Shelford School traffic survey Q6. What do you think can be done to encourage more walking and cycling to the school?

Q6. What do you think can be done to encourage more walking and cycling to the school?

Ban all other transport from stopping in the vicinity of the school at least during school hours

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Slowing the traffic on that stretch of road and improving the pavement surface

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My husband says ban parking outside

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Making the surrounding roads safer by making them one way and reducing the speed limits and no parking on Church Street apart from disabled drivers

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We walk when possible, but sometimes we have 2 children to drop off at different locations (nursery in Sawston and school) and it is not possible to do so before work without using the car.

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More cycle tuition

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cycle path, more stringent traffic control/speed

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Parental and school influence

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Ban parking in Church street

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1) parents should where possible walk children to school 2) when parents cannot walk then they should be obliged to leave children at recreation ground where they can be collected and walked (by volunteers/teachers to the school)

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Wider roads, cycling paths, maybe a shortcut from Great Shelford to the school through the fields, only meant for cyclists and pedestrians. The main areas if concern are at the end of the bridge and the turn to Granham's Lane, and then the sometimes narrow pavement near Coop and on the way to school. Also lack of pedestrian crossings in Great Shelford. We need a clear and safe route from Great Shelford to the school.

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The "beat the streets" initiative was very popular, but walking/cycling isn't practical for everyone.

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We as a family are only able to drive due to work commitments

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Cycle lanes, improve footpaths as they slant towards the roads in places and narrow in places. For workers who have to drive on to work it is often impossible to walk as to then have to walk the distance back home when already late for work as drop off no earlier than 845 would not bode well

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No answer

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School house points

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Dont know - I do not have children or grandchildren at the school and i am out of touch with present day parents

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Make the roads, esp the bridge safer. Ensure that the traffic near the school does not go too fast if the parking is reduced.

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Have school staff on the fringes of the village who will walk children to school as a group

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Make the routes safer. Although, you'll probably find that working parents (esp. those who use the before and after school clubs) will still need to drive.

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I think people walk as much as they can, but there will always be people that can't, such as the many working parents who have to park close to the school to enable them to get to work as quickly as possible in the morning (and vice versa in the afternoon). i.e. save a lot of time by not having to walk home again to get the car.

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Cycle path

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I only drive on the days I am working, to pick up from Wacky after school club on Wed, Thurs and Fri. This is after after I have picked up a very tired 1 year old from nursery. The road seems to be a major artery for non-Shelford school users and I believe they are the major issue.

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I think the vast majority already do

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Safer bike route - the car drivers get frustrated by congestion and drive too fast / aggresively

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I don't think it is a matter of this, I think outside the school it needs 20 mph and has traffic light system that works as a one way system letting traffic from 1 side go and then the other during these peak hours. ( Similar to when they do road works)

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People generally drive as they are heading to work straight after or come from work to pick up

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wider pavements

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No idea

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Consider making Woollards Lane one-way so pavements can be wider and cycling lanes implemented. At the moment it does not feel safe walking along there in the busy morning traffic.

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safer roads/footpaths slower traffic

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Fewer parking spaces close to school. But I think this would make traffic faster and more dangerous.

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Safer cycling conditions- the road is too narrow to allow for cycles and cars. Prohibit parking along the road on the bend to improve visibility.

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Better cycle paths. I am happy to cycle on road but children too small.

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Slower traffic on church street so safer

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The roads would have to be safer

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Parking spaces that are 10mins walk, specifically offered to parents in the village during drop offs. Perhaps offer memorial hall parking to "school parking badges only" from 8am until 9.30 and enforce penalties this people that have no badge. If guaranteed spaces parents can plan their route knowing they will not be delayed if Chevy can't find any spaces elsewhere in the village. Cycling routes for bikes with trailers and young children down high street, woolards lane & church street. Double yellow line on the bends in church street that is near the vicarage.

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slower traffic especially outside of the school area. Should be 20 as speed limit.

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Repaired & Improved pavements

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No answer put on survey

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Make it safer for children to walk/cycle by improving the road surface, improve or move the zebra crossing, stop parents parking in front of the church

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not a lot

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Put double yellow lines on road outside - parents should park in Great Shelford car park and walk or walk and cycle in - that would be better! If parents are local this should be easy!

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Bike lane along road

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Somewhere to leave the bike, trailer

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Park away from Church and School and walk Could park at Memorial Hall?

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put double yellow lines through most of Church Street, have bike stands near school Issue hi-viz jackets to all kids at school Hold cycle classes for PARENTS/Carers

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Cycling would NOT solve the problem

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Make parking available ie Shelford rec car park

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Emphasis on not getting fat? Earning walk/cycle points on a card and a SMALL reward of some sort after collecting X number of points

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Double yellow lines extended but residents parking permits let mothers walk from car parks

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Walking buses DAILY from various points in BOTH villages More double yellow lines outside school?

