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The calm before the storm

The Friends of Great shelford library Committee, along with other Cambridgeshire County Libraries, are currently awaiting to hear what The Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee propose for each library in order to implement the budget cuts.

Meanwhile it was recently announced that the County suffered some embarrassment at having to withdraw from its project for the top floor of the central library in Cambridge. There are downside funding implications for all other County libraries as a result.

Already, nationally, we are hearing of libraries having to close in the face of the latest funding pressures imposed by Government upon local authorities. The Friends Committee feel some frustration in this interregnum period of about two months for not knowing what is to befall our village library and thus not being able to plan ahead. Will the library be forced to close its doors if the County Council withdraw some or all of its support or will the community, be forced to seek volunteers and try and secure funding help from benefactors and corporates? Despite having very few firm facts and figures regarding current library operational costs the Friends Committee are now searching for in-principle commitments and ideas from the inhabitants in our 3 villages. All helpful ideas are welcome. Please feel free to contact Mike Roe (Chairman – 01223 842449)) or Alan Lyne (Treasurer – 01223 844341), or any other member of the Friends Committee.

We need to do as much groundwork and preparation as possible prior to the County’s specific proposals being issued for consultation. Although the central library recent fiasco is thought to have caused some slippage in the programme the cuts will still be implemented from April 2016.

Mike Roe   Chairman Friends of Great Shelford Library

July 2015