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Shelford Medical Practice proposed changes


Report from Granta Medical Practices and Shelford Medical Practice Proposed Merger Public Consultation 1st February 2018 

Firstly, thank you to all of you that came along to the Public Consultation on 1st February. There was an amazing turnout - approximately 145 people! 

Dr Chris Schramm opened the meeting by giving a presentation about the future of healthcare and the merger proposition. This was followed by question time. 

The main issues addressed were:-

Retaining the surgery in Shelford - the proposed merger is to Retain, Maintain & Improve our presence and service we offer in Shelford. 

Continuity of care – there will be no staff changes at Shelford, but there will be more choices. If, for example, a Shelford slot offered did not fit with your schedule, you could then have extended choice of other Granta sites. 

Maintaining - the Granta management structure was also explained in the meeting. By having dedicated expert managers for each part of the business means that GP’s can be freed up to do what they do best – doctoring. 

Out of Hours was discussed but is a separate NHS service which will not be affected by the proposed merger. 

Merging reduces risk of privatisation – merging giving us more strength, making takeover by a corporate giant very unlikely. 

Dr James Morrow from Granta went into further detail about how GP surgeries are funded. A GP practice is paid £136 per patient per year. This is a standard amount - whether the patient sees a GP once or 20 times in a year. (Interestingly, it costs more to insure a pet gerbil for one year!) 

Improvements - part of the Granta future plan is about moving hospital services out into the community, giving easier and quicker access for patients. Ear microsuction is already being offered and services currently in development include a paediatric clinic, ENT, Ophthalmology and MSK (orthopaedics and physiotherapy). 

Feedback following the meeting was very positive indeed, with many members of the public coming to speak to representatives to offer their support for the proposed merger. 

If you should have any further queries about the proposed merger please do not hesitate to contact Gerard Newnham, Business Practice Manager of Granta on 01223 727555, Gerard.newnham@nhs.net or Sandra East, Admin & Comms Manager of Shelford on 01223 843661, sandra.east@nhs.net

Surgery Remedial Work 

Over the next few weeks we are having the car park resurfaced, the footpaths repaired and the flat roof replaced. There will be reduced parking spaces whilst this work is going ahead and we would ask that if you able-bodied you consider parking in one of the village car parks so that our less mobile patients can park near to the surgery. Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you.

 Shelford Medical Practice proposed changes

Shelford Medical Practice could merge with the larger Granta Group in 2018. Consultation on the proposals will start with a meeting at 2pm at Great Shelford Memorial Hall on February 1. 

The move would ensure the future sustainability of the Medical Practice in Great Shelford.

The merger could happen for several reasons:

1) Specialist outpatients services for Shelford and Stapleford would be provided as part of any new arrangement

2) An emergency home care service across the area would be provided by the merged group

3) Any merger would guarantee the future of the Shelford Medical Practice

4) Management services would be shared between the different members of the group.

The Granta Group currently has 3 practices operating from four different sites, including Sawston.

A consultation about any changes is expected to happen in early 2018. A statement from the two groups said: "The GPs of both Granta Medical Practices (Barley, Royston, Linton and Sawston) and Shelford Health Centre believe that the best option for maintaining and improving services for our patients is through coming together to form a single practice.  At present the practices are consulting on this proposed merger.  We are keen to seek views of all those who might be affected." Read the full Shelford Medical Practice statement.

* The Shelford Medical Practice, which has 9,000 patients, is also considering options around a new medical practice building for the Shelfords and Stapleford.

Tinnitus Awareness week
The 5th – 11th February is Tinnitus Awareness week which is organized by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) which angliEAR Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions are a corporate member. The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the condition, which has a significant impact on approximately 1 in 10 of the populations quality of life.

Tinnitus is very common and is reported in all age groups, even young children. About 30% of people will experience tinnitus at some point in their lives, but the number of people who live with persistent tinnitus is approximately 10%. Of those people who have persistent tinnitus, around 1 in 10 will find it has a significant impact on their quality of life.

Tinnitus is more common in people who have hearing loss (usually caused by ageing, or exposure to loud noise) or other ear problems, but it can also be found in people with normal hearing.

The word 'tinnitus' comes from the Latin word for 'ringing' and is the perception of sound in the absence of any corresponding external sound. It is not a disease or illness; it is a symptom generated within the auditory system.

