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Great Shelford news


Three more Shelford burglaries

Two garages and a shed were broken into in Granhams Close, Great Shelford overnight of Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th January. The burglars forced entry into two garages at the rear of a maisonette, and also forced entry to a shed in the back garden. It appears nothing was taken.

                                                                                                                           Council tax bills to rise by 48%

The Parish Council is looking to increase its share of the Council Tax bills by 48%. The increase will be considered by the Parish Council at its meeting on January 20th.

The council’s current budget is £155,000. That figure will increase to £185,000 if the current proposal goes ahead.

Last year, when the council increased its share of the council tax bills by 25%, the Council set out a number of reasons for the increase including:

  • The range and scope of parish business is increasing

  • New and better play equipment on the Recreation Ground

  • The purchase of Grange Field as additional recreation space

  • Repairs and improvements to the river bank

  • Replacement of the skateboard ramp

  • Growing the council’s reserves following the building of the sports pavilion.

                                                                                                                        Reward for missing buggy

A reward has been offered after a buggy was left at Great Shelford Recreation Ground by accident on Boxing Day. The owner went back on the 27th when they realised but the buggy had gone. "I know Shelford well and feel it's an honest place so tried to work out where someone might have put it to keep it dry or for safekeeping," said owner Anna Skilbeck. "With nowhere open on Boxing Day I hoped it had been handed in to Sawston police but I've been unable to get through as they open at odd hours."

It's a black maclaren techno xt and it had a small green frog toy in it that Anna's daughter is distraught to have lost as Santa gave it to her! There is a reward for the safe return of the buggy. Her mobile is 07971 577145.

More development near Great Shelford

The Addenbrooke's Bioscience site is being extended towards Great Shelford according to a proposed change in the local plan.

You can see more details at https://www.scambs.gov.uk/localplanmods-dec2015 or visit a public exhibition on Jan 8th at the Scout and Guide HQ from 3pm to 7.30pm.


Vandalism to Christmas tree


The Christmas tree lights on the large tree at junction of Woollards Lane and London Road (Freestone Corner) were vandalised and destroyed sometime between 1430hrs and 1830hrs on Wednesday 23rd December. It is believed that at a similar time the tree outside the Spar shop in Stapleford was also vandalised.

Great Shelford Parish Council is offering a £50 reward to anyone who can assist in identifying the persons responsible for this mindless action.


Contact either


Mike Winter​​​ Clerk to the Council or Charlie Nightingale ​​Chair Parish Council

07870 807442​​​ or 01223 844763


The lights outside the Free Church were also vandalised twice over the Christmas period, both times the lights were pulled off the tree breaking the cord.

Shelford house prices up by 12%

House price in Great Shelford have increased by almost 12% in the last year according to property website Zoopla.

The average price paid for a house in the village in 2015 was £654,498, up 11.67% on a year ago. This was an increase of £61,522.

The current average house value in Great Shelford is £588,802.

Spate of burglaries in Great Shelford

Thieves smashed a CCTV camera before stealing fishing equipment from a garage in Great Shelford on Dec 7.

A vehicle with two men inside entered business premises in High Street. Damage was also caused to a garage.

Police said: "We believe this is linked to a residential garage broken break-in near the location where fishing equipment was taken."

On Friday 11th December between 11.30am and 5pm there was a burglary in London Road, Great Shelford. Luggage, bags and computer items were stolen 

On the same day at 5.30pm a house in Hinton Way, Great Shelford was broken into. The burglars were disturbed by the occupants returning home.

Two homes were buried in Spinney Close and Red Hill Drive at the end of November.

Village meeting to discuss speeding traffic
The new 30mph limits in Cambridge Road and Hinton Way have been in place for some time. Largely, they work in Cambridge Road and have achieved a noticeable drop in traffic speeds. At the far end of Hinton Way there is a significant problem with limits being ignored. We need to debate (again) whether the 30mph limit there is appropriate. If it is, the Village may have to commit significant sums of money to support it (Speed Watch cameras, flashing speed indicator boards, etc.). There will be an open Village Meeting in the Pavilion on Wednesday 6 January at 1930 to discuss. If you intend being there, please contact Mike Nettleton - 721366 or mike.nettleton@eagleanalysis.co.uk
Great Shelford road one of the most expensive

Mingle Lane has been revealed to be one of the most expensive streets to live in in East Anglia.

A report from Lloyd's Bank says that Newton Road in Cambridge is the most expensive street in East Anglia with an average price of £1.8m.Next on the list is Barrow Road with an average of £1.7 million, and Mingle Lane at just over £1.2 million.

Shelford hospice takes a step closer

The ‘Topping Out’ celebration for the new Arthur Rank Hospice’s at Shelford Bottom took place on December 14.  £3.4 million remains to be raised for the £10.5 million project.  

Dr Lynn Morgan, CEO of Arthur Rank Hospice Charity commented: “We are delighted that since we started in June, the works have progressed on schedule. It’s been incredible to see how the structure has evolved over the last six months from a dirt plot, to what we see from a birds-eye view here today - the complete shell of a hospice building.

" Whilst it is very exciting to see our plans come to initial fruition, this is just first step: there is still much work to be done, not to mention the £3.4m which is yet to be raised in order to fund the £10.5m project: so full steam ahead!”.

