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Great Shelford Parish Council

Great Shelford Parish Councillors



Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Pavilion, Woollards Lane on

Wednesday 17th May 2017 at 1930hrs


1. Present: Councillors Mike Nettleton (Chair), Bridget Hodge (Vice Chair), Malcolm Watson, Peter Fane, Stefan Harris-Wright, Angela Milson, Barrie Ashurst, David Coggins, Richard Davies, Simon Talbott, Ben Shelton (District Councillor), Charlie Nightingale (District Councillor), and Parish Clerk: Mike Winter

County Councillors in attendance: Roger Hickford and Kevin Cuffley

Two members of the public.

Apologies Received: Councillors Helen Harwood and Carrie Hillard

2. There were two declarations of interest received.

 Councillor Mike Nettleton, Eagle Analysis Invoice on payment schedule.

 Councillor Helen Harwood (On behalf of in absence), garden gang expenses on payment schedule

The meeting was then adjourned for up to 10 minutes when members of the public were able to ask questions of the Council and put forward points of view in respect of the business on the agenda.

Questions & Answers

 Local neighbours having bonfires

Advised report to SCDC Environmental Services if causing a nuisance

With no further issues raised by the public attending, the meeting was reconvened at this point for the Parish Council Agenda

3. Election of the Chair of the Council for the year 2017 – 2018

Councillor Mike Nettleton to stand as Chair

Proposed; Councillor Simon Talbott

Seconded: Councillor Helen Harwood

Vote: Unanimous

4. Delivery of Chair Acceptance of Office

Declaration of Office Form for 2017/18 duly signed by Chair and Clerk

5. Election of the Vice-Chair of the Council for the year 2017 – 2018

Councillor Bridget Hodge to stand as Vice Chair

Proposed; Councillor Peter Fane

Seconded: Councillor Angela Milson

Vote: Unanimous

6. To Delivery of Vice- Chairman’s Acceptance of Office

Declaration of Office Form for 2017/18 duly signed by Chair and Clerk

7. Appointment of Chair and members to the following Committees, Officers for the year 2017 2018

a. Highways Committee i) Social Media Officer

b. Planning Committee j) Community Association

c. Recreation Ground Committee k) Parochial Charites & Schools

d. Cemetery and Allotments Committee l) Twinning Association

e. Finance and General Purposes Committee m) Library

f. Neighbourhood Plan Joint Committee n) Local Liaison Forum, City Deal


g. Playscape Liaison Officer o) Pavilion Manager

h. Police Liaison Officer

Clerk to post list on Notice Boards and Website Committee Lists, Officers Liaison, Project Leads and Information details of all Councillors for public circulation

8. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 10th April 2017 were confirmed as being an accurate record and were signed by the Chair

9. Consider Matters arising from meeting of 10th April 2017


10. Receive minutes of Annual Parish Meeting held on 19th April 2017 and to consider matters

requiring future action.

Item Adjourned to next Parish Council meeting, following issue of Draft minutes

11. Receive reports of Elected and Nominative Representatives

a) District Councillors Charlie Nightingale and Ben Shelton verbally reported as follows

 Cutting of overgrown hedge at Granhams Road junction was a subject of legal ownership and could not be done until resolved

 A compulsory purchase of the Tree Pub in Stapleford was being considered by SCDC as a Community Asset

 SCDC has an annual Community Chest Fund of £150,000. Organisations with Community Links can bid for individual grants up to £1500. At the time of the meeting there was still money available

b) New County Councillors Roger Hickford and Kevin Cuffley verbally reported and responded to questions as follows

 New Committees to be formed soon after recent elections

 Cycleway to Sawston verges overgrown and dangerous for use?

Some cut today but only cut twice per year

Sawston Parish Council working with County Council to resolve cycle way problems

If a safety issue will be reported to officers immediately

 Meeting with Highways Officer for ½ day to review all outstanding issues

12. Standing Committees and Officers Reports

a) Highways: May report previously circulated, main topics

 LHI changes, TRO issued but some errors to resolve

 Second Speed Indicator Device proposed

Proposed; Councillor Bridget Hodge

Seconded: Councillor Simon Talbott

Vote: Unanimous

Clerk to purchase as previous SID

 Parking for Railway Tavern developers contractors

Fenced area provided at rear of Village Hall for 8 to 10 vans

Clerk to invoice at £80 per day

 County Council will repair pot holes requested by Parish Council at a cost of £70 per hole but only after emergency pot hole repairs are completed.

This was rejected with all pot holes to be identified on County Council website for investigation

 Dangerous pavements and roads in the Village previously identified by a Parish Councillor survey but nothing repaired.