The noise may be in one or both ears, or in the head, or it may be difficult to pinpoint its exact location. The noise may be low, medium or high pitched. There may be a single noise or two or more components. The noise may be continuous or it may come and go.

As a clinic angliEAR Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions have a passion for helping people with Tinnitus and raise awareness of what can be for some people a debilitating disease. During the awareness week we will be holding a number of events to support the BTA’s campaign. This email is simply to make you aware in advance of the British Tinnitus Associations event and offer our assistance in providing editorial content should your publication wish to support an event which it is likely affects or has affected 30% of your readership.


Shelford Medical Practice Newsletter, February 2018



Winter Pressures on the NHS


As you will be aware, the NHS is currently experiencing a surge in demand for all health services, which in turn is putting pressures on acute and emergency services as well as GP surgeries.


With the NHS under such huge winter pressures we would like to remind our patients about appropriately accessing emergency services.


Infection control – Emergency Departments in our region have seen an increase in patients going in with flu and diarrhoea/vomiting conditions. There has also been norovirus outbreaks, leading to ward closures. Emergency departments have asked that the general public stay away from hospitals with non-acute infectious illnesses and instead seek advice from 111, local pharmacies or self-care.

Getting yourself to hospital – The ambulance service has been tweeting to ask the public to choose wisely when calling an ambulance or visiting a hospital and to do so only in a genuine emergency.  They are finding that some patients are calling for an ambulance for non-emergencies as they have trouble travelling to see their GP.

The NHS is encouraging patients without transport to approach family, friends and neighbours and ask to be taken to hospitals and practices in non-emergency situations, before relying on ambulance transfers. If it is an option, it will be much quicker for the patient than using an ambulance.

NHS 111 promotion begins this week

NHS England has launched a new TV advertising campaign to help promote the NHS 111 service. We hope this will help you choose the right services for your conditions.

If you need any help or assistance with choosing the right service please call the surgery and we will be happy to help you.


Proposed Shelford Medical Practice and Granta Medical Practices Merger


Further to the announcement by Granta Medical Practices and Shelford Medical Practice, there will be a public consultation meeting on Thursday 1st February from 2pm to 3pm, in Great Shelford Memorial Hall.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


Sandra East

Admin & Comms Manager

Shelford Health Centre Update

December 2017

Christmas Opening Times & Alternative Services 

We will be open providing care as usual over the holiday period, only shutting for the bank holidays. 

Wednesday 20 December – Open 8am to 6pm (including INR clinic 10am to 12:30pm) 

Thursday 21 December – Open 8am to 6pm 

Friday 22 December – Open 8am to 6pm 

Monday 25 December – CLOSED 

Tuesday 26 December – CLOSED 

Wednesday 27 December – Open 8am to 6pm (including INR clinic 10am to 12:30pm) 

Thursday 28 December – Open 8am to 6pm 

Friday 29 December – Open 8am to 6pm 

Monday 1st January – CLOSED 

Tuesday 2nd January – Open 8am to 6pm 

When the surgery is closed, there are local GPs on call at the local urgent care centre at Addenbrookes. If you need to be seen by a doctor or nurse, or need advice while the surgery is closed, please call 111. This service operates between 6:30pm and 8am on weekdays and 24 hours at weekends and on bank holidays. It is free to call from mobile phones and landlines. Your condition will be assessed over the phone and if they think you need to be seen by a health professional, they will refer you to the out-of-hours GP service. 

Additionally, you can treat minor winter illnesses such as colds and coughs, sore throats, and upset stomachs easily at home. Make sure you are stocked up with winter health essentials such as pain relief (paracetamol), cold and cough remedies, a first aid kit, upset stomach treatment, rehydration treatment, and heartburn / indigestion treatment. 

Repeat Prescriptions 

Please ensure you have enough medication to cover the holiday period: ordering what you need in good time is the most stress-free approach for all, allowing 3 working days for the Practice to process your request and 2 working days for your nominated pharmacy to dispense it. We are happy to issue 2 month’s supply to cover Christmas and the New Year. Please mark your request “double” if you would like this. 