Award for Shelford home

A Great Shelford home has been named 'best traditional home' in a competition focussed on self-build projects.

Ian and Jean Rhodes' Great Shelford home has been held up as one of the country's best examples of a period-style self-build in the 2015 Daily Telegraph Homebuilding and Renovating Awards.
Designed by Snell David Architects, the couple initially only planned to build an extension but, as the project grew, decided to knock down the existing house and start from scratch.

Two homes burgled

Two homes in Great Shelford have been burgled. In the first incident in Spinney Drive, the property was entered via a rear patio door Jewellery and perfume were taken. The haul included:
  • A gold and silver square pair and a silver round pair with a black stone set in the middle
  • Yellow gold antique ring set with a large pink ruby which is roughly 1cm in diameter which is then surrounded by diamonds. An old german ring, similar name to W Hasenbeck.
  • A new bottle of Alien perfume by Thierry Mugler, a new bottle of Nuit by Hugo Boss, a half used bottle of Valentina by Valentino.
  • £120.00 cash.
In the second burglary in Red Hill Close between November 25 and 29, thieves entered by smashing a rear patio door, before they stole cash. 

  • A shed burglary took place in High Street, Great Shelford. This occurred between Friday 4th December and Tuesday 8th December but nothing was taken.

Building site burglary


A burglary from a building site has taken place in Great Shelford between November 23 and 24. The items stolen included a Dewalt chop saw bench and a Miele tumble dryer. Damage was also caused to the front door. 

Christmas joy from Great Shelford


“Operation Christmas Child”, the world’s largest children’s Christmas project has been a huge success in Great Shelford.


Villagers have been packing a shoebox with one “wow toy” and other fun gifts, before handing it in to TuckerGardner on Woollards Lane. They have had a great response.


The gifts will now find their way to a needy child somewhere in the world.


It is TuckerGardener’s second year of taking part in the appeal. See more details at  www.samaritans-purse.org.uk/occ

Another Great Shelford burglary
Burglars broke into a property in Orchard Road, Great Shelford between 6:30 pm and 10:30 pm on November 9. The thieves  stole jewellery and cash.

Village Parking to be policed

The Parish Council some months ago agreed to directly fund additional Police time in dealing with illegal parking throughout the village. This enforcement process is about to start for a trial period of 6 months. Based on the results a review will take place after the 6 month period to decide if it should be continued, expanded or reduced. It is hoped that village residents will support this activity and observe the parking conditions with the village.
Shelford teenager saves 4 lives

A Great Shelford teenager who saved the lives of 4 people has been posthumously honoured. Paula McKinney, who lives in Great Shelford, received the Order of St John Award on behalf of her daughter, Gail.

The 16-year-old took her own life in May 2014 after being bullied at school.  Mum Paula, said she was too upset to agree to her daughter donating her organs at first but then had a change of heart.

"Somewhere there's a man with her heart and there's three other people with liver and kidneys," she told the Cambridge News. "We're very proud of Gail, very proud that she helped four people go home to their families.

"Anyone that knew Gail would tell you that she had the biggest heart ever. She was struggling badly but because I had a lot of health issues she didn't want to worry me. She would have been 18 this year.

"There's bullying going on with other schools. I don't want other mums to go through what I'm going through."

Shelford leaves

This year’s leaf fall has occurred late and thus over a short period. The Parish Council has used in house staff to help clear footpaths and communal areas of leaves.

The collected leaves are deposited in suitable boxes on the Village Green junction of Wollards Lane / London Road and at the Memorial Green junction of High Street / Tunwells Lane. When supply available the leaves are turned, treated with a compost accelerator and are available free to all village resident gardeners, please bring your own equipment and bagging for collection. Parking is not available on either site, although nearby parking is free.

Hinton Way speeding Iisues

The new 30mph limits in Cambridge Road and Hinton Way have been in place for some time. Largely, they work in Cambridge Road and have achieved a noticeable drop in traffic speeds. At the far end of Hinton Way there is a significant problem with limits being ignored. We need to debate (again) whether the 30mph limit there is appropriate. If it is, the Village may have to commit significant sums of money to support it (Speed Watch cameras, flashing speed indicator boards, etc.). There will be an open Village Meeting in the Pavilion on Wednesday 6 January at 1930 to discuss. If you intend being there, please contact Mike Nettleton - 721366 or mike.nettleton@eagleanalysis.co.uk

      Musicians needed

Musicians are needed to help with the annual Great Shelford carol event on December 17 at the NMemorial Hall. They are particularly short of Tenor (part3) and Bass (part4) musicians.

MUSICIANS (BRASS AND WIND) wishing to play in our local band please contact

Chris on 01223 842127 or email iis.cooper@ntlworld.com

or Margaret on 01223 840806, email margaret.moule1@ntlworld.com


Thousands of pounds worth of tools stolen
A Great Shelford gardening company has had thousands of pounds worth of tools and gardening equipment stolen.

