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Library loyalty card scheme

Great Shelford library has launched its own loyalty card.

People borrowing foir or more adult fiction or non-fiction books at once receive a special stamp on their card.

Four stamps will entitle them to a free standard sized tea or coffee at the Shelford Deli.

The scheme has been launched initially as a pilot until June 30.

New care home proposed for Great Shelford

Proposals for a new care home in the heart of Great Shelford have been published.

The care home in Station Road would have 63 en suite bedrooms. It would also feature a café, cinema room, gym and hair salon.

Access will continue to be taken from Station Road and 28 car parking spaces will be provided for staff and visitors;

Gillings Planning have approached the Parish Council for initial discussions regarding building on the Shelford Energy site in Station Road. At this stage no planning application has been submitted.

The developers will be attending the Great Shelford Planning meeting at 6.30pm on  Wednesday 3 April in the Pavilion to discuss their proposals. 

Porthaven Care Homes is a leading national provider of high-quality care for the elderly delivered in purpose built-accommodation which exceeds regulatory standards.

Further information on the services they offer can be found on their website: https://www.porthaven.co.uk/. 

One of the ambitions for the development is that it becomes part of the wider community and this can be seen in the opening up of the site frontage so that the development is not hidden away. Active uses such as the resident’s café in the west of the care home will help create a sense of activity.  

Read more at the Parish Council website.

It seems as if Shelford Energy (formally Shelford Petroleum) have sold out the oil side of the business to Watson Fuels who are in turn part of WFL (UK) Ltd

This would explain why the oil depot is being sold for the proposed Retirement Home in Station Road. Thus another old established Shelford company closes. They were formally Shelford Corn and Coal Company owned by the George family. It looks like they are just keeping the servicing side of the business as Shelford Heating who are now based at South Cambs Business Park, Sawston . John Wakefield

Shelford Feast/ Woollards Rec update

The traditional Shelford Feast was revived in 1994 to raise funds for Shelford School. In that first year it was held in the school grounds, used the kitchen at the school to prepare the pig roast and an outside tap for its water supply.
Then it moved to the Great Shelford Recreation Ground, in an old army tent with an occasional hose pipe.

Eventually it expanded from a single day to a whole week’s festival and a grand marquee was hired for the duration. Now water could be brought from the Scout and Guide HQ and an outside socket provided during library rebuilding was the source of electricity.

Over the years water and electricity have come from the HQ, while toilets have been connected to a terminal on the car park. 

In 2015, working with the Playscape initiative and the Parish Council, the idea of developing facilities on the recreation ground took shape, with the main idea being to move the site of the ever-growing marquee to the other side of the tarmac path while to avoid lengthy cables and pipes, permanent facilities for water, electricity and sewage could be provided for the use of anyone planning activities on the recreation ground.

It took a while for the project to take shape, with consultation and expert advice, but now the pipe-work is being installed in good time for the 2019 Feast. It does mean that for the moment the Great Shelford car park is out of action, but in the longer term the services will enhance all the way we use our invaluable recreation ground. Look out for the toilets at The Feast ( July 7th to 14th - tickets on sale now!) and you’ll find them a great convenience right next to the marquee!

Duncan Grey

Community cafe opens

A new coffee shop is opening in Great Shelford.

Cara Coffee is a new community coffee shop opposite the Co-op in the High Street which is opening this week from Tuesday to Friday. It is being run by Romsey Mill.

Local group needs your vote

Cambridge Joint Playschemes based in Stapleford needs your votes to help it win £40,000 from the National Lottery.

The Stapleford community group, which supports children with severe learning difficulties, has been named a winner in this year’s People’s Projects.

The people’s vote decides which community projects get National Lottery funding. A film about 'Cambridge Joint Playschemes' project will be aired on ITV Anglia East Region on Monday evening, 1st April after which viewers can vote for this year’s winners. This is the only Project in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire so please help them with publicity to secure people’s votes for this great cause.

See the web site: https://www.thepeoplesprojects.org.uk/projects/view/cambridge-joint-playschemes 

Gravestone for Nazi spy will not now go ahead

A gravestone for a Nazi spy buried in Great Shelford will not now go ahead after all.

Wilhelm Ter Braak was a Dutch spy who was buried in what was an unmarked grave in the village cemetery in Great Shelford during the second world war. 

Ter Braak was a Dutch espionage agent working for the Germans who operated for five months in England. He is believed to have been the German agent who was at large for the longest time in Britain during the Second World War.

When he ran out of money, Ter Braak committed suicide in a public air raid shelter in Cambridge. It is not known why he was buried in Great Shelford.

