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Great Shelford Parish Council draft minutes April 13 2015

 Great Shelford Parish Council

Draft Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held in the Pavilion

Woollards Lane, Great Shelford at 7:30 pm on 13 April 2015.


Present:  Cllrs Nightingale (Chairman, and as District Cllr), Hodge, Ashurst, Coggins, Harwood, Milson, Nettleton, Poskitt, Shelton, Smith, Rev Talbott, and Watson.  Apologies from Cllr Chittenden (study leave) and Fane (family funeral). Also present, County Councillor Orgee, Mike Winter (Pavilion Manager and Clerk-Designate) and the Clerk.  No members of the public.  Declarations of Interest:  Cllr Harwood in respect of the Library as a member of the Friends of Great Shelford Library.


1.  S 137 Grant Application by Relate Cambridge:  Claire Nunes, Director of Relate made a presentation.  Subsequently, it was agreed unanimously, that a Grant of £1,120 be made.  Action:  Clerk.


2.  Playscape Play Area Initiative:  Eleanor McCrone (Playscape Coordinator) made a presentation, supported by Cllrs Rev Talbott as Parish Council representative on the Playscape Committee, and Nettleton.  It was noted that the agreed Terms of Reference for the Playscape group were clear on governance with the Parish Council maintaining ultimate control.   The recommendation by the Recreation and Pavilion Committee to proceed was agreed unanimously.  Immediate next steps included the design phase, public consultation, website launch and fundraising.  It would be a 2-year, £180k project, most to be raised as grants and donations.  The project would allow phasing which would allow flexibility if funding was problematic.  Cllr Rev Talbott paid tribute to the enthusiastic and talented local volunteers who had formed Playscape.  A further presentation would be made at the Annual Parish Meeting.


3. Minutes of Meeting on 18 March 2015 were received.  Cllr Smith asked that the reference to a tree at Rose View, High Green, be amended to hedge.  The Minutes were confirmed and signed. 


4.  New Matters Arising from Minutes:

4.1.  S 106 Funds (Welch Site):  the Chairman said discussions with SCDC were continuing.   Although most of the new houses would be in Stapleford, occupants were more likely to use Great Shelford’s play and other facilities.  Stapleford PC remained adamant against sharing any of its funds.  Funds due directly to Great Shelford in respect of those new houses within Great Shelford were not affected and would come directly to the Parish Council.


4.2.  Pavilion VAT:  advice still being sought.  Mr Winter was meeting Sawston PC soon to be briefed on their procedures.


4.3.  Police Liaison:  Cllr Ashurst had circulated his report.  The Police were not prepared to attend at the Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground every Friday evening.  Youngsters had every right to be on public property so long as they were not breaking the law.  Discussions had taken place with Sawston Parish Council and the Youth Initiative (SSYI).   At present there was no provision in Sawston for older teenagers.  There was a new SSYI Leader.  He had outreach experience so it was hoped this would improve discipline and help engage those youngsters coming to Great Shelford but not taking part in SSYI activities.  It was agreed that CCTV signage be displayed as soon as possible, that the pavilion lights be switched off after 10 pm (despite implications for CCTV), and consideration be given to what could be done to limit littering.  Action:  Mr Winter.


5.  Reports from Elected and Nominative Representatives:

5.1  Cty Cllr Orgee said tenders were awaited for the No 31 bus; services would be increased.  He urged the Parish Council to respond to the Consultation on Library Services.  In respect of traffic and highways issues, he said it would be helpful to know what the Parish Council wanted.  He noted this was for discussion later in the meeting.


5.2. District Cllr Shelton said that District Council grants up to £1,500 were available.  Although not a large amount, he urged the Playscape group, and other Village groups, to consider this.  He said the District was working to “keep what we’ve got” in respect of banks and other local businesses.  The recent Article 4 Consultation on protecting pubs had closed.  He and a colleague would be tabling a Motion in the summer seeking further measures.


6.  Standing Committee Reports:

6.1.  Recreation: Cllr Smith said he had stopped the painting work about to take place on the play equipment.  It was agreed that this should proceed.  Action:  Clerk.  It was agreed that nothing should be done to the skateboard ramp until the RoSPA report was received.  He asked that a letter be sent to the Tennis Club asking them not to allow parking in front of the barrier onto the Recreation Ground.  Action:  Clerk.  He pointed out that this was his final report.  The Chairman thanked him for his long service to the Village and his work as Chairman of the Recreation Committee.


