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Proposed transport route published

The proposed route for a new public transport route on the edge of Great Shelford and Stapleford has been published.

There is a consultation meeting at the Jubilee Pavilion, Stapleford on Oct 14 at 5.30pm. Consultation closes November 4.Read more details about the proposals here. (External link) 

The proposed new public transport route, which would costs up to £155m, would link the Cambridge Biomedical Campus via Great Shelford, Stapleford and Sawston to a new travel hub near the A11/A1307/A505 with connections to Babraham, the Babraham Research Campus and Granta Park.

The route would entirely off-road, only interacting with other traffic at junctions. Junctions between existing roads and the new public transport route would be controlled by traffic lights.

The proposals are the first part of the Cambridge Autonomous Metro, which would take the form of electric, rubber-tyred tram-like vehicles using dedicated, off-road routes to bypass congestion.

Locations of stops are proposed on Babraham Road in Sawston, Haverhill Road in Stapleford, Hinton Way for Shelford and near the Busway bridge on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

Cambridge is on track to be one of the first cities in the UK to have a groundbreaking autonomous shuttle service as part of its public transport network.

Consultation closes November 4. There is a consultation meeting at the Jubilee Pavilion, Stapleford on Oct 14 at 5.30pm. Read more details about the proposals here. (External link) 

Countryfile comes to Great Shelford 

BBC Countryfile came to Great Shelford on Wednesday , September 25.

They wee filming villages whose cash machines have been ram –raided and to find out the effects of losing the facility and no banks.

They came to the Country Market (photos below), going on to Barkers (photo with presenter Tom Heap courtesy Barkers Butchers) and interviewed the Chairman of the Parish Council.
The ATM at Barclays Bank in Woollards Lane, Great Shelford was stolen in a ram raid at around 1am on October 29 2018.
Thieves are believed to have used a JCB stolen from a building site in Little Shelford for the raid.

This theft left Great Shelford without a cashpoint machine.

It was the second recent ram raid in the village.

Ram raiders drove into the front of the Co-op in High Street, Great Shelford and stole the cash machine a year ago on September 23 2018

The Countryfile programme featuring Great Shelford was broadcast on BBC1 on October 13.
Posted September 23 2019 Updated Sept 26

7a bus
The 7a bus to Trumpington park and ride, which travels through Great Shelford will now stop at the same bus stops as the Stagecoach city7 through Great Shelford. Posted 30/9/19

Vans broken into
Two vehicles have been broken into in Great Shelford.

In both cases the thieves drilled the van locks.

Tools were taken from a van in Chaston road, and a van in Macaulay Avenue, Great Shelford.
Help Shelford school while you are shopping

Great and Little Shelford school wants your help to enter a draw run by the supermarket Aldi to win £20,000 for use on sports equipment and other healthy initiatives. To be eligible, schools have to collect at least 300 'Team GB' stickers from Aldi. Any members of the public can collect stickers.

You can obtain one each time your shopping bill in Aldi comes to a total of £30 or more. The PTA's Matt Bell said:"We wondered if we could ask the local community to collect stickers on behalf of the school if they shop at Aldi and send them to the school to increase our chances of being able to enter the draw. Stickers can be sent to the school
office in the post (Great and Little Shelford Primary School, Church Street, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5EL) or dropped off there in person. The draw is open from now until Sunday November 3rd.

More information about the Aldi's stickers and £20,000 healthy initiative for schools draw is available at: https://getseteatfresh.co.uk/kitforschools
Posted September 24 2019

Noel Young Sunday changes
Noel Young is ringing the changes on Sunday.

Sunday lunchtimes have been the one shift that has not been particularly successful since the new wine bar opened earlier this year.

The last regular Sunday opening was on September 15.