Clerk to try and locate previous survey results and allocations for a potential update

b) Planning: Minutes for 10th May 2017 meeting previously circulated

 No additional information


Clerk to obtain Post Office direction sign for installation alongside the Station direction sign at Station Road / London Road junction

c) Recreation Ground: May report previously circulated

 No additional information

d) Cemetery and Allotments: May report previously circulated

 No additional information

e) Finance and General Purposes:

No new updates

f) Neighbourhood Plan Joint Committee:

Minutes for 24th April 2017 meeting previously circulated

 No additional information

 RFO has resigned

 PC clerk requires greater clarification of expenditure from Neighbourhood Plan RFO

g) Playscape Liaison: Minutes of Group meeting on 24th March 2017 previously circulated

 No additional information

 Feast 2017 and proposals for 2018, new Cricket equipment and Football storage facilities to be reviewed prior to Master Pan completion and subsequent Planning application by Parish Council Rec & Pav representative

h) Police Liaison Officer: May report previously circulated

 No additional information

i) Social Media:

Website updating in progress

 Media requests up to 200 from 2,500 circulated

 Village News monthly responses needs resolving

j) Community Association:

No new updates

k) Parochial Charites & Schools:

No new updates

l) Twinning Association:

No new updates

m) Library:

No new updates

n) Local Liaison Forum, City Deal:

Workshops planned then Public Consultation

 A1307 issues to correct

 Elections may cause delays to next workshop

o) Pavilion: May report previously circulated, main topics

 Feast Liaison required

 Feast Liability Insurance to be on June payment schedule

 Summary of Sports Clubs costs & Contribution to be prepared for December 2017 F&GP Committee meeting

13. Review APM activities and considerations for APM 2018

Attendance good but ran out of time due to length of some reports. Meeting meant to reassemble after break for Question and Answer session but it did not occur and meeting dissolved

Proposals for improvements at APM 2018

 Shorten report time

 No break to Q&A session

14. Review, Council Policies, Standing Orders and Insurance for the year 2017 – 2018

No Changes proposed to existing 2016 - 2017 4

15. Review Applications for the vacant Replacement Parish Councillor in 2017

Clerk confirmed no applications received for vacant councillor position, circular to continue on Notice Boards and Website.

16. Review and Approve Financial monthly accounts for payment and Note receipts

Clerk Mike Winter presented a schedule at meeting of Payments and Receipts for Month of May in Financial Year 2017 / 2018

This was accepted with 18 cheques valued at £6,189 - 70p for payment

Tax and Payments situation for Village man to be reviewed at a future meeting

17. Appointment of Mr Hugh Holland as Internal Auditors for the year 2017 - 2018

Confirmation of Appointment Mr Hugh Holland as Internal Auditor for 2017 - 2018

Proposed; Councillor Mike Nettleton

Seconded: Councillor Ben Shelton

Vote: Unanimous

18. Review Planning arrangements for Village activities at Christmas 2017

Councillors Angela Milson and Carrie Hillard to assist with the preparations for Christmas 2017

19. Review new external Correspondence

a) Request for Gravestone, Mr Jan-Willem van den Braak, Plot 154

Agreed subject to suitable wording. Clerk to confirm

b) Shelford Support Group, request for status on public defibrillator

Councillor Angela Milson progressing and will advise asap

c) Ian Kydd, complaint on lack of maintenance at the Clay Pit

Councillor Bridget Hodge updating and resolving with Mr Kydd

20. Agree the Parish Council Meeting dates and location for 2017 - 2018

Clerk circulated proposed Meeting Dates for

a) Parish Council, F&GP and APM

b) Planning Committee

c) All other Committees Notified as necessary

Proposed; Councillor Malcolm Watson

Seconded: Councillor Simon Talbott

Vote: Unanimous

21. Consider matters for future agenda consideration


22. With all Agenda items covered the Chair closed the meeting at 2140hrs.


 Next Parish Council Meeting, Wednesday 21st June 2017, 7:30pm at the Pavilion.

Note. All the above is the official minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 17th May 2017 that have been reviewed by Parish Council with full adoption awaited at the next Parish Council meeting

Signed Date


Great Shelford Parish Council



Annual Parish Meeting held in the Memorial Hall, Woollards Lane on

Wednesday 19th April 2017 at 1900hrs


1. Present: Councillors Mike Nettleton (Chair) and other Parish Councillors, County Councillor Tony Orgee, Parish Clerk Mike Winter, various local sports club representatives, various representatives of local Associations/Schemes/Schools and well over 100 members of the public.

Apologies Received: None

2. Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting of 20th April 2016 were confirmed as being an accurate record and were signed by the Chair.

3. Parish Council Chair Annual Report, copy of full report was made available

Main topics undertaken during the past year covered as follows

 Riverbank development, cricket safety netting, and recreation ground maintenance outsourced.