All that is left to say is that all of us at Shelford Medical Practice wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Sandra East 

Admin & Comms Manager 

Shelford Health Centre Update

November 2017


Additional Flu Clinic


We are holding a second flu clinic on the evening of Thursday 2 November, 5pm to 8pm. Please ring and book a slot if you have not yet had your flu vaccination.


Research Studies


We have been very busy this year with research studies, the biggest ones being Best3 and iQuit.


Best3 is a very exciting trial involving the swallowing of a capsule / sponge to obtain cells from the inside of your throat (oesophagus) which may suggest a future risk of cancer and deal with them appropriately.  We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our patients that have taken part in this invaluable study so far.


iQuit is ongoing.  All participating quitters receive standard support and half of those who sign up get a tailored smoking advice report and text messages.  This evaluates the extra benefit of the iQuit package of support.


To be eligible for the study you need to be 18 or over and:


ü  want to quit

ü  be willing to set a quite date within 2 weeks of joining the study

ü  own a mobile phone

ü  not be currently part of any other smoking study


Please ring the surgery or call in to reception for further information.


Daylight Robbery


One of the GP’s bicycles was stolen from outside the surgery last week. Any information on this would be very much appreciated ……!


As always, we welcome any patient feedback so please feel free to contact us with comments, queries or questions – our aim is to provide the best possible service we can to all of our patients.



Sandra East

Admin & Comms Manager

Shelford Medical Practice September update

Did you know that the practice now offers a free text messaging service to all patients. Opting into this service will allow you to receive:

Appointment reminders - for pre-booked appointments, a reminder will be sent out the day before the appointment

Appointment confirmations - a confirmation will be sent when booking  a face to face consultation

Review reminders - If you have a long term condition, the practice will invite you to attend the surgery to monitor your health needs

Test results - If you would like the practice to, the doctor may send blood test results, x-ray and ultrasound results to your mobile

If you would like to opt into this service, please let the practice know.

Shelford Health Centre March update

Same day appointments for urgent medical issues: We hope you are finding useful the new rapid access appointments available for same-day urgent issues, and the ability to pre-book non-urgent appointments. If you want to be seen in the rapid access clinic, please ring before coming to the surgery as we need to triage all requests for these appointments. This is very difficult to do discretely at a busy front desk with a full waiting room. If you do not wish to tell our administration team the reason for requesting an appointment you will be offered a telephone call from one of the clinical team.

SMS reminder service: We understand life gets busy, and it's easy to forget appointments - so please do sign up to our sms reminder service. 

Last month nearly 10% of our nurse appointments were missed. This has a big impact on appointments available for others.

​Blood tests: We are now running a Wednesday morning drop-in INR clinic, just for those on warfarin. This clinic will run each week, even during the holiday season. Apologies, but there will be no routine phlebotomy appointments from 3-7th April due to staff leave.

Easter: We will be shut for the bank holidays, but otherwise business will be as usual. Please ensure you request medication in plenty of time, and call 111 if you need medical attention when the surgery is closed. 

Telephone Appointments: We are trialling making available a few bookable telephone appointments for issues which can be dealt with over the phone. Urgent telephone queries will be dealt with on the day by the duty team. All routine issues will be passed to the most relevant member of the practice team to be dealt with usually within 3 working days.

Administration: Our administration team do a fantastic job of keeping track of thousands of communications each week by phone, fax, email and letter. Each GP files and responds to 40 or 50 letters about or from patients every day. Although electronic communication is generally faster, letters still arrive on an unpredictable timescale, and we thank you for your courtesy and kindness to our staff if ever there is a delay or confusion surrounding letters or prescriptions. 

Katie Keller

Shelford Medical Practice Update February

Staffing Changes: Nearly all our staffing changes are complete! We are delighted to welcome Michaela Harry who has joined us from Wales as Nurse Practitioner to our team. Becki Davies has taken up post as HR and Development manager, and Pete Grantham is holding us steady as locum Practice Manager.


Rapid Access Clinic: In February and March we are increasing our appointments available with a rapid access clinic each morning.

These appointments will be 5 minutes long and will be run by a GP and nurse practitioner. In each appointment we can deal with a single urgent issue.


We will be increasing the availability of online and pre-bookable appointments, and reducing the routine appointments available for late booking.  In this way we hope to offer more choice, more ability to plan, and reduce the 8am phone-call challenge!