The gravestone was being organised by Ter Braak’s family in Holland.

They had proposed the following wording:

Engelbertus Fukken (Ter Braak’s real name)

28 VIII 1914 The Hague, 30/31 III 1941 Cambridge.

The Parish Council gave their go ahead for the gravestone. However the family in Holland has now decided that the costs of the gravestone is too high and they will not ahead with it after all.

The story featured in the Mail Online, Cambridge News, the Mirror and the Sun. It also featured on Anglia TV.

  • A book about Ter Braak, called "Spy against Churchill" by Leven en dood van Jan Willem ter Braak is expected to be published in the UK later this year.

Could Great Shelford have an underground rail station?

An underground rail station for Great Shelford has been proposed.

Great Shelford and Stapleford councils have written to the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough James Palmer opposing current multi million pound plans for a Mass Rapid Transit route (MRT) between Granta Park and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus which is being considered which would run on the edge of the two villages.

It will cross three busy road commuter routes” according to the letter – Granhams Road, Hinton Way and Haverhill Road.

“We believe that for environmental and traffic management reasons, the Mass Rapid Transit will require extensive tunneling,” says the letter from Mike Nettleton, Chair of Great Shelford Parish Council and Howard Kettel, Chair of Stapleford Council.

They suggest using “the alignment of the existing Cambridge to Liverpool Street rail line and of the former Haverhill rail line.” (The route can be seen in the map, left).

“If the Haverhill line were to be used instead, the major challenge would be what to do in the centre of Great Shelford,” the letter states.

“Whichever solution is chosen, it is almost certain that it would require an additional one or two tracks or roadways (assuming the new route cannot share the existing twin line West Anglia rail route). There probably isn’t room to increase the existing two lines through Great Shelford to three or four and there are two level crossings at Granhams Road and Station Road.

“We believe it would be necessary to put the existing West Anglia lines and the new lines in a tunnel under Great Shelford, probably from the area of the current London Road bridge to the far side of the Granhams Road crossing. It is likely that a new underground station would be required. This looks high cost, but the length of tunneling required is likely to be much shorter than for the existing MRT proposal. It would free up a significant amount of prime brownfield land for development, which would defray some of the costs. There would also be significant incidental benefits:

• Removal of the level crossings at Granhams Road and Station Road, which are significant current pinch points.

• Creation of an interchange between West Anglia and the Mass Rapid Transport outside the City centre.

 “Reusing the Haverhill line, with an interchange station in the centre of Great Shelford would immediately make the services accessible to most local residents,” the letter states.

See the full letter here. (External link)

Visit the Cambridge South East Transport study project page for the latest updates on the existing proposals. (External link)

Great Shelford link to the £14m Hatton Garden heist

Jewellery and gold stolen in the £14m Hatton Garden raid were found following a search of a house in Great Shelford.

Officers - who made simultaneous searches of Michael Seed's mother's large house in Great Shelford  on March 28 2018 and his brother's ground-floor flat in Forest Gate, east London, - found £143,000 worth of jewellery, gold ingots and gems stolen in the Hatton Garden raid.

Alarm specialist Michael Seed, 58, was known as "Basil" to the rest of the gang. But on March 15 he was jailed for 10 years after becoming the 10th person convicted in connection with the crime when he was found guilty of conspiracy to burgle the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit company and conspiracy to handle the proceeds of the Hatton Garden robbery.

Read the full story in the Cambridge News

Asbestos found on the Recreation Ground

Asbestos has been discovered on significant parts of the great Shelford recreation ground. the clean-up could cost as much as £50,000.

Work on the rec to provide improved services for the Feast started on March 5. Unfortunately, it has uncovered buried asbestos over a significant area. The rest of the Recreation Ground where there have been no excavations (e.g. the football pitches, cricket square, children’s play area, etc.) do not present any risk from asbestos. The Parish Council has had specialist tests run on the contaminated material:

Chemical tests have confirmed that the contamination is due to white asbestos encased in concrete (chrysotile). Whilst it is classed as a hazardous material, it is encased in concrete and any danger is minimal.

Air tests have also been performed at multiple points and have confirmed there are no asbestos fibres in the air.

Great Shelford Parish Council is confident that there is no safety risk to the public or to contractors working on the site. Work will continue over the next few weeks to excavate the trenches and drain connection.

During the work there will be on site monitoring by specialists to ensure that the correct procedures are adhered to and that contractors and the public are completely safe. All excavated material will be removed from the site and taken to a hazardous waste facility. New material will be brought in to replace the contaminated soil.