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Ban cars taking children to the school from within 1/2 mile of the school

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Walk or cycle with them - organise a parents rota to do this

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A simple reward system for the kids who seem to dictate parents rather than the other way round

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Difficult and some parents drop their children on the way to their work. Others may live too far away to walk.

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Banning parking along Church Street - residential and 'disabled - use' only

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Ban all parking in Church Street except residents and extend yellow lines

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Encourage the parents

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Put bike racks up with locks

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People need cars to get to work

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Talk away some of the car parking places

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Change of attitude but many parents want to drop off their children as soon as possible and then get back to work!!

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Problems caused by car drop off at school - prohibit parking other than Church Street residential

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Make parents see sense

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Double yellow lines along most of school area on Church Street

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use double yellow lines to block parking - it's not rocket science!

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Better footpaths

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Wider pavements to enable off road cycling.

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Make it safer. Keep the pavements clear of overgrown trees and shrubs. Police speeding motorists! Reduce the speed limit. Discourage the route as a quick through route for commuters by putting in traffic calming measures!

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Stop parking outside the school.

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1. Better (wider) paths especially on Bridge street. 2. Could there be an alternative route for cycling/walking (I.e a through road down Manor road, then a foot bridge over the river and entry to the school from the path ground side). 3. Is there any government incentives to encourage walking to school (children health, pollution reduction, etc) that could be tapped into to provide those parents who choose this form of transport to get some recognition/reward (vouchers)? 4. The 'bleep the street' school campaign seemed to encourage more people to walk/cycle to school, any similar initiatives that could be introduced.

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Safer roads Less traffic traffic controls

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I think many people do already walk/cycle however the route to school is dangerous, making the route safer (slower speed limit, traffic calming) could help.

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Prevent parking outside of the school. Park in more suitable area if necessary and then walk to the school. Most parents and children are within walking distance and there are documented physical and mental benefits (better concentration in those that walk/cycle to school - Denmark study).

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Dont allow as much parking in Church Street. Parents would then use alternatives

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The school should encourage and give an incentive to parents to walk their children to school and maybe organise more 'walking buses' something that was started but not sure if its still being used

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Double yellow lines outside school and church with gaps for overtaking. Road is ONLY suitable one each way traffic

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Make driving less attractive! Eg designated drop-off/parking at the two recreation grounds

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Control parking and stopping in Church Street

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Successful crocodile of children led by parents from Great Shelford. More of these? Education re fitness and wellbeing from cycling and walking

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Put double yellow lines THAT CAN BE SEEN 100/150 yards either side of school

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Prohibit parking in Church Street and King's Mill Lane. KML is in danger of becoming an overflow. Church St could be residents's parking

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Ban cars! except for residents/church parking

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Provision of a parking site with supervisors to walk children from there as many parents have time constraints I think it is so dangerous cycling to school should NOT be encouraged

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House points system using the tagging machines as in Autumn term

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Get the mothers to walk with kids most are overweight, by sitting in a car to long

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Ban parking outside the school

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Ask council to improve pavements especially where narrow and sloping dangerously. Organise more escorted groups of children gathered from certain points. If people live within a mile insist on a car ban. Only allow cars to drop off and decrease the available parking.

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An earlier walking bus for breakfast club? Awards for walking to school-could use pedometers? The 'clocking in' was a great idea-can this be continued?

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Not sure what is already there. Some schools have set up a "walking school bus" whereby teachers/leaders pick up children on a set route and walk them to school. Pick up in the afternoon is always going to depend on parent availability. Not having children at the school I am not in a position to judge, however.

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Don't know

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would that it could

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calm the traffic, provide safe cycle routes, segregate parked cars

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Put yellow lines all along Church Street so no cars can park there.

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The walking bus was an excellent idea.

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Rewards, stickers, competition.

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Encouraging children at school to tell parents and a visible reward system - bar chart/graph to monitor the change in behaviour and listing the benefits.

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Keep the traffic and parking as difficult as it is at present! That should encourage more walking and cycling...

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perhaps organised groups . for those further away possibly a shared minibus service (not walking I realise!)

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Safer routes - would be useful if there was a bridge over the river to Kings Mill Lane form Little shelford so the route was safer for L.S. children. Extension of the walking buses - has they died a death?

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No parking near the church or .tHe bend going towards the village

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dedicated , reserved spaces in nearby car parks during school drop off and pick times

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Put double yellow lines from the old phone box near to Wollards Lane, to Rectory Farm with a 10m exception section outside the church for residents living opposite only.