Burglars broke into a locked van in Cambridge Road between November 1st and 2nd. Stihl branded items were stolen along with two hedge trimmers, two leaf blowers, a long reach petrol strimmer, and two chainsaws.  Owner Niall Barber says he would be grateful if anyone who saw anything  of on Sunday night to get in touch at  gardening4u2004@hotmail.com
On the same night, a shed was broken into on Cambridge Road, Great Shelford and power tools were stolen.
14 garages burgled one road

There have been several burglaries into Council owned lock up garages in Macaulay Drive. 14 garages were broken into on October 21. Electrical items/fishing tools were stolen. The burglars also y damaged most of the garage doors. On the same night, garages in Sawston and Duxford were also broken into.
Green bin collection changes

As last year, green bin collections in Great Shelford will be changing to monthly over the winter as far less compostable waste is put out for collection.

Monthly collections will start at the end of November, returning to fortnightly in March for the rest of the year. The dates are:
Monday, 9 November, 2015
Monday, 23 November, 2015
Monday, 7 December, 2015
Tuesday, 5 January, 2016
Church history book
Are you interested in having a copy of a book about the history of St Mary's Church?
A book about the hostory of the Church was written by Dennis Doyle in 2004. Now the Church is trying to gauge the level of interest before the book is re-published. Email simon@thetalbotts.co.uk for more details.  

Artistic shelter
The Parish Council received a complaint about the condition of the Rain Shelter at the railway station in Station Road.
The plan to cover the glazing was given a boost when it was suggested we used a collage by local artist Frances Richardson. The collage of Great Shelford buildings was enlarged by Algar Sign craft and a script added by Parish Councillor Helen Harwood.

Two shed burglaries

A shed burglary was reported on Cambridge Road, Great Shelford. This occurred on Friday 24th October, during the night. A lawnmower was stolen from outside a playroom in a large garden. Access to the garden was gained by climbing over the fence. A crowbar was used to force the lock.

A shed burglary was also reported on Hinton Way, Great Shelford. This occurred between Saturday 17th October and Saturday 24th October. The burglar forced entry into a shed at the bottom of the garden. A petrol lawnmower was taken.
Shelford Medical Centre car park

Shoppers have been asked not to park in the Shelford Medical Centre car park. This comes after a car parked in the ambulance bay and even refused to move their car when asked.

"Several patients who came to our first ‘flu clinic commented on how easy it was to park in the car park because people were being vaccinated quickly, and were in and out swiftly," said Jennet Ashton from the Health Centre. "That meant that the turnaround in the car park was also swift and smooth."

"However, one patient did notice that a car had been parked in our car park just so that somebody could go shopping. The person who reported that was so annoyed by the selfishness of that action that he was going to phone Radio Cambridgeshire about it. 

"I must emphasise that the Health Centre car park is intended solely for the use of patients while they have business in the centre. If you want to go shopping after your appointment, then you should move your car out of the car park so as to free up space for others. We have had some cases recently where disabled patients have not been able to park there.  

"We have also had an instance when a car was parked in the marked ambulance bay. When the driver was asked to move it, she initially refused. The ambulance bay is essential for emergency use. When we call for an ambulance urgently, then the paramedics need to be able to pull right up to the building so that they can transfer a patient to the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible. "
New Shelford Rainbow group
 In January a new Rainbows unit for girls aged 5 – 7 is opening in Shelford/Stapleford and volunteers are needed to help run it. Girlguiding is the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK. They build girls’ confidence and raise their aspirations. The group gives them the chance to discover their full potential and encourage them to be a powerful force for good. It also gives them a space to have fun. If you can spare an hour a week on Wednesday evenings to help out, please email Becky Ramshaw at svenena@yahoo.com 
Great Shelford traffic changes update

Councillors Charlie Nightingale and Mike Nettleton met with Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) Highways in Whittlesford on 22nd September to discuss the possibility of introducing traffic lights in Church Street and the more general changes discussed at the village meeting on 8th September. Traffic Lights in Church Street CCC advice is: 
Controlling a run of 600m or so with multiple side roads isn't feasible and they wouldn't be prepared to maintain it. 
If CCC did attempt to implement it, cost would be many hundreds of thousands of pounds. 
Based on the above the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 21st October will review the rejection of this as an approach to solving issues in Church Street. Alternative option discussed at the meeting with CCC that would improve the situation is 
Chopping the parking spaces in Church Street into blocks of 3-4 cars maximum, with at least 2-3 car lengths between each block. 
Parish Council to explore this option, especially given the likely delay to the other proposals, which are highlighted below. Main Proposals Went through these line by line and all were accepted by CCC (subject to detailed design), with the following exceptions: High Green (Parish Council changes rather than CCC):
  •  Parking bay outside 20 still under discussion.
  •  Change permitted stay to one hour. The PCSOs will only be patrolling in one hour blocks, rendering this unenforceable, so leave at 30 minutes.
Woollards Lane:
 Proposed give way signs not enforceable without give way lines. Parish Council need to go back to CCC on this to exploring what lines would be needed.
Two pieces of not so good news:
CCC are not prepared to refine the cost estimates before doing detailed design They also indicated that the widening of the pavement outside 43-47 Woollards Lane might be more expensive than expected (however, the zebra crossing is likely to be at the lower end of the quoted range).
Because of resource constraints, CCC will be unable to start any work on TROs and detailed design before about March 2016, with any delivery towards the end of 2016. 
Great Shelford Parish Council, Highways Chair will be available at a public Q&A meeting in the Pavilion (Great Shelford Rec) at 1930hrs on 3rd November 2015 to discuss any further options for Church Street and feedback on the main proposals.
Capacity is limited, so please contact Mike Nettleton on 01223 721366, 07905 356468 or mike.nettleton@eagleanalysis.co.uk if you wish to attend.
If high attendance is predicted the Memorial Hall may need to be booked therefore the Q&A meeting may have to be on a different date.
Mike Nettleton would also really appreciate any further ideas on Church Street before the above meeting - traffic lights, chicanes, speed cushions, one-way systems and blanket parking bans are out of the current consideration plans but the Parish Council will genuinely consider anything else.
Read the full details of the changes here.

