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Great Shelford roads meeting

Great Shelford Parish Council Highways committee report 16 September



Proposed traffic and parking changes

Three Q&A meetings in late August/early September (attended by a total of around 70 residents) followed by Parish Meeting on 8 September (attended by over 100 people – residents, local businesses, school, residents of other local villages). Feedback largely very positive and supportive of the proposals. Main concerns were:

·         Removal of parking spaces in Church Street.

·         Perceived need for traffic light control of Church Street. CN and MN committed to raising this at next GSPC meeting. Please see further detail below.

My recommendation to the Parish Council is that we proceed with all the proposals published on 21 August, but with the following changes.

·         High Green:

o   Remove parking bay outside no 20 – still under review.

o   1.6 Add yellow lining of Maris Green junction.

·         Church Street:

o   5.1 extend double yellow lines from Water Bridges by approximately 26m. We should defer this until we see what impact the introduction of the 20mph speed limit has.

o   5.2 20mph zone – note that we propose to start this zone in Little Shelford (meeting with LSPC on 21 September) and also LSPC may be prepared to pay for one electronic speed indicator board to reinforce the speed limit.

o   5.3 Add Bollards on the pavement outside the Grange/West Grange and take out the parking space between the Old Vicarage and the Church and move it to the other end of the yellow lines.

·         High Street:

o   6.1 Ashen Green junction: add double yellow the side between the surgery and the Free Church and scrub the lines on the other side from the first driveway towards the surgery entrance.

o   6.2 Add white line Barker’s driveway entrance.

Further meetings organised:

·         Preparation of LHI grant application 17 September – MW and MN attending.

·         LSPC meeting 21 September – MN attending to present highways proposals and discuss 20mph and speed indicator board.

·         Meeting with CCC Highways to progress proposals and to discuss traffic lights 22 September – CN and MN attending

Church Street Traffic Lights

·         LHI tariff for traffic light controlled junction is £150k-£650k. I accept this is for a junction, but believe the situation in Church is at least as complicated.

·         So far, we have simply said ‘we cannot afford this’. However, there is significant support (evidenced by the May/June survey and the Village Meeting) to do something.

·         What I therefore propose to do is:

o   Construct a straw man proposal for review by GSPC and CCC.

o   Ask CCC to comment on any alternatives they see and then provide a quick and dirty analysis and costing (hopefully no charge). We are meeting on 22 September; will ask if they can respond before the next GSPC meeting (21 October).

o   Also ask CCC for costings and timescale for proper feasibility study.

Other Items

·         Met with Steve Bond to discuss repairs to bus shelters and sleepers in Lloyd’s car park. He has provided estimate to MW for repairs, but not redecoration (and will need three quotes as over £500).

·         Network Rail - crossings and bridge. For me this is the top priority for the village; the proposed increase in rail traffic (whilst it is to be welcomed) will create gridlock and we don’t seem to be getting any responses from NR.

·         CCC supplier management; Highways, but suspect there's more. They are failing to deliver. I’d suggest we ask for a quarterly meeting.

·         Info supplied to GSPC - recent big problem has been TransCo in Church Street, but many others. This may be CCC again.

·         PCSO funding for parking enforcement. We agreed at the last Highways meeting we should go ahead with this, but I think needs approval by the PC.


Meeting Notes

Village Meeting held in the Memorial Hall, Woollards Lane

on Tuesday 8th September 2015


1. The Village Meeting was called by the Parish Council to review plans for the Highways proposals objectively alleviating safety and traffic issues within the village

2. Main objective of the proposals are to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers whist maintaining a vibrant village community and commercial environment

3. Meeting attended by around 100 people from local community, representing village residents, village businesses, local school and adjacent villages

4. Parish Council represented by Councillor Charlie Nightingale (Chair and District Councillor), Councillor Mike Nettleton (Chair of Highways Committee),

5. Police represented by Derik Crosby , Traffic Management Officer

6. Councillor Mike Nettleton gave a presentation on the Parish Councils Highways proposals for the village. An updated copy of this presentation will be available shortly on the original presentation media outlets.

7. The following questions, clarifications, suggestions or comments were received from attendees at the meeting.


All attendees who spoke were verified by name and address, identifying they were associated with the village issues in some way.

8. Topics raised

a) Did the double yellow lines cover exit from Kings Mill Lane

 To review

b) Kings Mill Lane exit is a blind exit

 No action

c) Woollards Lane crossing & pavement build out, are the both necessary

 Provides demarcation area and parking restriction at Rayment's Garage private drive entrance

 Also provides crossing area from Village Hall for car park users

d) Concern over safety along Church Street. Survey strong preference for Traffic Lights and concerned that cars mount pavement. Extensive meeting support for this topic.

 Insufficient funding for Traffic Light system as complex road controls necessary due to junctions, driveways and parking.

