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Bodywork Therapy

Bodywork Therapy on Cambridge Road, Great Shelford is running a pre-Christmas diet competition. The aim is to lose as much weight, in the most sensible way, in the 6 weeks before Christmas (4th November until 13th December).
  • - The winner will receive £100 in cash, plus £25 for their chosen charity, plus a Dermalogica Facial and O.P.I Manicure.
  • - The first runner up will receive a Dermalogica Facial (or £40 gift voucher).
  • - The second runner up will receive an O.P.I Manicure (or £25 gift voucher).
  • - The competition starts on the 4th November (the first weight-in) but pre-registration is required.
  • - There will be weigh-ins every week but these are optional, so participants can turn up alternative weeks if more convenient.

Fitness trainer Mirfet Spiller is not a dietician but she will all be able to talk about the types of foods you can enjoy to help enhance your metabolic rate. Some people go to well known diet clubs (Slimming World, Weight Watchers) so will be able to compliment the competition with their current weight loss goals.

There are also exercise classes to join to help with the weight loss and the toning. There is a one off registration fee of £10 for the diet competition.

"I'm hoping that bringing out the competitive side in people and creating a team spirit where everyone is working towards the same goal will encourage healthier eating and shed off a few pounds before the Christmas period, when inevitably we all end up putting on a couple of pounds," said Mirfet.

Find more details at www.bodyworktherapy.info