Starting Sunday October 13, he will be offering a themed menu and wine pairing - though not every Sunday. The first, then, is a classic Pie & Shiraz menu - either a rich beef Pie or similarly rich Mushroom Pie along with a 125ml glass of Shiraz for £15 per person. There will also be approximately 5 other Shiraz's to try if you were so inclined...please email them on  winebar@nywines.co.uk or 01223 842954 to book places. Posted 16/9/19

Libraries Week in Great Shelford

Libraries Week is when we celebrate the wonderful institution that is the public library and, more particularly, the great contribution that Great Shelford library makes to village life. The Friends of Great Shelford Library are joining together with the Library Service to bring you events throughout the week so you can enjoy your fantastic local library by attending some of them.

The BIG book sale will start at 10 am on Tuesday 8 October, and run throughout the week during library opening hours. If you have any good quality books in excellent condition you would like to donate, please talk to Rosemary, our librarian.

On Thursday 10 October, there will be a talk by Helen Harwood, local historian and Chairman of the Friends Group, entitled “Some Shelford Characters” at 2.30 pm.

Refreshments will be provided and tickets can be obtained from Rosemary at the library (£2 per person).

Finally, for younger visitors, there will be a Lego session on Saturday 12 October in the afternoon from 2 - 4 pm. Again, please book a place at the library as numbers are limited.

Come along and enjoy your library! Posted 16/9/19

Maps- Greater Cambridge Partnership Posted 9/9/19

New guides leader
1st Shelford Guides is delighted that they'll be restarting on Mon 28 October with new members to the leadership team.

If you’d like to find out about places for Guides (girls aged 10-14 years) or to volunteer, please go to www.girlguiding.org.uk and click on ‘Information for parents’ or ‘Get involved’, or email lisa.macgregor@ntlworld.com. Posted Sept 4 2019
New affordable homes for Great Shelford

Proposals for 21 new affordable homes on allotments in Great Shelford have been published.

Great Shelford Parochial Charities owns 32 houses – one, two and three bedroom homes – at More’s Meadow where they provide affordable tenancies for Great Shelford people. They also own the allotments and open land at the bottom of More’s Meadow, extending behind Bridge Close, Hobsons Acre, Walden Way and The Hectare.

The Charity is seeking planning permission to build a further 21 affordable homes on the site currently occupied by the allotments. The allotments would be relocated to the field behind The Hectare.

They have appointed an architect and engaged consultants to undertake the various surveys - landscape, ecology, archaeology, highways, drainage, etc - required for planning consent.

The drop in session is an opportunity for villagers to meet the Trustees, inspect the plans, ask questions and share opinion. Please join them.

Memorial Hall, 4pm - 7pm, Tuesday, 1st October 2019

Further information about The Parochial Charities can be found on their website: gspc.org.uk (posted Aug 27 2019)
Shelford bed and breakfast
Walnut Lodge on High Green (opposite the wine bar) has new owners.

Tim and Sarah Kwan are planning a number of changes at Walnut lodge.

“We love to host guests and create a happy and comfortable place for them to stay whatever the reason or occasion,” said Sarah.

Tim and Sarah are two musicians and music teachers who also own and run KwanMusic. They are a bassoonist and singer, organist and pianist. They have two children under 3.

“We have a barn which has two separate living areas, named Walnut Lodge and Mini Walnut Lodge. The main lodge consists of a large bathroom and downstairs living area, and upstairs is a king size bedroom in the eaves of the property. We are looking to install a mini kitchenette in winter as guests only have a fridge, microwave, kettle and toaster to use at the moment. We have had such great success we want people to be able to cook for themselves in there too,” said Tim.

“We more recently opened up the en-suite double bedroom adjacent to Walnut Lodge and we have been busier that ever”

“We have had people visiting friends and family in Great Shelford and the surrounding areas. Or people needing somewhere to stay to explore Cambridge itself, functions at the Rugby club, weddings, hospital appointments, air shows and we have had plenty of dogs staying which our children love.

“We opened up Walnut Lodge to guests in just 2 weeks after we moved to into our house in February so we could get it up and running before our jobs resumed after the Easter holidays.” Posted Aug 28 2019
Shelford rave

Thousands of people from Great Shelford, Little Shelford and Stapleford were woken by a rave on the outskirts of Little Shelford in the early hours of August 17.