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Promoting it within the school

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providing decent roads and pavements suitable for bikes, little scooters, trikes, etc!!!

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Wider paths to enable off-road cycle paths.

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Improved cycle paths (which are usually at the expense of vehicular traffic). Stop the highly discriminatory admissions procedure of giving preference to children whose parents are of the 'correct' faith and instead give priority to local children who are more likely to walk or cycle

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have much less car parking by the school. put in yellow lines.

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Stop giving priority to children outside the catchment.

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Ask parents to park in village at Memorial Hall/ behind shops/ along road near pub and WALK. I have even seen parents parking illegally in private roads ; Selwyn Close/ Peacocks etc. they seem to think it is all right for a short time, encouragement doesn't work, a police presence is needed. I [dog walker] have noted parents parking directly outside school 20 -30 mins early using their 'phones while they wait. too busy to walk but not too busy too sit in their cars

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Yes it is ridiculous that local parents park there when they could easily walk from home

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Put a barrier/fence along the outside of the paving, this would provide some level of confidence for parents that their children would not slip into the road when walking, Introduce a 20mph from bridge to crossing past school (Madingley have successfully done this to keep children safe).

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Friendly competitions amongst children will nag at parents

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The greatest hazard the children face is their parents on the school run! I have seen a woman in a huge people carrier drop one tiny child then do a 3 point turn in the road right outside the church. To make walking safer: get bicycles off the pavements, supervised crossings, walking trains (crocodiles?), teach road safety. Parents can walk too, can't they? Encourage parents to use the village car parks to drop their children off - then have walking train to school. I think more cycling is difficult as there is so much traffic on narrow roads. Cycling on pavements is not, and must not be, an option. I am disabled and have enough difficulty on our poorly maintained village pavements as it is. If you want children to walk and cycle more then build a new school in a more accessible spot.

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School should have a car park and drop off point, off the road to avoid clogging up the road past the school and church

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Encourage parents that it is far more healthy for their children(and themselves if accompanying)

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increase double yellow lines; suggest alternative drop off points, re-establish the 'walking bus' to school from various locations

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prevention of parking immediately outside school

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Yes, what happened to the organised crocodile scheme that I've seen in the past?

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Have some more no parking lines near the school.

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there is traffic congeston during drop off and pick up during term time due to parents wishing to park as close as possible which is a nuisance, would suggest putting up some double yellow lines to prevent this

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When I took my child to a different school, I would park at the nearest car park and we would walk to the school from the car park, thus preventing congestion.

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Restrict nearby parking. Encourage a park and walk approach for those who won't walk or cycle. Make walking or cycling a clear expectation for parents applying to the school.

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continual highlighting (to parents and pupils) of dangers presented by the current traffic flow and parking situations

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When my children were at school this was attempted, the only way to stop the chaos is to have residents parking only.

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Parental attitudes

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Remove parking outside of school.

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have parking from Ltr shelford end ? on Recreation ground? to walk to school (would take 15 Minutes )

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Cycle groups. My children used to cycle on their own as they could use the pavement all the way from LS. this should be encouraged with 'wardens' along the way if necessary. Cycling en masse could be dangerous

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The footpaths need to be made safe ie. sufficiently wide for a parent and child/buggy, level and not cambered into the road, swept free of leaves. There also needs to be better signage so that drivers know they are approaching a school, and enforced low speeds so that accidents are less likely to cause fatalities.

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huge new car park on the rec field in order to have car spaces for parents who can then walk. This will obviously not to taken up as an option!

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Encouragement from the school Encouragement from families at the school Encouragement from Parish Council and local community

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Limit parking on the road outside the school.

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Nothing - parents have to get to work and drop their children off on the way.

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A safe route that separates children from the traffic and appalling behaviour of drivers

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Make the route safer. Cars and other vehicles drive without regard for pavement users and non car users. Traffic should be slowed, pavements kept clear of overhanging branches and shrubs and the greenery opposite the pavement on the road should be cut right back as this forces cars into the middle of the road and the cars on the other side closer to the pavement.

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More cycle friendly paths

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Bring in some sort of permit for residents opposite the school, then make it not suitable for parking anywhere near the school.

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There are car parking areas close to the school in the village and many parents use these already. Why not designate sections of these for school parent use between 8:30 - 9:15 and likewise at the end of the day

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Make the route safer

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I think its breaking people's habits. When the children did the walk to school fob scheme there was an improvement around the school as there were not so many cars. Maybe incentivising the children with a weekly shield to the house team with the most walking points for that week.

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Better cycle paths.

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Make it harder to park outside the school. My children have left the school but we used to cycle or park near the shops.

