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Great Shelford school inspection

Great and Little Shelford is a Good School because:


Pupils are prepared well for the next stage of their education. Their achievement is good and they flourish socially.

Leaders, managers and governors have ensured good improvement in pupils’ attainment and the quality of teaching since the previous inspection.

Senior leaders are not complacent. They are supported well by the governing body. Together, they have a good understanding of what is going well and what still needs improving.

Over the last three years, pupils’ attainment has improved to above average levels by the end of Year 6 in reading, writing and mathematics.

Children make good progress in the Early Years Foundation Stage, settling quickly at the start of the year and rapidly learning new skills.

Across the school, teachers have good expectations of what pupils should learn. Teaching engages pupils fully and inspires a love of learning.

Pupils are keen to do well. They behave sensibly both in and out of lessons. They are friendly and polite and feel safe.

The school provides pupils with many memorable experiences. These contribute well to their personal development and ensure that pupils leave school as confident, kind and tolerant individuals.

The school works closely with parents. They are very pleased with the work of the school, especially the way that adults take care of their children.

It is not yet an outstanding school because

Pupils do not always spell accurately. This is because the teaching of letters and the sounds that they make (phonics) does not always provide the right level of challenge for all pupils so that spelling skills can improve quickly. The school is acting on this already.

There are a few occasions when teachers give the most able pupils work that is not challenging enough for them.


Teachers in charge of subjects do not do enough to check how well their initiatives are being implemented so that they can be certain they are having the desired effect.