 Parish Council agreed to put on Agenda for Council Meeting on 16th September, proposal for CCC survey for an outline design of a Traffic Light system to review complexity and potential costs.

e) Parking on Church Street acts as a barrier for parents and children on walk to school

 Addition of bollards and / or widening of pavement to be reviewed

f) Speedwatch survey on Bridge Lane, during 1 hour on 20th July between 0745 to 0845hrs identified 369 vehicles in one direction with 7 over 35 mph in the 30 mph limit area. Enforcement of any speed limit necessary and believe traffic queue from parking slows down traffic speed

 Queue will still be apparent after changes and traffic speed in 20 mph zone likely to reduce from recorded 35 mph to 25 mph

 Traffic Data Survey about to start when schools have returned and will provide a 24hrs 7day week data set giving mean speed and 85% rating

 Data gathered from Church Street, Woollards Lane and High Street for a period of 1 week each

g) Location of potential 20 mph limit sign on Church Lane requested

 Exact locations not yet determined for start of 20 mph zone or a potential traffic speed indicator board

 Subject to discussion with Little Shelford Parish Council

h) Traffic pinch point at top end of Church Street will be moved forward by 20 meters, thus no change

 Agreed but improves situation

i) HGV loading bay will be used by illegal parking thus when deliveries occur HGV will park in double yellow line restricted areas, making situation worse

 PCSO’s support plan will assist in preventing long term abuse of parking restrictions

j) HGV unloading and capacity status

 Limit of 7.5tonnes to be used

 If deliveries of under 7.5tonne start to cause concern a permit system will be considered

 Zebra crossing zig zag lining also restricts unloading at any time

k) Can S106 funds be used to assist with funding Highways improvements

 Unable to allocate S106 funding to this type of project

l) Does the 20 mph regulation apply to all side roads

 Confirmed 20 mph zone applies to all side roads

m) A wider pavement outside of Tuckers would be beneficial

 Confirmed this is under consideration subject to road width review

n) Timescale for 20 mph zone introduction requested

 Unable to currently provide but after the LHI grant status is confirmed a likely 3 month period would be necessary to produce a timescale for all proposals

o) When and what locations would the PCSO’s target enforcement

 This will not be disclosed and could be any location within the village

p) Other adjacent villages rely on Great Shelford facilities of Banking, Shopping and Library thus parking a critical ingredient. Surprised that adjacent villages not included in the consultation process. Speaker suggested everyone present writes to local MP re lack of funding for such projects

 Consultation was open to any interested parties with copies of the proposals provided to Little Shelford and Stapleford Parish Councils

q) Clarification requested of 20 mph Zone or Limit

 Zone has traffic calming features, Limit is without traffic calming features

 Pavement build outs can be considered traffic calming thus Great Shelford proposals can be considered a Traffic Zone

r) Funding concerns for proposals should be taken up with MP due to Police Commissioner costs of administration being excessive and could fund such local schemes

 Matter for public to decide and action if appropriate

s) Traffic calming methods on Church Street such as speed pads etc.

 The Parish Council views street furniture as undesirable unless absolutely necessary

 Possible consideration for future years, due to cost and effectiveness

t) PCSO’s support scheme, is it for parking issues only

 Confirmed as parking only

u) Street furniture proposed, is it from research or Parish Council view only

 Proposals considered reasonable value for money and a regular review will be undertaken, of progress for any additional methods or changes necessary

v) Boots parking area, concerns of safety due to crossing point. Could bollards be considered

 Agreed useful addition and will be considered

 Sign in Tuckers and Boots private parking area, reminding parked drivers they are potentially reversing over the pavement will be in place soon

w) Pavement kerb outside Tesco is low and should be raised to deter parking

 Pavement infrastructure / repairs will be considered later when the proposed scheme is introduced and considered functioning

x) Can civilians take photos of illegal parked vehicles for police action

 Chief Inspector Sutherland, clearly states that unless parking is considered a danger to public his officers are unlikely to respond

 PCSO,s local support action most likely to achieve results

y) Hinton Way speeding changes joint result of Parish Council co-operation

 Joint funding requirements for a 5 year strategy plan should be considered

z) Earlier Tesco delivery times may cause a problem if unexpectedly delayed and thus creep into school run time

 Deliveries can take place even earlier from 0600hrs and this is encouraged with Tesco

 Monitoring to take place on deliveries

aa) Increased yellow lining endorsed and further may be necessary in specific areas

 Constantly reviewed

 Low cost option to increase or remove

 Ongoing conversation / review to address issues as they arise

bb) Church Street Traffic Lights potential review timescale

 Confirm item to request CCC survey for design review on Parish Council agenda for 16th September 2015

cc) Parking in Spinney drive by transport users an issue

 Happy to review yellow line status

 General parking issues not part of this Highways review

dd) Revision of 20 mph zone to start closer to village centre at Ashen Green

 Residents review favoured current recommendation of zone starting at Lloyds Bank

 Highway Authority must consider all objection or support when Traffic Regulation Order advertised, then a decision would be made for implementation

ee) McColl’s delivery parking proposal

 This is now in place and operational

ff) Do Parish Council take account of views expressed at this and other such meeting

 Confirm consultation has been extensive and proposals based on discussions subject to financial constraints to achieve best value for money

 Support for Church Street traffic light system design review committed to next Parish Council meeting agenda as a result of this meeting

9. Parish Council Chair and Proposal presenter thanked all who attended for their views closing meeting at 2120hrs


Parish Clerk

Mike Winter