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Set up more locations for walking buses or cycling groups

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Safer walk/cycle/scoot from Little to Great Shelford. Allowing local residents/pupils to attend local schools and nurseries would discourage driving to and from school/nursery and encourage walking/cycling.

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Prevent parking outside of the school

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Enhance safety on the roads - slower traffic, fewer HGVs and wider and more protected pavements

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Parking availability nearby. Traffic light control to make the road safer.

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School letter to parents raising the issue.

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its quite dandergous at peak times as the constant stream of traffic races down the road on a very narrow, winding road and pavements are very narrow

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Don't know. Reward system - Beat the Streets - which ran earlier this academic year did make some difference. Don't feel that it's very safe for children to cycle through Shelford, from the railway station.

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There should be a path from the recreation ground to the school. One was planned in 2005 when the zebra crossing on Church St was installed. At that time I lived on church St and we were told that the reason the crossing was going in that odd position (and that car parking spaces would be lost) was for this 'essential safety' plan. You can clearly see that the path from the zebra now disappears into the wall of the Old School Court buildings. It is wrong that this path was never installed. If Peacock/Old court residents have worries about noise/anti-social use of such a path (eg at night) then gates could easily be installed at either end with the gates locked dawn to dusk (perhaps by the Peacocks warden or school caretaker). This would be safe, convenient and a DELIGHT for the children to be able to spill across to the rec safely without having to navigate that awful narrow bit of Woollards Lane and all the cars. Many more people would park at the rec and walk around happily.

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Roads are dangerous and encouraging children to cycle to school on them is madness.

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The road would have to be much safer! Or traffic free.

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Change the school's admissions policy to one that is based on distance to the school.

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Residents less adverse to young children cycling on pavement

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Better cycling and walking lanes. It must be safe or it won't be used. Also, improve the weather in England.

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Tell the children about the environmental and health benefits and/or appeal to parents and/or restrict the parking.

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When I was a parent at the school there used to be 'walking buses'. I don't know if there still are but they seemed like a good idea.

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Get rid of parking spaces on the road. Improve the road surface between little shelford and the school (including fixing potholes and sweeping dirt and gravel from the road's edge. This would make it easier and safer for cyclists on what is a fairly narrow stretch of road). Clamp down on speeding drivers on this stretch of road and try to discourage drivers overtaking dangerously, which happens to me a lot when i am cycling here.

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Promote the idea of parking in Gt Shelford car parks, and have children's walking groups to school. Parents would be free to continue their journeys, and the children would be safely delivered to school.

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Cycle lanes

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safer traffic route along church street

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I believe there is a very high percentage of walking, scootering or cycling to school. Personally I only drive if I'm driving on afterwards. I believe this is the main reason people do drive.

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Less parking availability near the school, educating parents,

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Remove parking spaces

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Parental discipline

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Simple: ban ALL parking directly outside the school, except for residents' permits, and a disabled driver space. If children live too far away to cycle or walk, then parents must be made to park at the memorial hall car park and walk their children from there.

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Increase the yellow lines

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My children, when possible walk and cycle to school. However in some circumstances this is not possible due to time constraints parents needing to be at work. It would be naive to imagine that we exist now in an age when parents do not have to work and can afford time to walk the children to school. If there were more places within the village to park in the morning (and more especially at pick up time), then this would ease congestion on the narrow road. However, there are not the spaces available in the village. Perhaps the walking-bus could be reinstated - but this would need to be every day, and reliable.

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Making sure that all parents realise that changes might be made and what are the repercussions to others if they are driving unnecessarily to the school.

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I think most people who can walk/cycle often do. There is a feeling that people are too lazy to walk/cycle and choose to drive instead, but in fact the truth is that generally most parents work and often don't have the time to walk/cycle and then still get to work on time. I think everyone should continue to encourage parents and children to walk and cycle but they should also show that they understand that this is not always possible.

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tricky, many do walk/cycle, but if parent commuting to work by car there is little alternative?

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Active promotion at school and in village newsletters. Regular organised walking convoys.

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Better cycle paths. None on woollards lane Beat the street was excellent! Very motivating. How About doing that regularly?

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Making the footpath up from Little Shelford into a bike / walking route

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Nothing really. I think the people who drive to the school need to drive for reasons such as going to work after drop off, disabilities etc

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I think that the majority of children who are able to walk or cycle already do so. There is probably not much more that can be done on this.

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Totally restrict parking outside the school.

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Ban cars accept those with disabled blue badges from parking in Church Street but round near the vicarage not in front of Church or school. Others should car share, park and walk.

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The walking scheme was great for the children & adults.