Great Shelford bus update
Whippet No 31 Barley - Fowlmere - Thriplow - Hauxton - Little & Great Shelford - Stapleford - Addenbrooke's Hospital
Now running on the revised time table as published in the August GSVN over the shorter route with most journeys terminating at Addenbrookes and Fowlmere. From observations the passenger levels are still not that high. Unfortunately Cambridgeshire County Council have not replaced the old time tables in many of the bus stop time table boards, and some that have been replaced do not show the full timetable, looks like CCC have messed up on this.
Whippet have produced a new timetable of all their local routes, copies of which are available on the buses and from the Kash Stores on Hinton Way.
Whippet No 7A Babraham Rd PR - Great Shelford - Stapleford - Sawston - Hinxton - Whittlesford
This also little used service also runs through parts of Gt Shelford (Mingle Lane & Hinton Way) and along the same route as the No31 but terminating at the Babraham Road P&R site. It does though offer an alternative service to Sawston for residents in the Hinton Way area, and is the only weekday and Saturday service that serves the Imperial War Museum. Although it does not go into the museum bus stop it does stop in Woburn Place only a short walk to the IWM. (A copy of the time table is attached)

Both these services are funded by Cambridgeshire County Council (ie us the tax payer) so it makes sense to use them where possible.
 For bus timetable details click here.
Stagecoach Citi7 Saffron Walden - Sawston- Stapleford - Great Shelford - Trumpington - Cambridge
The is a commercial service operated by Stagecoach with a 20 min daytime service but is still dogged with late running and cancelled services due to continuing road works and congestion in Cambridge.
John Wakefield

                                                                                                                                                            Queen of Stories

I'm Jenny Connatty - Queen of Stories - experienced teacher and storyteller, creating educational enchantment for schools and celebrations.

The Entertainment - is the ol’ fashioned kind. It's for 3 to 103 years, Guests can listen to my story, dance, sing, juggle, laugh, giggle, enjoy my puppets, or just curl up and watch what goes on around them if they like. Boys as well as girls love this entertainment as juggling and meaty stories light their fire – a fairy Tale is rarely about fairies, but the triumph of good over evil, and... there is always a happy ending. :)

Telling my stories in Schools - those of the forgotten oral tradition, has become something of a mission for me, as knowing these tales well, give children all the references they need to develop intelligence of the emotions.

The ‘Storytelling Mindfully Scheme’, has evolved over many years working with children, teachers and my own mind, exploring ways to develop well-being and happiness for us all. It is designed to give children opportunities to hear, memorise, and retell a treasured story, with the support and inspiration of mindful practice.

I gave myself a royal title and costume to captivate my young audience Their interest must be caught quickly if they are to be wowed with something as old fashioned as a fairy tale -

Younger children relate to the Queen of Stories as they would Father Christmas - a mysterious magical person with a gift of a story. The older children - wise to this conspiracy, enjoy the secret that I'm acting - this and the theatricality of my very bling costume, is enough to take them with me - whatever their age.

Catch me at Scotsdales at 3 pm on 30th and 31st Oct for a Halloween experience!

Jenny Connatty

01223 844322
Burglary at Shelford school
Police are appealing for witnesses following a burglary at Great and Little Shelford Primary School, in Church Street, Great Shelford. The incident occurred on Thursday 24th September 2015, at approx. 21:00hrs.

Two males wearing dark clothing (one male wore a blue jacket) and carrying crowbars are sought by Police in connection with this offence. The males left the site in a silver grey hatchback vehicle, thought to be bearing false plates. If you were in the area at the time of the burglary and saw something suspicious please contact South Cambridgeshire CID unit via 101.
Parking warden for Great Shelford

Great Shelford is to get its own traffic warden because of parking problems around the village.

The Parish Council decided at its September meeting to spend £1,000 allowing a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) to be deployed for 42 hours outside of their normal duties on voluntary overtime over a 6 month trial period.

They are expected to focus in particular on Woollards Lane and Church Street.

According to the council minutes, most Councillors considered it “appalling” that the Council was being asked to pay for a village warden to manage the parking problems.

Chair Charlie Nightingale stated Stapleford Parish Council had offered to contribute £500 towards the total cost for the coverage of two roads in Stapleford. However Great Shelford Council agreed that the full 42hrs of PCSO time was necessary in Great Shelford and thus declined the offer from Stapleford.  
Read  the minutes of the September Great Shelford Parish Council meeting.
Pushchair stolen
A pushchair was stolen from a car parked in Granhams Close, Great Shelford between September 23 and 24th.                                                                    
Sleep better - and help a local charity at the same time
A Great Shelford pilates teacher has created a special audio download to help us sleep better - and it will benefit a local charity too.
Elaine Westwick developed an audio download called Guided Rest.