Please help us by being prepared to give the receptionist a brief summary of the reason for your appointment request, and arrive in good time for any appointment offered.


Registering for online booking: If you have not already registered for online booking, then please ask at reception for details. This is available for all patients aged 16 and over, and for parents on behalf of children up to 11 years old.

Once registered, you can send prescription requests and queries through the online process, book appointments, and ask for access to your current medical records if you wish. Unfortunately this service is not available routinely for 11-16 year olds due to ensuring confidentiality for our teenage patients.


Teaching and Training at Shelford Thank you for all your support of teaching new GPs and medical students when they are with us at Shelford. We recently heard that one of our medical students has elected to train to be a GP after her time with us, which is great news! Dr Kupa has been with us for 12 months part time, and is now with the practice full time until August in the final few months before becoming a fully fledged GP.


Primary Care Vision:  We commend to your bed-time reading the GP 5 year forward view if you are wondering about how the changes you are seeing at Shelford reflect the wider political vision for primary care. https://www.england.nhs.nuk/gp/gpfv.


CCG - Financial Challenges:  The CCG is looking for ways to make savings to ensure that essential services can be maintained under current financial pressures. Last March they issued a policy in which they requested GPs not to prescribe medication which is available to buy over the counter for minor ailments or self limiting conditions. They estimated this could save the tax-payer millions in Cambridge and Peterborough alone. We will be reflecting this question on to our patients who currently receive prescriptions for such treatments identified by the CCG and encourage you to seek advice from your local pharmacist for minor ailments before booking a GP appointment.


Shelford Medical Practice News - January 2017

We had a complicated start to the year, returning from the New Year break to no phones or heating – thank you for your forbearance. 

Appointment System: Over recent months we have shared with you an increasing frustration over booking appointments. We are constantly looking to improve the quality of the service we offer and have been doing much research. We believe that fundamentally changing our appointment system will bring significant benefits and by Easter we plan to move towards a Rapid Access Clinic system which involves a formal separation of urgent and routine work.

Urgent Medical Problems, needing action Today: Rapid Access appointments will be available to anyone who needs to be seen today. They will be 5 minutes only, with the duty clinician, who will be able to give rapid assessment and treatment for single problems. (We will ask you to rebook for a routine appointment if you have more than one problem, or something which can wait for a routine appointment). You can expect that when you phone to request an appointment our Receptionists will enquire about the broad nature of the clinical problem so that they can guide you towards the most appropriate appointment. If you do not wish to describe the nature of your urgent request you will be booked for a telephone call rather than a face to face appointment.

Routine Appointments: These will be available to book online, via phone or in person, and will allow you to choose the clinician you would like to see. We hope to have routine appointments available within 7 days and up to 4 weeks in advance. - no more ringing at 8am!

Medication Reviews: When a medication review is due this often requires an appointment for a blood test or BP check before, or instead of, a face to face GP appointment. When you believe your medication review is due, please let our reception staff know, and we will review your records and ensure you are offered the most appropriate appointment. 

Telephone Appointments: We are doing an increasing number of telephone appointments, which can be a real time saving for all. If you request a telephone consultation, please make sure we have your correct telephone number. If you are happy to receive texts, this is a great way for us to communicate test results to you. 

Repeat Prescriptions: Please order online where-ever possible, and please help us by giving us at least 48 hours notice for a repeat prescription to be issued. 

New Staff: Over the next 3 months we are welcoming to the practice 2 new receptionists (Gemma Boudall and Annabel Burns), a new temporary secretary (Thelma Fison), 2 new project managers (Pete Grantham and Becki Davies) a nurse practitioner (Michaela Harris) and a new GP (Laura Armitage). Thank you for supporting us through these times of rapid change and development.

We are looking forward to serving you through 2017 with a changing team, and an improving appointment system! At the time of this going to press we have not set a start date but will update the website as soon as we know.

Jackie Roberts

Practice Manager 01223 843661 

Website: www.shelfordmedicalpractice.nhs.uk

A cool way to remove fat?


As a Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon with around 20 years of experience, I was invited by Zeltiq, the manufacturers of Cool Sculpting to give a talk about the benefits of Cool Sculpting at an event held in the surroundings of the iconic Natural History Museum in London a couple of months ago. What is Cool Sculpting you might ask?