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Safer road, lower speed limit, more school signs, more slow signs

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Those living closer to the school should be encouraged to walk or cycle. However there are many parents who already cycling with very small children in the centre of the main road to the school. This is dangerous for both the riders and cars trying to overtake as they are forced to drive on the wrong side of the road to get passed. As we live in Fowlmere, we need a car to get to the school.

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making traffic saferon road leading up to school

5/20/2015 5:24 PMView respondent's answers

Nothing for children who's parent is in a rush to get to work and would be using church street anyway to get to work. Increased breakfast club or wrap around care should be provided by the school as this would reduce the number of people arfiving at the same time.

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Slower traffic, less parking spaces on church street

5/20/2015 4:16 PMView respondent's answers

I think that those who can walk and cycle do this already as the traffic situation in Shelford is so horrendous. Car drivers only drive if they have to.

5/20/2015 3:46 PMView respondent's answers

improve safety on the route and outside the school

5/20/2015 2:54 PMView respondent's answers

Further yellow lines or preventing parking anywhere nr school at peak periods

5/20/2015 2:44 PMView respondent's answers

still wouldn't alleviate the problem

5/20/2015 1:37 PMView respondent's answers

The catchment area is quite small so most people should be able to avoid the car. Reducing the amount of parking available by double yellow lines and especially on the bend and use of other parking in the village.

5/20/2015 1:35 PMView respondent's answers

Nothing, people will drive to school as they often have to go on to work afterwards. Most people will do what they want to do whatever the cost.

5/20/2015 12:44 PMView respondent's answers

Better cycle routes especially past Gt and Lt Shelford school

5/20/2015 12:32 PMView respondent's answers

The parents who live in the village should either walk or bike their children to school and not use a car. If they do use a car then fine them.

5/20/2015 11:20 AMView respondent's answers

traffic calming measures to make walking/cycling safer

5/20/2015 10:29 AMView respondent's answers

Parking restrictions

5/20/2015 10:07 AMView respondent's answers

don't know

5/20/2015 8:43 AMView respondent's answers

Cycling path to make it safer to cycle to the school with children.

5/20/2015 8:38 AMView respondent's answers

Road improvements/repairs. Also pavements are very narrow in places.

5/20/2015 7:32 AMView respondent's answers

A cycle path on Whittlesford Rd starting outside Lt Shelford as far as possible towards WHittlesford

5/20/2015 7:27 AMView respondent's answers

Wider paths/cycle paths.

5/20/2015 7:13 AMView respondent's answers

Cycle to school, school event

5/20/2015 7:04 AMView respondent's answers

Allow the congestion to continue. Increase parking. Make it even more difficult to navigate in and out of that stretch of road. What are NOT needed are measures which will speed up and increase the traffic flow thereby attracting even more through traffic.

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There's not enough parking anywhere in the village to park further away, then walk children to school. We lived too far away to walk from home when mine were at the school & being dyspraxic, they couldn't cycle

5/20/2015 6:16 AMView respondent's answers

Don't know

5/20/2015 4:58 AMView respondent's answers

A pedestrian/cycle path across the fields from Little Shelford, so kids avoid Bridge Lane traffic. Cycling will always be difficult as the Church St & Bridge lane wind a lot and are too narrow for cycle paths to be installed.

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School competition. Encouraging exercise to keep healthy by school. House points awarded.

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Make it safer! The pavement from Little Shelford is very narrow at certain points and has two way pedestrian traffic and several people have had their elbows clipped by vehicles as they walk along. If you have small children on the pavement on scooters or bikes it is even more difficult. As a regular cyclist with my 2 young girls on the road there are several times a week when cars pass by too fast, overtake on blind corners and also vehicles (trucks and lorries) which seem much too large for the narrow roads passing through. Something must be done to reduce the speed of the traffic and to discourage the traffic to pass through the village.

5/19/2015 9:58 PMView respondent's answers

Cycle paths, reduce parking along Church Street, so that cyclists are not required to pull out onto oncoming traffic. Speed bumps to reduce traffic speed along Church Street. Replace existing zebra crossing with a light controlled crossing, as cars often fail to stop eg van drivers texting at he wheel

5/19/2015 8:49 PMView respondent's answers

Implement a reward system at school

5/19/2015 8:18 PMView respondent's answers

Safer walk ways

5/19/2015 7:42 PMView respondent's answers

Safer route - pavements very narrow in certain places and vehicles pass very closely.