Guided Rest - Audio Download

Recharge your batteries, sleep better at night and learn to rest more deeply.

The audio download contains two tracks with a total time runtime of 25 minutes. Full-body imagery in used to nourish your creative, sensing and feeling self and to encourage stillness of the thinking brain. You will be invited to play with the focus of attention and immerse yourself in the pleasures of sensation.

Sold in aid of the Cambridge charity Camfed, which enables girls from the poorest rural communities in sub-Sahara Africa to go to school. Suggested donation £5.

New Shelford science park takes a step closer

Proposals to build a science park and up to 1,250 new homes in Great Shelford on land at the back of Cambridge Road have taken a step closer.

A formal planning application by Jesus College for the development on Green Belt land at the back of Shelford Rugby Club is increasingly likely, college bursar Christopher Pratt has told the Cambridge News.
The new science park and homes would be built on a 170-acre site enclosed by the M11, Hauxton Road, the new Addenbrooke's Road, and Cambridge Road.

A planning application is expected shortly.

Read the latest update in the Cambridge News.
New martial art class 

A martial arts Ki-Aikido club has just re-located to the Great Shelford Memorial Hall

They will practice every Monday 6:00-7:30pm. Induction classes are free.

Ki-aikido is a gentle and effective Japanese martial focused on mind and body coordination; it’s also an interesting way to keep fit.

The training is progressive, and structured, and we keep a sociable atmosphere.

The organisation is not for profit, and the club is about enjoying Ki Aikido.

They have a website: www.ksa-cambs.co.uk

Sensei Flipo 

Great Shelford roads changes

A 20mph zone will be created at the centre of Great Shelford next year.

The new zone is the major proposal for a large number of road improvements in the village.

The 20mph zone will start and finish at Lloyds Bank, the traffic lights in Woollards Lane and the river bridge on Church Street.

It will also take in all the roads and streets in that immediate area.
But plans to scrap a number of parking spaces outside of Great and Little Shelford School to improve visibility and the traffic flow have been shelved. The Parish Council will first see the impact of the 20mph zone in 2016 before making a decision. 

New traffic lights won’t be installed outside of the school just yet because they would cost at least £150,000.

A new pedestrian crossing will also be introduced in Woollards Lane. More than 100 people attended the special public meeting where the changes were explained.

The changes will be rolled out in 2016.
Read the full details of the changes here.

Grand Christmas Fair

Great Shelford's first grand Christmas Fair is taking place at the end of November, complete with a celebrity switch-on of the Christmas lights.
The Fair is taking place on Woollards Lane and at the Memorial Hall. Stalls costing £10 are available from Charles Nightingale on 844763.

House price record
The Great Shelford house price record is likely to be broken shortly after a house went on the market with a guide price of £4.3 million.
The house has eight bedrooms as well as its own swimming pool and wine cellar.  It has 10 acres of land.
The house is accessed from a private road  off Hinton Way.
The current record is held by King's Mill House in Kings Mill Lane which allegedely sold for £3million.
Read the estate agent details for the £4.3m home here.
Great Shelford Recreation Ground riverbank

Great Shelford Parish Council is consulting on the future of the  riverbank on the Great Shelford recreation ground. It is steadily being eroded over time and needs rebuilding, though not yet urgently. In consultation with the South Cambs ecology officer, the preferred option is a 'soft' bank of brushwood and planting, with some spaces for small bays and a ramp to provide river access.
It should encourage more diverse flora and fauna and provide a more interesting location for walkers, visitors and budding naturalists. The parish council wants it to be accessible to all, including those with disabilities. The project is in its infancy, so ideas are welcome and a more detailed proposal will follow. If anyone would like to make a contribution please email parish councillor Stephen Chittenden at stephen.chittenden@bbc.co.uk

                                                                                                                Memorial Hall

Great Shelford Memorial Hall has a few vacant times when the hall is not used, so if anybody would like to contact me regarding an ongoing class, keep fit classes, pilates, etc. etc. I will do my best to help them.  We will be holding the Granta Flower Club meetings at the Memorial Hall (due to relocation) on the second Tuesday of each month with the exception of August commencing on 19 November 2015 at 7.30 p.m.  Visitors would be most welcome for which a charge of £5 per visit is made. They have either a floral demonstration, speaker or workshop each month, and enjoy both traditional and contemporary floral art and believe in friendship and fun through flowers.

Sheila Tilbury-Davis 

Secretary to the Community Association


                                                                                                                    Three Shelford burglaries


Two sheds were broken into in Granhams Road, Great Shelford between August 24 and 25th. High value garden tools/equipment were stolen.

Burglars also entered a building site off Granhams Road on the same night. A container was entered by using an angle grinder. A CCTV system was stolen from the site caravan as well as diesel.

                                                                                                                                   Proposed road changes

Ahead of the Village Meeting on 8th September regarding possible road changes in Great Shelford, Chair of Highways Committee, Councillor Mike Nettleton, will be available for pre Village Meeting brief consultation, to discuss any issues re Traffic Congestion on the following dates;

1) Monday 24th August 2015, 1900hrs to 1930hrs

2) Wednesday 26th August 2015, 1900hr to 1930hrs

3) Thursday 3rd September 2015, 1900hrs to 1930hrs

All located at the Pavilion, Woollards Lane, Great Shelford

The propos

ed plans can be read in full here , be read in the Library and by email from Mike Nettleton, mike.nettleton@EagleAnalysis.co.uk .

