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Great Shelford Parish Council draft minutes

 Great Shelford Parish Council

Draft minutes of Parish Council Meeting held in the Pavilion

Woollards Lane, Great Shelford at 7:30 pm on 18 March 2015.


Present:  Cllrs Nightingale (Chairman, and as District Cllr), Hodge, Ashurst, Coggins, Fane, Nettleton, Poskitt, Smith, Rev Talbott, and Watson.  Apologies from Cllr Chittenden (tennis meeting), Harwood and Milson (both unwell) and Shelton (family matter).  Also present, County Councillors Dr Kenney and Orgee, Mike Winter (Pavilion Manager and Clerk-Designate) and the Clerk; and two members of the public.  There were no Declarations of Interest. 


1.  Public Session:

1.1  A representative of the Bowls Club asked for a ramp to be provided over the step from the entrance to the Sports Pavilion towards the Bowling Club.  It was noted that groundworks were about to commence.  These would include raising the ground so that the step was not as high.  The request would be considered thereafter.


1.2.  A Village resident raised a number of points:  he had tried, unsuccessfully, numerous times, to contact Cllr Shelton, and left messages for him, in respect of a dangerous pothole in the vicinity of 4 Mingle Lane.  The Chairman said that County Council Highways Department was aware and had investigated it in the past.  Cty Cllr Orgee said he would get them to look at it again.  A white van advertising a tire business was often parked on Hinton Way close to the junction with Chaston Road obscuring visibility for drivers exiting Chaston Road; he had complained to the police.  The Chairman said he would raise it with the Enforcement Officer who had already been told about the illegal advertising boards in the same area.  Yellow parking restriction lines and associated signs in Ashen Green were faded.  The Chairman said he would try to get them refreshed.  Tesco delivery trucks frequently parked on the pavement; this was illegal and unhelpful to disabled pedestrians; also, why could they not deliver at 7am, as did the Co-Op, when there was less traffic?  The Chairman said there were noise and school run issues, but would pass on these points to Officers.


2.  Minutes of Meeting on 18 February 2015 were received, confirmed and signed. 

The Chairman said a meeting with SCDC regarding S 106 funds from the Welch development would take place in the next few days; Stapleford PC did not want to share the monies.  Hustings:  the Chairman had issued invitations; no replies so far.

Hedges: the Clerk said that the hedge at 19 High Green had been cut.  The owners of Malyons at High Green had not responded.  A further request would be sent.


3.  Reports from Elected and Nominative Representatives:

3.1. Cty Cllr Dr Kenney spoke about Council Tax increases: the County and District were imposing 1.99% increases; Fire and Police Authorities were unchanged; overall, an average 0.87% increase.  She also spoke critically about developers of the former Bayer site at Hauxton seeking permission to build 4 blocks of apartments: a dangerous precedent for all communities around Cambridge as blocks of flats were undesirable in a village context.  The same developers had failed to seek road space which could lead to serious traffic disruption on the A10.  She noted that Cambridgeshire had received an additional £6m for cycleways; there was a need to improve the cycleway from the M11 to Royston.  At a cost of £4m, a pedestrian/cycle bridge was to built between Abbey and Chesterton.  The Cambridge Archives were moving from their present unsatisfactory location in the damp basement at Shire Hall to the Strike Bowling Alley at Ely.  New services were being provided on the top floor of the Central Library; the café was closing as it was not profitable.


3.2. Cty Cllr Orgee spoke about the Budget announcement of funding for Cambridge and surrounding authorities.  This was good news and additional to the City Deal announced last year.  In respect of local highway issues, he said the 4 March meeting with County Council Highways officials had been very useful; Cllr Shelton was to be in touch with officials to have new and amended plans drawn up.  There would then be a public consultation.  In respect of proposals for Church Street in the vicinity of the school, he urged the Parish Council to involve Little Shelford Parish Council in the consultation process.  In discussion of all the issues, including parking spaces at High Green, post vans, Church Street, Maris Green, and Woollards Lane, it was emphasised that there was a need for urgency and that detailed proposals and plans should be made available for consultation as soon as possible.  Action:  Cllr Shelton.