 Speed Indicator device utilised, zebra crossing delayed due to County Council and new LHI Grant received for flashing school crossing warning signs

 Planning applications continued at high volumes

 Garden gang work at Cemetery & allotments

 Extensive Communications with Village residents on many high profile topics

 A new Parish Council Website was introduced and e-mail contact with interested residents established

 Three New Councillors took up position in the year and one has departed, leaving the Parish Council with one vacancy

 Deputies appointed for all Committee Chairs and an Assistant Clerk is being recruited

 Post Office in difficult circumstance was retained in the Village

No Questions or Comments

4. Key Issues for the Village in 2017/2018

Chair reviewed the Parish Councils view of the Key Issues as

a) Traffic and parking issues.

b) Provision of improved recreation facilities - Playscape and Grange Field.

c) Pressures on village facilities - school and surgery full, etc.

d) What else?

 Condition and state of roads throughout the Village was a concern to many residents

5. Reports from Parish’s Elected Representatives

a) County Councillor Tony Orgee, copy of full report was made available

Main topics covered as follows

 Logistics behind County Council Budget for 2017/2018

 LHI grant scheme and benefits to Great Shelford

 City Deal and the Local Liaison Forum (LLF) developments

 Cambridge Sporting Village development at Trumpington

 Local Government Boundary Commission review

No Questions or Comments

Tony Orgee publically announced that he was standing down at the next election as County Councillor. The Parish Council expressed their thanks for the extensive support and friendship given to the Village of Great Shelford over many years to Tony.

b) District Councillor Ben Shelton, copy of full report was made available

Main topics covered as follows 2

The Local Plan

 Boundary Commission

 Planning Performance

 Business Rates

No Questions or Comments

6. Reports from Chairs of Parish Council committees, copies of full reports were made available

Main topics covered as follows from the respective Chairs

a) Planning: Chair Councillor Bridget Hodge

 Approximately 100 planning applications and 40 tree works had been reviewed in 2016/2017

Final decision on Planning applications rests with the District Council

Felled trees are requested to be replaced

 The Local Plan is still in the process of examination in public and the District Council does not have the five year housing supply required by central government it is possible that in the future we may be subjected to speculative development applications within the green belt.

No Questions or Comments

b) Cemetery & Allotments: Chair Councillor Helen Harwood

 General maintenance of Cemetery and allotments undertaken by combination of Contractor, Village Man and the Garden Gang.

 New charging system introduced at allotments based on plot size

 The Garden Gang has been working on the High Street flowerbeds which were in a poor state of maintenance

No Questions or Comments

c) Recreation Ground & Pavilion: Councillor Richard Davies

 River Bank Project – the work on the restoration of the river bank on the recreation ground was completed in August 2016. There is still some tidying up to do and any suggestions for any further improvements welcomed.

 Playscape – the Playscape Project has now started with the work on the copse, the willow den and the wildflower planting all being completed

 The Tractor and its shed, all the mowing on the recreation ground is now carried out by our contractor, we were able to sell our tractor, its diesel tank and some implements. We were then able to have a re-organisation of the storage requirements for the village sports’ clubs and the Feast, which now means that the Feast’s old container in the Memorial Hall car park can be removed

 Sports’ Clubs – our clubs all continue to thrive with the cricket club winning promotion and the football club being continually successful.

 Pavilion – as an experiment we opened the pavilion during the February half-term break for groups to run as a "cafe", it worked fairly well and we will probably be looking to repeat this during other school holidays.

 2017/2018 – the main focus during the coming year will be on the Playscape Project and to continue our search for additional recreation space for the village.

No Questions or Comments

d) Highways: Chair Councillor Barrie Ashurst

 A portable battery operated SID (Speed Indicator Device) was purchased and has been in operation since Dec 2016. The unit can be mounted in six locations within the village

 LHI (Local Highways Initiative 2016). The PC made a successful bid to fund a zebra crossing in Woollards Lane. This project should have been completed by now but changes in staff resources at the County have meant significant delays. We are now hopeful that work will begin by early June, the position of the crossing has been the subject of a review by the County and it will now be positioned in front of Haarts/Solutions. Associated with the


crossing are some "parking changes" and the creation of a "loading bay" and moving the disabled bay in front of Tuckers.

 LHI 2016 associated works. A number of "yellow line" changes will be undertaken at the same time as the crossing is built. To make changes Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) need to be raised, these can be expensive if done individually and to reduce the cost we have bundled them all together. It is anticipated that these will take place in early June.

 A 20mph Speed limit. The new limit will be introduced in June within the central areas of the village (Woollards Lane / High Street / Church Street).

 LHI 2017. Again the County made funds available for local projects and the Parish Council made a successful bid for part funding of flashing signs for the school.

 LHI 2018. We will be submitting an application in Nov 2017 for funds for the financial year 2018-19. Some initial work has been done on ideas to improve the Granhams and High St junction especially for cyclists.

