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Great Shelford Parish Council meeting February 18 2015

 Great Shelford Parish Council

Draft Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held in the Pavilion

Woollards Lane, Great Shelford at 7:30 pm on 18 February 2015.


Present:  Cllrs Nightingale (Chairman, and as District Cllr), Hodge, Ashurst, Coggins,  Harwood, Nettleton, Milson, Poskitt, Shelton (also as District Cllr), Smith and Watson.  Apologies from Cllr Chittenden (holiday), Fane (business) and Rev Talbott (church meeting).  Also present, County Councillors Dr Kenney and Orgee, and the Clerk;  two members of the public along with Ms Tracey Mann, Sustainable Communities Team, South Cambridgeshire District Council and Mr Mike Winter. There were no Declarations of Interest. 


1.  The Chairman asked non-Councillors to leave the room whilst restricted matters were discussed.  He announced that Mike Winter had resigned as a Parish Councillor, but would continue, on a volunteer basis, as Pavilion Manager.   Following advertising of the vacancy and an interview by a group of Councillors, Mr Winter had been selected to fill the position of Parish Clerk from 1 May.  This was for 20 hours per week.  His pavilion responsibilities would be additional and voluntary.  This was agreed.


2.  Public Session:  Two residents of High Green spoke about dangers caused by parked vehicles (including Royal Mail vans), degraded road markings and the bus stop.  These also caused great difficulty for drivers using the narrow driveways.  Agreed that these issues be considered by the Highways Committee.


3. Tracey Mann, Sustainable Communities Team, South Cambridgeshire District Council, spoke about traffic issues and the work of the Southern Fringe Community Forum.  Traffic and Transport would be an agenda item at the Forum’s next meeting in June.  She urged the PC to invite a Transport Planning Officer to attend its meetings.  She agreed to take forward a number of issues raised by Councillors.  These included: additional traffic generated by the Cambridge Health Partnership (ie Addenbrooke’s, AZ, Glaxo and Papworth), trucks driving through Great Shelford, poor timekeeping by buses during rush hours, reporting Forum conclusions to SCDC Cabinet and unlocking funds from the City Deal for local traffic issues


4.  Minutes of PC Meeting on 21 January 2015 were received, confirmed and signed.  The following new issues arising were identified:

·         PCSOs will still attend Village meetings;

·         SCDC had been asked by Cllr Nightingale to take on enforcement of traffic and parking regulations;

·         S 106 payments in respect of Welch’s site not yet resolved;

·         Cllr Nightingale still investigating parking by Royal Mail vans;

·         Pavilion - a timetable was awaited from Omnis in respect of timber replacement;

·         Cllr Harwood was concerned that the Library still faced considerable difficulties as a result of further funding cuts;

·         Cllr Nightingale was in touch with Scotsdales concerning additional bus stops on Cambridge Road.




5.  Reports from Elected and Nominative Representatives:

·         Cty Cllr Dr Kenney spoke about the Better Care Fund intended to speed up the discharge of patients from hospital.

·         Cty Cllr Orgee spoke about traffic and parking issues.  He and Cty Cllr Dr Kenney had met Mr Wiseman (Cty Council Highways Officer) to discuss issues at High Green and elsewhere.  Proposals had been made.  He urged the Parish Council and the Highways Committee to consider these.

·         District Cllr Shelton said SCDC would be increasing its budget by 1.99%, ie just under the Government imposed 2% penalty threshold.  He also advised that he had tabled a question to Cabinet about apprenticeships and job opportunities.


6   Standing Committee Reports:

·         Recreation: Cllr Smith reported that planned work had been completed behind Barclays Bank, and would shortly be finished at the goal post storage area.  There had been a positive meeting concerning the Riverbank – a proposal would be put to the full Council soon.  Decisions were needed on the rope climbing frame and the skateboard ramp, both of which were deteriorating – it was agreed that the Recreation Committee should put forward recommendations.  He would be installing two new litterbins.  He would be standing down as a Councillor at the end of April; a new Chairman of the Recreation Committee was needed.

·         Pavilion:  Mr Winter (Pavilion Manager) would fit the new notice boards soon; this followed meetings with the football managers.  Rubbish bins had been requested for each of the changing rooms.  There would be a football sponsors night soon (date not yet fixed) in the Social Club; members of the PC would be invited.  Fees for the 2015-16 season should be negotiated soon.

·         Cemetery and Allotments:  Cllr Harwood recommended acceptance of the CGM quote for grass cutting at the Cemetery.  Agreed.  She thanked the Village News for donation of funds for a rose arch.  There would be a Volunteers’ Day at the Cemetery on 23 March.   Cllr Milton was reviewing arrangements for the Allotments.  The Clerk noted that rent notices were due after 1 April.


7.  Section 137 Grants Policy:  Agreed that draft policy notice and application form be issued.


Cllr Nettleton left the meeting at 8.55pm.


8.  Annual Parish Meeting:  After discussion it was agreed (4 votes for, none against, 6 abstentions) that a Hustings be held immediately following, and separate from, the Annual Parish Meeting.  The Parish Meeting would start at 7pm; the Hustings at 8.30pm, or later, if the Annual Meeting ran over.


9.  Cutting grass verges, installing, maintaining and removing hanging baskets:  Agreed to accept CGM quotes.


10.  Traffic and Parking Issues - Church Street, Woollards Lane, High Green, Maris Green:  recent meeting with Mr Wiseman (County Council Highway’s Officer) had been helpful.  Proposals had been made which were a helpful starting point.  A forthcoming Highways Committee Meeting would take these forward.  Cllr Smith asked that the situation around Davey Crescent, where verges were deep in mud, be included.


11.  Finance:  payments of £8,386.18 and receipts of £2,230.98 as presented by the Clerk were approved.  Bank Reconciliation carried out on 17 February was noted.


12.  Correspondence: 

·         Relate should be asked to complete a Grant Application;

·         Agreed that PC support Arthur Rank Hospice’s application to reduce speed limit on Cherry Hinton Road to 40mph.   PC had so recommended on Planning Application;

·         Agreed that child play research proposal could proceed subject to caveats identified by the Clerk being fulfilled;

·         Agreed that PC be represented at forthcoming SCDC Awards Celebration.


13.  Matters for Future Consideration:  Cllr Smith asked the Clerk to send letters to residents at 19 High Green and Malyons, High Green requesting them to trim their hedges.  The Clerk noted that the hedge at 19 High Green was to be cut in February


There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.29 pm.





Signed:  ………………………………