6.2.  Planning:  Cllr Hodge referred to Minutes which had circulated.  She drew attention to the recently dismissed appeal against the refusal decision in respect of De Freville House, 56 High Green.


6.3.  Cemetery: Cllr Harwood said the grass cutting had improved this year thanks to pressure on the contractors by the Clerk and good work through the winter by Mr Fegan.  The recent Volunteer Work Party had been a success.  The Rose Arch donated by the Village News had been erected; associated planting would take place soon.


6.4.  Highways:  Cllr Shelton said short-term improvements at High Green involving relocating a parking bay, re-lining, removing markings in the lay-by and extending “Time Limited” and “No Return” restrictions to all parking pays were being discussed with the County Council Highways Department.  He hoped these might be implemented this summer.  For Woollards Lane, he was discussing proposals with the County Council Highways Officer to move a disabled parking bay, to designate a delivery bay and to re-line the markings.  Cty Cllr Orgee emphasised that public consultation was required on all proposals.  In discussion it was noted that little could be done about Royal Mail vans using legitimate parking places and that throughout the Village, especially in Woollards Lane, there was indiscriminate parking and no enforcement; drivers ignored existing restrictions, so why should they be expected to observe new arrangements?  The Chairman had spoken to Tesco who were prepared to discuss options.  Cllr Shelton said a meeting was taking place with the School on 21 April about extending the double yellow lines.  In respect of longer-term arrangements on Woollards Lane and Cambridge Road, Cllr Shelton said he anticipated a meeting about these with the County Council in May.  Cllr Nettleton asked that a meeting of the Highways Committee be convened soon.  This was agreed.  Action:  Cllr Shelton.  It was noted there would be considerable discussion of these matters at the forthcoming Annual Parish Meeting.


7.  Community Association: the Chairman reported that the CA was replacing the Memorial Hall stage curtains with fire resistant material.


8.  VE/VJ Day 70th Anniversary Commemoration:  the Chairman and Cllr Rev Talbott stressed the sensitivities and the need to be aware that many lives were lost in the Far East (including servicemen from the Cambridgeshire Regiment) in the months after VE Day.  They felt it more appropriate for a local commemoration of both events to take place at the War Memorial on Sunday 6 September. This also had the advantage of not clashing with national events in May.  Agreed.


9.  Bench at Rose View, High Green:  It was agreed that the property line boundary be confirmed and that the Clerk be in touch with the property owner.  Action:  Clerk.


10.  Library Consultation:  Cllr Harwood stressed the seriousness of the budget cuts and the certainty that the Library would not continue as it is.  The Friends of the Library had called a Public Meeting for 21 April.  Agreed that Cllr Harwood draft a response and a covering letter on behalf of the Parish Council.  Action Cllr Harwood.


11.  Social Media Officer:  after discussion during which Councillors cautioned against instant responses to social media messages, it was agreed that Cllr Poskitt take responsibility for monitoring social media output relevant to the Village.  Responses should be limited to acknowledging that the PC was aware of interest in the issue and that there was always an opportunity for members of the public to speak during public sessions at PC meetings.


12.  Finance:  Accounts for 2014-15 were received.  Payments of £11,904.36 and receipts of £2,164.17 as presented by the Clerk were approved. 


13.  Correspondence:  The Clerk was in the process of writing to residents in certain private or unadopted streets about the PC’s decision to review its position on paying for their street light electricity.


14.  Street Lighting Project:  The Clerk was awaiting survey returns from several Councillors.  He was continuing to press Balfour Beatty and Cambridge County Council to finish the work to an acceptable standard.  Action: Clerk and Councillors.


15.  Community Work Placement (CWP):  The Clerk had notified CAPALC that we were prepared to accept a placement.  Nothing further had been heard.


16.  Hustings: the Chairman said arrangements were in place.  Alex Colyer, Executive Director Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer, South Cambridgeshire District Council would chair it.


17.  Sports Pavilion WiFi: Cllr Nettleton said that as the area did not have superfast broadband, there was little point in taking this forward presently.  He would continue to monitor it.


18.  Matters for Future Consideration:  the Chairman was in touch with both churches about Christmas arrangements.  He would present a proposal to install Christmas decorations on the streetlight columns on Woollards Lane and for a Street Market event at the Memorial Hall at which the illuminations would be switched on.  He had two major sponsors lined up.  More would be necessary.






Signed:  ………………………………