The rave took place at St Margaret’s Mount on Newton Road.

Police were called to the unofficial event at around 1am. The rave finally came to an end shortly after 11am when the heavy rain began.

“Thousands of people as far as 4 miles from the site (ie. Sawston and Stapleford) were seriously inconvenienced, many unable to sleep,” said District Councillor Peter Fane.

“The persistent low beat carried literally five miles - we’re over 3 miles away which is why I and others bothered to walk out at 3.30am to track down the source of the noise (which I originally thought must be across the street) so that I could report it.

“I walked up there 3.30am with some others (one from Stapleford) to identify site, but police were already there and subsequently assured us at 5am they “had it in hand”, meaning that with only a few officers on duty they didn’t have the resources to shut it down,” said Councillor Fane.

“There is a risk that because raves elsewhere have been shut down quickly and this one was allowed to go on into the morning, South Cambridgeshire may be a popular choice for rave organisers in the future,” Councillor Fane said.

“I will be asking the Environmental Health department at SDDC (responsible for noise nuisance) to meet with the police with some urgency to review procedures for dealing with raves, as they have been able to do successfully in other parts of the county already this summer.”

See a video of the rave on the Cambridge live website
Posted Aug 28 2019

Library health talks

Great Shelford library is launching a new initiative aimed at helping people to stay healthy as they grow older. Places can be booked for £2. 

The first talk will be:

Healthy Eating for Adults

Great Shelford Library

Thursday 12th September 2019 at 2.30pm

Book a place at the library, email cambourne.referral@cambridgeshire.gov.uk<mailto:cambourne.referral@cambridgeshire.gov.uk> or call 0345 045 5225

The second talk will be:

Mental Wellbeing and Sleep

Great Shelford Library

Monday 11th November 2019 at 10.30am

Book a place at the library, email cambourne.referral@cambridgeshire.gov.uk<mailto:cambourne.referral@cambridgeshire.gov.uk> or call 0345 045 5225

They're also hoping to run a Falls Prevention talk in January - details to follow or ask at the library.
Posted Aug 27 2019

Bus stop flags
Eight new bus stop signs (commonly known as flags) have been erected in Great Shelford along Hinton Way, Mingle Lane and High Street. These replace old and dilapidated ones on the No 31 bus route. The signs have been made by Steve Edmondson of Haslingfield with help from John Wakefield.

Also receiving attention were a number of timetable cases where the acrylic front panel was broken, missing or had become opaque with age, new acrylic panels and timetables have been placed in these.

Steve decided to do something himself about the poor state of bus stops and timetables on local bus routes after he found that Cambridgeshire County Council had no money available for bus stop/timetable replacements despite subsidising the non commercially profitable bus services. Steve has already replaced signs in his own area around  Haslingfield, and in Hauxton and Stapleford, he has received donations to costs (each bus top flag costs £25) from the parish councils, it is hoped that Great Shelford Parish Council will also make a contribution to the cost for the new signs in Great Shelford. 

 The No 31 bus  runs between Fowlmere to Addenbrookes on five return trips per day, serving Thriplow, Newton, Hauxton, Little Shelford, Gt Shelford and Stapleford. Report and photos John Wakefield
Read the revised Great Shelford bus timetable here  Posted Aug 26 2019

Surgery appointment online delays
Villagers are having to wait for over a month for an appointment at the Great Shelford Medical Practice if they use the Online system.

One villager said that when they tried to book an appointment in Great Shelford or Sawston on July 21, there were no appointments in Shelford or Sawston until August 23.

"I refuse, on principle, to travel to Barley or Royston, when I can walk to my practice in Shelford," she said. 

"To travel to Barley or Royston is a waste of my time, petrol, destroys the environment because of unnecessary car travel and I don't even know whereabouts in Barley or Royston the practices are. I'm registered with Shelford, why can I not book an appointment?? If there are so many appointments available in Barley and Royston, perhaps some of the doctors there should be in the Shelford practice instead where there is clearly more demand!"