 Car Parking. We are aware that there are difficulties sometimes with parking availability and we are actively looking at longer term solutions to try and improve the situation. We undertook a snap survey on the use of McColls and Memorial car parks and a longer study of checking the free spaces available in the car parks over a 5 week period checking at 10am and 2pm, this revealed that spaces are normally available. Parking enforcement is an ongoing issue, at present within South Cambs it is a police matter

 Road Markings. There are many areas in and around the village where the markings are in a poor state, as part of the crossing works we are hoping to have a lining contractor available to undertake remedial works and we are building a list of priorities.

Questions or Comments

 Condition of white lines at Church Street crossing,

Parish Council to review and improve with other lining if possible

 Condition of pavements around the village

Not an issues the Parish Council can control

 Yellow line proposals at Elms Avenue

The TRO proposal will be advertised for consultation and any objections can be lodged at that time

 Village wide request for idea’s at Granhams Road junction?

7. Reports from the Parish Council’s representatives bodies, copies of full reports were made available

Main topics covered by report headings

a) Neighbourhood Plan: Peter Fane, Chair

 Joint Plan for Stapleford and Great Shelford

 Inception meeting held on 4th April 2017

 Spotlight Groups formed for Travel & Transport, Village Amenities, Greenspace and Housing

 Aim to produce an integrated plan based on long term view of village needs

No Questions or Comments

b) Playscape: Eleanor McCrone: GSP Chair

 Great Shelford Playscape was formed in Feb ‘15 to engage with the local community, commission an inspiring design to transform the play provision and raise funds to realise this vision. GSP initially conducted many community focus groups & an online questionnaire.

 The PC appointed Erect Architecture in Nov ‘15 to produce a masterplan for the recreation ground.

 Update April 2017, this past year has seen the start of fundraising, continued consultation, & collaboration with the SSYI to implement parts of the master plan near the copse.

 Mar 2016 – Draft Masterplan Public Consultation.

 Apr 2016 – Sponsored "It’s A Knockout!" on the rec raised a brilliant £12,000!


May 2017 – Ongoing discussions with the PC & SSYI about the Copse project.

 Jul 2016 – Stall at the Feast and further discussions with the Tennis club.

 Aug 2016 – Copse Consultation & advice from Wildlife Trust.

 Sept 2016 – Copse Project Starts: Landscape Architect Sophie O’Hara Smith appointed to do the detailed design. Project funded generously by the SSYI (both funding and volunteering) and augmented by the Co-op Community Fund.

 Oct 2017 - Sponsored Abseil down St Mary’s Church tower. Raised a great £6,000.

 Nov 2016 - Pre-planning meeting with Officer. Detailed design briefing with stakeholders

 Dec 2016 – Basketball / Football Practice area online survey.

 Jan 2017 – PC agree to fund the pedestrian entrance, service point & new car parking

 Feb/Mar 2017 - SSYI mark out & plant meadow areas, build willow den.

 Mar 2017 - Public consultation on revised masterplan & detailed design of the Playscape.

We continue to welcome any help or expertise, particularly with fundraising, so please get in touch

No Questions or Comments

c) Governing Body of Great and Little Shelford Primary School: Peter Ede, Chair of Governors

 The school has had another successful year. For the first time in very many years we have been at our capacity of 210 pupils. However, our budget situation remains extremely precarious; as Cambridgeshire is very near the bottom of the list of local authorities as far as school funding is concerned.

 At Christmas we were very sorry to say farewell to Mr Walker after just two years here as Deputy Head. After temporary arrangements for the spring term we are delighted to have appointed Mr Nicholas Cuff to the Deputy Head and Year 4 teacher position from April.

 The PTA has continued to do a magnificent job under the enthusiastic leadership of Charlie Russell. Fundraising reached £23,000 in the school year 2015/16, and has continued apace in the current year.

 As well as the welcome fundraising, the PTA events have greatly contributed to the community feel of the school and its contribution to village life.

 The school benefits hugely from the support of the local community, in particular the churches and the Feast, and we were delighted that the children were again able to contribute musically to the Feast celebrations, as well as using the marquee for a disco organised by the PTA.

No Questions or Comments

d) Sawston Village College: Jonathan Culpin, Principal

 Perhaps the most significant development was the decision of the College to join forces with Bassingbourn Village College, Bottisham Village College and Netherhall School to form one organisation. The purpose of such a multi academy trust, known as Anglian Learning, is to share best practice, promote collaboration, and support and challenge each other to drive up standards. It is also the case that each school faces huge challenges financially and it is our goal that a larger organisation can drive down costs, so that finite resources can be directed to supporting teaching and learning. At the same time we are committed to retaining the individual identity of each school, something which is paramount at a school like Sawston Village College with its unique history.

 In the summer 2016, our examination results placed us just outside the top 10% of state schools in the country. What is especially pleasing is that pupils coming from disadvantaged backgrounds made the same level of progress as all pupils nationally, something that is a key driver of social mobility. The number of pupils achieving A*/A grades also remained very high, and many pupils progressed to Hills Road and the other sixth form colleges.

