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Great Shelford Parish Council

2018 Council tax increase Parish Council statement

Great Shelford Parish Councillors

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on Nov 15 (external link to Great Shelford Parish Council website.)

Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Pavilion, Woollards Lane on

Wednesday 18th October 2017 at 1930hrs


  1. Present: Councillors Mike Nettleton (Chair), Bridget Hodge (Vice Chair), Malcolm Watson, Peter Fane, David Coggins, Richard Davies, Helen Harwood, Stefan Harris-Wright (Late Arrival), Simon Talbott, Ben Shelton (Also District Councillor), Charlie Nightingale (Also District Councillor) and Parish Clerk: Mike Winter

    County Councillors in attendance: Kevin Cuffley
    Two members of the public.
    Apologies Received & Accepted: Councillors Carrie Hillard, Barrie Ashurst and Angela Milson

  2. There was one declarations of interest received.

    •   Charlie Nightingale also a member of the Feast Committee and the Community Association

    •   Charlie Nightingale, Tim Nightingale on payment schedule

  3. The meeting was then adjourned for up to 10 minutes when members of the public were able to ask questions of the Council and put forward points of view in respect of the business on the agenda.
    Members of the Public

    Public Questions were taken on all issues after the Presentation as agenda item 4, Village Big Issues October Topic
    Questions & Answers

    •   Resident stated that presentation on Finances, was interesting but would benefit from more

      detailed and open information
      Chair confirmed that as these Big Issue topics develop the Parish Council would try to

      improve information presented and clarify more detail at the APM

    •   Resident questioned why his request for the Neighbourhood Watch was not on the

      Chair confirmed request was in its correct place as external correspondence but agreed

      to discuss request under the public session. Resident declined and wanted item on the agenda for public awareness and debate by the Parish Council. Chair agreed to agenda item for the next meeting.

  4. Village Big Issues Presentation, October Topic
    Finances, Outstanding Projects, Grange Field and 2018/19 Precept Implications Main Topics of Presentation

    •   Village consisted of around 4,300 residents in 2000 homes

    •   Parish Councils share of Council Tax was 5.6%

    •   SCDC increase in 2016/17 was limited to 2%, Parish Councils was unchanged from the

      previous year, though there was no cap on the precept.

    •   Parish Council produces a cautious budget for each year that is not always achieved in that

      year due to many circumstances but most projects are carried forward with their projected

      expenditure into the following year

    •   The Parish Council budgets and expenditure compares favourably with other surrounding

      Parish Councils

    •   S106 funds and reserves were necessary to expand the villages under provided Recreational

      Space and a number of sites were being considered


With no further issues raised by the public attending, the meeting was reconvened at

this point for the Parish Council Agenda

  1. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 20th September 2017 were confirmed as being an accurate record and were signed by the Chair

  2. Consider matters arising from meeting of 20th September 2017 (new information only) None

  3. Receive reports of Elected and Nominative Representatives a) District Councillor Ben Shelton verbally reported

    •   Paper caddies in the bin collections would end by 11th December when all paper could then be placed directly in the blue bins

    •   Community Chest grant awards had been made to Great Shelford Bowls Club and the Football Club

    •   Village Hero nominations were required for consideration

    •   Taxi drivers in Duxford had been charged with operating without correct details b) County Councillor Kevin Cuffley, October report circulated, main topics

    •   2017/18 Budget process commencing with a deficit of £37.5m. However £31.5 of savings had already been identified

    •   Three options for the A1307 LLF are under consideration

    •   The New Sawston Community Hub will be the new location for the Child and Family Zone,

      being an improvement from the existing BellBird School location

    •   Innovation Fund partnership meeting had taken place

    •   Local Highways Improvement Scheme (LHIS), five villages had applied / bid for funding review

      The Parish Council thanked Councillor Cuffley for his support and progress on TRO / PRO 372. Councillor Cuffley indicated some residents may appeal the decision and would advise as necessary

  4. Standing Committees and Officers Reports

    1. Highways Committee

      Minutes of the meeting of 19th September circulated October report circulated, main topics

      •   CCC Highways meeting of 27th September produced no timescales for the outstanding works Significant additional costs for the pedestrian crossing were indicated but the CCC officers were to review and hopefully resolve

      •   Station Road work was expected to be completed on 23rd October 2017

      •   LHI 2018, requested CCC safety survey and proposals to improve Granhams Corner for all road

        users and possibility of pedestrian central refuges in Cambridge Road

      •   LHI 2017, still awaiting CCC final scheme for two flashing school lights.