Another villager supported the comments. 

"I have just looked and the only on line appointments up to 14th September are at Barley or Royston (1 at Linton) are the good folks of Barley and Royston super healthy that they do not need these appointments or are there just too many GPs allocated to Barley and Royston," said Sue Tombs.

"We live in Great Shelford so should be able to see a GP in Great Shelford not add to our carbon footprint by using a car or if you are lucky a bus to these out of the way places.

"Yes I know you could phone up for an appointment but unless you lie and say it is urgent you could still be waiting 3 – 4 weeks. Being still at work – when I do phone up I seem to have difficulty in getting the Receptionists to understand what I mean by an early morning or late afternoon appointment and they cannot seem to realise how long it takes to get from Cambridge to Great Shelford during the rush how.

"This problem has been brought up at the Patients Participation Group and I urge all villagers to go onto the Practice Website and sign up for the group and then attend the meetings – we need the younger generation."

Proposed cycling/walking route consultation

Your views are needed about a new cycling and walking route through Great Shelford and Stapleford.

There are two options for the Sawston Greenway through Stapleford.

Option A would follow existing route, with improvements to the existing National Cycling Network route 11 to include improvements on London Road, Stapleford. This can be seen in pink on the map (left).

Option B would be via Dernford Resevoir towards Shelford Station. This would include a new shared-use path around the Dernford Reservoir site and connecting the new route from Shelford Station to the A1301.

Improvements would be made at Shelford station as part of the proposals including improvements to the station forecourt and road crossing and a direct connection through Mill Court.

Read more details and give your views here.

Shelford Guides needs a new leader

Shelford Guides urgently need a new leader by September or could face closure

A qualified Girlguiding leader, or someone able to take the Girlguiding Leadership Qualification, is urgently needed to share the running of 1st Shelford Guides. No previous experience is required. Training is done alongside volunteering and lots of support is given.

Guides is the section of Girlguiding for girls aged 10-14 years, and is great fun and highly rewarding to volunteer for! The unit meets on Monday nights during term time. To find out more, please contact Lisa (shelforddistrict@gmail.com) and visit www.girlguiding.org.uk (search for Guides and Leadership Qualification).

Neighbourhood Plan update

Thank you to all who took the time to complete the Neighbourhood plan survey. The responses have given us much evidence of the type of environment you wish to continue enjoying. 

Whilst the responses were quite diverse there were some themes that were common and these will be incorporated into the text that we will now spend the summer writing before presenting to you all in the Autumn for further consultation. 

We value your ideas and are always ready to listen as the Plan is basically your document and can only be completed with your input. Again thank you.

Councillor Barbara Kettel, Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Opticians changes hands
Jackson Cox the Opticians are changing owner. After 58 years in business, current owner Bryan Story is retiring in July. The good news is that the business will remain in Shelford in the same premises down the passage behind Redmayne Arnold & Harris estate agents in Woollards Lane.

The new owner of the business is Mr Abhijeet Saxena MCOptom Optometrist, experienced professional who is dedicated. to the welfare of patients, and qualified in all aspects of practice. In a letter to patients Mr Story says he will be involved in the practice on a very limited basis for a short time after the hand over, and wishes to thank all patients for their support over the years. 

He is taking over on 4th July. the new opening hours will be Monday - Friday 9-5.30pm and now open on Saturdays 8.30-4.30pm.
John Wakefield
Co-op burglary

The Co-op has been broken into again - and this time the thieves also stole the CCTV.

The details have emerged in a blog from PCSO Chris Wiseman.

"Getting towards the middle of the month (May) and there was a break in at The Co Op in Great Shelford," he said in his blog.

"I did some house to house enquiries around this one. The offenders took the CCTV with them which made the investigation a bit tricky."
Mass Rapid Transport on edge of Great Shelford comes a step closer?

