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Proposed Great Shelford road changes

Great Shelford Parish Council Highways Proposals August 2015

  • Issues and Objectives
  • Financial Background and Other Constraints
  • Consultation Process
  • Summary of Proposals
  • What Isn’t on the Agenda?
  • Detailed Proposals: – High Green/High Street – Hinton Way – Tunwells Lane – Woollards Lane – Church Street
  • Costs and Timescales
  • Enforcement 
Issues and objectives

– Increasing volumes of traffic on Great Shelford roads, leading to congestion and near ‘road rage’; motorists driving on pavements, etc. 
– HGV deliveries in Woollards Lane adding to congestion and creating risks for drivers attempting to overtake.
– Inconsiderate parking creating obstructions and restricting drivers’ view when exiting side roads. 

– Main objective is to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. 
– Need to do this, as far as possible, without losing parking spaces, which would impact businesses and residents.
– Need also to ensure that operation of local businesses (deliveries in particular) is not affected.
– The village will have to fund any changes – therefore costs must be contained.
– We need to produce a package which will produce real benefits over a short period of time and then keep monitoring the results on a regular basis.

Financial background and other constraints
  • Cambridgeshire County Council has no money in it’s budget to fund local Highways improvements; therefore the Village will have to fund any desired changes. Obviously, GSPC has limited reserves and extensive changes would require further rises in the precept. 
  • Only exception is that there may be an LHI (Local Highways Improvement Initiative) grant of up to £10,000 available. 
Consultation process
  • The Highways Committee has consulted widely with residents and local businesses. 
  • A significant number of residents have also attended Highways Committee meetings where these proposals have been developed during the spring and summer. Copies of the proposals have been made available in the Library.
  • Consultation meetings are being held in the Pavilion on 24 and 26 August and 3 September (all 1900), followed by a village meeting in the Memorial Hall on 8 September (1930).
  • Several meetings have been held with CCC technical and legal staff to formulate the proposals.
  • A site meeting was held with the Cambridgeshire Police Traffic Management Officer in early August.
  • Following the village meeting, CCC will undertake the normal process of advertising for Traffic Regulation Orders.
Summary of proposals

Minor changes are proposed in: – High Green/High Street – Tunwells Lane/Elms Avenue – Hinton Way 
More significant changes in: – Woollards Lane – Church Street These changes are described in detail in the following pages. 

What isn't on the agenda?

  • This phase of traffic changes is almost wholly about safety. Therefore we have not specifically considered the following: – Parking problems – residents parking, timed parking bays, etc. – Traffic flow, rat running, etc. – though we do believe reduced speed limits, pedestrian crossing in Woollards Lane will help discourage through traffic. 
  • We also believe that the following are not appropriate at this stage: – One way system (or splitting Woollards Lane in two). This would increase traffic volumes and (potentially) encourage rat running. – Street furniture such as chicanes, speed bumps, etc. These are costly, impede emergency services and would affect the character of the village. 
  • There are things we simply can’t afford, e.g., even if we thought it desirable, traffic lights in Church Street would cost many tens of thousands of pounds. 
High Green and High Street proposals

1.1 Remove parking bay outside no 20 to improve visibility for drivers existing from lane. 
1.2 Refresh all road markings 
1.3 Remove yellow lines from lay by to give three additional parking spaces. 
1.4 Change parking restrictions outside Post Office and on E side of High Green to one hour 0800-1830 M-F and 0800-1200 Sat. Other bays on W side remain unrestricted. 
1.5 Start of 20mph zone outside Lloyds Bank. 
See 4.1 below for more details

Hinton Way proposals

2.1 Double yellow lines at Chaston Road junction N and S sides of Hinton Way to improve visibility for traffic exiting Chaston Road. 
2.2 Double yellow lines at Orchard Road junction N and S sides of Hinton Way to improve visibility for traffic exiting Orchard Road.
2.3 ‘Warning Pedestrians Crossing’ signs approximately 100m either side of Fox’s Hill junction to protect pedestrians crossing to use the bus stop. 

Tunwell Lane proposals

3.1 Double yellow lines at Elms Avenue junction W side of Tunwells Lane only to improve visibility for traffic exiting Elms Avenue. 