                                                                                                                                   Great Shelford man jailed

A Great Shelford man has been jailed after threatened to burn down the village dental practice after its alarm disturbed him during the night.

Ian Couch launched abused at two staff members working for Great Shelford Dental Practice, in which he swore, name-called and threatened to burn down the surgery.

Cambridge Magistrates' Court heard that Couch, of Woollards Lane, Great Shelford, posted a video on his Facebook page of him shouting and swearing as the alarm rang out in the background.

The next day, on June 30, he visited the practice on his street.

Magistrates heard that Couch shouted and swore at the receptionist about the alarm, before a dentist came to intervene.

Guy Holland, mitigating, told the court that the alarm had been an issue in the community and a petition, signed by a number of Couch's neighbours, had been created.

The offences, which took place on June 30, put Couch in breach of a suspended sentence order, imposed in January 2015.

Couch was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison.                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                   Fun run update

Registrations for the Shelford Fun Run are well ahead of last year, with more than 100 people having signed up.

The course was officially measured by a race specialist a few weeks ago, which means we can apply for official UK Athletics recognition. This means if the World Record gets beaten it will stand!

However more sponsors are still needed. " I think we give sponsors quite a good package with special mentions in emails, a presence on our website and determined plugging on the day," said organiser Samanatha Salisbury. The website is at http://www.shelfordfunrun.co.uk/
Drugs are being trafficked in vicinity of Memorial Hall on Friday evenings when SSYI is happening the Parish Council was told at its meeting in July. If the public see any evidence of this they should report it to the police. The police have been made aware of the issue.
                                                                                                                                                       Traffic as fast as ever on Hinton Way
Some cars are travelling at twice the legal speed limit along Hinton Way.

Speed checks in June found that 374 cards were travelling along the road at more than 60mph, even though the speed limit is 30mph along the whole road.
35,607 vehicles used the road during the checks from June 13 - 20. 3,224 were travelling at more than 50, Great Shelford Highways Committee heard at its meeting on June 14.
Police have been asked to carry out more speed checks along Hinton Way.

Last autumn the speed limit along the entire length of Hinton Way was set at 30mph. Unfortunately it appears that too many motorists do not realise that the 30mph limit applies to the section of the road leading down the hill to the roundabout at the junction with the Babraham Road. Driving over the top of the hill and seeing a straight road ahead and a field on the right hand side one might think one is driving through open countryside, but separated from the road by a very narrow footpath and some high hedges there are in fact over 30 houses. Driving out of the driveway of these houses can be like joining a motorway at right angles, without a slip road. Too many vehicles flash past at 50 or 60mph.

When large vehicles speed along this section of the road it is particularly dangerous for pedestrians because the long wing mirrors on the vehicles overhang the footpath. The footpath is less than 1 metre wide in places, too narrow for 2 people (even an adult and a child) to walk side by side.

A Speedwatch group regularly holds monitoring sessions in Hinton Way, hoping to educate motorists to the fact that the speed limit is 30mph. Speedwatch operates with the full support of the local police, but has no power to levy fines on motorists who exceed the speed limit. A recent police survey has highlighted just how acute the problem has become and as a result the Road Traffic Policing Unit are likely to be holding regular speed checks in the area.

The distance from the brow of the hill on Hinton Way down to the Babraham Road is barely more than half a mile. Half a mile at 60mph takes 30 seconds, half a mile at 30mph takes 60 seconds. The difference between driving safely and driving recklessly is therefore only 30 seconds. Please bear this in mind and help to make Hinton Way a safer road for everybody, pedestrians, cyclists and fellow motorists.

Please be aware of the speed limit, and take care.

Sue Russell,

Speedwatch Coordinator, Hinton Way.

Parents lose bus campaign

Parents in Great and Little Shelford have lost their battle to save a free bus service from the axe.

Nearly 50 parents appealed against Cambridgeshire County Council's decision to remove the complimentary service from the Shelfords to Sawston Village College.

The campaign ended in disappointment when councillors denied the appeal at a Shire Hall.

Council officials said improvements they made along the route from the villages to Sawston Village College for cyclists and pedestrians justified charging for the buses – but parents disagreed.

A county council spokesman said as the majority of properties in  Great Shelford and Little Shelford are less than 3 miles away from Sawston they are not required by law to provide free transport between the villages.

Principal Jonathan Culpin said: "Sawston Village College is extremely disappointed with the decision to withdraw the bus service.”

Parent James Prisk from Great Shelford said while they were disappointed by the failed appeal, they had made their case well and will continue to campaign to create a "truly safe walking and cycling route".

South Cambridgeshire MP Heidi Allen was also against the proposed school bus changes.
Read about the retired Great Shelford physicist Nigel Bennee recreating a 65 year-old computer in his garage.
Creative Writing classes for Little Shelford

Are you a budding writer? Poet? Blogger? Want to improve your technique or start from scratch?

Join a termly ten-week programme of classes which will develop your writing skills of a range of forms* and allow you to workshop and discuss potential and existing writing projects.