5/19/2015 7:05 PMView respondent's answers

less available parking near school

5/19/2015 7:05 PMView respondent's answers

Parking restrictions in Church Street, Great Shelford plus a safe cycleway is possible

5/19/2015 6:45 PMView respondent's answers

No idea! The starting points for parents and their children who attend the school vary tremendously, so organising bus services would be very difficult (to say nothing of funding them). And getting buses to the school is a challenge in itself, due to the unsuitability of Church Street for buses and the lack of a turning circle at the school (or anywhere one could be placed). So public transport solutions aren't easy. And private transport is hard to 'police': it's all very well saying everyone should walk or cycle their child to school, but some parents with children at the school live beyond tolerable walking distance for their children, or don't have bicycles. We are fortunate enough to live close enough to walk, so we do, but that's not the case for everyone. The only solutions that spring to mind are 1) to disbar anyone who lives more than walking distance from the school, but that is unfairly draconian and might leave many on the fringes of the catchment area without access to a school, so shouldn't be seriously considered. 2) Encourage car-sharing. However, this is difficult for the smaller attendees of the school, who all require child seats. Not all families have two or three in their car and could take extra children, even if they wanted to.

5/19/2015 6:27 PMView respondent's answers

I use the car because of time constraints in getting to and from work around school hours and walking all the way is not an option. I tend to park in the village and then walk in the mornings to avoid driving down church st and maybe more would do that if parking was more restricted, it was one way or there were traffic lights. There needs to be ample parking in the village though or else it will just be moving the problem. A zebra crossing at the bottom of Woollards Lane could make it safer for the older children to walk to school on their own.

5/19/2015 6:25 PMView respondent's answers

A pick up point either Little Shelford side of Church Street or near the recreation ground.

5/19/2015 5:26 PMView respondent's answers

Not sure, but it's currently very hostile to cycling

5/19/2015 4:59 PMView respondent's answers

If there was a double yellow line alongside the church street so that people were totally prevented to park there, they would have to park in the village centre and around and walk to school

5/19/2015 4:40 PMView respondent's answers

Safer route for cycling, especially from Little Shelford

5/19/2015 4:37 PMView respondent's answers

Maybe group walks (walking buses) from a car park area in the village every 10 minutes, or a lollipop lady/man to supervise crossings.

5/19/2015 3:10 PMView respondent's answers

Removal of parking spaces outside the school so that parents are forced to park further away and walk. Provision of park and walk schemes. Use of local establishments car parks. Stapleford School used to operate a park and walk scheme using the car park of the Rose Public House.

5/19/2015 3:09 PMView respondent's answers

pavement wider? zebra crossing on road with estate agents and park, getting to the parkside can be hazardous

5/19/2015 2:55 PMView respondent's answers

Making the route to school feel safer for children and parents. Exploring the provision of routes away from traffic.

5/19/2015 2:52 PMView respondent's answers

If the school wasn't a church school, the children would be picked on how close they were to the school, not whether they attended the church. Chuch going families often live a lot further out of the village, with local children, who could walk being forced to attend other schools out of the immediate local area. A crossing lady/man along the high street would also be beneficial. Cycling on the road is very dangerous in Shelford, especially when people don't adhere to the 30 mile per hour speed limit, there needs to be a 20 mile hour limit, with speed bumps and no parking on Church Street. There could be a dropping area for elderely/disabled people attending the church, otherwise everyone should be made to walk from the car parks in the village centre.

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Make the roads safer.

5/19/2015 2:28 PMView respondent's answers

Forcing drop-off further away from the school

5/19/2015 2:19 PMView respondent's answers

Ban all parking along church st except for traffic using the church for deliveries and using for essentials ie hearse vehicles etc

5/19/2015 2:18 PMView respondent's answers

No parking outside the church or school

5/19/2015 1:42 PMView respondent's answers

It is difficult for working parents not to drive when they have a final destination to get to and they have to drop off quickly. The village is so much more busy that even finding a parking space there is proving difficult.

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Walking on narrow pavements with young children with cars travelling at 30mph or more and cyclists alternating between pavement and road is always stressful. Have been clipped by a car wing mirror and almost squashed when two trucks passing on the bridges mounted the pavement rather than slow down and allow each other to pass. Speed limit should be reduced to 20mph with speed sign to alert drivers to their speed. When there are traffic light system in operation drivers accept the waiting time because they know they will get their allotted time to drive along Church st.

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open school entrance in burristead rd

5/19/2015 1:16 PMView respondent's answers

Need a cycle path (or shared path on pavement) on High Street or Woollards Lane from Cambridge Road to school. This route not safe for young children to cycle on road. Also need more covered bike stands outside the school itself, or alternatively a scooter store so that there is more space for bikes.

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No parking near the school

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I think if pupils live locally they should walk/cycle anyway and of course the church's location in relation to the school does hinder a problem if double lines were put outside the church. Single yellow lines with time restrictions on? With the new house being built on the old farm land, this will increase traffic but also means there could have been an opp for temp drop off car park to be put there?