      •   LHI 2016 Highways changes, CCC now in a position to implement scheme

      •   Second Speed Indicator Device, 6 new positions identified and should be in place shortly.

      •   Bus Stop real time information displays requested from CCC. Committee approval on 14th


    2. Planning Committee

      Minutes of 27th September circulated. No additional information
      Station Road development planters were unacceptable as they could be moved by residents for street pavement parking

    3. Recreation Ground Committee
      Minutes of the meeting of 10
      th October circulated, main topics

      •   Review of Boiler House potential movement into the Memorial Hall with the Trustees of the

        Community Association

      •   Review of the Progress on the Master Plan

      •   Approval of expenditure to Design Stage for the Recreation Ground Utility Services extensions

    4. Cemetery and Allotments Committee October report circulated, main topics

Chair Councillor Helen Harwood, confirmed her resignation as Chair of the Committee


  •   Annual allotment Invoices were due for issue by the Clerk

  •   Stonehill water supply requires much work during the winter season in preparation for better use

    during summer periods

  •   Two complaints received re grass maintenance at Cemetery and that paths at the allotments had

    become narrow

  •   Garden Gang completed planting work in the High Street Freestones Corner flower bed was also


    Parish Council thanked all members of the Garden Gang for their hard and well done work

  1. Finance and General Purposes Committee

    Next Meeting 13th December 2017

  2. Neighbourhood Plan

    Councillor Peter Fane verbally reported, main topics

    •   Minutes of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 5 Oct 2017 had just been issued, main topics

    •   Finance & Administration to be reviewed with new Stapleford Parish Clerk when settled down in


    •   Agreement to fund 6 days work by Cambridgeshire Acre

    •   Draft plan would be available for consultation in Oct 2018

  3. Playscape Liaison Officer
    Eleanor McCrone on behalf of the Playscape Group sent report by e-mail, main topics

    •   Fun Run. Final total a great £5500.

    •   Planning permission. Surface water management progress outstanding

    •   Copse. The remains of a fire were recently found. Woodland plants are ordered along with bridge

      and stepping stones

    •   SSYI have chatted with 18-20 yr-olds again at the rec, all pleasant. SSYI keen to help in any way

      to get the skate area off the ground, stats for grant applications, blogs, fundraising events etc.

    •   Aviva Community Fund Entered Playscape for the Aviva Community Fund 2017

  4. Police Liaison Officer
    October report circulated, main topics

    •   A meeting with our designated PCSO re further anti-social behaviour around the Memorial Hall late

      at night. Police patrols will increase; Ollie from Romsey Mill will also increase his efforts to engage

      with the group.

    •   Next Police Panel Meeting at Sawston VC on 17th Oct, PCSO Julie Hajredini e-mail update

    •   Crimes reported from 6th September to 6th October.

      Two Burglaries Winners Lt Shelford and Gog Magog Way.
      Youths causing issues by using the cycle bay for purposes other than storing bikes at Gt Shelford Free Church.
      Stolen vehicle from Burwell found in Macaulay Avenue.

    •   Reports of youths on Gt Shelford recreation ground.

    •   General stuff.

    •   Two parking tickets issued in Great Shelford

  5. Social Media
    Assistant Clerk verbally reported, main topics Website

Uploaded backlog of Parish Council and Finance/General Purpose committee minutes and

agendas dating back to 2015. Newsletter

  •   Current mailing list size: 170

  •   Ave Open Rate: 60%

  •   Ave Click Rate: 30% Notice Boards

Removed all parish council related notices from the former post office notice board. j. Community Association

October report circulated, main topics
Meeting of the Executive Committee held 4th October


Trustees requested to attend the next Rec & Pav Committee meeting on the 10th October re the Boiler House proposals

  • The PC lease with the CA is being reviewed and an audit of H&S is underway for the whole building (Hall / Sports Club / Scout Hut).

  • The Community Association Committee continues to provide excellent facilities for the village and input a lot of time and effort into the smooth running of the Hall. The PC should continue to provide as much support as they are able.