The off-road bus-based transport system which would run along the edge Great Shelford and Stapleford could be coming a step closer.

An article in the Cambridge Independent newspaper says that consultation on the Mass Rapid Transit route (MRT) between Granta Park and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus proposals could begin in September.

The route would include stops in Great Shelford and Stapleford. However firm details of the route beyond the adjacent map have not been published.

"A public consultation on the possible routes for phase two of the Cambridge South East Transport Scheme – that aims to deliver quick and reliable public transport links from the A1307 to the city – could begin in September," says the newspaper article.

The link would be on a dedicated track and could eventually form part of a wider plan for a metro system for Cambridge.

Great Shelford and Stapleford councils have written to the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough James Palmer opposing THE multi million pound plans for a Mass Rapid Transit route (MRT) between Granta Park and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus which is being considered which would run on the edge of the two villages.

The Mass Rapid Transport route would cross three local roads – Granhams Road, Hinton Way and Haverhill Road.Read the article in the Cambridge Independent.

GCP joint assembly agenda for June 6
GCP project details

Great Shelford wine bar opens

Great Shelford's first wine bar opened on May 15.

Noel Young's Wine Bar was due to open on May 10. But the County Council Highways Department stopped work at the front of the new wine bar on High Green.

They were objecting to the ramped area leading to the doorway for disabled visitors to the bar. However, this was a condition of the bar being given the go ahead by South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Noel Young Wines is relocating to the former De Freville Arms building on High Green which was most recently the Jones and Jones sofa shop. 

The new wine bar is opening Wednesday to Saturday evenings, all day on Saturday and for Sunday lunch with capacity for up to 45 people. 

Alongside the 1600 wines, it will offer a small but quality menu. It isn't planned to be a restaurant but will offer cheese, and charcuterie plates with 3 to 4 other substantial hot offerings.

They are promising no loud music, and a convivial, relaxed place for a glass or bottle of wine and some tasty food. 

"There will be no optics, no vast array of beer pumps etc. It will be a quiet classy wine bar," said Noel.

"We really want this to be a development the village will be pleased about, it’s not going to have a big impact environmentally – we will have very few deliveries of any size, we won’t open until 10am. We have ample parking and will be encouraging people to walk, cycle and take taxis in the evenings." The wine bar now has its own website.

*Bryan Turner Kitchens are also opening in the development in the former Jones & Jones site on the corner of Granhams Road and High Green.

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Walking Rugby arrives at Shelford Rugby Club

Over the past few weeks, Shelford Rugby Club has been home to a new competition – Walking Rugby.  The sessions take place every Tuesday evening from 6pm – 7pm and so far the uptake has been very positive, with the average age of attendees sitting at just over 70. The sessions are completely free and open to men and women of all ages, no prior experience necessary.

The initiative is designed to encourage less-active members of the community to put on their boots and chase a ball around, but at an easy pace. With the support of local charity, Living Sport, Shelford is hoping to encourage more and more members of the community to get involved. Walking sports are becoming an increasingly popular trend, they help to keep peoples’ bodies and minds active, not to mention it’s good fun too. One 77-year-old participant had this to say:

“It keeps you active, keeps the brain ticking and even keeps spirits high, when you get to my age, too many people think that they can’t do these sort of things anymore. But this is just what people need.”

For more information, contact Shelford Rugby Club.

01223 843357


Art show for great Shelford mum

Local Great Shelford Mum turned Artist is having a preview evening of her new exhibition at Boudoir Femme on King Street, Cambridge from 6-8pm on Friday 7 June 2019.
You are invited to come along for a glass of cava and a browse. 

You might know her around the village as Anja Evans, but she paints under the name Anja Perry Art. Her current passion is acrylic pouring, the art of pouring colours and moving them around so that they layer and create colours within colours. Whilst they are abstract pieces, many of them are inspired by and are reminiscent of the sea or polar ice. The way colours interact yet don’t mix fascinates her. She has to let go of constraints, preconceptions and have an open mind as to how the finished piece will look. This fits in well with her overall looser painting style, such as when she is painting with oils.