*Forms will include - Fiction - novels/short-stories/flash fiction/poetry; Non-Fiction - biography/memoir/life-writing/travel/articles & reviews; Performance Writing - plays for the stage/radio/screenplays/community plays...

Please send queries or register your interest by emailing: creativewriting@virginmedia.com or call 07904 297346

New term starts on January 14th & runs for 10 weeks (excluding 18th February) £79,

Termly creative writing classes at Great Shelford Library.

Please email Sara Shaw - creativewriting@virginmedia.com or call 07904 297346 to reserve your place.


Great Shelford is moving

Great Shelford is shifting. It looks as if we will have one county councillor instead of the current two. And Great and Little Shelford will be in the same ward as Hauxton, Harston and Haslingfield.

The draft recommendations have been made by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. The Commission welcomes comments on the recommendations report by 06 July 2015. Representations should be made:


• By email to: reviews@lgbce.org.uk.

• Or in writing to:

Review Officer (Cambridgeshire)

Local Government Boundary Commission for England

14th Floor

Millbank Tower





Great Shelford road rage

Police are asking for witnesses to come forward after a road rage incident near Cambridge.

The incident happened between about 4.30pm and 5pm on June 2 close to the junction of Addenbrooke's Road and Cambridge Road, Great Shelford between the wine merchants and Scotsdale Garden Centre.

A black Peugeot was followed by a black Honda motorbike, ridden by a man described as white, wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans.

It is believed the car was damaged and the driver alleges she was assaulted.

PC Richard Moore said: "This was a drawn-out incident and I am confident there are people in the area who must have witnessed it.

"I appeal for anyone with information to come forward."

Anyone with information should call PC Moore on 101 quoting incident 391 on June 2.


Threat to Shelford post delivery service

The postal delivery service in Great Shelford could be under threat.

The Communication Workers Union says that they have been told by the Royal Mail that there are plans to close at least 12 village delivery offices in the region.

The Great Shelford office is one of those the union has said it believes is under threat. The office is a sorting and collection facility within the Post Office. Any changes would not directly affect the Post Office itself.

See more coverage in the Cambridge News.


Two sheds burgled

A shed was burgled between 28th and 31st May on Hinton Way, Great Shelford. A Hater lawnmower with electric starter was taken. Model R56S, Serial no 290001364. A second shed in Hinto Way was broken into between 22nd and 30th. A petro lawn mower was taken.


Shelford Guides under threat of closure

Shelford Guides could close unless they urgently find a new leader. The fun, adventure and opportunities that Guides provides for girls aged 10-14 years, are there in abundance for the adults too! No previous experience required; training can be provided. To find out more, please contact Lisa MacGregor (lisa.macgregor@ntlworld.com; 01223 843021) or visit www.girlguiding.org.uk.

School fete cancelled

There is no summer fete this year at Great and Little Shelford School. Instead the school is fundraising through a "virtual fete".


The school said that the fete isn't happening as "the PTA is on sabbatical this year whilst it restructures. Instead the school is asking villagers to consider donating the money they would have spent through the "virtual fete".


"As the summer fete has been one of our main fund-raising activities, providing vital outdoor resources for the benefit of the pupils, we do hope you will respond generously to this alternative," said a school statement.


Donations can be sent directly to the school or given via the "mydonate" website https://mydonate.bt.om/charities/gtltshelfordprimaryschoolpta


Girl injured by adult cyclist

A 13 year old girl was knocked off her bike by another cyclist during a protest cycle staged to show how unsafe the route from the Shelfords to Sawston Village College is.


The Year 8 pupil was hit by an adult cyclist, who then launched a verbal tirade against the girl, as she rode with about 50 pupils and parents from Stapleford to Sawston Village College on May 22, acccording to witnesses.


The mass walk and cycle was held to highlight the dangers of the route after the council axed free school bus services from Stapleford and the Shelfords to the school from September.


Cambridgeshire County Council says the route is now safe for pedestrians for cyclists – a claim many parents, pupils and teachers strongly disagree with.


Stijn van Dongen, a parent who saw the incident, said the cyclist "clattered” into a girl. “The speed at which he was cycling was far greater than the girl's speed. Both fell to the ground.

"Immediately after picking himself up he started vehemently telling the girl that she was in the wrong side of the path and the cause for this collision


The girl needed first aid treatment at the school and the man is believed to have suffered a grazed elbow.


Tony Orgee, a Conservative county councillor for the Shelfords Sawston, said he is coming down on the parents' side in the campaign, who are appealing against the decision of the Tory council's officers.


A spokesman for the council said they would not comment before the appeal hearings on June 16, when the safety arguments will be heard.


Around 50 parents have appealled against the County Council's decision to withdraw the free bus service from Great Shelford to Sawston Village College.

47 appeals have been lodged by parents against the decision, claiming the route is dangerous. About 180 pupils at Sawston Village College are set to lose the free service. Join the Facebook group here.


Great Shelford burglary

A burglary was reported at Orchard Road, Great Shelford. This occurred during the hours of darkness on May 19. The burglar entered the premises by forcing open a door to the office. Once inside the till has been stolen containing a small amount of cash.

A second burglary was reported at Granta Terrace, Great Shelford. This occurred overnight on Thursday 14th May. The burglar forced their way through a steel roller door into a commercial mechanics workshop. The alarm was activated and the burglar left empty handed.