Where did the contamination come from? The Parish Council doesn't know but the finger has been pointed at the following as potential sources:

Wartime military encampment.

Old Memorial Hall roof.

Robinson’s dairy.

The clean-up exercise is going to be costly. The Parish Council doesn't have the final figure, but believe it could be in the region of £35,000-£50,000. The Council believes it essential to complete the work to safeguard public safety and to ensure they can complete the Feast and Playscape projects

Go ahead for Great Shelford wine bar

Great Shelford will get its first wine bar later this year.

Noel Young Wines is relocating to the former De Freville Arms building on High Green which was most recently the Jones and Jones sofa shop. The new bar is expected to be open in May.

The proposal has finally been given the go ahead by South Cambridgeshire District Council. They dismissed objections from the County Council Highways experts who highlighted "possible interference of business traffic with the existing cycle path."

The new wine bar will largely be a wine shop of similar quality and standard to what Noel Young has offered previously in his 26 years in business, but bigger and better.

One third of the building is going to be a small wine bar, for around 30 peoples. It is expected to open early evenings other than Saturday and Sunday. It is likely to offer a small but quality menu. It isn't planned to be a restaurant but offering cheese, and charcuterie plates with 3 to 4 other substantial hot offerings.

The wine bar will close by 10-11pm. They are promising no loud music, and a convivial, relaxed place for a glass or bottle of wine and some tasty food.

"There will be no optics, no vast array of beer pumps etc. It will be a quiet classy wine bar," said Noel.

"We really want this to be a development the village will be pleased about, it’s not going to have a big impact environmentally – we will have very few deliveries of any size, we won’t open until 10am. We have ample parking and will be encouraging people to walk, cycle and take taxis in the evenings."

There were lots of positive comments about the proposals on the Great Shelford Facebook page.

*Bryan Turner Kitchens and Delcor sofas and furniture are also opening this year in the development in the former Jones & Jones site on the corner of Granhams Road and High Green. 

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Attempted Shelford burglary

Police are appealing for witnesses following a burglary series in South Cambridgeshire on March 6.

Between 7.30am and 9pm six properties were targeted by offenders and jewellery and cash were stolen.

The burglaries were at:

  • Elms Avenue, Great Shelford, at around 7.10pm when two men, dressed in dark clothing and wearing balaclavas, tried to break into the property before getting into a silver vehicle, possibly a people carrier,  and heading towards Cambridge.
    • Ellison Lane, Hardwick between 12.30pm and 4.10pm when offenders smashed a window and stole jewellery.
    • Forment Way, Milton between 3.40pm and 4.20pm when a window was smashed and the rooms searched.
    • Old Forge Way, Sawston between 7.30am and 9pm two properties in the street were targeted.  In one incident patio doors were forced open and cash was stolen. In the second jewellery was stolen and the property was entered through an upstairs window.
    • Lucerne Close, Fulbourn between 9.30am and 7.54pm someone has gone into the property through an upstairs window and searched the rooms.

    Police are keen to hear from anyone who was in the areas targeted who noticed anything suspicious or saw the men in the silver vehicle.

    Any information, no matter how small, could prove vital to the investigation.

    At this stage police are looking at these offences as a series and enquiries continue to trace those responsible. 

    Anyone with information regarding these offences should call police on 101 quoting CF0123240318 or visit their online reporting. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111 or via their website.

    February Great Shelford 
    Parish Council meeting headlines
    Actions and decisions at the February Parish Council meeting included;

    * The fire brigade were called to a blaze on the Recreation Ground on February 9 which is being treated as arson
    * An online survey at a cost of less than £500 funded jointly by Great Shelford and Stapleford Councils was agreed
    * A meeting was arranged for Feb 28 with Insp Paul Rogerson to discuss issues around policing in the village
    * Scotsdales have offered to donate a number of trees which will be used in a ceremony on July 7 to mark the signing of the Twinning Charter in memorial Gardens
    * The Council is reviewing its use of an account at Barclays in the light of the decision for the bank to close its branch in the village
    * A proposal for a Mr Taco food van on the Memorial Hall car park on Fridays lunchtimes has been given the go ahead for three months
    * There is no suitable site in the central part of the village for a textile recycling bank but the Rugby Club has been suggested as an alternative option.

    Read the full meeting minutes here.

    Police advice to help avoid car thefts

    Following a rise in thieves using more sophisticated techniques to gain access to keyless entry/start button cars, including the theft of a Range Rover in Stapleford, police have issued advice to help you keep your vehicle secure and protect you from becoming a victim of crime.

