solution I think is to install traffic lights (perhaps only on at peak times if this is cheaper) to help drivers navigate Church street which is a bad visibility stretch (even great drivers get caught up here) without issue. Removing parking/painting double yellows without enforcing a reduced speed limit would endanger pedestrians, punish residents and speed traffic up even more. A worrying thought for the school kids and especially the doddery preschoolers. It would be a great shame If this is considered a necessary option, but if so then a 20mph speed limit is absolutely essential - Trauma from a 20mph car is far less severe than from one going 30mph - a reduced speed limit is needed already outside the school in my opinion (and the village centre, we should be aiming to slow down the ever growing numbers of cars in villages). Also better approach-signage to drivers that there is a school coming, at present there is one very mouldy old sign! I know we need to preserve the leafy charm of shelford but the safety issue with growing traffic is such that a compromise should be made. We need more visible safety school signs & road painting warnings. Finally railings to protect school children should be put up if some parking has to be removed and if so it should be done with the thought of helping head to head cars use the necessary space in which to back up to get the traffic flow moving again. However, I feel strongly that the parked cars provide a very necessary and ideal barrier in protecting school children from fast flowing traffic on the rush hour drive into work past the school. Particularly from large vehicles such as lorries or buses which just don't work on small back roads weaving in and out of parked cars, and can't reverse safely either when stuck. Can these be restricted at all?

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Reduce the speed limit and introduce speed bumps.

5/18/2015 9:14 PMView respondent's answers

Double yellow lines or restricted parking at peak times. Given that the distance for admissions to the school barely exceeds 0.5 miles I would have thought it more than possible for the majority of parents/carers to walk or cycle their children to school. There is lots of parking in the village centre and then only a short walk to the school if the parent needs to use a car.

5/18/2015 9:00 PMView respondent's answers

Restrict parking outside the school and church- long line of parked cars is difficult to pass when travelling into Great Shelford.

5/18/2015 9:00 PMView respondent's answers

Make the whole road double yellow lines Place traffic lights at some point along the road Make it a one way road.

5/18/2015 8:58 PMView respondent's answers

It's a blind bend; folk are impatient (at best). Find a way to "share" the constrained resource fairly e.g. no parking along the blind corner at peak times; lights to mange traffic flow so everyone gets a turn

5/18/2015 8:54 PMView respondent's answers

Provide permits for people who cannot reasonably be expected to walk. Possibly create some alternative parking close to the school for school drop off/pick up times

5/18/2015 8:50 PMView respondent's answers

A while back there were gas works on Church Street and a traffic light system was operating for a few weeks. It added a couple of minutes to the journey time between the Shelfords, but it meant there were no crazy incidents - eg people refusing to back up or pushing through when there wasn't a space etc - at all. the traffic flowed well and everyone got to where they needed to be with the minimum of frustration and risk. Personally I would support this over any of the other ideas suggested so far.

5/18/2015 8:42 PMView respondent's answers

NO parking outside the church and resident only on rest of church street, speed bumps would slow down traffic

5/18/2015 8:41 PMView respondent's answers

Traffic lights or traffic calming measures would mean people would be less likely to use it as a through route. Increase school signage it is not clear to those not from the village that there is a school.

5/18/2015 8:39 PMView respondent's answers

Double yellow lines outside the school all the way along the road!!!!

5/18/2015 8:38 PMView respondent's answers

20mph speed restriction, speed bumps, lose a couple of parking spaces but do not reduce parking directly outside church and school because they act as safety barrier. Signs reminding drivers to be considerate near the school.

5/18/2015 8:37 PMView respondent's answers

No parking, maybe the construction work going on in that area should have been made to incorporate parking ?

5/18/2015 8:34 PMView respondent's answers

Traffic lights and keep the parking bays

5/18/2015 8:34 PMView respondent's answers

I don't. .. best to employ a transport planner for suggestions. ..

5/18/2015 8:31 PMView respondent's answers

Traffic lights

5/18/2015 8:31 PMView respondent's answers

Traffic lights- worked when we had them before. But limit it to busy times

5/18/2015 8:28 PMView respondent's answers

Taffic light? traffic calming island? Traffic camera? Anything that can reduce traffic speed!

5/18/2015 8:22 PMView respondent's answers

A traffic light system controlling the traffic in each direction so only one way could glue at a time

5/18/2015 8:10 PMView respondent's answers

No parking whatsoever

5/18/2015 8:02 PMView respondent's answers