 The Sawston Community Hub, to be built next to the Marven Centre, looks set to start construction in late spring, providing a much needed local library and children’s centre for the village. The Sports Centre has added additional capacity through an enlarged


AstroTurf and community orientated classes such as a Cancer Rehabilitation Group, while Adult Learning retains a vibrant and diverse programme.

 The College also remains committed to supporting other schools and was extremely pleased to be awarded National Support School status in recognition of its academic achievement and success in school improvement.

 There are challenges ahead. There are huge changes in GCSE, the recruitment of teachers at a time of a national shortage (exacerbated by the high costs of living in and around Cambridge), and a decline in real terms funding of about 8% are just some of the pressures we find ourselves under. But we have a great team of staff, engaged and enthusiastic pupils, and a supportive community, and we are determined to keep improving and broadening the opportunities for our young people.

No Questions or Comments

e) Shelford Twinning Association: Colin Jefferson, Chairman

 We have had another successful year in terms of the growth of activities, the growth in membership, ‘balancing the books’ through fund-raising activities and continuing to develop our links with Verneuil-en-Halatte. We received a very generous gift from the Shelford Feast Committee and Little Shelford Parish Council towards our children’s activities which are much appreciated.

 Our secretary has been working closely with choirs in Shelford and in Verneuil-en-Halatte to organise a French choir tour to the Shelfords. I can reveal that the concerts will take place at the beginning of November 2017 in Shelford.

 We aim to hold an event every month with a view to promoting Shelford Twinning Association in the area and encouraging people to join with us in this ‘Twinning Adventure’ participating in the ‘Exchange Visits’ and developing more links with Verneuil. Shelford Free Church has been very kind in allowing us to use their hall and kitchen facilities which give an added ambience to our activities.

No Questions or Comments

f) Great Shelford Community Association: Sheila Tilbury-Davis, Secretary

 Bookings for the Memorial Hall are still at a premium and very often we are unable to accommodate all enquiries.

 During the current year we have installed new fire doors throughout the building and the five yearly internal redecoration of the Hall has taken place.

No Questions or Comments

g) Mobile Warden Scheme: Jenny Morris

 Thank you The Parish Council, for helping make possible the work of The Great Shelford Mobile Warden Scheme Charity. The very generous grant given in 2016 has been vital in enabling us to provide this important help for more people this year. It employs two wardens, who with a special group of volunteers give help and support to older and vulnerable members of our village. Help consists of telephoning every day of the year, visits during the week to reduce social isolation, offering support, friendship, helping with problems/emergencies, arranging essential services and doing errands and shopping

No Questions or Comments

h) Shelford and Stapleford Youth Initiative: Ollie Leonard, Lead Youth Worker

 SSYI, established in 1997, is a community-based Christian charity serving the villages of Great and Little Shelford and Stapleford, providing youth activities for local 10-18 year olds. Our activities provide opportunities to engage with young people and build relationships, encouraging more positive behaviour, involvement in the community and activities to promote informal education.

 We are now entering our 21st year anniversary and we are really pleased that SSYI has grown and served the community and our young people for those 21 years.


SSYI has had a good year, we have engaged with over 115 young people and delivered 416.5 hours of face to face delivery. We have a new member of staff that has enabled us to not only spend more face to face hours with young people, but it also enables us to do more work with social care and secondary school teams, creating a fuller picture and creating a more joined up approach in supporting our young people.

 The Friday Youth Club continues to be the flagship for SSYI and is well established amongst the young people we work with. This year, we have been operating this group for 47 weeks of the year, only missing one Friday for a trip, one for Good Friday and 3 over the Christmas period. We have around 35 young people on an average Friday night and we continue to target hard to reach, vulnerable and at risk young people to join the club. We have sadly lost our Centre 33 worker due to funding this year but we have increased our volunteer staff team. As a result, we are able to give more one to one or group support to our young people during the night, discussing a variety of issues such as mental health, sex and relationships, drugs and alcohol, school, social and family life. This youth club is an excellent platform to build relationships, identify areas of need and challenge, and offer support and guidance where needed.

 The Copse Project was initiated by YAC as they wanted to give something back to the community. After discussing with the Playscape Committee, they agreed to hand over the precious copse at the bottom of the Great Shelford recreational ground over to them to plan, design and implement the development. This has been a lot of work with the Playscape Committee, professional Landscape and Garden Designer, Sophie Harris and the Great Shelford Parish Council.

 We wish to say a massive thank you to all of you who continue to support SSYI financially. Your investment in SSYI and the young people just shows how much you truly care about the local young people and wish to see them flourish as individuals

No Questions or Comments

i) Great Shelford Village News: Judith Wilson, The editorial committee

 The Great Shelford Village News continues to provide information about Village matters including official reports from the Parish Council and County Council, reports from Village institutions including the Medical Practice, Parish Church and Free Church, Clubs and societies, upcoming events in Great Shelford and the surrounding villages and also reports on past events.

