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Shelford School traffic survey

The results of the Shelford School traffic survey are now in. The online and offline survey took place in May and June 2015 with 337 people taking part. All the answers are included below.

Great Shelford and Little Shelford Parish Councils are working together in an attempt to come up with a solution to the ever increasing problem of traffic along Church Street near the Great and Little School.

Concerned parents, Parish Councillors, District Councillors and County Councillors, the Great and Little Shelford School Head teacher and a County Council Highways Officer for the area met in April 2015 to try to think about some solutions.

Now the survey has been completed, the group will meet again, discuss the suggestions and report any recommendations to the local Parish Councils for their formal approval before they are submitted to the County Council.

Any final decision will be made by Cambridgeshire County Council. 



Question 2 Do you use Church Street in Great Shelford on a regular basis? If so on what days, and at what times? - responses

Question 4 If your children are at the school, how do you take them to school? - responses

Question 5 Is there an alternative dropping off point for your school children? - responses

Question 5 analysis

Question 6 What do you think can be done to encourage more walking and cycling to the school - responses

Question 6 analysis

Question 7 Do you think changes need to be made? - responses

Question 8 What improvements / suggestions do you have that would improve the road outside of the village school? - responses

Question 8 What improvements/ suggestions do you have that would improve the road outside of the village school - analysis

Question 9 Are there any other suggestions or comments? - responses



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