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Shelford Medical Practice News                                                                          April 2015


Thank you for the used stamps

Marion Lockhart, who retired from her post as Reception Manager last year, continues to collect used stamps that are handed in at the Health Centre.  She sends them to the Multiple Sclerosis Society who convert them into donations to the charity.  She has asked me to thank everyone who brings the stamps in.  Last year, £1,500 was raised locally for multiple sclerosis research.


On line access to your medical information

We continue to expand the services that are available to you online.  You are now able to see summary information about your medications, allergies and sensitivities.  You can register to gain access to online services by asking our receptionists.  The services you will be able to use are: make appointments; cancel appointments; see your repeat prescriptions; request further repeats; see other medications that have recently been prescribed; view any allergies or sensitivities that have been recorded for you.


Weight management

Our Healthcare Assistants and nurses, as well as our GPs, are able to offer support if you are trying to lose weight.  They can refer you to specialist weight management consultants, and to the gym, and give you pointers to other resources that will help you.  If you are already seeing one of our clinicians for any matter, just ask them about what is available, and they will be happy to help.


Smoking cessation

I recently wrote to a number of our patients to offer help to stop smoking.  There are national services available, and also local ones.  We can help at the practice.  If you want to stop smoking, do get in touch.  We have trained Stop Smoking Advisors at the practice, so in addition to advice from your GP, we are also able to offer you friendly, non-judgemental one-to-one extended support.  This starts with an initial 30-minute appointment with one of the trained advisors, who will discuss quitting and advise you on appropriate nicotine replacement therapy.  Pharmacological aids are offered in order to increase your chances of quitting successfully.  There is a follow-up 20-minute appointment.  Regular support is offered for several weeks.  This can be by telephone, if you prefer.  We also have a selection of leaflets at the surgery.


To start the process, please phone the surgery (843661), and ask for a 30-minute “Smoking Cessation” appointment. 


Jennet Ashton

Practice Manager  01223 843661

Website: www.shelfordmedicalpractice.nhs.uk