Well, many years ago, two Harvard doctors decided to investigate further a peculiar phenomenon known as ‘popsicle panniculitis’ which was the appearance of dimples in children’s cheeks when they were sucking on frozen lollies.

The doctors found that fat cells were more sensitive to cold than other body tissues such as skin, muscle or the nerves and eventually they found the precise temperature that destroyed the fat cell without damaging the surrounding tissue. This result: a non-invasive cooling of fat that induces lipolysis (the breaking down of fat cells) which can reduce body fat without damaging surrounding organs or tissue – without surgery, injections or down time. Research has shown that approximately 25% of fat cells can be reduced in one treatment, with follow-on treatments further reducing fat.

Aesthetic practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds attended the Event to learn more about the advantages that this fat reduction device can bring to their clinics and, in turn, the benefits for their patients.

It was a lovely contrast to talk about this truly innovative, non-invasive, FDA approved technology, surrounded by artefacts that told the story of our planet’s origins, including six-metre long Sophie, the most intact Stegosaurus fossil ever found. I was joined on the panel by Dutch plastic surgeon Dr Farid Kazem who has been offering CoolSculpting for a number of years and now has 12 machines and four clinics!

In my new Clinic, Cambridge Clear Beauty in Great Shelford, we offer Cool Sculpting amongst a range of non-surgical rejuvenation techniques. As a Cosmetic Surgeon of course I also undertake a wide spectrum of cosmetic surgery procedures.

If you would like to find out more why not give us a call on 01223 214960 to book a consultation?

Dr Tariq Ahmad




Shelford Medical Practice January news

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Healthy New Year and hope everyone who has made resolutions is successful in making the change they plan. 

Repeat Prescribing - Our New Year’s resolution! 

We are actively working on systems to improve the clarity and efficiency of our repeat prescribing systems. We hope you will notice a big positive change over the next 6 months. 

If, in the meantime, you get a surprising message via the pharmacy asking you to book a medication review, please ask reception to check what is really required before booking your appointment. We anticipate these computer generated automated recalls will be gone by the summer and thank you for your patience in the interim. 

Please help us by registering for online repeat ordering, and always asking a good few days before you run out of tablets! 


John Tweedale and Jane Hewson have retired after a cumulative 50 years of service, which we calculate to be around quarter of a million appointments! We are deeply grateful to them for all they have given to us, and wish them and their families every happiness in their next phase. 

Jackie Roberts 

Practice Manager 01223 843661 

Website: www.shelfordmedicalpractice.nhs.uk

Shelford Medical Practice October News                                                                   

I very much enjoyed meeting a lot of patients last Saturday at the first of our flu clinics when we managed to vaccinate over 600 people. Details of our next clinic are below:  

‘Flu clinic 5 November 

We are holding our second ‘flu clinic on Saturday 5 November. To book an appointment at the clinic, please ring the surgery on 01223 843661. It is better to ring after 11 am as the phone lines are less busy. 

New staff and nurse recruitment   

We have been busy recruiting a new Operations Manager who will deal with any daily issues arising at the Practice. We also have adverts out for new nursing staff to replace Jane Hewson who is retiring at Christmas. Details are available on the Practice Website. 

Jackie Roberts 

01223 843661 Website: www.shelfordmedicalpractice.nhs.uk

Shelford medical practice September update

New Practice Manager

I am the new Business Manager. My name is Jackie Roberts. I am enjoying getting started and learning to use my experience in NHS work. 

I have spent the last 3 years working at Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club and been involved in significant change there as it converted legal status and set up a joint venture with ‘The Other Place’ to run the Varsity Match at Twickenham. I will miss seeing the green grass at Grange Road but not the traffic to get there. 

I live in Thaxted with my family. I have always been active in some charity or other. Currently, I am Treasurer of Cambridge Family Mediation and am also involved with the parents association at Hockerill College in Bishop Stortford. 

I am looking forward to meeting our patients and talking about the services we offer. I hope to receive feedback from you regularly as it is how we can measure the service we are delivering. The Patient Participation Group AGM is in October and I hope to meet many of you there. 

We thank everyone who has given us feedback recently and assure you that it is all acted upon. 

Flu clinics

The new “’flu season” starts officially in September. 2 Clinics are planned 8th October and 5th November. We are now taking bookings for appointments.