 This year the Village News has 442 paid subscribers and 825 copies per month are printed. The cost remains at 40p, which is possible because of revenue from advertising. The Village News continues to support a range of charities from its income; last year we gave a donation of £1500 to the mobile warden scheme.

No Questions or Comments

j) Police: No Report received

k) Great Shelford Cricket Club: Brian Higgins, President

 The first team is going to compete this summer at the highest level the club has ever attained: the Tucker Gardiner League, Division Two. Every game will be tough and we shall have to be at our very best on the field to survive at this grade of cricket.

 The Seconds are in the CCA Junior League, Division Three South, having leapt two divisions after a rearrangement of the Junior Leagues and they too are anticipating a rewarding though hard-fought summer

 Possibly the most exciting development in the club is that we are starting a third team who will compete in CCA Junior League, Division Five South.

 The youth section is also expanding. We shall have three teams playing League cricket: the Under 15s, Under 13s and the Under 10s

 We now have a new roller which we were able to purchase thanks mainly to the generosity of one of our Vice-presidents and a sizeable donation from the Shelford Feast.


Although we have vastly increased our membership in the last five highly successful years, we remain essentially, a local club, a friendly, welcoming club and a club that tries to play sport in the right way.

No Questions or Comments

l) Great Shelford Football Club: No Report received

m) Shelford & Stapleford Strikers Football Club: John Swinton, Chairman

 The club currently operates 22 teams between our youngest age group – the mini strikers (U6/7) all the way through to the last age group of youth football U18’s. We are now the largest youth football club in Cambridgeshire. We currently have just over 300 players registered across these different age groups. Many of our age groups have multiple teams, which demonstrates how the club is flourishing at present. Currently, the teams play at 5 local venues - including Great Shelford Recreation ground. This season (16-17) has seen 5 teams – U14 x 2, U15, U17 and U18, using the pitch on the rec.

 The club would like to thank the Parish Council for the use of the pavilion facilities from which we are able to operate a small catering function offering drinks and snacks at the weekends. This facility helps to raise much needed funds for the club.

No Questions or Comments

n) Great Shelford Bowls Club: Frank Whaley, President

 The Great Shelford Bowling Club was founded in 1920 and we will soon be celebrating our centenary.

 Situated behind the Tennis Club and the Sports Pavilion on the Village Recreation Ground, we are a small but friendly club and are blessed with one of the best Greens in the County, thanks to the hard work of our members.

 Our season lasts from April to September and we play in four local leagues. We offer a warm welcome to anyone who wants to see the game played or wishes to try their hand at bowling.

 Bowls is a social game of skill, where men and women compete on equal terms in friendly competition, enjoying the fresh air and gentle exercise. Although a game for all ages, it is ideal for retired people and helps them to live longer and healthier lives.

 Our Club continues to rely on self-help and we are very appreciative of the financial help we get from the Feast and to all those who support our fund raising table-top sales.

 We welcome new members of any ability and are happy to provide informal coaching to those who wish to have a go. If you are interested please see me or phone me on 01223 845310.

No Questions or Comments

o) Great Shelford Tennis Club: James Diver, Chairman

 GSTC is an LTA-registered tennis venue with 438 members.

 Over 60% of our members live in Great Shelford, Little Shelford or Stapleford.

 Membership of 243 Adults and 195 Juniors (4yrs to 18yrs).

 The LTA recommends that a club with 4 courts would have approx. 240 members, GSTC currently has over 400. Thus we are looking for opportunities to expand.

No Questions or Comments

p) Shelford Feast: Duncan Grey, Secretary

 The 2016 Shelford Feast was a great success. We lived up to our motto of "raising funds for local good causes and entertaining the community".

 Increasingly we have to build up reserves to help us start up the following year and to cushion against disaster, yet we still managed to give away a record £27,250 to local good causes making a total of £274,000 that we have raised since The Feast was revived in 1994.


The following organisations benefited in 2016

Acacia Court Residents £300, Beavers £500, Bowls £500, Brownies £650, Cambridge Cancer Help £500, CAMMS Meals on Wheels £500, Cangaroos £500, Carpet Bowls £500, Chestnut Club £500, Cricket £1,000, Cubs £500, Different Strokes £500, Football Club £500, Friends of the Library £500, Friendship Club £500, Guides £500, Junior Badminton £500, Magpas £250, Mobile Warden Scheme £3,500, Over-70's Xmas meal £500, Pantomime £300, Parish Council £500, Parkinsons £250, Rainbow Pre-school £500, Rainbows £500, Rugby £500, Scout & Guide HQ £500, Scouts £500, Shelford Twinning £500, Shelfords School £3,500, Sick Children's Trust £3,500, SSYI Youth Club £500, Stapleford Twinning £500, Strikers £500, SYD £500, Wacky Club £500, WI £500

 This year sees The Feast Marquee move over to the other side of the tarmac path on the recreation ground to make way for an extended playground and to rationalise our storage and power arrangements. Visitors will also get a clear view across the ground and down to the river.

