Shelford School traffic survey Q7 Do you think changes need to be made?

Q7 Do you think changes need to be made? (30 additional comments)


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But I also think it just takes a bit of patience. It doesn't really bother me as I'm used to it.

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Possibly residents parking only in Church Street apart from Sunday Church servicees

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Move entracne to school to other end of school playing fleld. see 8 below

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The road should not be used by commuters (between 8-9am and 2.30-3.30pm) access only to residents and school users/staff

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but reducing the parking spaces won't help

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Traffic light system for traffic from little shelford direction

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Changes need to be made on the bends of church street and any blind spots not outside of school itself. Buses, lorries, vans, other heavy large vehicles should be prohibited from using Church street at any time. I have witnessed two different car accident both down to bus drivers!

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There are often queues right back over the two bridges - in past have even been in bus which had to reverse!!!

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Traffic lights at school start and finish times

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Most definitely

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See above

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Great Shelford School

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traffic lights and no parking during peak periods

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Not only the school but along Church Street where both ends of the street have blind bends and congested parking around driveways


Signage informing drivers of the proximity of a school. Perhaps a reduction in speed limit? Bollards in the shape of children could be used perhaps? They have been very effective in areas such as leamington spa. Perhaps traffic lights? Enforcement of parking on yellow lines.

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Allow local residents/pupils places at local schools. This would reduce traffic and encourage walking/cycing to school or nursery. Reduced traffic to and from school/nursery would also make it safer for walkers and cyclists thus encouraging people to walk or cycle.

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Alternative route to prevent run through traffic

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Traffic breaks to allow vehicles to flow more easily.

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People just need to be courteous and respectful it doesn't take long to get through and many of the people complaining are not even from the village and should be encouraged to use the A10, A1301 or A1307 rather than us making it easier for them to rat run through our villages causing congestion and increasing the risks for our children.

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This won't stop people, it will just make them angry each time they put money into the machine!

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Possibly. Budgets permitting, I think temporary traffic lights, active at peak and school start and end times along the narrow section from Peacocks to Kings Mill Lane, might be a good idea. I wouldn't remove parking spaces, however, as they are needed by residents, and the parked cars actually shield children from the traffic on the narrow road to some extent.

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it is a wider issue of traffic volume than just the school (building site too!)

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The traffic is much better now the building work is over.

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Walking past coop traffic regularly has to squeeze past and mounts the pavement very dangerous

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It's not a new problem. I don't see any easy solution apart from greater patience

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Lorries should not be allowed to use this route and people should stop parking on the double yellow lines.

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Having thought thru lots of options the only real solution I think is to install traffic lights to help drivers navigate Church street without issue. Removing parking will endanger pedestrians and speed traffic up even more. If this is considered a necessary option then a20mph speed limit should be set - this is needed already in my opinion - and railings to protect school children should be put up where parking is removed.

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but not sure what would make the situation better. either you improve motor access or pedestrian/cyclist. . not sure you can do both. .

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I think the current system is perfect in terms of protecting the kids from drivers that are going to fast anyway. If we change anything we need to make sure we prioritise kids protection over drivers

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