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Further reduce parking on Church Street

5/19/2015 11:46 AMView respondent's answers

teaching at an early age that walking cycling is good for you.

5/19/2015 11:26 AMView respondent's answers

Reduce available parking spaces

5/19/2015 11:07 AMView respondent's answers

not really a soultion for working parents who dont work next to the school

5/19/2015 10:56 AMView respondent's answers

If the roads felt safer, perhaps more people would cycle. There is no safe place to cross for people living on the Ashen Green side of the High Street so older children cannot go by themselves. If people who lived further from the school could drop their children at a walking bus stop, and then get on their way to work etc, that might help?

5/19/2015 10:06 AMView respondent's answers

reduce traffic arround the school, not safe as it is

5/19/2015 9:41 AMView respondent's answers

"Walking buses", possibly run by school/local authority. Cycling is limited by the heavy traffic throughout the village and lack of safe cycling routes esp. A1301.

5/19/2015 9:32 AMView respondent's answers

Most parents are walking and cycling, those that are driving have reason to do so, medical issues etc.

5/19/2015 9:18 AMView respondent's answers

Create a safe route for cyclists, pedestrians, scooters and pushchairs, between Little and Great Shelford. At the moment it is very dangerous to walk, scoot or bike along the road between Little and Great Shelford at school drop off and pick up times. The pavement and road are too narrow. For this reason, I never allow my children to bike or scoot to school.

5/19/2015 9:15 AMView respondent's answers

Barriers to protect children along church st

5/19/2015 9:08 AMView respondent's answers

praying is good

5/19/2015 9:06 AMView respondent's answers

reduce parking outside school

5/19/2015 9:03 AMView respondent's answers

The previous vicar used to lead a walking bus to school once a week. Members of the community may be willing to do this more often.

5/19/2015 8:53 AMView respondent's answers

Cycling with children on the stretch outside the school Is currently dangerous due to the combination of parked cars, reduced visa kloth and high volumes of both school and commuter traffic; drivers are focused on guessing when they can go/ cars coming rather than child cyclists. Improving the traffic there is a priority to encourage cyclists

5/19/2015 8:34 AMView respondent's answers

Make pavements safer for walking by calming and controlling traffic flow, with street table (mattress) and safe crossing point, also consider traffic lights at peak hours; this will also make road safer for bicycles, including those with children.

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Better cycle provision - dangerous for children to have to weave in and out of cars

5/19/2015 8:02 AMView respondent's answers

stop parking on that road and make people use the car park in the village which is only a few minutes walk away.

5/19/2015 7:36 AMView respondent's answers

Some parents live all the way down cambridge road/ Hinton way will have to drive, you could make the school catchment smaller

5/19/2015 6:53 AMView respondent's answers

Better education at the school and yellow lines outside school and church

5/19/2015 6:17 AMView respondent's answers

The narrow path over the railway bridge and lack of crossing points on Cambridge Road add to the difficulties for us. As I mentioned road safety before the bridge especially compounds this. Also traffic is steadily getting heavier and angry drivers seldom make good drivers in my experience. For us safety is the main factor.

5/19/2015 12:55 AMView respondent's answers

Points for walking to school or allocated car parking on a plot of land near the school then walking to the school from the car park. More allocated bike parking. Even a cycle to school scheme to help purchase bikes. Problem with Shelford is cycling on the road for young children. The school needs an alternative entrance v

5/19/2015 12:20 AMView respondent's answers

I believe patents try to avoid the busy areas and busy times, but many have to go to work straight after the school run. They have as much right to becin Chirch Street as longer distance drivers using the route as a short cut from the A10

5/18/2015 11:38 PMView respondent's answers

Clearer cycle designation on the roads

5/18/2015 11:10 PMView respondent's answers


Better footpaths

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Distance parking

5/18/2015 10:49 PMView respondent's answers

More cycle routes, expanded breakfast club to enable parents to drop children at school earlier, walking buses (i.e. organised supervised walking parties picking up children en route to school).

5/18/2015 10:42 PMView respondent's answers

More parking in the village for parents to walk their children for the last half mile.

5/18/2015 10:34 PMView respondent's answers

More walking buses

5/18/2015 10:28 PMView respondent's answers

Car park away from road

5/18/2015 10:17 PMView respondent's answers


5/18/2015 10:13 PMView respondent's answers

No parking next to school. Not safe to cycle down to school especially high street ibto church Street

5/18/2015 9:58 PMView respondent's answers

I think most people who can do walk...I think the traffic problems are caused by commuters

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No parking outside school just disabled parking or residence only

5/18/2015 9:52 PMView respondent's answers

Provide incentives to children

5/18/2015 9:51 PMView respondent's answers

Slowing the traffic down through Little Shelford and over the bridges in particular. A regular walking bus,

5/18/2015 9:42 PMView respondent's answers

Make use of "walking bus".