The Bunch of 16 people who organise the Feast are always in need of volunteers and without them the Feast could not go on. Do check our website at shelfordfeast.co.uk and contact info@shelfordfeast.co.uk to offer your time, energy and support. You’ll enjoy it!

No Questions or Comments

8. Receive, Financial Statements from

a) Parish Council Summary of Accounts and Balance Sheet for Year 2016/2017, copy of full report was made available

Main topics covered as follows

 The full accounts are subject to external audit, when audit is completed they will be displayed on Local Media Websites and Notice boards from Monday 5th June to Friday 14th July 2017, in compliance with the Period of Exercise of Public Rights.

 Receipts: for the year have increased due to the Grant obtained for the Riverbank development, VAT reclaimed, disposal of the aging tractor and the precept increase for the 2016/2017 budget. However, S106 receipts were significantly lower in this financial year.

 Expenditure: for the year also increased in line with the greater level of activities conducted by the Parish Council over the previous year. Highways and the Recreation Ground continue to be a high percentage of total expenditure. However Highways expenditure has been significantly below the planned budget due to delays of implementation outside of the Parish Councils control. All outstanding Highways budget plans in 20016/2017 are carried forward into 2017/2018 plans along with the necessary budget, supported by the previous years under expenditure.

 Income less Expenditure: is carried forward into 2017 /18 accounts but it should be noted that it includes protected S106 funds from previous years, budgeted build-up of Parish Council reserves for potential land acquisitions and funding for the carry forward of uncompleted Highways plans.

 Charts of 2016/17 financial expenditure and budget for 2017/18 were reviewed

No Questions or Comments

b) Statement of the Great Shelford Parochial Charities, copy of full report was made available

Main topics covered as follows

 Trustees meet on six occasions over the year

 Special meetings held to discuss possibility of building further affordable homes to rent on Charity land

 Help has been given with domestic and financial problems, in considered cases of need within the Parish

Questions or Comments

 Further proposed development of Mores Meadow site questioned as green belt area

At pre-planning stage only and will be subject to normal scrutiny for green belt proposed developments


9. Items not on the agenda which residents wish to debate with the Parish Council.

 No Items were proposed from the meeting attendees

10. With all Agenda items covered the Chair closed the meeting at 2100hrs.

11. Refreshments and open informal discussions followed.

Note. All the above is the official minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting on 19th April 2017 that have been reviewed by Parish Council with adoption awaited at the next Parish Council meeting followed by full adoption at the next Annual Parish Meeting in 2018.

Signed Date


Great Shelford Parish Council



Parish Council meeting held on

Monday 10th April 2017 at 1910hrs


1. Present: Councillors Mike Nettleton (Chair), Bridget Hodge (Vice Chair), Malcolm Watson, Peter Fane, , Stefan Harris-Wright, Angela Milson, Barrie Ashurst, David Coggins, Helen Harwood, , Carrie Hillard, Charlie Nightingale (District Councillor), and Parish Clerk: Mike Winter

Three members of the public.

2. Apologies Received: Councillors, Richard Davies, Simon Talbott, Ben Shelton (District Councillor), Tony Orgee (County Councillor) and Gail Kenney (County Councillor)

District Councillor Whiteman Downes not in attendance

3. There was one declarations of interest received.

 Councillor Mike Nettleton, Eagle Analysis Invoice on payment schedule.

4. The meeting was then adjourned for up to 10 minutes when members of the public were able to ask questions of the Council and put forward points of view in respect of the business on the agenda.

It was requested if any assistance could be given to the Hedgehog Sanctuary by providing a collection point for newspapers or any assistance with highlighting the requirement.

Councillors suggested included

 Article in the Village News

 Contacting Great Shelford On-line with a similar article

With no further issues raised by the public attending, the meeting was reconvened at this point for the Parish Council Agenda

5. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 15th March 2017 were confirmed as being an accurate record and were signed by the Chair.

6. Consider Matters arising from meeting of 15th March 2017


7. Reports from Elected Representatives were received

a) District Councillor Charlie Nightingale verbally reported

 No Items to report

 Chair requested a report in righting for future meetings

b) County Councillor Tony Orgee April report previously circulated and reviewed in his absence, main topics

 Local Liaison Forum (A 1307), had a workshop on Thursday 6 April, which was an opportunity for members of the Forum to put forward ideas and suggestions to tackle congestion on the A1307. Further, geographically-focussed workshops will be held in late May and June.

8. Standing Committee Reports

a) Highways: April report previously circulated, main topics

 Complaint re the operational cycle of the Traffic Lights at Woollards Lane / Tunwells Lane junction had been swiftly dealt with and rectified by CCC.