The wonderful thing about her current passion is that no two pieces will be the same, yet a collection of colour inspired pictures can be collected. The sizes are consistent (framed 50cmx50cm or 23cmx23cm) which make them eminently collectable, especially if you have a larger space to fill, or want a co-ordinated feel throughout your home. She welcomes commissions and can create larger pieces or ones to go with an interior design colour scheme.

She works from her home studio in Great Shelford and you can visit her in her studio by appointment. Please email her at anjaperryart@gmail.com to make arrangements. Alternatively, you can come along and visit her exhibition at Boudoir Femme on Friday 7 June from 6-8pm. She would love to have support from the Shelford community, so please feel free to bring a friend and share this post. 5% of sales on the evening will be donated to local charities including Shelford School PTA.

New Parish Councillors

Great Shelford has two new Parish Councillors.

Gregory Price and Paula Arnold were voted in in the elections on May 2.


ARNOLD, Paula Tracy

536 Elected

PRICE, Gregory Michael

Green Party

613 Elected

WILSON, Theodore William


Gregory Price has lived in the village since 2010. He work for a national hospital group managing contracts for the NHS.
He is a keen cyclist, and enjoy travelling both in the UK and abroad.

Gregory has a keen interest in health issues, particularly around the provisions of local health services, transport issues, including encouraging sustainable solutions and addressing social isolation and the provision of inclusive services to all local residents.

Paula Arnold has I have been living locally in Great Shelford for nine years, and previously lived in Harston for 30 years.

She works as a book keeper. 

Before she was elected, she said:" If elected I would strive to improve and maintain our green spaces, by protecting our beautiful old trees that give so much. New replacement saplings are not an equal replacement. I would also like to encourage more recycling in the village, with either bottle banks, plastic banks, newspapers and textile banks in public places. I would like to see some better roadwork co-ordination, and traffic management, as the tailbacks with the traffic pollution are getting really noticeable."
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Bus update
"A2B bus and coach would like to announce that after being selected as the council's preferred supplier for services 7A, 18, 31 and 75, we have been awarded continuation of these contracts.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank YOU the passengers of these routes who have made this possible we are a small family owned and run company without the backing of any major "big groups" or shareholders this is a huge achievement for us and we are proud to serve you the passengers who made it possible.
Myself , Tony (31 driver) and Laurkan (7a) and everyone else in the team look forward to seeing you onboard in the future
Brian Clifford
Managing director A2B BUS AND COACH LTD
Deli Friday evening opening

The Deli is now opening for casual Bistro-Pizza nights on alternate Friday evenings, offering both takeaway and eat-in menu services. A lovely family-friendly venue for local people to walk down to and enjoy some great seasonal Deli food, a bottle of vino and the relaxed vibe. 

The next Deli Bistro-Pizza night is scheduled for Friday May 10th – they’re taking table reservations and orders now on 01223 846129. Their current bistro and takeaway menus can be found on their Facebook page. They are also launching a gluten-free pizza base option for any pizza on their menus. 

Open all day on alternate Fridays - 8.30am – 9.30pm (Kitchen Open: 11.30am – 3pm and 5pm – 9pm) with Monmouth coffee and homemade Deli cake served throughout the day as usual.

Village cafe goes from strength to strength

Thank you to all for your enthusiasm for Cara Coffee which is now open just opposite the Co-op in Great Shelford. 

We are open Tuesday to Friday at the moment but would like to build up our volunteer base so that we can open 9-2pm on a Saturday. 
If Saturday is a day you might be able to offer to volunteer, please email Julie Whitbread Julie.whitbread@romseymill.org. We would love to hear from you. In the meantime do call in for a coffee or piece of cake! You'd be very welcome!'

Library loyalty card scheme

Great Shelford library has launched its own loyalty card.

People borrowing foir or more adult fiction or non-fiction books at once receive a special stamp on their card.

