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Queen of Stories

Queen of Stories

I'm Jenny Connatty - Queen of Stories - experienced teacher and storyteller, creating educational enchantment for schools and celebrations.

The Entertainment - is the ol’ fashioned kind. It's for 3 to 103 years, Guests can listen to my story, dance, sing, juggle, laugh, giggle, enjoy my puppets, or just curl up and watch what goes on around them if they like. Boys as well as girls love this entertainment as juggling and meaty stories light their fire – a fairy Tale is rarely about fairies, but the triumph of good over evil, and... there is always a happy ending. :)

Telling my stories in Schools - those of the forgotten oral tradition, has become something of a mission for me, as knowing these tales well, give children all the references they need to develop intelligence of the emotions.

The ‘Storytelling Mindfully Scheme’, has evolved over many years working with children, teachers and my own mind, exploring ways to develop well-being and happiness for us all. It is designed to give children opportunities to hear, memorise, and retell a treasured story, with the support and inspiration of mindful practice.

I gave myself a royal title and costume to captivate my young audience Their interest must be caught quickly if they are to be wowed with something as old fashioned as a fairy tale -

Younger children relate to the Queen of Stories as they would Father Christmas - a mysterious magical person with a gift of a story. The older children - wise to this conspiracy, enjoy the secret that I'm acting - this and the theatricality of my very bling costume, is enough to take them with me - whatever their age.

Catch me at Scotsdales at 3 pm on 30th and 31st Oct for a Halloween experience!

Jenny Connatty

01223 844322