 Road kerbside and gutter sweeping had recently been undertaken

 LHI 2016 / Highways changes, the new pedestrian crossing is still on schedule for June. The draft TROs have been issued for all the proposed lining changes

 Any additional idea’s for 2017/2018 LHI application welcomed

 A second SID is being considered


b) Planning: Minutes for 22nd March 2017 meeting previously circulated

 No additional information

c) Recreation Ground: February report previously circulated, main topics

 Clearance of debris around the recreation ground was underway

 Rob Mungovan SCDC Recommendations are actioned with the proposed construction of one river access point from railway sleepers interspaced with stones for review to review solution. A full length of riverbank protective fencing to try and prevent edges being damaged by dog, duck and human traffic, until growth is established. Probably for next 12 months.

 Feasibility study of moving the Village Hall heating system into the Village Hall and demolition of the exterior plant house is to progress and report asap.

d) Cemetery and Allotments: April report previously circulated, main topics

 Three allotment plots are currently vacant

 Repossession of 2 allotments is actioned due to non-payment and neglect

e) Finance and General Purposes:

No new updates

f) Neighbourhood Plan Joint Committee: Report for April handed out by Councillor Peter Fane, main topics

 Inception meeting held in Stapleford on 4th April 2017

Various information & reports available on website www.staplefordandgreatshelford-np.uk

g) Playscape Liaison:

Councillor Stefan Harris-Wright attending next meeting of the PSWG.

h) Police Liaison:

No new updates

Parish Council to liaise with other local Parish Councils on a joint response raising concerns to the Police & Crime Commissioner

i) Social Media:

 Updating of GSPC website now in place as documents issued.

j) Community Association: April report previously circulated, main topics

 AGM was held on 3rd April 2017, only one non-committee member in attendance

k) Parochial Charities & Schools:

No new updates

l) Twinning Association & Feast Liaison:

No new updates

m) Library:

No new updates

n) Local Liaison Forum, City Deal:

No new updates

o) Pavilion: April report previously circulated, main topics

 Changing room heater use now isolated due to excess power consumption bill from start Feb to start April. Visitors changing room heater found left switched on by Clerk after meter reading investigation of bill. GSFC contacted for response as the committed to check after every match?

8. Review Arrangements, External Communication & Format for the APM, Wednesday 19th April

Councillors Angela Milson and Peter Fane update on progress

 Format of meeting / arrangements reviewed and agreed

 Facilities required all checked and in place

9. Receive, Review, Approve and sign the External Auditors report for the Annual Accounts up to 31st March for Financial Year 2016 / 2017

a) Clerk presented schedule of all outstanding payments and receipts from previous Parish Council meeting on 15th March up to the 31st March for approval

This was accepted with 7 cheques valued at £20,171 - 69p for payment 3

b) Clerk presented the Annual governance statement for 2016 /17 for approval, this was agreed and signed by the Chair and Clerk

c) Clerk presented the full Accounting statement for the year 2016 / 17 for approval, this was agreed and signed by the Chair and Clerk

10. Review and Approve Financial monthly accounts for payment and Note receipts

Clerk Mike Winter presented a schedule at meeting of Payments and Receipts for Month of April in Financial Year 2017 / 2018

This was accepted with 7 cheques valued at £12,174 - 43p for payment

11. Review of new external Correspondence

 None

12. Matters raised for future agenda consideration were

 None

Agenda Item discussion excluded to public and press as Staff information

13. Agree changes to Staff salaries in line with the Nationally agreed pay scales for the sector in financial year 2017 - 2018

Proposed Councillor Helen Harwood

Seconded Councillor Angela Milson

Carried Unanimous

Agenda Item discussion excluded to public and press as Legal information

14. Update information from the Grange Field owners Legal Representatives

Chair Mike Nettleton updated Parish Councillors on recent meeting and made proposals for further plans.

15. With all Agenda items covered the Chair closed the meeting at 2100hrs.


 APM, Wednesday 19th April 2017, 1900hrs at the Memorial Hall

 Next Parish Council Meeting, Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, Wednesday 17th May 2017 1930 hrs at the Pavilion

Note. All the above is the official minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 10th April 2017 that have been reviewed by Parish Council with full adoption awaited at the next Parish Council meeting

Signed Date


Great Shelford Parish Council

Stapleford community website


Minutes for 13th December 2016 meeting previously circulated e) Finance and General Purposes:

        •   Pavilion Roof drainage work imminent

        •   




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        Name: Charlie Nightingale
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        Tel: 844763/ 07836 232032
        Email: cllrnightingale@btconnect.com

        Name: David Whiteman-Downes
        Email: david.whitemandownes@gmail.com
        Tel: 07899 930416

        Member of Parliament

        Member of Parliament for Little Shelford

        Heidi Allen is the MP for South Cambridgeshire, which includes Little Shelford.
        House of Commons

        Westminster, London

        SW1A 0AA

        Constituency office: 01954 212707


        Twitter: @heidiallen75


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