Four stamps will entitle them to a free standard sized tea or coffee at the Shelford Deli.

The scheme has been launched initially as a pilot until June 30.

New care home proposed for Great Shelford

Proposals for a new care home in the heart of Great Shelford have been published.

The care home in Station Road would have 63 en suite bedrooms. It would also feature a café, cinema room, gym and hair salon.

Access will continue to be taken from Station Road and 28 car parking spaces will be provided for staff and visitors;

Gillings Planning have approached the Parish Council for initial discussions regarding building on the Shelford Energy site in Station Road. At this stage no planning application has been submitted.

The developers will be attending the Great Shelford Planning meeting at 6.30pm on  Wednesday 3 April in the Pavilion to discuss their proposals. 

Porthaven Care Homes is a leading national provider of high-quality care for the elderly delivered in purpose built-accommodation which exceeds regulatory standards.

Further information on the services they offer can be found on their website: https://www.porthaven.co.uk/. 

One of the ambitions for the development is that it becomes part of the wider community and this can be seen in the opening up of the site frontage so that the development is not hidden away. Active uses such as the resident’s café in the west of the care home will help create a sense of activity.  

Read more at the Parish Council website.

It seems as if Shelford Energy (formally Shelford Petroleum) have sold out the oil side of the business to Watson Fuels who are in turn part of WFL (UK) Ltd

This would explain why the oil depot is being sold for the proposed Retirement Home in Station Road. Thus another old established Shelford company closes. They were formally Shelford Corn and Coal Company owned by the George family. It looks like they are just keeping the servicing side of the business as Shelford Heating who are now based at South Cambs Business Park, Sawston . John Wakefield

Gravestone for Nazi spy will not now go ahead

A gravestone for a Nazi spy buried in Great Shelford will not now go ahead after all.

Wilhelm Ter Braak was a Dutch spy who was buried in what was an unmarked grave in the village cemetery in Great Shelford during the second world war. 

Ter Braak was a Dutch espionage agent working for the Germans who operated for five months in England. He is believed to have been the German agent who was at large for the longest time in Britain during the Second World War.

When he ran out of money, Ter Braak committed suicide in a public air raid shelter in Cambridge. It is not known why he was buried in Great Shelford.

The gravestone was being organised by Ter Braak’s family in Holland.

They had proposed the following wording:

Engelbertus Fukken (Ter Braak’s real name)

28 VIII 1914 The Hague, 30/31 III 1941 Cambridge.

The Parish Council gave their go ahead for the gravestone. However the family in Holland has now decided that the costs of the gravestone is too high and they will not ahead with it after all.

The story featured in the Mail Online, Cambridge News, the Mirror and the Sun. It also featured on Anglia TV.

  • A book about Ter Braak, called "Spy against Churchill" by Leven en dood van Jan Willem ter Braak is expected to be published in the UK later this year.

Great Shelford link to the £14m Hatton Garden heist

Jewellery and gold stolen in the £14m Hatton Garden raid were found following a search of a house in Great Shelford.

Officers - who made simultaneous searches of Michael Seed's mother's large house in Great Shelford  on March 28 2018 and his brother's ground-floor flat in Forest Gate, east London, - found £143,000 worth of jewellery, gold ingots and gems stolen in the Hatton Garden raid.

Alarm specialist Michael Seed, 58, was known as "Basil" to the rest of the gang. But on March 15 he was jailed for 10 years after becoming the 10th person convicted in connection with the crime when he was found guilty of conspiracy to burgle the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit company and conspiracy to handle the proceeds of the Hatton Garden robbery.

Read the full story in the Cambridge News

Asbestos found on the Recreation Ground

Asbestos has been discovered on significant parts of the great Shelford recreation ground. the clean-up could cost as much as £50,000.

