Shelford School traffic survey Q6 analysis

Suggestions Number
Make routes safer! Slow traffic - 20 mph speed limit. Improve pavements, footpaths, surfaces are treacherous and pavements too narrow, especially on Bridge Street and Woolards Lane.  More and better pedestrian crossings. Barriers to protect children from traffic, keep pavements free of debris and shrubbery. Traffic calming. Traffic lights. Get bikes off the pavements.  At the moment parked cars provide a safety barrier. Reduce the number of HGVs on the road. Increased and better signage. Safety to be improved on all roads if more people are to walk.  The railway bridge very dangerous as parts of the High Street. 83
Better cycle paths/safer cycling/cycle lanes espcially High Street, Church Street, Wooolards Lane and Bridge Street. Cycling tuition for parents and children. Improve road surface so that bikes can be on the road not the pavement. Much more provision for cyclists.  At the moment cycling too dangerous because of heavy traffic. Increase facilities to park bikes and trailers. 48
Parental and School influence - House points/Beat the streets/Health benefits/make use of govt schemes? 39
Ban all parking on Church street except for residential and disabled. Police illegal parking. No parking in adjacent roads including Peacocks, Kings Mill Lane 38
Nothing can be done - some parents have to use the car as they work. Other children have medical needs/issue and walking safely is not achievable.  Some children have very young siblings/babies.  Some parents make multiple stops every day 35
Reduce parking outside of school except for disabled/residents parking. Increase double yellow lines. 33
Parking in village and at the recs/designated parent only parking at certain times. Could parking at public houses be used? 33
Use walking buses - daily and also early for breakfast club users. Involve members of the community. 26
No answer/don’t know what to do 21
Collection/drop off points eg at both Recreation grounds/on the fringes of the villages, longer school provision - breakfast clubs and after school clubs, open school earlier and stay open longer. 13
Majority do walk 13
Paths through fields for pedestrians/cyclists - from Great Shelford but also Manor Road and Kings Mill Lane, the back of Peacock's and Buristead Road 12
Stop through traffic - at present road is a major artery 7
End faith discrimination at the school so that only village children who will walk can attend. Change school admission policy to make catchment area smaller. 7
Make Church Street and adjoining roads one way 4
Ban cars from families who live within a 1/2 mile radius of school from driving or fine them. 3
Move the school. 2
Create a private school car park 4
Open school earlier 2