    When the correct key fob is close by, the fob recognises the signal and transmits its own code, instructing the vehicle to unlock the doors and to allow the ignition to work on the car.
    Thieves use wireless transmitters to capture its radio transmission. This is relayed to another device. It allows the thief to open and start your car in the same way.
    To prevent this from happening, use car key signal blocker cases/sleeves, they cost less than £10, or an aluminium tin at home. Find a safe place for your keys at home and check to ensure they are out of range.

    Following some of these other steps will also help to protect your vehicle:
    Use a good quality crook lock or full cover steering wheel security lock to immobilise your vehicle
    Consider fitting an ‘OBD safe’ device, a secure lockable device that fits over the vehicle’s on board diagnostic port, in the vehicle cabin. This prevents criminals using software to code an electronic key for the vehicle
    If your vehicle is fitted with on board wi-fi consider switching this facility off, if you do not need it which will reduce the chance of criminals hacking into the vehicle’ system; your banking details or personal data from linked devices

    Criminals can also employ remote/keyless entry jamming equipment; so make sure your car is locked physically by trying the door handle and viewing the indicators flash, before leaving it.
    Boost for Great Shelford village warden scheme

    Great Shelford village warden scheme is to get a share of more than £23,000 awarded by South Cambridgeshire Council to tackle isolation among elderly residents

    Fourteen community groups have been awarded £23,410 by the District Council’s long-running Mobile Wardens grant scheme. The funding will help the groups to tackle isolation by supporting elderly residents to stay in their own homes and communities.

    Through community care schemes, Mobile Wardens regularly visit elderly residents in their homes, helping with light practical tasks and establishing supportive relationships.

    The applicants for 2019/20 grant funding included 11 schemes that were supported during the previous year, plus three additional schemes. In order to fund all 11 returning schemes to the same level, as well as the three additional schemes in Waterbeach, Stapleford and Great Shelford, the total funding for 2019-2020 has increased by £3,300.
    Little Shelford Bowls Club welcomes new members

    Little Shelford has a small and friendly bowls club, which has members from surrounding villages including a number from Stapleford. Our green is at the far end of the Wale Recreation Ground off Whittlesford Road, and we play matches on weekday evenings and Wednesday afternoons from late April to early September.

    We are always keen to welcome new members and will be holding Open Days on Saturday 20thand 27thApril, starting at 2pm. If you would like to try your hand at bowls, or just find out more, come and join us. All you will need is a pair of flat-soled shoes. You are also welcome to contact our Secretary Ray Saich on 842737 if you have any queries.

    Wine bar letter

    Noel Young Wines are planning to open a wine bar in Great Shelford in 2019. The proposals will be considered shortly by planners. In the meantime Noel young has issued this note:

    "So we are getting to the crucial stage of our relocation to Great Shelford and opening a new bigger shop and wine bar. Planning application has been delayed so that we can deal with a couple of objections - which we feel we have done! I am also going to be present at the next Great Shelford Parish Council Planning Meeting (19/2/19), to answer any concerns and explain our intentions should any be unclear. We have ample parking, we will have no big lorries delivering, we will not be opening early and creating noise and neither will we be late. We will be providing Great Shelford and the neighbouring villages, a high class wine shop and quality wine bar, offering a convivial atmosphere tasty food and somewhere that is different to what we as locals have right now. Great Shelford badly needs more places to go and we have been overwhelmed with the amount of positivity and excitement about this venture from literally hundreds of locals visiting the shop over the last 8 weeks since we announced this. So it would be great if we could have some support ahead of our 19th February Parish Council meeting. Be great if some people could actually be there on the night to offer such support, but also in advance please write to the parish council. Thanks for all the kind messages we have received, it's a bit of a slog but hopefully we are almost there. Keep checking social media - nywines on Twitter and Instagram in particular for regular updates! Cheers Noel."

    Shelford Twinning Association Visit to Verneuil en Halatte

    25th – 28th May 2019

    An opportunity to get to know our twinned village, situated just north of Paris and its lovely people. Why not join us?

    Luxury door to door coach travel, accommodation with a French family and interesting visits. Ability to speak French is not essential!

    All are welcome – Singles, couples, children, family groups.

    All-inclusive price: Adults £95, Children (Year 7 and under) £70.

    For more information, please contact

    Sarah Haddow  (sarah.haddow@talk21.com) or Colin Jefferson (colin@frenchfrogs.net)

    Click here to see Great Shelford news before February 2019