Work on the rec to provide improved services for the Feast started on March 5. Unfortunately, it has uncovered buried asbestos over a significant area. The rest of the Recreation Ground where there have been no excavations (e.g. the football pitches, cricket square, children’s play area, etc.) do not present any risk from asbestos. The Parish Council has had specialist tests run on the contaminated material: 

Chemical tests have confirmed that the contamination is due to white asbestos encased in concrete (chrysotile). Whilst it is classed as a hazardous material, it is encased in concrete and any danger is minimal. 

Air tests have also been performed at multiple points and have confirmed there are no asbestos fibres in the air. 

Great Shelford Parish Council is confident that there is no safety risk to the public or to contractors working on the site. Work will continue over the next few weeks to excavate the trenches and drain connection. 

During the work there will be on site monitoring by specialists to ensure that the correct procedures are adhered to and that contractors and the public are completely safe. All excavated material will be removed from the site and taken to a hazardous waste facility. New material will be brought in to replace the contaminated soil. 

Where did the contamination come from? The Parish Council doesn't know but the finger has been pointed at the following as potential sources: 

Wartime military encampment. 

Old Memorial Hall roof. 

Robinson’s dairy. 

The clean-up exercise is going to be costly. The Parish Council doesn't have the final figure, but believe it could be in the region of £35,000-£50,000. The Council believes it essential to complete the work to safeguard public safety and to ensure they can complete the Feast and Playscape projects 

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Police advice to help avoid car thefts

Following a rise in thieves using more sophisticated techniques to gain access to keyless entry/start button cars, including the theft of a Range Rover in Stapleford, police have issued advice to help you keep your vehicle secure and protect you from becoming a victim of crime.

When the correct key fob is close by, the fob recognises the signal and transmits its own code, instructing the vehicle to unlock the doors and to allow the ignition to work on the car.
Thieves use wireless transmitters to capture its radio transmission. This is relayed to another device. It allows the thief to open and start your car in the same way. 
To prevent this from happening, use car key signal blocker cases/sleeves, they cost less than £10, or an aluminium tin at home. Find a safe place for your keys at home and check to ensure they are out of range. 

Following some of these other steps will also help to protect your vehicle:
Use a good quality crook lock or full cover steering wheel security lock to immobilise your vehicle
Consider fitting an ‘OBD safe’ device, a secure lockable device that fits over the vehicle’s on board diagnostic port, in the vehicle cabin. This prevents criminals using software to code an electronic key for the vehicle
If your vehicle is fitted with on board wi-fi consider switching this facility off, if you do not need it which will reduce the chance of criminals hacking into the vehicle’ system; your banking details or personal data from linked devices

Criminals can also employ remote/keyless entry jamming equipment; so make sure your car is locked physically by trying the door handle and viewing the indicators flash, before leaving it.

Boost for Great Shelford village warden scheme

Great Shelford village warden scheme is to get a share of more than £23,000 awarded by South Cambridgeshire Council to tackle isolation among elderly residents

Fourteen community groups have been awarded £23,410 by the District Council’s long-running Mobile Wardens grant scheme. The funding will help the groups to tackle isolation by supporting elderly residents to stay in their own homes and communities.

Through community care schemes, Mobile Wardens regularly visit elderly residents in their homes, helping with light practical tasks and establishing supportive relationships.

The applicants for 2019/20 grant funding included 11 schemes that were supported during the previous year, plus three additional schemes. In order to fund all 11 returning schemes to the same level, as well as the three additional schemes in Waterbeach, Stapleford and Great Shelford, the total funding for 2019-2020 has increased by £3,300.

Little Shelford Bowls Club welcomes new members

Little Shelford has a small and friendly bowls club, which has members from surrounding villages including a number from Stapleford. Our green is at the far end of the Wale Recreation Ground off Whittlesford Road, and we play matches on weekday evenings and Wednesday afternoons from late April to early September. 

We are always keen to welcome new members and will be holding Open Days on Saturday 20thand 27thApril, starting at 2pm. If you would like to try your hand at bowls, or just find out more, come and join us. All you will need is a pair of flat-soled shoes. You are also welcome to contact our Secretary Ray Saich on 842737 if you have any queries.

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