Proposals - Woollards Lane HGV deliveries

All businesses in Woollards Lane were consulted in July and August. Only three have HGV sized deliveries (the rest are transit van or smaller): 
– McColls: 
  • One delivery around 0615 daily by Warburtons – not concerned about this. 
  • Weekly delivery by P&H around 1000 Monday. They have been parking across the front of Solutions and Haart and therefore obstructing car park entrance and exit. We have removed metal posts in the car park to allow them to make their deliveries from the car park
– Tescos 
  • Currently have large HGV deliveries, which can obstruct Woollards Lane for 1 hour+. Their store manager has agreed in principle to move the delivery to 0700 each day. 
– Days: 
  • One delivery around 0615 daily – not concerned about this. 
  • Further daily delivery by around 0830, which can’t be retimed. This will be done from the new HGV unloading/unloading bay (see item 4.8).
Woollards Lane proposals 

  • 4.1 20mph zone starting at traffic lights and extending the whole of Woollards Lane, down Church Street to the water Bridges and down High Street to Lloyds bank junction. The zone will apply to all the side roads in the zone. Will reduce speeds and improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. 
  • 4.2 approximately 9m of yellow lines E of the Deli removed. Will provide two additional parking spaces. 
  • 4.3 S side of Woollards Lane (ex the parking bays at the Memorial Hall and Boots/Tuckers) to be double yellow lined and no loading to prevent parking on that side.
  • 4.4 disabled bay outside bike shop moves to outside Days – facilitates zebra crossing and HGV loading bay. 
  • 4.5 build out of approximately 1.5m projecting into the road from the pavement outside Days, with drop kerbs. This will assist pedestrians crossing to /from the Memorial car park and prevent parking on the corner of Rayment’s driveway (marked as Crandall Way on the map). 
  • 4.6 improvement's to the pavement outside the Memorial car park, including a drop kerb – obviously, linked to 4.5. 
  • 4.7 ‘give way to oncoming vehicles’ sign outside Rayment’s driveway. Safety issue again.
  • 4.8 HGV only loading and unloading bay replacing the two bays outside the bike shop, but significantly longer. This will allow businesses to make deliveries when other arrangements have failed (e.g. in case of bad weather) and also prevent car parking in this area. 
  • 4.9 zebra crossing outside Cambridge Building Society. This will improve pedestrian safety and assist in slowing traffic. Also, taken with the HGV loading bay, it prevents any parking between the car park exit and Rayment’s driveway and therefore clears one of the major current bottlenecks. 
  • 4.10 approximately 5m of yellow line at the end of the current parking bay will be removed. This will allow one more parking space. 
  • 4.11 pavement from Tuckers Rentals W to be widened and higher kerb introduced to stop motorists driving on the pavement. This will also need a bollard at the end of Tuckers rentals parking. 
  • 4.12 ‘give way to oncoming vehicles’ sign at end of parking bay. Safety issue again.
Church Street proposals

  • 5.1 extend double yellow lines from Water Bridges by approximately 26m. This is a safety issue in that drivers coming from Little Shelford currently cannot see oncoming traffic until they reach a row of parked cars. 
  • 5.2 20mph zone starts here – see 4.1 above
Costs and timescales

  • Total costs of the proposals are likely to be in the range £31,000 - £46,000. A spreadsheet giving a detailed breakdown is available. A range is quoted, because many items on the CCC have a range of prices (e.g. a zebra crossing is quoted at £15,000-£25,000, depending on complexity, availability of power, etc.) All figures are subject to detailed design and validation by CCC and there may be a significant difference in the final figures. This may cause individual items to be deferred and/or to a need to increase the precept. 
  • As noted above, the cost of the zebra crossing in Woollards Lane will be £15,000-£25,000 and this is obviously the biggest single item. 
  • There may be an LHI (Local Highways Improvement Initiative) grant of up to £10,000 available. GSPC will apply for this grant to part fund the crossing. If the grant is not given, we have committed to funding the crossing ourselves. 
  • If the grant is given, it is likely that the funds will not be available until the second half of 2016. We will therefore need to discuss the precise timetable for implementing the proposals with CCC once we know whether we have obtained the LHI grant. 

There are obviously frequent abuses of the current parking regulations in the village. Implementing new regulations won’t improve matters without enforcement. 
Cambridgeshire Police have stated that they will not treat parking or speeding as a priority unless it is creating some form of danger. 
The only offer on the table from Cambridgeshire Police at the moment is for the parish councils to fund PCSO overtime to target parking enforcement. GSPC has agreed to provide £1,000 of funding for a trial period. This will provide 42 hours of enforcement over approximately 6 months. 
Longer term, we will be investigating with SCDC whether they should be taking on this role.