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East-West railway

Judicial Review?

Great Shelford Parish Council is holding a special meeting on Jan 27 to decide whether to give £24,000 towards a judicial review of any imminent announcements made by East West Rail.

An announcement of potential routes in the Option E area is expected later this month or early in February and the proposed routes could well have a significant impact on Great Shelford.

The opportunity may arise to prepare a case for a judicial review jointly with other affected local Parish Councils. 

The Parish Council will consider on January 27 to agree a request from the Great Shelford Action Group for Great Shelford Parish Council to make a significant Pledge (Circa £24,000) to Cambridge Approaches in support of the Judicial Review.

Any members of the Public who wish to view or speak at the Parish Council meeting can do so by visiting Zoom Website https://zoom.us/join and joining Meeting ID 81769059618 Additionally any members of the Public who wish to represent their views can e-mail them to clerk@greatshelfordparishcouncil.gov.uk ideally at least 24 hours prior any meeting. Their views will be taken into account by the online meeting with a response in the minutes. 

Posted Jan 22 2021

The East West Rail line is a new rail route which will link Oxford to Cambridge and beyond. The new East West rail link could mean a new additional railway line through Great Shelford.

The next stage of the consultation on the East West rail website will take place in 2021. (external link) This will include updated proposals for the siting of the new railway line.

East West Rail Ltd have been appointed by the Department of Transport to undertake the project. Last year they decided, after consultation, on the general route. This broad route corridor has been announced and survey work regarding the actual route alignments is underway.

A Great Shelford GWR Action Group to fight the proposals has been formed.

The proposed East West Railway link could mean some houses in the village would need to be demolished to accommodate the lines according to one local resident. 

A link for the new Oxford to Cambridge rail line would "run via the rugby field/ Westfield Road/ Stonehill Road" in Great Shelford according to another campaigner with local links.

No decisions have yet been taken. 

The new Oxford to Cambridge rail link is one of the biggest building projects in the country. The western section from Oxford to Bletchley is already complete. The broad route for the Bedford to Cambridge section known as ‘Option E’, was selected by the East West Rail Company (EWR) in January 2020.

EWR have so far rejected a northern approach into Cambridge for the rail link and proposed the southern one, known as Option E. This would see the line leaving Bedford and heading east to St Neots. It would then head for Cambourne, before looping south to join the main line into Cambridge close to Great Shelford.

A campaign group called Cambridge Approaches has proposed approaching Cambridge from the west from a station north of Cambourne.

Another campaign group, CamBed Railroad made a presentation to Great Shelford Parish Council in November. They also favour a northern link which would avoid Great Shelford.

Cambridge Approaches are holding a webinar for residents of The Shelfords, Hauxton and Newton to discuss the East West Rail project on December 2. People will need to register for the webinar with Cambridge Approaches in advance to join the meeting.

Read an explanatory blog by Steve Edmondson, from the Cambridge Approaches group.

Great Shelford Parish Council statement on the East-West Railway situation.

Read a letter from a "horrified" local resident and its impact on Shelford Rugby Club.

Posted Nov 25 2020