5/18/2015 9:36 PMView respondent's answers

No, those who can walk, do.

5/18/2015 9:19 PMView respondent's answers

Not an option for me as I drive my kid on the way to work

5/18/2015 9:18 PMView respondent's answers

Make the cycle route safer eg. by reducing the speed limit in the school and by discouraging people from using the route as a rat run.

5/18/2015 9:13 PMView respondent's answers

Not sure, there are already good footpaths plus a crossing.

5/18/2015 8:59 PMView respondent's answers

Make the road safer!!!!! As a cyclist going past the school at busy times, it does not feel safe as there is not the space on the road and other vehicle users do not account for cyclists

5/18/2015 8:57 PMView respondent's answers

Putting double yellow lines outside the majority of the school. A cycle scheme

5/18/2015 8:54 PMView respondent's answers

Make it safer

5/18/2015 8:52 PMView respondent's answers

Difficult as most parents would usually only drive due to necessity because parking is so difficult to find. Most driving parents seem to live far out of the village centre/away from the school eg. cambridge road, Hinton way or little shelford (but many park in village and walk up to school.) they are often working parents dropping children and going straight to work but it is sometimes parents with reception aged children who have young siblings or babies try to park near the school. The latter couldn't be persuaded to cycle but perhaps KS2children and parents could?

5/18/2015 8:47 PMView respondent's answers

I think if people live close enough then they should, eg in the village centre however those that live on cambridge road can be at the furthest point a mile from the school and some provision should be made for those to drive. Eg a parking permit to allow parking near the school for those on the outskirts of the shelfords.

5/18/2015 8:47 PMView respondent's answers

Many families already cycle, lift-share, distance park and the children at the school are keen on scooting and cycling as evidenced by the full and overflowing bike racks on site. Most families have two working parents and I would suggest that a great many have altered their working days as far as possible around school times/childcare and are trying to both do the best for their kids and their employer by getting to or from school and work as swiftly as possible. Personally, I am at the school 3 times a day for drop offs/pick ups and park in the village for the first and last of those but to distance park for all three of those occasions would be very difficult - it already seems silly that it takes such a long time for me to do the 'round trip' for a drop off or pick up and knowing that I can park close-by for one trip makes all the difference to what I can accomplish, or how I manage the welfare of my younger child in the time remaining. This is to say that reducing parking near the school would affect school families and staff adversely and maybe only increase problems at peak times as people drive up and down trying to get one of the few spaces. Additionally I believe that the row of parked cars makes the pavement safer for my children to walk along. I would be very concerned for their safety if traffic were driving on the side of the road next to the school.

5/18/2015 8:41 PMView respondent's answers

Resident only parking along church Street and enforcement of illegal parking.

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5/18/2015 8:37 PMView respondent's answers

As parents who work need to park close to school to enable them to be at work in time for 9 o'clock, opening school at 8.30 would facilitate these parents distance parking and walking

5/18/2015 8:36 PMView respondent's answers

No as this is already used very well

5/18/2015 8:34 PMView respondent's answers

20mph speed limit, speed bumps outside school and along high street and woollards lane, improve railway bridge on Cambridge road for pedestrians and cyclists, more safe crossing points and improve village parking for those parking further from school and walking.

5/18/2015 8:33 PMView respondent's answers

Encourage parents to park further from the school and have a "walking train" think that's what they are called, pupils have a meeting point and are escorted by volunteers either parents or teachers.

5/18/2015 8:33 PMView respondent's answers

Wider pathways, cycle paths, less traffic for example big lorries ect

5/18/2015 8:30 PMView respondent's answers

Protected cycle route would be nice but not practical. No parking outside of the school would allow the traffic to flow but would speed up the traffic close to children and cyclist's. I'm not sure what you can do. Historical village with narrow winding streets. ..

5/18/2015 8:29 PMView respondent's answers

Make the pavements safer for pedestrians. Allow children to be dropped off earlier and picked up later- my children's new school has free supervision for half an hour before and after school- only requires one staff member in playground to supervise and makes life much easier for time pressed parents

5/18/2015 8:27 PMView respondent's answers

Nothing since we walk and cycle as often as we can but both my wife and I work full time so we need to have the possibility to drop the kids in the morning at breakfast club and pick them up after school club

5/18/2015 8:18 PMView respondent's answers

Cycling would require a safer route. I currently do not trust other road users to have my children cycle on the road

5/18/2015 8:09 PMView respondent's answers

Double yellow lines

5/18/2015 8:01 PMView respondent's answers