  1. Parochial Charites & Schools No new updates

  2. Twinning Association
    Councillor Charlie Nightingale verbally reported that France partners will visit Great Shelford from 3 to 5
    th November

  3. Library
    No new updates

  4. Greater Cambridge Partnership (Previously LLF) Meeting scheduled in Trumpington next week

  5. Pavilion
    Minutes of the meeting of 10
    th October circulated, main topics

    •   Agreed Quotation for the Annual Maintenance of the Pavilion Security & Fire Alarm Systems.

    •   Agreed Quotation for the Annual Maintenance of the Pavilion Heating Systems. Status and Action

      necessary due to continued ASB around the Pavilion

  6. Christmas 2017 planning

    Christmas street Illuminations and Village Hall lights switch on to be 1830hrs Saturday 2nd December 2017
    Preparations ongoing

  7. Feast Liaison
    Potential contribution from Feast towards cost of extending service facilities discussed. A contribution from the Feast would be requested from 1 of 3 options
    Option 1. Full cost paid by Parish Council
    Option 2. Up to £10k funded by Feast
    Option 3. Up to £5k funded by Feast
    On a vote Option 2 was agreed and to be discussed with the Feast Committee

  1. Parish Councillor Training Options
    Clerk advised a programme from CAPALC of 3 separate 2/2.5hr training sessions, to be held in the Pavilion, dates to be discussed.
    Clerk to consult other local Parish Councils on participation

  2. Parish Councillor (All meetings) Apologies Procedure
    Clerk provided extract from Good Councillor Guide and Chair agreed that the procedure would be utilised.

  3. Parish Council Land Registry updates
    Clerk indicated that the Form provided by Land Registry was probably for new applications and looked unsuitable. Further discussions with Land Registry are required.

  4. Housing Needs Survey and its implications
    Item adjourned to next Parish Council meeting Agenda

13. Approve S137 application for SSYI funding, year 2017 / 2018 Annual Grant of £2,400 as previous years considered Proposed; Councillor Bridget Hodge
Seconded; Councillor Simon Talbott

Vote; Unanimous

14. Approve S137 application for Relate Cambridge funding, year 2017 / 2018 Annual Grant of £1,120 as previous years considered


Proposed; Councillor Helen Harwood Seconded; Councillor Simon Talbott Vote; For 10 Against 1
Grant Awarded

  1. Review and Approve Financial monthly accounts for payment and Note receipts
    Clerk’s schedule reviewed at meeting of Payments and Receipts for Month of October in Financial Year 2017 / 2018
    This was accepted with 17 cheques valued at £13,355-99p

  2. Bank account balances and any adjustments necessary to 2017/18 financial year end Bank account balances and FSCS limits reviewed.

    •   Application documents for an additional account at Cambridge & Counties Bank signed by

      Chair & Vice Chair for Clerk to progress and cheque signed for opening of the account.

    •   Further Cater Allen Private Bank application to be progressed by Clerk

  3. Review new external Correspondence

    •   Circus Tanya request to visit May 2018

      Details requested but no response received

    •   Request to discuss Neighbourhood Watch support

      Response covered in Agenda Item 3, Public Questions

    •   Replacement of lamp post SC9 Woodlands Close / Road

      Clerk to confirm proposal with SCDC

    1. Consider matters for future agenda consideration


    2. Meeting closed to public (Parish Council Members Only) for this item as HR topic
      Review process of the recent Highways activity and conduct / action of Parish Councillors. Parish and District Councillors, Shelton and Nightingale on legal advice chose not to take part in this item and withdrew from the meeting.

    3. With all Agenda items covered the Chair closed the meeting at 2130hrs. Reminders

Next Parish Council Meeting
Wednesday 15
th November 2017, 1930hrs at the Pavilion

Note. All the above is the official minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 18th October 2017 that have been reviewed by Parish Council with full adoption awaited at the next Parish Council meeting

Signed Date Chair
Great Shelford Parish Council

Stapleford community website


Minutes for 13th December 2016 meeting previously circulated e) Finance and General Purposes:

        •   Pavilion Roof drainage work imminent

        •   




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        Email: cllrnightingale@btconnect.com

        Name: David Whiteman-Downes
        Email: david.whitemandownes@gmail.com
        Tel: 07899 930416

        Member of Parliament

        Member of Parliament for Little Shelford

        Heidi Allen is the MP for South Cambridgeshire, which includes Little Shelford.
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