To book an appointment, please ring the surgery on 01223 843661.

(Preferably, after 11am as the phones are always so busy early in the morning.)

Good to meet you. 

Jackie Roberts 

Business Practice Manager

01223 843661

Website: www.shelfordmedicalpractice.nhs.uk

Shelford Medical Practice News August 2016

New Practice Manager

I am retiring from the NHS at the end of August, and am being replaced by a new Business Manager who will start in September. Her name is Jackie Roberts. She is looking forward to getting started and meeting people.  

I have enjoyed my time with Shelford Medical Practice. It has been 11 years, and there have been many changes in the NHS and in the practice over that time. There are more to come! I have particularly enjoyed meeting our patients and talking about the services we offer. I have learned a lot from your complaints as well as from your positive comments. Thank you for them. Do keep your feedback going with Jackie and her colleagues. 

Flu clinics

The new “’flu season” starts officially in September. We shall be organising clinics in October and November. Keep an eye out for posters and on our website and in the surgery. We shall be advertising the dates by these means very shortly. 

Jennet Ashton
Practice Manager
Great Shelford Medical Practice could move under suggestions made as part of the Shelford and Stapleford Neighbourhood Plan.

Options being looked at include moving the Medical practice to be part of a redeveloped village hall.

Beauty & health businesses in Great Shelford

angliEAR Hearing and Tinnitus Solutions
Suite 3 Grain House
Mill Court
Great Shelford
CB22 5LD
01223 661399

Cambridge Clear Beauty
Mill Court
Great Shelford
Tel: 01223 214960

BeauFitness personal trainer
136 Hinton Way
Great Shelford 
Tel: 07736064648
Email: beaufitness@outlook.com

Beauty Consulting Rooms
7 London Road
Great Shelford
CB22 5DB
Tel: 01223 844471
Email: laurel.winter@ntlworld.com 

Blossom and Beauty 
66a High Street 
Great Shelford 
Tel: 01223 847788 
email: liz@blossomhealthandbeauty.co.uk 

Bodymend at Camyoga
Chaston House
1 Mill Court
Great Shelford
CB22 5LD
Bodywork Therapy Professional skin and beauty treatment 
200 Cambridge Road
Great Shelford
CB22 5JU
Tel. 01223 479277 or 07877 310382
Website:  www.bodyworktherapy.info 

California Bronze Mobile beauty therapist
71 Macaulay Avenue
Great Shelford
CB22 5AF
Tel. 07872965101 
Cambridge Clear Beauty
Mill Court
Great Shelford
Tel: 01223 214960

Cambridge Personal Fitness Training
Email: matt@cambridgept.com
Tel: 07766 825915

The Cambridge Physiotherapy Clinic
Unit A, Magog Court
Shelford Bottom
CB22 3AD
Phone 211606
Email: info@cambsphysioclinic.co.uk
Camyoga South Studios
Chaston House
1 Mill Court
Great Shelford
CB22 5LD
Tel: 01223 847930 
Email: info@camyoga.co.uk 
EMP Therapies - Sports Massage and Complementary Therapies
Grain House,
Mill Court,
Great Shelford,
CB22 5LD
Tel: 07808 125613
Email: info@emptherapies.co.uk
Health and Happiness - Psychological Wellbeing Services
Website: www.health-and-happiness.me -
Grain House at Relief
Mill Court
CB22 5LD
Mobile: 07776071554
email: info@health-and-happiness.me
Jenny P Wilson massage
(Monday 15:00 to 19:00 only)
2 Grain House, Mill Court, Great Shelford
Email: contact@jennypwilson.co.uk
Phone: 01223 881899
Website: www.jennypwilson.co.uk/
Movement Space (Pilates and Qigong)
Tel: 01223 700232

Physiopilates Academy
Tel: 01223 841968
Email: cambridgephysiopilates@gmail.com

Relief Chiropractic
Grain House,
Mill Court,
Great Shelford,
CB22 5LD
Tel: 459240
Email: admin@reliefchiropractic.co.uk
Shelford Nutrition -a nutrition & dietetic consultancy specialising in weight management
Mairi Huntly Registered Dietitian
1 Trinity Lane, Great Shelford, CB22 5FE
Tel: 07741474076