4.  Standing Committee Reports:

4.1. Planning:  Cllr Hodge summarised recommendations made at the most recent Committee Meeting (Minutes available).

4.2. Recreation: Cllr Smith reported that the recent Committee Meeting had agreed that the skateboard ramp would probably have to be removed soon, but not before the forthcoming RoSPA inspection.  Advice was being sought in respect of the climbing frame.  The area behind the Scout Hut needed attention; the Chairman said that requests for quotes had issued in respect of installing a drainage gully and soakaway.  Ivy growing up trees near the riverbank needed cutting again.  Replacement hedging around the Sports Pavilion should be planted as soon as other remedial work was completed and watering available.


5.  Pavilion VAT:  doubts were expressed that the proposed legal advice would be sufficiently clear to warrant the estimated cost.  Further consideration should be given.  Action: Chairman, Cllr Watson, Mr Winter and the Clerk to meet with Mr Ward.


6.  Pavilion Completion:  Mr Winter said that Martin Worrall had acknowledged Omnis’ responsibility for the work outstanding and had provided a timetable commencing 24 March.  The new cladding would be inspected by Tim Page before it was installed.


7.  Street Lighting Project:  The Clerk said this was nearly complete, albeit months behind schedule.  However, there were locations where remedial work was required, eg verges, unrepaired holes in pavements, missing signage and hanging basket supports etc.  The Parish Council was being allowed by the County Council to sign-off its approval on a street-by-street basis before any payments were made to Balfour Beatty.   It was agreed that Councillors should assist with surveying what was still required.  Keeley Russell of Balfour Beatty, who had been the Parish Council’s main liaison contact, was leaving her position.  Action: Clerk and Councillors.


8.  Play Area Initiative:  Cllrs Rev Talbott and Nettleton said good Terms of Reference had been agreed.  The Working Group was meeting on 19 March and would present a report to the next Parish Council Meeting and the Annual Parish Meeting.  An article was going in the Village News.  The timetable was demanding but early indications were promising.


9.  Community Work Placement (CWP):  Once established that a participating job seeker would be paid, it was agreed that Cllr Nettleton, assisted by Cllr Hodge, would take the lead in drawing up a proposal and managing a CWP.  Action:  Cllr Nettleton.


10.  Finance:  payments of £13,487.86 and receipts of £310.00 as presented by the Clerk were approved.  There was discussion about the principle of the County Council charging the Parish Council £967.69 for electricity to power 32 streetlights for the year ended 30 October 2014.  The Clerk’s background paper of 1 March referred.  It was agreed that CCC and residents in those private/unadopted roads concerned be alerted that the Parish Council would be looking closely at the justification for meeting these costs in future.  Action:  Clerk.


11.  Correspondence: 

·         Relate be asked to make a short presentation at the April PC Meeting;

·         Receipt of the External Audit requirements and timetable noted;

·         Shelford Fun Run to take place on 13 September noted with approval.


12.  Pavilion Security and Other Issues:  Mr Winter’s report had circulated.  The reluctance of the police to be involved unless the anti-social activities were of a more serious nature was greatly regretted.  Mr Winter and Cllr Ashurst were meeting Police Sgt Davidson and, separately, the Youth Club to encourage them to take greater responsibility.  Mr Winter would investigate whether or not the external lighting could be programmed, although it was noted that CCTV would be affected if the lights were off.  It was agreed that quotes be obtained to provide wi-fi  - Action:  Clerk; agreed that CCTV signage be obtained and displayed - Action:  Mr Winter.  Mr Winter would seek assistance from Councillors and Mr Knowles in respect of completing the FA grant evaluation.


13.  Matters for Future Consideration:  Cllr Smith raised the following:

·         condition of bus shelters;

·         the need for litter pick(s); and,

·         ask residents at Rose View, High Green, to cut back their tree where it overhangs a public bench.


There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.45 pm.





Signed:  ………………………………