A theft from a vehicle was reported in Chaston Road, Great Shelford. This occurred during the evening of May 19 . Various power tools were stolen from a transit van.


Shelford Medical Practice website changes


In June, the Shelford Medical Practice will be re-vamping their website. They will be introducing some new features, changing the look and feel of it, and the site will re-size automatically when you view it on your ‘phone, iPad or tablet computer.


You will still be able to see your appointments, medications and allergies online. However, they will be removing the “old” form for requesting repeat prescriptions, and using only the “new” one.


if you do not already have a user name and password, you will need to request them from the practice if you to want to order repeat prescriptions and use theother online services on the website.shall send them to you.


The website address will remain the same: www.shelfordmedicalpractice.nhs.uk


Shelfords result for South Cambridgeshire Council elections

Fane      Peter     Liberal Democrat              768

Nettleton            Mike      Labour Party      882

Whitebread        Linda Jane           The Green Party               676

Whiteman-Downes        David     The Conservative Party Candidate           2,076

Turnout – 75.85%

Shelford burglaries

There has been a spate of shed and garage burglaries in Great Shelford. There were three shed burglaries reported in Hinton Way. Police say they probably all occurred overnight May 11/12. In one case two bicycles were stolen, in another there was one bicycle and garden equipment taken. In the other, although the lock had been forced it appears nothing was taken.


Meanwhile, there have been two similar garden shed breaks sometime over the past week in Cambridge Road, Great Shelford. In both cases lawn mowers were taken. In the first case, a shed burglary was reported in Cambridge Road, Great Shelford. This occurred between Monday 4th May and Saturday 9th May. The thief cut through the padlock and took a high valued lawn mower.

A theft from a vehicle was reported in Cambridge Road, Great Shelford. This occurred between Wednesday 29th April and Tuesday 5th May. The thief broke into the vehicle and taken a phone charger and Sat-Nav from the glove box.



A blue plaque has been unveiled at Shelford Railwaystation in memory of Ron Gooch, a local retired railwayman who until his death in January 2014 worked as volunteer 'Station Adopter keeping Shelford station clean & tidy, as well as maintaining flower tubs.

The ceremony was held on Saturday 2nd May in the presence of his family, & friends from the village.

Words/photos: John Wakefield


Save Great Shelford library update

Over 100 people from the Shelfords and the surrounding villages crowded into Great Shelford Memorial Hall on April 21 to express their concern about the future of Great Shelford Library. The Library Service is faced with a 40% funding cut from 2016, as part of Cambs County Council budget cuts, and in January 2015 County Councillors voted unanimously in favour of accepting the service’s “Vision” for the future of library services in the county, with details to be provided later in the summer.

There may be no funding to continue to run staffed branch libraries such as Great Shelford. Possible alternatives which the vision document presents include village libraries wholly run by volunteers, or a move to “community hubs” – multi-user centres housing services such as GP surgeries, Children’s Services, or Post Offices, with a volunteer-run library. Another strand, “Digital first”, aims at providing more material digitally and less in hard copy, reducing the need for readers to physically visit libraries.


Mike Roe, Chairman of the Library Friends Committee which organized the meeting, introduced the meeting: “I think it’s tragic that our library, which is acknowledged by the Service itself to be one of the most successful, with the highest book borrowing figures in the smaller library category and with a librarian of the highest standard, must radically restructure to continue to exist at all”.


Alan Lyne, Friends Committee treasurer, outlined some of the proposals. Of the volunteer-run option, he commented:


“It’s us taking responsibility for resourcing and funding the library going forward - are we prepared for that responsibility?


"Shelford is not your average village library, we’re the busiest in South Cambs – we couldn’t run it as it is with volunteers. Shelford is a special case!”.


Concern was expressed that Shelford library was too small to function as a hub. Who would wish to share the limited space in the library and how would it work?


Speaker after speaker expressed their enthusiasm for the library. There is no doubt that Shelford library is a very popular and well-used resource, of great value to the local community. There was a strong consensus to defend the library against further cuts.


The Library Service is currently consulting on its Library Vision, and a consultation document can be found on the County Council website




Closing date is 10 May. Everyone is urged to comment.


Roof tiles stolen

Burglars have gained entry to a building site in Granhams Road Great Shelford by taking down the fencing securing the site. Eight pallets of salvaged roofing tiles have been stolen and the glass in a salvaged glass door has been broken.


Great Shelford charity involved in Nepal earthquake

Great Shelford charity The Mountain Trust is raising money for people in Nepal following the earthquake that killed more than 1,000 people. The Mountain Trust and British Army Gurkhas had been working together to get an English watch to the top of Everest.

Chairman Charles Malcolm-Brown said that they thought they could make the most difference by raising money rather than sending equipment.

"We are looking at two ideas at the moment, and one of these would be setting up health camps in the most rural areas," he told the Cambridge News.

"We will hire medics, buy medical supplies and send them to rural areas to treat people for free."

The Mountain Trust had staff in Nepal but they are safe. One person has been injured at the Mount Everest camp, the chairman said, but the injuries are not serious.

Read the Cambridge News coverage here.

They have also been interviewed by BBC TV News, BBC Radio Cambs, Look East and About Anglia.

Read more about the charity here or support them here: https://www.justgiving.com/NepalDisasterRelief/


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